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Every Cave in Skyrim
  • Some fucking bandit dude:
  • Dear diary, my name is Nordsly McStabberson and my roving gang of assholes discovered this sweet ass abandoned cave in the mountains in the middle of goddamn no where, it seems like a good place to set up base. Bertha stationed one guy with the shittiest bow and arrows we could find out at the entrance to tell passerby's 'Thats close enough' if anyone happens to be scaling the side of a mountain. Its my birthday tomorrow and we will celebrate with generic off brand nord mead and boiled creme treats. TFFN <3 Nordsly.
  • It's me again Diary. Birthday was great! Nael Pinebrooktreelover the wood elf got me 2 iron daggers and a set of baked potatoes, just what I always wanted. We've been here in this stinking freezing wet cave for a few weeks and at night I've noticed weird sounds coming from inside the walls. Like...wailing? A sort of unholy otherworldly shrieking, as if the souls of a hundred damned men are screeching in unison for freedom of their wretched rotting prisons.Clawing. Grasping. Blindly searching in the darkness to rid themselves of their curse. I dunno. No biggie. Bertha told me to stop worrying and keep digging. I am sure nothing could go wrong.


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the olicity q: [16/?]


‘Since when are you such a badass?

Since always’

anonymous asked:

"Felicity" was a freaking ad-lib. How dead are you Matty?

Combined with the fact that the 1x03 script was basically flipped on its head by Stephen and Emily, improvised to give us that perfect first meeting we adore so much… and then this

Suffice it to say I’m very, very dead. (So dead that I’m urging you to join me in my graveyard.)

Because it just reinforces what we’ve always known :

No one ships Olicity like Amell ships Olicity 

And the two of them have improvised on the script to give us some of our most squeal-worthy Olicity moments.

Stephen and Emily - Destroying the Olicity Fandom, One Ad-Lib at a Time : A Saga

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This look Oliver gives Felicity here is incredibly important to me, and it’s not because he looks like he wants to kiss her (or at least, that’s not how I interpreted it).

There’s more she wants to say here beyond those words; more she wants him to know. She’s in pain, and it’s not just about the breakup or Laurel’s death and the not-Laurel standing in front of them. It’s about Billy and Havenrock and her father and the shooting and all the bad things that have ever happened to her crushing her all at once.

She needs help, but she won’t ask for it.

So instead Oliver looks at her - REALLY looks at her - and tries to figure out what she’s not saying; tries to read between the lines. The Felicity in front of him is different from the woman he knows so well, and he’s trying to rationalize that difference in his mind, but he can’t. Not yet anyway.

But he will. He’ll get there. And when he figures it out, when he tries to help her, she’ll push him away - just like he’s done in the past. And just like him, she’ll come around eventually. She’ll ask him to help her, and when she does, he’ll be there for her. 

Prayer to Apollon for Homosexual (Male) Love

Apollon, great god of prophecy and art I honor you with my prayers.

Oh lover of Hyakinthos, who fell by the discus, hear my pleas.

As you loved Kyparissos, I ask that you bring me a man to do the same.

I request that you send your love and light into my life just as the sun crosses the sky or as an arrow from your silver bow pierces its target.

Oh great Olympian of golden hair and eternal beauty and youth, please bring me a male lover so that we may love as passionately as you have loved.

What each of the avengers gets you as an anniversary present

Clint Barton

“Happy anniversary honey” Clint said as he pulled out the heart and arrow neckless.

“Clint, what’s this?” Y/N said there eyes shot open

“Its a neckless” Clint said as he put the neckless on you with grace. “Its to show you that you are a key part of my heart”

Natasha Romanoff

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“Keep you eyes closed Y/N, I mean it” Natasha said as she had her hands over your eyes so she guided you to a room.

“Natasha come on just tell me what’s going on" Y/N said as they were clumsily guided by Natasha.

“Shut your moaning Y/N” Nat said as they both ented the room “and open them” Then Natasha removed her hands to show you the device that she had made for you

“Nat its beautiful, but why?” You asked with confusion and anticipation.

“Because I want you to remember the most precious and amazing moment in my entire life” Nat said as she played the flipbook “And that your the only ne for me”

Steve Rogers

“Now I know you have had a pretty rough time lately” Steve said as the both of you were in a car on the way to your surprise “So I thought that it was time for a little brake”

“So were are we going?” Y/N asked.

“Well is there a better place to relax and unwind than in a Health and Relaxation Spa” Steve said as the car stopped so you both got out and came to a Spa.

“Oh my god Steve, you didn’t need to do any of this” Y/N said as they went to hug Steve

“Anything for the love of my life” Steve said as he hugged you tightly.

Bucky Barnes

“Now Y/N you know I’m not one for over romantic gestures” Bucky said as you both walked up your garden path “So for our anniversary I have decided that if its ok with you, that we can just have a romantic night with just the two of us” So Bucky opened the door to your house to reveal, the fire lit, a perfect dinner fro two on the dinning table, with two candles.

“Oh Bucky its perfect” Y/N said as Bucky opened his arms to welcome you.

“Anything for my little princess” Bucky said as they walked over for your romantic evening together.


Thor wanted to get you something very special, so he got you a Asgardian tiara. “Now this is a very special piece of jewellery for a very special lady” Thor said as he placed the tiara on your head
“Oh thank you Thor its beautiful” Y/N said
“Only the best for my Queen” Thor said  as he bowed to you and kissed you hand

Tony Stark

Tony only bought the best and made the best so when it came to your anniversary so he tried to find the best and rarest crystal in the world and he found it.

“Oh my god” Y/N said as tony slid the ring on your finger “What is it?”

“Its called the mermaids eye” Tony said as he was lifted up your hand to show you “and it is put down as the rarest and most beautiful gem of all time, but I disagree”

“Well what is?” You asked, looking into Tony`s eyes

“I believe that title goes to you honey” Tony said as you both kissed each other.  

to be completely honest, “the city is flying, we’re fighting an army of robots, and i have a bow and arrow” is possibly my favourite clint line in the mcu and i’m still really bitter that it was in the Long Weekend Of Ultron


The dragon is wreaking havoc in my brain
Plays my emotion, a never ending game

Nothing will be forever gone
Memories will stay and find their way
What goes around will come around
Don’t deny your fears
So let them go and fade into light
Give up the fight here 

Listening to Epica's Chasing the Dragon put me in a Tolkien kind of mood, so I sketched some Hobbit stuff in the train. Wrong place for the Black Arrow to be stuck in I know, but well I wanted it like this

oathkeptroxas  asked:

I dont watch the show anymore, but based on your asks: i cant believe how genuinely laughable/pathetic it is that fefe is the one keeping secrets, after all her petty, toxic, high-horse bullshit about trust and secrets last season. But ofc things are only okay if she does it. Same old, same old. Arrow's ignoring its own canon again to put the spotlight on the marysue. What's new?

Can I just co-sign this? You’ve basically summed up the entire problem with this story line, and why it is so ridiculous that other characters *cough* Oliver *cough* are not pointing it out.

Hell, I’d even be fine if it were used as a teachable moment for her! Like if he said something like, “I understand you don’t want to talk to me about this, and I am going to do my best to be patient even if you never granted me the same courtesy.” And then she gets that she fucked up last year. But nah, they’d never do that.

Nothing’s new, my friend. Not on Arrow.

I have this huge headcannon that Percy doesn’t own any shorts  - when the weather is warm enough to wear pants he just goes around in swimtrunks and i alway draw him in his trucks 

but image him with tons of colors and patterns and him pulling a ms. frizzle everyday like ‘oh i have archery today? these have arrows on them’ 

or ‘annabeth date time? hold on let me get my owl trunks out’ 

let me tell you… my most common Heck Up currently in breath of the wild is that I’ll be sneaking up close to a group of enemies, all safe and out of sight, I’ll go to switch up my arrows and… press the wrong button and accidentally whistle for my horse
that first note of whistle plays and then link just won’t stop whistling, suddenly everyone knows exactly where I’m crouching and they’re getting ready to kick my butt, Egg is running headfirst into the fray,