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  • “You can’t have sex with your neighbor’s backyard above-ground pool.”
  • “Let me help you out of that swimsuit– POOL.”
  • “I sure hope we become best friends! But I don’t hope we have a falling out, leading us to have a tense, emotion-heavy, dramatic, competitive, love/hate relationship later on.”
  • “So, anyways, I regain consciousness, there’s cops everywhere, (name) is covered in blood, got an ice-pick– haha, it was kind of a weird Tuesday.”
  • “We’re gonna be late for anime school!”
  • “I’m just saying, is it illegal if I’m in my OWN pool?”
  • “(name) WAS A BITCH-ASS POSER.”
  • “Oh no, he’s hot when he’s sad!”
  • “This reminds me of prison. This reminds me of prison. This DEFINITELY reminds me of prison.”
  • “Look at that little pimp. He’s gonna grow up to be a prison ass mothafucka.”
  • “Let’s skip all the fluff and get to the part where we’re shirtless.”
  • “Homeboy looks like shark week, I ain’t messin’ with that.”
  • “It wasn’t a dream! We got arrested for trespassing! We went to JAIL!”
  • “Nah, man, we went to holding. There’s a big difference.”
  • “Yeah now we owe Easter Dave a favor– that is NOT a position you wanna be in.”
  • “Wouldn’t we have seen him around by now? I mean he is a bipedal shark-person.”
  • “I’VE GOT MACE!”
  • “Was macing us really necessary AFTER you remembered who we were?!”
  • “You took the fall for me and I said thank you.”
  • “I went to jail!”
  • “I spent 6 months at a correctional facility!”
  • “I stabbed a girl in the yard!”
  • “I think that guard you killed had a family!”
  • “Look at that majestic ass mothafucka. Like a dolphin or some shit. A dolphin with legs… and arms… and a jet pack.”
  • “That’s how they do it in Australia.”
  • “20 bucks on jabber jaws.”
  • “Hey, man did you TiVo Glee last night?”
  • “I’m not allowed to watch Glee, my dad says it might turn me into something bad. A musical theater major.”
  • “Neither one of them even died!”
  • “They won’t let me back into sewing club because apparently when I threaten someone with sewing needles it’s deemed ‘inappropriate’ and I 'have to leave’.”
  • “I have to tumblr this!”
  • “A guy with emotional issues who swims away his problems? Lady, that’s the whole team, you’re gonna have to be more specific.”
  • “I ship them! And them!”
  • “They hate each other, but they also fuck each other!“
  • “Hey, we try not to get this part of the gym wet so whatever you’re doing is gonna have to stop.”
  • “So do you wanna come back to my place, listen to some Dave Matthews, and talk about my work out routine?”
  • “I wonder if that stuff I hid is still here? … Nah, cops probably took it.”
  • “Do you know? Do you know for sure? Because I don’t need another incident.”
  • “If I get out of this chair, I guarantee you’ll end up in one with wheels.”
  • “Okay. I’ll admit, I’m a little threatened.”
  • “‘Sup bitches!~”
  • “Aren’t you that guy who drowned a kid? And burned down that building?”
  • “Get back to it before you learn a lesson in post-war, urban torture practices.”
  • “Remember, snitches get stitches!”
  • “Shut up, you’re high as balls!”
  • “You’re just mad because mom and dad thought you were a girl for the first year of your life.”
  • “Right, son. And speaking of crushing disappointments—”
  • “Coach tried to get me to vandalize a police station again.”
  • “Good thing I wore my Heelies.”
  • “He’s so hot but so crazy! Which makes him even MORE hot!”
  • “Come on, let me get those digits baby!”
  • “It should be illegal to be that fine!”
  • “Oh, just basic addition and subtraction. He was subtracting from my profits so I’m going to add a few extra holes in him.”
  • “This doesn’t seem like the time for polka-renditions of Ke$ha songs.”
  • “I hate it when you leave but I love watching you go.”
  • “Yeah, I’ve seen him. He’s in my scrapbook class. He cuts the eyes out of magazine photos.”
  • “Your arrest record is extensive… and amateur.”
  • “I want that boy to be my bride!”
  • “Pilates will do that, man, works your core.”
  • “What are we waiting for? Let’s go bro! Let’s g’bro!”
  • “Wow, you sure said that.“
  • “WOOP! WOOP! Hold it, I’m gonna have to pull you over for exceeding recommended hotness.”
  • “One time, we went camping in the woods, I just left 'em there. Nobody found them for like 5 days. I don’t even think their families cared, kinda sad, really.”
  • “So, what you’re saying is, if they disappeared, no one would notice?”
  • “Well I’ve gotta go not talk to you anymore.”
  • “I learned how to swim the old fashioned way. When I was five my dad took me out to a lake and tossed me right in the water.”
  • “I’m so happy right now! — And it’s not just ‘cause I get to see you in a bunch of different swimsuits. Okay, I lied, I’m sorry, that’s mostly the reason.”
  • “Hey, I know you! You helped me smuggle some stuff out of the country! How’ve you been, kid?”

I’m sorry for the delay, I really am. As requested, here follows my analysis of these two and their relationship.


P l e a s e take note that I’m comparing their planet positions and while they do help a lot with understanding how these two work together, it’s not exactly a Synastry. I don’t have their birth times, so this is mostly speculation since I can’t place their planets in actual houses, knowing exatcly what they stand for, and therefore cannot do a proper Synastry. Also in Yoongi’s case, specifically, he was born on a day where the Moon was about to change signs - so depending on the time he was born on that day it could mean his Moon is in Libra, not in Virgo. However, I’ll read this Synastry as if his Moon were in Virgo.


Anyway, here we go:

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corosays  asked:

hello! I'm really glad to find your blog because it helps me a lot to get through many things for my future project! I also wanna know if you maybe can help me, bcs the world of my project is just like our own Earth, but there are monsters and people who can control elements like air, fire, etc. I'm still confused on how to make the world seems realistic and relatable to the readers, I wonder if you can help me? and I'm not a native English speaker, sorry if there is any mistake. thank you!

Hello, love!  Your English is great 👍  And thank you for following!

That sounds like a really cool universe :)  I strongly relate to your struggle with relatability – I tend to make my worlds complex and a bit inaccessible to readers.  And that’s the kind of problem that, when you look at it as a whole, feels pretty overwhelming.  That’s why I break it down into three different areas…

The Three C’s of Relatable Stories

In general, there are three big parts of your story that you’ll need your characters to understand and, on some level, relate to.  While your fictional universe should be unique and different from our real world – especially the more removed it is from real-life science and society – there should be a few common threads that your readers can see and think, “Oh, that’s just like real life!”  Examine your story in the following three areas:

1. Culture

This is the topic I’ll discuss most, so I put it first.  Your story’s culture is, for some readers (including myself), one of the most immersive and exciting aspects of your fictional universe.  Everything that creates your society – architecture, art, history, education, food, fashion, sports, politics, religion, medicine, community, major moral beliefs and conflicts – will shape how your readers experience your story.  Interesting fictional culture also promotes fanfiction, cosplay, and strong fandom ties that enable you to write sequels/spin-offs (J.K. Rowling is living off how strong her fictional culture was).

Because we want our cultures to be so unique and entertaining, though, many writers make the mistake of creating cultures too exotic or fantastical to reach readers.  But there are certain “human” parts of culture that reappear no matter what universe you’re in, so make sure your story has at least a few of the following:

  • Games.  Even wild animals, who have nothing to do with our society, play games with each other in real life – so unless fun and games are strictly outlawed in your universe, you should probably have some.  Games aren’t necessarily going to mirror ours; after all, we have board games, card games, video games, arcade games, sports games, drinking games, and games that don’t require supplies (guessing games, tag, hide-and-seek, charades, I-Spy etc.).  Different games are more appropriate for different ages – some are associated with certain genders, certain events, or certain environments.  Develop some of your own games, and maybe use some that mimic real games (with different names, of course).
  • Food.  Food isn’t just something we eat – it’s a culture.  Food culture = answering questions like:

Where do people of [lower/middle/upper] classes eat?

What sort of events are tied to food? (e.g. Thanksgiving, harvest festivals, etc.)

Are there special foods or meals for special occasions?

What do children eat in schools?

How difficult is it to get organic ingredients?

What is weight culture like?  In other words, are people viewed as more healthy when they eat more/less?  What figure is considered normal or attractive?  Do people diet?

  • Sports.  No matter where you live on planet earth, there’s generally some kind of sports culture – some sports are more dominant in some places than others (think about the U.S.’s relationship to soccer vs. everywhere else).  Some cultures use sports as a social activity for their kids, while others cultivate serious sports practice from childhood.  Certain sports are environmentally more relevant to certain places (which is why Canadians are so damn good at the winter Olympics).  Some sports are more violent than others – and each one has certain values: strength, speed, stamina, reflexes, agility, artistry, precision, rhythm, teamwork, or strategy.  Assess your fictional region’s values and develop sports culture that mirror said values.
  • Politics.  Every type of government comes with its own benefits, challenges, and conflicts.  Issues of allocating funds, handling corruption, checks and balances, legal rulings, outdated laws, controversial leaders, foreign relations, taxes, inequality, nature conservation, church vs. state, overpopulation – many of these problems will likely exist in your universe, in some form or another.  Pick and choose what political conflicts you’ll share with readers, and think about how they relate to and reflect in your fictional society.
  • Theology.  Decide on the majority worldview/s (theism, deism, naturalism, nihilism, pantheism, new age, post-modernism, etc. – although these worldviews shouldn’t be mentioned by name in your work) of your universe.  Read about these worldviews and how they shape society’s morals, legal system, government, interpersonal relationships, parenting, and environmentalism.  Create characters who align with the majority, and characters who contrast with the majority – thus creating conflicts that are very familiar to us.  This doesn’t mean your story has to become a religious or political commentary, of course!  But these belief systems have effects on every aspect of life, including life-or-death situations, romantic entanglements, and day-to-day affairs like work, money, and school.

2. Characters

Arguably the most important aspect of relatability, your characters are the driving force of empathy and comfort for your readers.  Although your characters will have some level of difference from real people (especially if your genre is fantasy/supernatural), there are a few common things that your characters should more than likely have:

  • Desires.  Everyone everywhere has desires, both attainable and unattainable, that drive them through every action.  There are large-scale desires – dream colleges, dream jobs, dream power, dream relationships – and small-scale desires – to help someone through a hard time, to make money, to eat right, to be a patient person – and even unknown desires – answers, fulfillment, guidance, the “right thing”, passion – all of which will exist in each character simultaneously.  Decide what your character wants, and you’ve already got multiple platforms for relatability.
  • Weaknesses.  Where there are desires, there are weaknesses that get in the way of those desires – and that’s usually the best way to find them.  What gets in the way of what they want?  Look at the Seven Deadly Sins; look at your own flaws, and the flaws that annoy you the most in others, and the flaws you don’t mind in others.  If your character, for example, wants to become famous on Broadway… what makes it a challenge?  Does she have social anxiety?  Is she impatient?  Does she struggle with her responsibilities?  Does she struggle with internalized discrimination?  What makes her dream personally, circumstantially, or socially unattainable?
  • Self-image.  So they’ve got their desires, and the weaknesses that keep them from those desires, so the real question is: how do they see themselves?  Do they focus on their failures or their successes?  Do they see their dreams as attainable or impossible?  Do they make steps to better themselves or do they feel comfortable with who they are now?  Do they absorb other people’s opinions of them, or reject those opinions?  Self-image is almost more relevant to a character’s story than their actual image, because this directs a lot of how they behave, how they struggle, and most importantly, how they narrate their own story.
  • Sins.  Bad habits, conscious choices, past sins – the sins they don’t even know are sins – these things are the ultimate stuff of relatability.  When someone reads your book and sees a character who shares their struggles, they won’t put the book down.  Don’t be afraid to let your character do bad things.  Don’t try to make them lovable angelic cinnamon rolls who do no harm.  Let them do things that make your readers cringe because damn it, she’s yelling at the people she loves again – stop pushing them away!  This will keep readers involved and allow them to feel your character’s failures as if they were their own.
  • Humor.  Everybody’s got a sense of humor – even those dumbass middle school boys who joke about sexual experiences they’ve never had.  Everyone has their own type of humor based on the kind of people they live with and the TV shows they watch and the experiences they’ve had.  Writing humor, however, can feel less natural – because there’s this pressure to make everybody laugh.  Don’t worry about that.  Just give your characters their own senses of humor, and someone will find it relatable.
  • Love.  Even villains have love to give.  Every person, and therefore every character – from every background and every trauma and every bad relationship and bad childhood – has love in their heart, as cheesy as that sounds.  They have love they want to give to people (sometimes a particular person) and love they want to receive, and different methods of expressing their love (see: The Five Love Languages) to others.  They have love for themselves, too, and conditions on which they’ll treat themselves with love.  Determine their potential for loving themselves, for loving others – both platonically and romantically – and for unconditional love.  Then allow this to grow over the course of the story, and you’ll have a character arc everyone can appreciate.

3. Conflict

Here is a post I’ve written discussing 4/5 of the main types of conflict, which are:

  • Man vs. Man
  • Man vs. Nature
  • Man vs. Society
  • Man vs. Self
  • Man vs. Technology/Supernatural

The reason these categories of conflict are so popular is because they’re the same conflicts we face in day-to-day life.  The fight over territory with your roommate = Man vs. Man.  Trying to find your car in the rain = Man vs. Nature.  Making the same New Year’s resolution for the third year in a row = Man vs. Self.  So identify these conflicts in your story, both large-scale and small-scale.  Both are important, but the personal conflicts – the ones that most affect your characters, like their resolutions or their roommate, or the killer beast that’s trying to eat them or the A.I. that’s taken control of their spaceship – will give your story stakes that, on their basest level, your readers will understand.

That’s my only real advice for you, since this is something I also struggle to manage – but I hope some of this makes sense for you and your story.  If you have any further questions, hit me up and I’ll try to get back to you way sooner.  Good luck!

If you need advice on general writing or fanfiction, you should maybe ask me!

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  • "You can't have sex with your neighbor's backyard above-ground pool."
  • "let me help you out of that swimsuit-- POOL."
  • "I sure hope we become best friends! but I don't hope we have a falling out, leading us to have a tense, emotion-heavy, dramatic, competitive, love/hate relationship later on."
  • "so anyways I regain consciousness, there's cops everywhere, (name) is covered in blood, got an icepick-- haha it was kind of a weird tuesday."
  • "we're gonna be late for anime school!"
  • "I'm just saying, is it illegal if I'm in my OWN pool?"
  • "(name) WAS A BITCH-ASS POSER."
  • "oh no, he's hot when he's sad!"
  • "this reminds me of prison. this reminds me of prison. this DEFINITELY reminds me of prison."
  • "look at that little pimp. he's gonna grow up to be a prison ass mothafucka."
  • "let's skip all the fluff and get to the part where we're shirtless."
  • "homeboy looks like shark week, I ain't messin' with that."
  • "It wasn't a dream! We got arrested for trespassing! We went to JAIL!"
  • "Nah, man, we went to holding. there's a big difference."
  • "Yeah now we owe Easter Dave a favor-- that is NOT a position you wanna be in."
  • "Wouldn't we have seen him around by now? I mean he is a bipedal shark-person."
  • "I'VE GOT MACE!"
  • "Was macing us really necessary AFTER you remembered who we were?!?"
  • "you took the fall for me and I said thank you."
  • "I went to jail!"
  • "I spent 6 months at a correctional facility!"
  • "I stabbed a girl in the yard!"
  • "I think that guard you killed had a family!"
  • "look at that majestic ass mothafucka. like a dolphin or some shit. a dolphin with legs... and arms... and a jetpack."
  • "that's how they do it in Austrailia."
  • "20 bucks on jabber jaws."
  • "hey, man did you Tivo Glee last night?"
  • "I'm not allowed to watch Glee, my dad says it might turn me into something bad. A musical theater major."
  • "Neither one of them even died!"
  • "they won't let me back into sewing club because apparently when I threaten someone with sewing needles it's deemed 'inappropriate' and I 'have to leave'."
  • "I have to tumblr this!"
  • "a guy with emotional issues who swims away his problems? Lady, that's the whole team, you're gonna have to be more specific."
  • "I ship them! and them!"
  • "they hate each other, but they also fuck each other!"
  • "hey we try not to get this part of the gym wet so whatever you're doing is gonna have to stop."
  • "so do you wanna come back to my place, listen to some Dave Matthews and talk about my work out routine?"
  • "I wonder if that stuff I hid is still here? ...nah, cops probably took it."
  • "do you know? do you know for sure? Because I don't need another incident."
  • "If I get out of this chair I guarantee you'll end up in one with wheels."
  • "Ok. I'll admit, I'm a little threatened."
  • "'sup bitches!~"
  • "aren't you that guy who drowned a kid? and burned down that building?"
  • "get back to it before you learn a lesson in post-war, urban torture practices."
  • "Remember, snitches get stitches!"
  • "shut up you're high as balls!"
  • "you're just mad because mom and dad thought you were a girl for the first year of your life."
  • "right, son. and speaking of crushing disappointments-"
  • "coach tried to get me to vandalize a police station again."
  • "good thing I wore my Heelys."
  • "he's so hot but so crazy! which makes him even MORE hot!"
  • "Come on let me get those digits baby!"
  • "It should be illegal to be that fine!"
  • "oh just basic addition and subtraction. he was subtracting from my profits so I'm going to add a few extra holes in him."
  • "this doesn't seem like the time for polka-renditions of Ke$ha songs."
  • "I hate it when you leave but I love watching you go."
  • "Yeah I've seen him. He's in my scrapbook class. He cuts the eyes out of magazine photos."
  • "your arrest record is extensive... and amateur."
  • "I want that boy to be my bride!"
  • "Pilates will do that man, works your core."
  • "what are we waiting for? let's go bro! let's gbro!"
  • "wow you sure said that."
  • "WOOP! WOOP! hold it, I'm gonna have to pull you over for exceeding recommended hotness."
  • "One time we went camping in the woods, I just left 'em there. Nobody found them for like 5 days. I don't even think their families cared, kinda sad, really."
  • "So, what you're saying is, if they disappeared, no one would notice?"
  • "well I've gotta go not talk to you anymore."
  • "I learned how to swim the old fashioned way. When I was five my dad took me out to a lake and tossed me right in the water."
  • "I'm so happy right now! --and it's not just cause I get to see you in a bunch of different swimsuits. Ok I lied, I'm sorry, that's mostly the reason."
  • "hey I know you! You helped me smuggle some stuff out of the country! How've you been kid?"

anonymous asked:

Hi! Can you do some song prompt? Depending on the song you'd want to use and the character you'd want to use as well! I love your writing. I'm just really shy to request this. Thank you!

Title: One Last Night

Genre: Fluff/Angst

Pairing: Zen (Hyun Ryu) x MC/Reader/You

because i was feeling under the weather. please enjoy this fic! i just wrote it to have an outlet of my emotions. do enjoy! i did not proof read or even checked if i had mistakes i’m sorry this is a shit post

Tied to a shallow heart,
Why does he want to bring me where he goes?
Oh and to find out the reasons why,
It's enough to make you wanna try...
For one last night.

One Last Night - VAULTS

You screamed to the top of your lungs, your body feeling absolute adrenaline rush—feeling the cold wind wildly brush against your hair as you watched the scenery turn into blur.

This was a feeling you wanted—to feel ultimate freedom, to feel the wind against your skin, to let out all the problems and stress out to the air, never worrying about a single thing. This was euphoria—like a night ride without worrying what will happen tomorrow or not even caring what tomorrow may bring. A very refreshing feeling, as if you have just been reborn, not even minding what this trail might bring. Your adrenaline didn’t stop as you can feel the height of your emotions raising up and up, the containment of it being next to impossible.

You were impeccably happy.

You heard him laugh at what you did as you carefully sat back to the back of the bike, placing your arms around his waist and leaning your chin against his shoulders, feeling the broadness and hardness of his back against your chest. Your smile couldn’t be any wider—you were grinning from ear to ear.

You heard him step on to something and the motorbike sped up as it went down along the curved mountain road. You turned your head to where you can see the city below, only the night lights visible. It was so beautiful. You felt like you’re on top of the world, watching everything below you turn into dots and specs of lights. Feeling like you can absolutely do anything, that nothing can ever stop you.

It was breath taking.
And extremely addictive.

“I didn’t know it can feel this way!” You said in a high voice for him to hear you since the sound of the wind going against you both was extremely loud. “I’m loving it, Zen!”

“See? I told you! This will help you relax!” He exclaimed, his laugh sounding like an explicit, beautiful melody against your ears. You two were on your way home from Zen’s secret place when he finally decided to take you there after such a long conversation about it.

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As promised, finally a compilation of hopefully all of my AkiraMonHide headcanons as reminded by goldensunshinesmiles. Special thanks to my bro ohcrab for building this utopian family AU with me gw bakal bawa ini AU ampe mati. ( ͡; ͜ʖ ͡;)

Headcanons you can find under the cut; AkiraMonHide, a dash of AkiraMon and last but not least, yes, crack Parents + HideKane.

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Let Me Explain To You A Thing.

“This fandom is shit. I’m leaving.” 

“Wow this fandom is so hostile.”

“It’s like everywhere I look in this fandom there’s drama.”

“God I hate this fandom.”

“Haha now I remember why I left this fandom.”

“Oh man now I remember why I didn’t want to come back. Bye.”

This is a thing I see quite a bit. It’s generally something that is said by either young roleplayers or frequent fandom hoppers. But let me tell you something, coming from someone with 12+ years of rp experience. If you find the perfect fandom… and this is your mindset? Don’t join it because you’re only going to ruin it.

Harsh? Yeah. It is. But guess what? EVERY fandom has this. Every fandom has its downs. Every fandom has its ups. There are elitists and godmodders and people who really just are there to cause drama. In. Every. Single. Fandom.

Why is this? Because we are humans. By getting into something like a tumblr roleplaying community (or any rp community really) you are willingly joining a large group of people that share one thing and one thing only. Their love of that thing. Transformers. Mass Effect. Supernatural. Sherlock. Dr.Who. AvP. The Walking Dead. Osmosis Jones. DnD. WoW. Skyrim. Pacific Rim. Teen Wolf. TF2. etc, etc, etc. 

The only thing you know you have in common with these people… is that one thing. And no matter where you go.. you will have drama. No fandom is going to be more chill than another. Calling an entire group of people shitty, or dramatic, or hostile, or toxic… is only adding to the hostility. By labeling an entire group like that, many whom you have never met… or never bothered to get to know… you are essentially becoming one of those hostile, dramatic, and toxic people. This has never, and will never solve anything. 

Sure. People can be shitty. There are people who start drama. There are people who are nasty and mean and just not fun to deal with. And sometimes it’s hard to tell who is and isn’t at first. Sometimes you don’t realize it till you’re in too deep that you’ve found a bad crowd. But that’s all it is. You’ve fallen in a bad crowd. So get out of that crowd. Anyone can become cynical and hateful and just hop on to something else because the grass is greener there. But let’s think of this in real life terms. 

Just because you have a coworker you don’t get along with… maybe that coworker has friends. And you don’t get along with those friends. Does that mean everyone at that workplace is hostile and toxic? Just because one person causes you tons of problems by being dramatic… does that mean everyone is? It’s easy to label an entire place. Call it shitty. Quit. Get a new job. But guess what. That job won’t be any better. 

If you’re only looking at the bad.. that’s all you’re going to see. Sometimes you gotta get back up, and be more mature. Stop being immature and quitting every time you skin your knee. Stop whining about how toxic it is here. Get back up and try again and maybe when you stop telling your own fandom how shitty they are.. you’ll start finding friends again. Sometimes it’s not the fandom. Sometimes it’s how you react to things. 

You wanna know why things look bad? Why you’re losing followers? Why don’t you take a look at yourself first? Have you been hostile? Have you become so cynical that perhaps your former followers and even former friends are scared to approach you? Have you become the very toxicity you ran away to avoid? 

Think about it. Really think. And then do something not many people think to do. 

Wipe yourself off. Clean up your boo-boos. Wipe away your tears. Get your feelings off your shoulders… 

Move on. Whatever that means to you. If that means leave the fandom? So be it. But you’ll go through it again, and again, and again. Until eventually you’ll stop letting other people make you hate what you once loved. It took me a long time to realize that. And I stopped loving things because I let others ruin it for me. Until I figured out… the only one in control of my emotions… is me.

The fandom isn’t toxic. People can be toxic. But not all of them. You just have to weed through them to find the right ones and stop scaring off the ones who cared by becoming just like the ones you hate. 

Preference #5: Fan Rules
  • Calum: Being away from your boyfriend is as difficult as it is. Let alone have a million girls chase after him. You trust him but there's always going to be that voice in the back of your mind, reminding you that any second, you could lose the most important thing in your life: Calum. "Babe," Calum says for the hundredth time in the last ten minutes. "Talk to me, please," he pleads. You'd been giving him the silent treatment since this morning when you saw another picture of him giving his fans a kiss on the cheek. "What." You spit out. He throws his hands up in defeat and gets up off the couch, "I give up. I don't know what your problem is." You stand up too with a hand on your hip, "You wanna know what my problem is? My problem is this." You show him a picture collage of Calum kissing different fans' cheeks a fan tweeted you. "This, Calum, is my problem." He takes a moment to look at the picture. His jaw relaxes and he takes a seat back on the couch. He gently pulls you to his lap. "I'm sorry," he says, "I didn't know that bothered you. You never said anything." "What was I supposed to say, Calum? Don't kiss your fans? What if they do to you what the did to Ash? I really don't want to be that over protective girlfriend you get sick of. I thought of tell you but either way, someone isn't going to be happy, whether it's me, you, or your fans." "That's cute, babe," he smiles at you. You roll your eyes in frustration, "Calum, take me seriously!" When real names are being used, it usually meant it's a serious matter. "Y/N, I think it's really cute that it bothers you. It shows me you really love me." "Well duh," you laugh, "Let's compromise?" He nods, "How about if they can kiss me but that's it?" You smile, "I can deal with that." Calum places a soft kiss on your lips then cups your face with his hands. You stare into his big brown eyes, careful not to get too lost into them. "Next time something bothers you, I want you to tell me, okay? Don't ever feel like you can't. I'm always here for you," he promises before kissing you again.
  • Michael: You're at the hotel, packing up your bags, and getting ready to head for the road again. You ran out of space in your luggage so you asked Michael if you could put some of your things in his. You rearranged his suit case to make room and you come across a ziplock full of small strips of paper with phone numbers presumably from fans. "Michael," you call from the bed room, "get in here." He comes in and you hold up the ziplock, "What's this?" It bothers you that he'd keep a ziplock full of phone numbers. What would need those for? "Souvenirs," he answers. "Really? You collect phone numbers for souvenirs? What do you need phone numbers for, Michael?" "Babe," he walks towards you and takes the ziplock, "these are from my fans." "Michael. They're phone numbers. Phone numbers!" You rub your forehead in frustration and plop down on the bed. You're feeling all sorts of emotions: anger, confusion, hurt... Michael sits besides you and takes your hand. "You're right," he admits, "that was a pretty stupid thing for me to do." "I know how much you love your fans," you tell him, "and i think it's great they give you guys things to remember each one of them by. But phone numbers, Michael? You have a girlfriend for Christ's sake. What do you need those for?" He nods, "You're right, you're right. I don't need them. I just didn't know what to do with them. I'd feel bad if I were to throw them away." "Well don't throw them away. Give them away instead. Don't you have any single friends?" Michael flashes you a smile, "You're brilliant. I'll just send these home then. Sorry, babe."
  • Ashton: "Where's my boyfriend?" you ask yourself as you search through the herd of fans. 5 Seconds of Summer has really taken off and almost everywhere you and Ashton went, there'd be fans crowding the two of you. You and Ashton were on your way to the movies when a crowd of girls pulled him away from you. The crowd begin to disperse but you still couldn't find Ashton. You walk around some more then find him by the entrance chatting up some girl. A really pretty one of that, actually. "Ashton," you say. He looks over at you and smiles innocently. He hugs the girl goodbye and walks over to you, "Hey." "Hey?" you say exasperated, "I've been looking everywhere for you!" "Oh, yeah... I started talking to Justine. She's a pretty cool fan," he smiles. "I'm sure she is," you respond sarcastically. "What's wrong?" he asks, catching the red light. You shake your head, "Forget it. I'm not even in the mood to watch the movie. I'm going home. What about you?" He looks at you confused then takes out his car keys and you two walk back to the car. The car ride was awfully quiet. You never thought you'd ever get jealous of his fans. But seeing Ashton leave you alone to talk to a fan worried you. What could happen when he goes back on tour? You won't be around anymore to remind him he's off the market. He pulls up to the driveway and shuts off the engine. "Okay, spit it out," he orders. "What's to say?" He looks at you, unamused. "Seriously, Y/N. Cut the crap. What did I do?" "That Julia girl you were talking to." "Justine?" he asks. "Oh my god," you say under your breath. "You even remember her name." "What about her? Y/N, you're acting really weird. It's starting to scare me." "I'm just worried, Ash." "Worried about what?" You shrug, suddenly feeling silly and possessive. "Well I'm going back home in three days. And from the two weeks I've been here with you, I see how close you get with your fans and I just worries me. It sounds silly, I know." He shakes his head, letting some of his loose curls fall, and smiles. "Did I say something funny?" "No," he responds. "It's not silly. I understand. But I don't want you to worry. I love you and there doesn't go a day I don't think about you. Every day I miss you more and more and no one could compare to you. I'm sorry if I ever made you feel neglected or that I like my fans more than my own girlfriend. Me and guys just try and make it a point to bond with them as much as possible, you know? I'd never cheat on you." You smile and lean across to give Ashton a sweet kiss on the lips. "Besides," he says after you pull away, "My Y/N is a hundred times prettier than Julia." "Justine," you correct him. "Whatever," he laughs.
  • Luke: 5 Seconds of Summer is in the US, doing tours and radio shows. They're at an interview and they get into the topic of girlfriends. "Is it difficult?" the interviewers asks Luke, seeing he's the only one with a girlfriend, "Being in a long distance relationship, always away from home?" Luke nods and plays with his lip ring - something he always does when he's nervous. "Do you and Y/N ever get in arguments?" "Yeah," he responds, "Sometimes." Luke's a man of few words. "Like what?" He shrugs, "She goes to Uni so I'm very protective of her." "That's an understatement," Ashton chimes in. "He's super protective of her," Calum adds, "He's literally always phoning her and texting her and asking her questions." Luke smiles at the ground, slightly embarrassed. "What else?" the interviewer urges on. "Fans," Luke admits, "Sometimes Y/N feels intimidated." "Do you two have any rules?" "Yeah... we've each got things we can't do without the other present." "Unfortunately, Y/N's got more restrictions than Luke," Michael snickers, "Over protective bastard."
Text RP starters inspired by Big Hero 6
  • [text]: I was out fighting crime last night in a kaiju suit. It's a thing; I swear I wasn't drunk.
  • [text]: Puberty got to me and now I'm crying in a corner for it.
  • [text]: My sibling just found a new way to go out with a bang and I'm not exactly happy about it.
  • [text]: Nearly killed someone by making them jump out a window. Better luck next time, I guess.
  • [text]: I'm looking at things from a new angle, but all I see are inappropriate imagery.
  • [text]: Can you come pick me up? Oh, it's nothing, I'm just under attack from a supervillain.
  • [text]: You think someone has to help? I have some concerns
  • [text]: Why is a robot asking me about my threshold of pain
  • [text]: On a scale of 1 to 10, I'd say I'm fucked at level 10, all the way.
  • [text]: We're in danger right now and my friend can only say "oh no" in the dullest tone ever. Yeah, I could use some help now.
  • [text]: Why are you taking selfies with a _____ in the background?
  • [text]: Woke up today realizing my sibling is gone. It still hurts.
  • [text]: I got attacked by lots of tiny robots today. My life sucks, I know.
  • [text]: I'm making super suits for everyone. What would you want yours to look like?
  • [text]: At first I hated the idea of nerd school. Now I practically live in it.
  • [text]: This guy told me to "prepare my bot" and I have some concerns about it.
  • [text]: It took me 84 tests for this shit to work. I need a drink.
  • [text]: Ah, the single life. It only means I can stress eat and worry about loved ones while they're out getting arrested or something.
  • [text]: A friend of mine told me this great method of recycling clothes and now I'm just like "say goodbye to doing laundry for a month". Wanna know the secret, too?
  • [text]: So I'm presenting at this exhibit and I'm not sure what I should show them to make myself look smart. Any ideas?
  • [text]: Oh, you're having problems with ___? Maybe you should stop whining and woman up sometime soon, hmm?
  • [text]: Nothing says family bonding than melting someone's face off with my world-famous wings.
  • [text]: I bring extra pairs of underwear everywhere; need one?
  • [text]: I've been arrested for ____ and yet I haven't learned my lesson let. I'm such a bonehead, can't you tell?
  • [text]: Have you ever heard of someone obeying traffic rules in a car chase?
  • [text]: Hey, did you know the words "mi casa" is actually French for ___?
  • [text]: Can't believe I turned down that guy's offer; he was gonna offer me more money than someone at my age can hope to earn, too!
  • [text]: Don't question why I'm teaching you karate. You need it.
  • [text]: This person keeps adding all these upgrades onto me and I'm just like how the fuck does that make me a better companion to him?
  • [text]: Ever known someone you so desperately want to laser hand right now? That someone would be you, by the way.
  • [text]: Where the fuck did this guy get the idea that he's the leader and we're just his "intrepid friends"?
  • [text]: My sibling's washed up at such a young age. I might need your intervention at this point now.
  • [text]: The phrase "hairy baby" has such a different meaning to me right now, thanks to you.
  • [text]: I keep making jokes about a dead hottie; is there something wrong with me?
Annie (2014) full movie sentence starters
  • "Okay, ____, your turn."
  • "You sure there's time?"
  • "I don't wanna keep anyone from vacation."
  • "Where's your essay?"
  • "You gonna make it in time?"
  • "Luck's for suckers."
  • "I said 'freeze', you little rat!"
  • "You think the world wants some smart-mouthed little girl/boy?"
  • "Hey, you little monster, I wasn't done with you! Get back here!"
  • "Shhh! The witch will hear us."
  • "No-one wants a teenager."
  • "We all have families somewhere."
  • "She/He's sitting playing piano."
  • "Betcha he/she reads."
  • "Betcha she/he sews."
  • "Won't you please come get your baby?"
  • "It's so early."
  • "Thanks for the time and date. Now over to Stormy for the weather - it's raining!"
  • "Aren't I supposed to be married to George Clooney?"
  • "I hate her/him so much."
  • "If you find any loose change over a nickel, it's mine."
  • "I was having the best dream! I was ice-skating on real, live ice!"
  • "Now, clean like your life depends on it.'Cause it does!"
  • "Wait. What does 'hard knock life' mean?"
  • "It means our life sucks."
  • "It's the hard knock life for us!"
  • "Instead of treated, we get tricked!"
  • "Instead of kisses, we get kicked!"
  • "Less singing and more cleaning!"
  • "Santa Claus? What's that? Who's he?"
  • "No-one cares for you a bit when you're a foster kid."
  • "Yank the whiskers from her/his chin!"
  • "Jab her/him with a safety pin!"
  • "Send her/him to the loony bin!"
  • "I said no singing and dancing!"
  • "We love you, _____!"
  • "Take it down a thousand. Nobody's gonna believe that."
  • "My maiden name. But I'm not married to it, if you know what I mean."
  • "What's a scoso curcurity murder?"
  • "Can we talk about this after the handsome/pretty inspector with no wedding ring is gone?
  • "Can I have some floss? I think I have some nutritious breakfast stuck in my teeth."
  • "I believe in hard work. I don't just settle for 'okay.'
  • 'Great' is all I know."
  • "Are you going to stare at me the whole time?"
  • "Can you read it? I'm too nervous..."
  • "What does 'no further data' mean?"
  • "The sun'll come out tomorrow."
  • "Just thinking about tomorrow clears away the cobwebs and the sorrow 'til there's none."
  • "When I'm stuck with a day that's grey and lonely, I just stick up my chin and grin."
  • "Watch where you're going, kid!"
  • "You could've got run over."
  • "Don't be sorry. You be careful."
  • "Why're you running?"
  • "Little kids. Kids with germs."
  • "Maybe that'll teach you to stop running your mouth."
  • "Kids love candy, huh?"
  • "Maybe I should come with you and make sure that everything's USDA Grade A awesome, huh?"
  • "Hey, you wanna go out tonight? I got my dance pants on."
  • "I haven't hit that rock bottom yet!"
  • "I love it when you throw me shade!"
  • "Whoa! My hair's gigantic!"
  • "I'm ten. I'm not an idiot."
  • "I bet if I moved in with you, you'd become president."
  • "I think I'm gonna like it here."
  • "Wait, I think it and it comes to me?"
  • "I couldn't do that yesterday!"
  • "Can it teach me to swim?"
  • "The water's cold!"
  • "Everything you've ever dreamed is at your fingertips!"
  • "Damn right, you're gonna like it."
  • "I know you're gonna miss me."
  • "I'm not looking for temporary companionship.".
  • "God has a path for us all. Your path should be away from the car."
  • "You think you're better than me? Is that what it is? You think you're better than me?"
  • "You think your life is a fairy tale? There is no happily ever after. And the worst thing is to get a little taste of something good 'cause it never lasts."
  • "Just let her/him talk when she/he gets like this, remember?"
  • "I don't like you in Harlem. Why would I like you
  • on Facebook?"
  • "Those things are evil. They steal your private information
  • so that big business can spy on you and crush your soul."
  • "Sorry. He/she just doesn't like you."
  • "Don't pick that one, it's licking its own hoo-hah."
  • "I'll never leave you again, I promise."
  • "She/he really likes you."
  • "I think people surround themselves with other people
  • just so they can feel loved."
  • "Wow, you ask a lot of questions."
  • "I'm kid-intolerant."
  • "You gotta learn to stop spitting. You're not a camel."
  • "I know this sounds crazy, but do you guys spy on people with your phones?"
  • "You can't trust the fish people."
  • "I think when people say no, they're just really scared of saying yes."
  • "Everywhere I turn I can see them."
  • "I should be anywhere but here."
  • "Please kill me. I'm serious, please kill me. I'm not singing, I'm asking."
  • "I'm ready for stardom after all these years."
  • "I'm done with little girls/boys!"
  • "I wanna be someone in this world."
  • "Your voice matches your beauty."
  • "I don't start things I can't win."
  • "This is just the start of your story."
  • "If you got guts, you'll get glory."
  • "It's worth fighting for."
  • "You know what? When did this stop being my house?"
  • "I'm in a dress that feels like a cloud."
  • "I'm standing in the middle of a giant cinnamon roll."
  • "You're witnessing my moment, you see?"
  • "I can't read."
  • "Get back! He/she's a kid!"
  • "This is our chance to get out of this place."
  • "Let's run for it."
  • "Oh, darling girl/boy! It's so good to see you after all these years!"
  • "You ever do anything that you thought was really a good idea at the time, but then after, it's like you're not so sure?"
  • "What did you do? Because, whatever it is, you know I'm here to help."
  • "Under all that bitter, there's a sweet lady/man with a big heart. She's/he's just been gone for a while. That's all."
  • "You don't care about me. I was just an opportunity to you."
  • "I can't trust you! I can't trust anybody!"
  • "I've always had a problem with realizing what's right in front of me."
  • "I don't need anything but you!"
  • "You've wrapped me around that cute little finger."
  • "Nothing on Earth could ever divide us!"
  • "Today was a straight-up nightmare."
  • "Together at last!"
  • "Together forever!"
  • "The city is full of opportunity. It's yours to take. The sun will come out tomorrow."

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This fanfiction will have around 2 or 3 chapters or maybe four, it depends.

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You can find part one here (x)

It has been two weeks since I last saw Michael. Everytime the boys asked me to hang out with them  I always said I had other things to do, or that I didnt feel like hanging out with them. After that night I wasnt really keen to spend time with Michael. But he was always on my mind, doesnt matter what I did, he was there. The memories of the time we spent together. I dont even know what “we” is or were. Really close friends? A couple? He never called my his girlfriend. We never hold hands or kissed in puplic. Only when we were alone. When we were alone he practically never wanted to let me go again. So why did he…?

I had to push these thoughts aside. Calum knew something was going on with me. In the past two weeks I have been rather distant. I just wanted to be alone, alone with my thoughts. I never meant to shut Calum out, but I couldnt possible tell him what was going on either. No one knew about Michael and I. We never told anyone, well, never wanted me to tell anyone about us. I couldnt do that to Calum. He was always there for me. After Michael let me down, he was there to compfort me, everytime I had a bad day he was there with pizza and a movie. He never let me down. Calum and I have been through so much and I’m really greatful for him. I really do love him.

I was in the kitchen, preparing myself a snack when I suddenly heard my phone ring. It was a text, I froze when I saw from who it was. I took a deep breath and opened the text message.

From: Michael 

‘Can we talk?’

I shook my head, was this kid serious? He practically ignored me for month and now all of a sudden he wants to talk? No thanks. I typed back

To: Michael

'I dont think thats a good idea.’

Two minutes later my phone rang again. I opened the text.

From: Michael 

'I dont care. I’m coming over.’

Great. Just great. I finished preparing my snack and walked into the living room, turning on the tv. 'Im just not gonna open the door.’ I thought to myself. After a shot while my mind wandered off, back to the first date Michael and I had. 


“So, uh- I was wondering if you’d like to go out with me. You know…on a date?” he asked scratching the back of his head. I had a crush on him since forever, of course I wanted to go out with him. I was surprised he even asked me to go out with him at all. I pretended to think about it for a moment before I said “Yeah sure, why not?” I was really proud of myself, it sounded a lot more casual than I tought it would be. I was super nervous when I got ready for this date, since it was actually my first real date. He took me to a restaurant near the beach. I think he had some sort of deal with the owner, the restaurant had a really beautiful roof-top garden. Flowers and light everywhere. You had the perfect view over the city and the beach and no one was allowed to go up here. We were right in time to watch the sunset. “This is so beautiful” I said admiring the wonderful view. “Not as beautiful as you are.” he said and reached out for my hands. I felt the butterfies in my stomach nearly exploding as he moved closer to me and kissed me.


I got ripped out of my thoughts when I heard the doorbell. It was probably Michael so I didnt even bother to get up. “Open the door.”  I heard his voice yell from outside. I didnt answer. “For god’s sake (Y/N) open the damn door or I swear I’ll break through it!” He yelled again, I rolled my eyes, got up and opened the door. I knew he wouldnt leave. “What?” I asked annoyed. “I want to talk to you.” he stated and sneaked passed me into the house. “Yeah sure,come on in” I mumbled and closed the door behind him.

“We need to talk" 

"You repeat youself." 

"What is your problem (Y/N)? Jeez I just wanna talk to be such a bitch” he mumbled.

“Dont be such a bitch? Are you fucking kidding me Michael?” What in the world is he thinking? Insulting me like that.

“Sorry…sorry I didnt mean to…(Y/N) I’m sorry. For everything. For everything I’ve done wrong.” he said looking down to his feet.

“Sorry? You ignored me for month, you broke my damn heart and everyhting you say is 'I’m sorry’? Sorry but thats not gonna cover it Michael.” I tried to calm down, steady my breathing.

“What do you want me to say? I’m sorry okay I never, ever meant to hurt you like this (Y/N)!”

“Well too late.”

“What can I do to make it better? I will do anything to turn everything back to where it was! I miss you! I miss spending time with you! I miss being with you! I want you back..” he said, his voice trembling. 

His words hit me hard, was he serious? Why? Why now? I cant go back. Not now. Not after what happened. I just shook my head, tears approaching. 

“Why Michael? Why now? I dont understand! You were the one who broke it off in the first place! You were the one who said 'its not gonna work for us’, you were the one who said 'you need to back off’, 'I need more space’ you were the one who made the mistakes! You cant do anything to make it better! You cant turn back time and I am glad that I found out what a miserable ashhole you really are before things got even more serious! I was happy with you! I loved you! and you…you had to -” I stopped myself from talking, I didnt want these words to leave my mouth.  The tears I tried to hold back were now streaming down my face. He walked towards to me and cupped my face, wiping away my tears with his thumbs. I didnt move away, I love the feeling of his hands on my skin, I hate to admit it but I missed his touch more than anything in this world. “Please dont cry, I’m so so damn sorry. I- I made a mistake, yes. But everyone desevers a second chance righ? I will never let you down again. I want it to be like before.” He wispered, moving his head closer to mine. “I dont want it to be like before. I have Calum now, and I really love h-” I got interrupted by Michaels lips on mine. 

I shouldnt enjoy this moment so much, but I did. I didnt even try to push him back. The butterflies in my stomach appeared again, I never wanted this moment to end. It felt like falling for him all over again. But wait, what was I doing? I have a boyfriend who I love. I just wanted to break the kiss when I heard the front door shutting down. “What the fuck is going on here?” I heard Calums angry voice. We quickly broke the kiss and I took a step back from Michael. What have I done? I opened my mouth to defend myself but nothing came out. Calum walked over to Michael shoving him away “What the fuck man? Piss off before I rip you head off!” he angrily yelled at Michael.

“Dude, calm down okay.”

“I am not calming down, I am serious man fuck off!" 

"Cal, stop it, please. Michael you should leave.” I said looking down to my hands

“ But-" 

"Just leave. Please!” I sobbed. Without another word he stormed through the door. Calum turned to me and raised his eyesbrows “So? Do you want to explain al this?” he asked angrily. “I- We just talked and then suddenly he kissed me, I-”

“You didnt even try to push him back and it sure as hell seemed like you enjoyed this kiss." 

"Calum I-”

“Forget about it. I’m out of here.” he said and stromed through the door. “I’m sorry.” I sobbed and slid down the wall, crying. What was wrong with me? Why did I enjoy this damn kiss so much? I was over Michael. 'I love Calum.’ 'I love Calum!' ’But I’m still on love with Michael.’

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