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Requests: “I have a idea that’s kinda weird and feel free to say no if you don’t wanna do it haha could you possibly do a teen wolf imagine where the reader and stiles are dating and they’re just like hanging/cuddling and its like super fluffy and then the reader says something like “you know what, if you cheated on me with Lydia I’d probably be able to forgive you” and stiles would be all confused and the reader is just like “I mean she’s like the perfect girl, even I’m a little in love with her"” (Credits to gif owners!)

It was just another normal night with Stiles, your boyfriend. Usually nights like these were just cuddling until you fell asleep in each other’s arms, and had to wake up for school the next day. You watched Stiles dress into his sweatpants and an old shirt while you were wearing another set of his sweatpants and an old shirt. You normally stole his clothing when you were over. Which he told you many times he loved.

He was concentrated and moving about the room until his sweatpants were completely pulled up his legs and he lay next to you on his back. His arms were behind his head and his brows were furrowed. Now he was thinking. "What’s going on in that head of yours?” You rested your head on his chest. Your fingertips lightly traced shapes into his chest.

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i feel like the idea that hinata and naruto make a good ship based on the fact that hinata saw him as more than just the jinchuriki and watched him from afar and appreciated him etc etc etc is kind of weird because like… shikamaru did all of the same things? and he actually spoke to and hung out with naruto? instead of just stalking him? therefore by the same logic shikamaru and naruto are the perfect couple confirmed this is 100% legit

Sometimes life

Just seems so fake to me. Like its all an elaborate dream, an illusion, the matrix. Like when you push on your eye and the whole world turns sideways and you think about how the world must really look and not just your brains interpretation. Sometimes I just look around and have no idea why any of us are doing what we are, it’s such a weird feeling to think that everything going on around me is so robotic in my eyes

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starting to realise that one of the Big Things that got me drawing so often while i was still in school/college was just that it was something i could do for fun without feeling like i was completely wasting time (even though i totally was) and coming up with ideas was a lot easier bc i got so easily distracted by pretty much everything that Wasnt work so now im just sitting here outta education w a job in retail, way more free time than before and no ideas or anything really there to pressure me into coming up with any like

i was tagged by @ednygmaz to do a list of 15 things that make me happy, so here we go !

1.) MY OCS! i pour so much time and energy and love into them and I can’t wait for my bigger ideas to come to life in the form of a webcomic (and probably many other things too)

2.) my friends!  often I have moments where I want to just tell people how much I love them and how grateful I am for their company and support, but feel as if maybe my timing is weird or something i dunno

3.) my art. im so happy that im always striving to make progress (and can see progress!) when I draw. it brings me such joy and happiness and its such a great outlet to have and im glad i put as much time as I do in it

4.) my family!! I seriously lean on them so hard and im very glad the relationship we have exists.

5.) videogames… (right now, Overwatch mainly gjhgjgh)

6.) The sound and smell of rain, especially at night. 

7.) Anything and everything puerto rican, from the sounds to the smells to the food,
8.) Whenever I pack a good lunch for school/have my stuff prepared for the next morning so im not in a rush, thats a HUGE boost to how im gonna start the day out

9.) Garbage, Metric, The Birthday Massacre, Rasputina, Darwin Deez, (in no particular older) are such special and dear bands to my heart

10.) haircuts that change my life for 7 months

11.) really good art supplies

12.) yard sales/garage sales. I love yard sards so much (finding good stuff and deals for dirt cheap in the summertime is just! guah! bellissimo!

13.) A clean space to work and relax in (that space being my room)

14.) birds ! birds make me very happy

15.) this vine (volume warning)
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okay as someone who has been on the non-poly end of a polyamorous relationship I can honestly say its not always A dating B dating C dating A, and that’s the only poly representation I’ve seen in writing.

like okay, my partner (A) is dating me (B) and 2 others (C and D). C is exclusively dating A. D is dating A and someone else (E). B is open to having a polyamorous relationship but is currently only dating A.

its just weird seeing “these people are all dating each other” when poly relationships can be and are so much more complicated than that? like some poly relationships are probs AxBxCxA but some are also just… not… and I literally see no “complex” poly relationships in written works that aren’t written as cheating. (if you do find something feel free to share lol)

I have no problem with people writing ot3s by all means write what you want it’d just be nice to see more of the poly I’ve experienced

(idk if the poly relationship I was in was a “normal” poly relationship or not, if anyone who might happen to be polyamorous sees this please tell me)

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I was wondering if you could give me some advice, is there a good way to hump something? Like, I've tried humping a pillow before but it didn't feel as good as I thought it would. Do you have any tips? Sorry if this is weird 🙃

Its not weird at all, love! ✨
You see, there is no particular way to hump something, or even someone! It’s more of an “idea” to me. Just like when giving a blow job or riding, if you’re passionate about what you’re doing (and super duper turned on) your body usually will follow 💞
I hope this helped darling! 💫

It only recently occurred to me that everyone’s definition of “having a crush” on someone is different, like those who do experience it experience it in completely different ways. Idk why it took this long, but the idea of its kinda weird in a cute way

Feel Good Friday: The Trilogy

@questingqueer’s Submission:

That (positive) ADHD feel when you always have a lot of ideas and stories and what-if scenarios in your head

Anonymous Submission:

Something positive I learned is that ADHD in the past helped our prehistoric ancestors get more food and do tasks more efficiently because of their abilities to hyperfocus! Its the same with me and studying for an exam in a subject I love!!

@witchyroses’s Submission:

Well my adhd always gives me just a little bit of different insight. I make connections in a weird way but sometimes this comes in handy in a situation where straight forward doesn’t cut it

@weeddrug’s Submission:

What I think I love about my ADHD the most is how much more intense and exciting it makes doing something that I love. Whether it be a book, video games, or even just a subject you love to study (in my case, physics), there is nothing like that feeling you get from allowing hyperfocus to immerse you in what you’re doing, while leaving everything else behind.

Anonymous Submission:

Thanks to hyperfocus, I can do intricate and beautiful art projects that I otherwise wouldn’t have the patience for

@bipolarlatinx’s Submission:

Since I’m president of a club at my college and have to do a lot of formal planning and networking, I’ve found that a lot of my success in projects and events is BECAUSE of my ADHD!

I wouldn’t have a lot of the ideas if it weren’t for my daydreaming and wild imagination, nor would I have the drive or energy to plan and finetune details.

A lot of things I get complimented on from professors / admins at my college are essentially “symptoms” of my ADHD. The high energy, creativity, determination, etc.

I refuse to let anyone (including myself) convince me that ADHD is a disorder that is a burden. It is my brain and I love it, even the tough symptoms!!

@thedisneydamsel98’s Submission:

when you’re with the right kind of people, the conversations never get boring!

Anonymous Submission:

my friends are always impressed with the sheer amount of ideas I have about any given topic.

@poivrant’s Submission:

If it wasn’t for ADHD, I would not have my intense ability to compute math and would not have found a passion in mathematics.

Anonymous Submission:

ADHD is what makes me an animated and engaging person! I’m high energy and generally a battery to lift the spirits of those close to me. my rapid fire way of thinking has allowed me to become extremely creative, I’m always able to supply new and creative au’s, or ad lib something great in an instant. ADHD certainly has it’s downsides but it’s made me who I am and I appreciate it’s positives

@notmyrealblogdonotfollow’s Submission:

I just aced my computer science course, and it’s all because of hyperfocus! I really enjoyed working on programming projects, they were just the right kind of puzzle that meshed well with my ADHD brain: logic-based, easily broken down into small sequential steps, with tangible results for each step. I could sit down and work on a project for hours, often finishing it in one sitting, and as long as I didn’t forget to eat, I’d finish in a better mood than I started! It’s been really exciting for me because even though I’ve always done well in school, it’s always felt like it was in spite of my ADHD, not because of it. But this is a subject I excel in BECAUSE it facilitates really productive hyperfocus.

@pickanotherflower’s Submission:

creativity and amazing imagination are some of the good things about ad(H)d

@nonbinarynegasonicteenagewarhead’s Submission:

I’m a cosplayer with ADHD but I tend to hyperfocus on cosplay, especially recently, so I’ve gotten to see some of my best work to date coming together very quickly recently!

@transboykobrakid​’s Submission:

people compliment me a lot for my creativity and stuff but im just this creative because my mind goes so fast sometimes i just can think of a lot of different and cool things that i might not have thought of if my mind wasnt like this! 

Anonymous Submission:

having adhd i nice when you want to help someone doing their homeworks or studying with your coping methods bc it works really well with people w/out adhd and seeing them succeed feels really good

@atotalnerdgirl’s Submission:

i notice Soooooo much more then people who dont have ADHD people. it makes me seem twitchy and jumpy some times, but i spot pretty things that are my secret things, because nobody else will notice them. like the way greenish grassy stone looks barely popping from the ground in the spring, or the tiniest plant growing in an alley. the smallest flicker of movement and i see its a golden retriever puppy 50 feet away. and other people dont see those things.

Anonymous Submission:

Whenever im in a crowded place and there’s music on speakers I can still tell right away when they play a song I like, even if it’s loud :3    

Anonymous Submission:

My ADHD allows me to understand what people are trying to say when they can’t express it with words, because I often have difficulty expressing myself, so I can follow their thought patterns pretty accurately. Concepts come naturally to me, because I see everything at 100 different angles at once. I have moments when suddenly everything seems brighter and louder and I feel everything at once like the world is in HD, which, when it happens at the right moment, is pretty neat.

@dancingassassin’s Submission:

how quickly my brain moves gives me endless ideas for writing. ADHD is actively helping my writing in that sense.

Anonymous Submission:

I love when I can hyperfocus on shows and spend the whole day watching TV

Anonymous Submission:

if I didn’t have ADHD, I wouldn’t be as creative and I probably wouldn’t be as into my hyper fixation, which means I’d have a lot less friends and a way more boring life

Anonymous Submission:

honestly i think I’ve benefited a lot from my impulsivity. at 17 i decided ‘fuck it’ and moved to an entirely different city within a week of deciding. ended up in a college program that changed my life, and now i’m moving towards a career i love–a career i never would have considered before i came here. there’s been a lot of hard times w/o money or food, but in the end im so glad that irresponsibility has pushed me to go places my friends wouldn’t have dared to!!!

Anonymous Submission:

I’m actually working with somebody to help me in a professional job search, and I’ve found that a lot of my marketable skills have developed at least partly because of my ADHD - from being able to switch tasks and consider multiple perspectives at once, to habitually creating spreadsheets and being able to write out clear instructions. It’s tough to live with, but I’m glad it’s helped me develop skills that might help me land a decent job!

Anonymous Submission:

I’m more creative 

@flamefriendsshipped’s Submission:

A couple weeks ago, I mentioned an internship that I found out about because of my ADHD. I got the internship.

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y’know, Pearl’s issues with eating are entirely sensory (she says she finds it “uncomfortable” and when she describes it its almost entirely by how it feels) and personal and so it bothers me how often I see people complain about her issue with it as stemming from some kind of hatred or superiority over humans. It’s like she straight up says what her problem with it is but people choose to make it something else, make it about them, essentially.

but I guess that’s what people do in real life, too. I have a lot of weird sensory issues with texture or just the idea of things so I can’t touch, eat, or otherwise interact with something (or, y’know, I prefer not to). And its entirely my issue and it has no effect on anyone else’s life but almost every time it comes up people get so personally offended. Even if they didn’t even make the food or whatever. Just. They’re so angry that my reason for not liking a thing is so illogical that it’s a personal affront to them. The reasoning is “stupid” to them, it “doesn’t make any sense” and then if I say I don’t know why I have an issue with a certain thing they won’t shut up listing random guesses as to what my issue is, like its some kind of game. Or they’ll be like “One day I’ll make you do/eat/touch [whatever]”. I mean. You’re probably joking, but now I seriously don’t trust you and don’t want to be around you. At worst you’re going to force me to do something I don’t want to do, at best you’re mocking and trivializing something that’s an issue for me, because its not an issue to you, so that means it doesn’t matter and I don’t get to feel the way I do about it.

and its frustrating to me. There’s no reason for people to take whether or not someone else likes something as a personal attack on them. People do, or don’t do, certain things because of how it feels to them. They’re not thinking about what Random Person #5 thinks of it, because its none of their business. But people have this issue with internalizing everything someone else does (or doesn’t do) as it relates to them, so if they personally don’t like it they feel like that matters or something. In some situations, yea, what other people do does affect you. But in most situations its just a personal action based on how that person feels and there’s no reason to involve yourself and demand someone change just because they’re doing something you think is weird.