it's just his little bum wiggle

anonymous asked:

Do you think Harry would like an ass that is maybe a little bit bigger than average.I know he just dated girls who had like tiny asses but I can see him using your "big" ass as a pillow haha and squeezeing it I just really think he would enjoy an ass

look at this face. this is the face of a man who enjoys a good ass:

poor harry…he’s had to go without bodacious booty in his life for so long…his true calling has been neglected….just think…if you were his gf-

“oi!” you squeal as you feel a familiar weight drop down on your tush.  You had been lying on your stomach on your bed just innocently scrolling through your phone before you heard fast footsteps approaching - but by then it was too late.  His body was catapulted in the air and crashing on the mattress before you could turn your head, and his head landed right on its target.

“Soft,” he mumbled as he nuzzled into your (still slightly stinging) cheeks.

“You didn’t have to jump me.”

“S’nice ‘n it’s mine,” he continued, sneaking his arms under your pelvis so they were smooshed between your skin and the comforter.  “S’all mine,” he repeated. He gripped you tighter, giving your bum a playful bite.  And although your pajama bottoms were covering it, the material was still so very thin and you yelped at the contact.  He let out a little snicker and you tried to wiggle out of his grasp but he just tutted at you.

“Harry!”  You laughed.  He’d always loved your bum, and when you felt him readjust himself so his body was literally lying on top of you, covering your legs and everything with his head settled right on the perch of your bum, you already knew the answer to the question you would nevertheless ask.

“Want to come up here with me?”  He let out a content hum and you smiled when you literally felt him shake his head.

“Think I’ll just stay here pet, comfier than any pillow I’ve slept on thank yeh very much.”