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Inspired by his love of the outdoors, artist and Head Screen Printer Jonny Alexander’s work incorporates Nature, landscapes, and its objects/processes, creating large open landscapes to cross sectional terrestrial islands sometimes floating in space, surrounded by oceans, or inhabiting surreal terrains.  Devoid of humans and human interactions, his visual narratives do, however, reflect his own “existential quandaries” or spotlight the human consequences to the environment as in a 2016 mural he created with the Pangeaseed: SeaWalls Murals in New Zealand.  We’re super excited to chat with Jonny about his art school experiences, his love of the outdoors, as well as his work ethic and tenacious attitude, all in this session of Art School. 

Photographs courtesy of the artist

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Zelda’s Diary

(spoilers ahead) (I decided to note this all down bc I was spending so much time sneaking in and out of the castle to read it again - spoiler, I haven’t stopped sneaking in and out of the castle to read it again)

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anonymous asked:

so i have no idea if this is normal?? but as a ftm trans headcanons making people trans just make me kind of uncomftorable?? and of course there's nothing wrong with the headcanons, i have nothing against them [ they're pretty cool ] but you're the smartest person i know about sexuality and this has kind of been freaking me out for the past couple weeks

OH that’s so weird you brought this up because i was just thinking about something like this last night. first off, i have no idea if this is a particularly common thing? if it is, i haven’t seen anyone post on it - but at the very least, i get where you’re coming from. so while i can’t give you generalized advice on this subject, i can give you my own personal experience in the topic

a while ago (and even nowadays whenever i have Bad Days), i used to be sort of in the same boat? and it really, REALLY got to me, because i had no idea why trans headcanons made me feel so uncomfortable when i wasn’t even cis myself, yknow??

it took me a REALLY long time to realize that the discomfort i felt was from dysphoria, and even then, i was still kind of upset?? because hcs generally make me feel more included and comforted but that just wasn’t the case in this situation, which i think may be because i experience dysphoria really, really frequently (i look/sound traditionally feminine, i guess, and i still go my birth name - i get misgendered all the time) and seeing that represented in things (even if the content wasn’t dysphoria-driven?) made me reflect on my own feelings and it just wasn’t a good situation. it’s an ongoing process, tho, because i’m slowly but surely overcoming all of that.

idk if it’s dysphoria specifically in your situation, tho! it took me a super long time to recognize that it came from that in the first place,,does any of that sound familiar? i dont even know if other ppl have experienced the same thing or if its just a me thing @__@ i hope i helped somehow..???

anonymous asked:

I'm not really sure if this counts as something in the faq, so feel free to ignore it. I've been with my girlfriend for a few months now, and the idea of doing sexual things with her appeals to me. The thing is, it's kinda only in theory. If I'm alone and just thinking about it, it sounds great, but when I'm with her, even just kissing her sometimes weirds me out. I don't know if this could be asexuality, or maybe just a product of my anxiety? do you have any thoughts/advice? thank you.

That sounds totally normal in the ace experience. I think a lot of people will empathize with you. I’ve heard sex being described as a ‘bath that’s warm and pleasant when you first step in, but turns lukewarm and meh in a few seconds’. It’s normal to enjoy the idealized concept of sex, but not in reality.

- Fae

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I have this weird feeling where everyone is trying really hard to endorse the idea that Japanese is hard af on the "do-not-even-dare-to-start-to-learn-it" level. At least people who I talked about on my mother tongue. It's annoying me bc they're making me think I'll take YEARS to just finish a book or a simple manga and another decade to have a convo with someone in the idiom. So is it really that hard to learn Japanese?

One of the reasons I started learning Japanese is that Spanish was too hard for me. To this day I still get people telling me I shouldn’t be bothering with such a hard language and instead I should learn something easier… like Spanish.

You kind of have to take a look at who’s telling you it’s hard. For me it’s mostly been people that don’t even know what Japanese sounds like along with a handful of people who started to learn and then gave up before they finished learning the syllabaries. And that one lady that thought Chinese and Japanese were the same thing. Not exactly the type of people that would actually know if the language was inherently difficult or not.

And the truth is that it’s not hard to learn Japanese. Japanese is certainly different and it can take some time to get the hang of it, but it’s not harder than any other language.

If you dedicate yourself to just an hour a day you should be able to have basic conversations in a month or so. The more time you can dedicate the faster it’ll generally go.

As for reading, yeah it might take you years, but it also took you years to be able to read your native language confidently. As a non-native learner you get the added bonus of being able to cheat! You can pick up that manga and you can grab a dictionary and you can google anything else you don’t understand.

If you’re willing to put the time and effort into learning it you’ll be fine.

anonymous asked:

Hey! I'm following you for some time now... and honestly? I'm curious. Are you Gay ? Or Bi? Sorry if it makes you uncomfortable love ! I love you're art, and have an amazing day!

ok im not being rude but like ive literally posted abt my preferences multiple times and also i have no idea why people asking me what my sexuality is is making me so uncomfortable lately bc im not usually uncomfortable abt this??

im grayro/ace an also sapphic,,i GUESS bi for girls and nb ppl but i very very very very very highly prefer girls so i say gay as a catch-all for it

basically its hard for me to like ppl at all but when i do its 99% likely to be a girl

and like heres the thing,, i can already tell there are ppl who reblogged that post purely for like. some sort of credit? but dont actually watch/read AO. like they thought they would get brownie points for reblogging smth abt fat charas?? nd its?????? so fucking weird like holy shit ur not a good person for tolerating the existence of a show involving fat characters?? why reblog content for something you’re not even gonna support if all you’re doing is trying to make yourself look like ur interested in stories where fatness is acceptable.

even some of the ppl who /do/ read nd watch AO make me uncomfortable in that regard. like they’ll go on and on w/ fleshed out HCs abt ebumi nd oharano nd sekizan but when theyre prompted to talk abt hirota or shinshi or sano they like. do that weird creepy pretend gushing thing to avoid actually thinking abt the character like “my soft boy i want him to sit on me” and its just. theyre high schoolers??? its entirely possible to acknowledge fat characters without sexualizing them????????

idk its just. i just feel like a lot of ppl try WAY too hard to ~act~ normal around the idea of fatness like chill dude can u just. admit that u have no idea how to acknowledge fat people without attempting to ignore their fatness and simultaneously bringing it up at every possible chance bc as funny as it is to watch u try nd walk on eggshells for absolutely no reason, its getting rly rly old

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Gerard Lacroix and Ameliee

                     SHIPPING MEME || ACCEPTING

send me a pairing and I’ll tell you who:

falls asleep on the couch: gerard. he is Tired™

makes friends with the neighbors: probably both of them. amélie’s a little more introverted i think but if they have good neighbors then she’d also befriend them

is the adventurous eater: i feel like gerard is always coming up with weird new ideas or getting excited about trying some crazy thing. amélie goes along with it as long as its not too ridiculous. she’s a bit of a food snob

hogs the covers at night: amélie. she doesn’t mean to, but she just gets all wrapped up in them. gerard thinks its cute

forgets to do the dishes: gerard for sure. amélie scolds him and he gets overly dramatic about how much he loves her and how she’s the light of his life and he’s so sorry. then she makes him do the dishes

tries to surprise their partner more often: gerard. he just really really loves her and loves seeing that glimmer in her eye when he surprises her with something she likes

leaves dirty laundry on the floor: hm neither. gerard would be more prone to tho

stays up til 2 AM reading: both of them

sings in the shower: gerard does it loudly, amélie does it softly

takes the selfies: both of them. they’re either perfect with both of them looking absolutely unfairly flawless or they’re silly and gerard looks absolutely ridiculous. amélie’s always still so beautiful in those but either has a fake stern look or she’s laughing

plans date night: gerard. he likes spoiling amélie and having everything taken care of so she can just enjoy herself

anonymous asked:

i noticed that you reblog sixpenceee sometimes, which i was a little surprised by since she was originally controversial for her nazi apologism. now she's controversial because she recently made a profiteering scheme offering to give unqualified advice to mentally ill followers for $30 (she's since apologized but only reblogs posts that come to her defense which makes her appear pretty insincere). isnt rebloggin someone like this a bit hypocritical? im assumin you just dont know about her though


I have not heard these things before, don’t know the person being referred to though I’m guessing they were an OP on something I reblogged(?) bc  I like many of us do not research the provenance of a lot of the posts I reblog and I’m always a little … perplexed as to how to take these types of vaguely accusatory but also unsourced anon messages. On the one hand If I’m spreading a bad message or promoting a harmful person … yes I want to know, (like holy shit, nazi apologism). 

But there’s got to be a better dynamic for this type of interaction, because the setup is incredibly asymmetrical and ripe for bullying, even if (and I don’t know if it is) the information is accurate. So I’m really ambivalent about these types of messages, especially when they’re anonymous.

Because right now, I have in my inbox an anonymous callout of a person I literally don’t follow and must have reblogged without looking at who the op in a long chain of reblogs was (I have no idea what post this is referring to), who it appears has had a series of scandals, some of which were apologized for (but not enough or apparently sincerely enough for tptb), none of which accusations are sourced, and … idk what I’m supposed to do or feel about that. In the absence of facts, all I have is social pressure. 

The dynamics of the anon callout are … this weird diffuse asymmetrical accusatory stew. Effectively, I know that someone, unknown to me (bc anon) has made accusations about another person, also unknown to me (bc I don’t follow them and don’t know anything about them), using no sources/evidence, but because a post/posts of theirs has (presumably) been reblogged by me (idk which though I can remember seeing their name in the past, so it seems likely) I can either be tangentially associated with their alleged crimes or perform public contrition while promising never to ‘sin’ again, all on the basis of basically anonymous rumor. 

I have no idea if I’m expressing the weirdness of this or its anxiety-provoking dynamic right. I feel as if there’s a sort of expected script, a performance of social shame and conformity that I’m now supposed to go through, but the entire dynamic is based around me accepting the authority of unsourced anonymous asymmetrical proclamation (rumor) ‘-this person you don’t follow but reblogged is a baddie, trust me and the chain of other people you don’t know who are saying they’re a baddie, because we’re willing to believe just this one time that maaaaaybe you’re not a “hypocrite” (about…something?) but if you don’t give in to the demands we’ll know who you reaaaaaaaally are.’ 

I mean, I know the script is that I’m supposed to say ‘oh wow I didn’t know and I’ll never reblog that terrible bad person again, thanks for letting me know,’ and part of me is thinking damn I *didn’t* know that (and to be honest, I actually still don’t, bc no evidence, but I believe you’re acting in good faith as you understand the situation) and I don’t want to promote bad things, but I also loathe this dynamic because callout culture is basically about leveraging social fear in order to compel behavior–from the safety of anonymity. 

So I don’t know whether or not any of this is true but I effectively must act as if it is, while meanwhile an anonymous person trundles off with no responsibility or accountability. It’s … a very gross dynamic. 

So on the one hand, I don’t want to be spreading nasty shit (and am now googling this user), and there definitely are times I’d want to be told that a source or OP is not one to be associated with but on the other, I want to really strongly suggest that if we want to make this site a kinder place, we consider the dynamics we contribute to it, and the power dynamics and environment they encourage?

Anonymity in these types of situations is a power play and an attempt to evade social responsibility while demanding it from others. 


Requests: “I have a idea that’s kinda weird and feel free to say no if you don’t wanna do it haha could you possibly do a teen wolf imagine where the reader and stiles are dating and they’re just like hanging/cuddling and its like super fluffy and then the reader says something like “you know what, if you cheated on me with Lydia I’d probably be able to forgive you” and stiles would be all confused and the reader is just like “I mean she’s like the perfect girl, even I’m a little in love with her"” (Credits to gif owners!)

It was just another normal night with Stiles, your boyfriend. Usually nights like these were just cuddling until you fell asleep in each other’s arms, and had to wake up for school the next day. You watched Stiles dress into his sweatpants and an old shirt while you were wearing another set of his sweatpants and an old shirt. You normally stole his clothing when you were over. Which he told you many times he loved.

He was concentrated and moving about the room until his sweatpants were completely pulled up his legs and he lay next to you on his back. His arms were behind his head and his brows were furrowed. Now he was thinking. "What’s going on in that head of yours?” You rested your head on his chest. Your fingertips lightly traced shapes into his chest.

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anonymous asked:

*Curtsies* Duke darling, I am outlining as you suggested, (currently using celtx) so here's the question: is it normal to change so much while you're outlining? I mean this is a dumb question because of course you're supposed to edit so you won't edit when you're actually writing, but it's like I am scared a new idea I have that overrules an old one is not right.. i don't know it feels weird to change so much! Could you please help me? Thank you and sorry if this is such a confusing question! xx

*Curtsies* Outlining is all about finding the way a story is supposed to go, so yes, you will absolutely make changes (big changes). I’ve never had an outline where I just put the whole thing together, start to finish, in the right order and the right way the first time. The whole reason you outline is to figure the story out before you start actually producing prose, so that’s exactly where big structural changes should happen. The outline of my current WIP went through probably 25 vastly different versions with about five different endings before I had a blinding flash of the obvious and went, “Oh, THAT’S the way this has to end!” As for whether a new idea is better than an old one, I can’t really decide that for you. You have to look at the whole story and see what fits–and part of the process of learning to write is learning to do that. If you’re not sure which idea would be better, give it time. Flesh the rest of the story out. Sooner or later it’ll probably become clear what’s going to be best.

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Not-a-creep guy again. I've tried asking her to tutor me, but I get nervous and go blank every time I try. She's amazing, not magazine-pretty or thin but she is to gorgeous to me and she's whip smart too. I feel undeserving, yet I don't want to leave HS without at least letting her know how I fee. I was thinking about leaving my confession inside a book she picks out often (20 love poems and a song of despair by Neruda, could she be more perfect?) I feel it's too weird but otherwise I've no idea

mmm okay I’m gonna be real “not magazine-pretty or thin but she is to gorgeous to me” is pretty offensive. Everyone is gorgeous and perfect in their own awesome and unique ways, even without your approval, bud. Focus on improving your mindset towards women and then you can have actual conversations with people you have feelings for, instead of just watching them from afar, bcause everyone deserves to be able to read without being watched man

anonymous asked:

im working on an androgynous sandersides cosplay (for all 4), since I've seen so many "girl versions" and couldn't find any that were specifically said to be androgynous or gender neutral. I'm done with prince and anxiety, and im working on Patton. i have really frikin weird bursts of anxiety and i feel like calling this whole thing off cos it just seems so stupid, so i looked at the first fanders blog on my dash to ask if it's a good idea? sorry if this ask bothers you...

!!!! (I am guilty of the girl versions but that is bc I myself am a girl buT) PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DO AN ANDROGYNOUS VERSION I WILL LOVE U FOREVER AND PLEASE TAG ME!!!

Differences between Ni and Si

SUBMITTED by anonymous

I thought this was a great area of controversy so i thought I’d try and help as an Ni user myself ( INFJ) with an ISFJ friend so I have a deeper understanding of both I guess.

The main difference is that we look at events differently.

The ISFJ is very confident about their physical environment with a more integral role for their past experiences, unable to react or think about new events or experiences without a basic understanding derived from a another past experience (either their own or others) as they believe all the world is just fixated on what happened and they know how that works (Si), so they build on the past experience while changing to the best route according to how much they believe would make them close to other people and it might affect their personal status (Fe) .

I on the other hand might not react at all to the new experience and just watch while trying to understand to understand how it is. I have a bit of a weird imagination so i would imagine what would happen next and derive the meaning behind it not only cause I believe that every situation is seemingly just new for me, but it is because i believe the world expresses itself through meaningful messages through people and the people are fixated on one idea and express it differently through different situations (Ni ), so I can relate to people’s feelings very accurately sometimes and my ego seems to feed greatly on compliments people give me although I believe it is trivial and unimportant but its a paradox cause i cannot prevent myself from being happy about it sometimes (Fe).

The next major difference is our reaction to being really stressed (the inferior function grip). The ISFJ would live inside their mind with tons of dark thoughts, how it could all go bad and how their life would be ruined afterwards (inferior Ne) while I would just start doing plain idiotic stuff. I’d maybe get into fights, or be addicted to doing physical stuff for a couple of days (inferior Se).

I guess those were the most prominent differences other than our social tendencies. All in all, Ni is more about the meaning and how it will all play out but Si is about relating to stuff and understanding it according to a major past-present experience .

anonymous asked:

This might sound weird but your art is like, really nice!! idk whenever i see it i feel really fuzzy its just so happy and cute

I honestly,,,i wanted to cry reading this, you have no idea how much messages like this mean to me. thank you so much anon!

anonymous asked:

hey umm.... weird question but recently this danny phantom joke has resurfaced and i just don't get it but i don't know who else to ask so would you mind explaining it? so danny says something offensive to jazz, to which she responds ''you're toast!'', and danny says ''oh yeah? you and what toaster?''.... i don't get the joke and it's driving me nuts haha.... can you explain it? thanks a lot i feel like a dumbass lmao

Oh, sure! At least, if you’re referring to the meaning behind the actual words? Why it’s a recurring joke in the phandom, I have no idea, besides the fact that it’s a funny line and worth repeating.

So, for context, the joke in question is from Bitter Enemies, where Jazz pretends to work with Vlad to capture/defeat Danny. Danny’s in a cage, and Vlad has just suggested the siblings fighting it out gladiator-style in his football stadium. Danny kind of laughs off the idea of Jazz beating him (iirc), to which she responds with the threat. 

This is where we get our delicious little wordplay which mixes two idioms beautifully:

“You’re toast!” means you’re doomed, defeated, in serious trouble. Popularized by its use in Ghostbusters, interestingly enough

“You and what army?” is a comeback idiom that means basically ‘your threat is meaningless,’ ie, unless you have an army hidden somewhere you don’t scare me. Danny just adapts it to the situation, using a toaster in place of army. 

You can’t make toast without a toaster, sis. Duh. :P

It’s a silly wordplay mashup that perfectly suits both Danny and the show and is just the right amount of petty between siblings and I love it.

Headcanon for Silver I guess?

I thought of an (slightly)angsty idea for Silver but I realise I can’t write, and drawing takes so much time to show the story :’D


Basically its him being an “annoying shit” that challenges everyone that has done something bad/not been fair/bullied others etc., and gets hate from those ppl bc every time Silver’s here its either shaming them or ruining their day. But, those being helped ALSO don’t want Silver to be here because he’s extremely stubborn to help and always causes conflicts(that is actually helpful to them), which in turn ruins the “peace”(ignorance) they have now.

So it’s just Silver isn’t that likable :’D

In heart, Silver knows that and is never happy about it. He wants friends that actually care for him and that he cares too, but between bringing justice and getting a good reputation, he chooses the former because that’s just in his blood.

But his selflessness, although bringing good to the world, brings him negative feelings(loneliness/powerlessness, etc.). That’s because when he helps people, he can’t bring happiness to the others. He can’t feel great for helping, but he still naively believes what people say “because it makes the world a better place”(at least I believe that’s what his ‘naive’ trait means), therefore blindly follows what he thinks its right.

To not let the negative feelings get to him, he tends to neglect them so he could be tough. Something not healthy I’d say, since if he doesn’t open up his (dangerous)emotions to others, he’d be a poker face who rarely reacts to anything(not laughing at jokes/not reacting when being insulted/basically indifferent to many things), making him not even an interesting person to be interact with, and also continue piling up the negativity;

or if he does open up to someone his thinks he can trust, of course its possible that he’ll become loyal/dependent and let out all his emotions to his friend(s), cherishing them to no end. It’ll lead to a happy ending. But based on those people he mostly encounters, love and care will become hatred and prejudice when betrayed in any way. Its like suppressed feelings got triggered(git it???eyy ;))))) and exploded on him, and its gonna hurt so bad…..what happens next? I wouldn’t know :/ (((eagerly waiting for anyone to add on this post :)))))

Sorry I just like making everything miserable for my hedgehog bae :’D

anonymous asked:

How come you don't like @dust-in-my-eyes' FuturePuffs? I'm really in love with her designs for them and they have potential to come up with a great story.

Y’know how weird it is to see Wonder Woman in her white jumpsuit era? Or in the movie where she’s putting on all of those frilly dresses and it just looks so super silly on her? That’s how I feel about those designs. They look like stereotypical superheroines and, to me, don’t reflect who the girls really are.


Elesh Norn Sprite!

scariest part is that the guard doesn't have idea of anything he's probably deaf too
  • kora: now this section is weirder- these are...animals??
  • kora: *to guard* excuse me mister, haven't you seen my friends? they were just right here with me and-
  • guard: Perdone, ¿qué?
  • kora: uh....*with a strong american accent while speaking* busco a....unas..chica?? *under breath* dang I wish I could speak this idiom
  • guard: ¿? ¿se refiere usted a una muchacha baja que llevaba un lápiz y papel?
  • kora: I only understood "short" in that sentence and I can feel it's probably B so yes