it's just hard to believe that sebastian means nothing to him okay


Summary: your playing a horrible prank on Sebastian but it’s still the best day of his life.

Pairing: Sebastian Stan x reader

Warnings: angst, fluff, two, maybe three curse words

A/n: I’m actually so scared about this one ! Tell me what you think ?😅

You sat in a high chair next to Chris and the interviewer in front of you. You talked about the latest marvel movie and how you hoped the people would like it.

The subject of the conversation however switched to your relationship with Sebastian.

He wasn’t there, had a spare hour which meant you could talk about him freely without him denying everything you said.

You had been together with him for almost three years and he asked you to marry him only two months ago. This was probably the most happy time of your life and you couldn’t wait to spend the rest of your life with the love of your life.

You thought about him after the interviewer asked whatever question it was. You forgot it in your daze. Chris nudged your arm and brought you out of your thoughts. “You still with us honey?”

You smiled at his nickname for you. He used to call you all kinds of stuff from honey to love to sweetheart to babe. He started it when the whole thing between you and Sebastian was all new, he said he wanted to make him jealous but it became a habit and he now did it without even thinking about it.

“Yeah, I’m.. Yeah sorry”

both of them laughed and Chris laid an arm around your shoulder hugging you from the side sweetly as he laughed. He let go of you and you smiled asking the man infront you to repeat his question.

“Sebastian asked you to marry him, was that a shock for you?” You thought about it for a second even though the answer was clear to you.

“I mean of course I was surprised, we love each other and we always talked about marriage but then seeing him kneeling infront of me was a totally different thing. I wouldn’t say I was shocked though, I love him so it was without any doubt a yes” you smiled remembering the day Sebastian asked you to marry him.

“Can you tell us how he did it?” The interviewer asked curiously.

“Of course !” You squealed in excitement sitting up a little straighter and clapping your hands making both man laugh.

“It was while we were shooting the movie. He didn’t have any scenes left to shoot and went home already but I had to stay two more weeks.” You told him with a huge smile.

“He picked me up from the airport when I came home and we put my bags and stuff into the car and sat in. I waited for him to drive but he just stared at me. I looked over at him and he leaned in to kiss me and got a box out of his pocket.”

You thought back to the day remembering how confused you were. “He didn’t go on one knee, but he didn’t have to and yeah… Then he asked me. That’s the story of how I got engaged in a car at the airport.”

“Was it disappointing?” The man frowned.

“No not in any way, I loved everything about it and I definitely wouldn’t want it to be any different now” the interviewer smiled at you obviously happy for you and Chris next to you was in awe as well.

“You’ve been living with him longer than that, is it hard to live with him”

you scoff rolling your eyes “oh yes !” You blurt out “its not even that he’s messy or something he’s just always annoying and pranking me. And when I say always I mean always.“ 

“Have you thought about payback ?”

“Yeah of course but I think I couldn’t do it even though I really want to” you shrug.

“you have to sweet cheeks , I know what he’s pranking you with and trust me its time for payback” you laughed at Chris’s exclamation and the three of you made a plan on how you’d prank him. You made a plan which evolved scarlet as well and you were excited than never.

The interview was over and you quickly made your way over to the next room , knowing scarlet was in there.

You told her about your plan and she agreed that it was time to pay Sebastian back. You felt mischievous and slightly scared but nothing would hold you back now. 

It was a horrible horrible plan. You just hoped he’d forgive you once you cleared it all up.

You stood infront of the door to your shared hotel room and took a deep breath getting into your role. You felt your face change a sad expression taking over and you opened the door walking in and closing the door behind you.

You spotted Sebastian on the bed and walked slow to sit next to him.

You looked around the room into the corners where the interview people sat up cameras when he was gone. He scrolled through his Instagram when you took his phone away and laid it down on the nightstand making him look at you concerned.

“What’s up, are you okay” he asked concerned and your heart broke.

You didn’t look at him as you sat next to him a huge gape between the two of you. “I need to talk to you.” You muttered and you could feel his nervousness hit up.

He took your hand in his but you took it back carefully out and flinched away from him. He took the hint and waited for you to talk.

“I’m pregnant” you told him eyes locked to the floor. He was about to get all excited and kiss you and tell you how much he loved you when you continued “its not yours” your eyes still fixed to the ground a tear escaped you and you were surprised how well you were in your role.

You saw the smile on his face fading from the corner of your eye and whipped your tear away.

“How will you know” he asked quietly, the heartbrack clearly audible.

“it happened when I was on set and you were home” you tried to hold back the tears. This felt so real. You could hear your own voice starting to crack and whipped another tear away.

“Who was it” he asked more urgent now and with an angry tone.

Your eyes shot up to his and you pretended to be horrified. “That doesn’t matter Sebastian.”

“Who?!” He nearly shouted making you flinch.

“Chris” you muttered and you saw in his eyes the disbelief how all his anger faded away slowly but then came back up.

“Why the fuck did you do that ?!”

“I didn’t want to” you started yelling.

There was a knock on your door, the ‘sign’ and scarlet told you it was time for your interview. Sebastian rushed out and you followed giving scarlet your ring.

She went into the room and packed all your things, laying the ring on top of one of the pillows. You walked behind Sebastian, not being able to keep up with his fast steps.

Chris saw him stalking over and he knew what was about to happen. Sebastian let a hard punch fly directly to the direction of his face but Chris luckily was quick enough to dodge it.

You screamed for Sebastian to stop and he just looked at you with anger and made his way into the room. You walked over to Chris as you whipped your last tears away.

“I think we are taking this to far.” You told him with a frown glancing into the room and watching Sebastian sitting down in a chair.

“Its gonna be okay, its payback remember”

“but what if he doesn’t forgive me?” You asked and Chris turned you around holding your cheeks with both of his hands as he looked into your eyes. “Its gonna be fine I promise. He loves you too much to let you go because of a prank.”

You smiled hopefully at him and he hugged you, not realizing that Sebastian was watching.

You sat between Sebastian and Chris, which only helped the ironic of the prank.

He was angry as hell and quietly growling every time Chris interacted with you or gave you a nick name. You hid your hands in your pockets, so he wouldn’t see the missing ring. You excused yourself from the scene saying you weren’t feeling too well and walked up to your room. You quickly wrote a note for Sebastian 

‘I’m sorry I brought you so much anger. 
I hope you’ll find some one better than me. 

I love you - (y/n)’

You sat it onto the nightstand and went over to one of the cameras.

You looked straight into it as you said “pranking is really damn hard”

You quickly walked out of the room locked it making your way over to scarlets place.

You hoped desperately for the moment to come in which you just would hug the living hell out of your fiancée and tell him it was just a joke.

Scarlets lap top was connected to the cameras and you could see everything that happened. How he walked into the room and paced up and down. How he saw the ring and sat down in distraught with his hands in his hair, all his anger turned over into sadness and disbelief. you saw how he read the letter.

You knew he couldn’t believe any of what was happening. It was like a nightmare for him, his whole world scattered apart. He stood up checking the bathroom, the closet, the cupboard, everything. He searched for anything, a sign of you, something to give him any hope. But there was nothing, just the ring you left there and which he couldn’t bare to look at.

He tried to call you after finding nothing but you didn’t answer your phone only patiently waiting for the room service to arrive, which was also part of the prank.

And then finally Sebastian made its way over to the door and the room service brought something in.

He thanked them and stared down at the object in confusion opening it revealing another piece of paper.

Written on it was ‘its a prank’ he was confused and you quickly ran down the hall knocking on his door.

He opened it and there you stood smiling shyly “its payback” you told him with a hint of fear in your eyes.

You waited for him to say something the fear getting bigger with every passing second.

And then he finally scooped you up hugging you tight and crying into your shoulder. “Don’t you dare ever do that again.”

You wrapped your arms around his neck. Your head in the crock of his neck. “Chris made me do it” you mumbled into his neck.

“I’m gonna kick his ass”

He quickly let go of you and walked away picking the ring up from the bed and slipping it back onto your finger.

He kissed you, his lips soft and lovely against yours. You felt the wetness of his tears on your skin as the kiss got deeper.

He grabbed both of your hands in his and pulled away resting his forehead against yours. “Please don’t ever do that again”

“I promise” you told him capturing his lips in another kiss.

  You looked back into his glowing eyes and spoke up again. “I would never leave you. For nothing in the whole world.” You began and hugged him.

Whispering into his ear , not willing the cameras to hear. “And I would also never in my whole life even think about cheating on you.”

You kissed his neck and continued. “The baby… Its yours” he pulled back quickly looking at your smiling face and starting to grin himself.

“Please don’t tell me this is anothe prank”

you shook your head and he crashed his lips to yours “I love you” he mumbled against your lips.

And the worst day of his life finally turned out to be the best one.

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Sebastian x Reader: Secrets

(Y/N) was wandering around the garden of the Phantomhive manor, her (F/C) dress trailing out behind her. Running her hands along the tree leaves as she passed by them, she slowly took step after step onto the green grass. The sky was a rare vibrant blue color with small white clouds speckled around its surface. Her beautiful (H/C) hair was fluttering in the light breeze that passed over the land like a shallow breath.

Humming a small tune, she flittered around the garden like a butterfly. Her grace and elegance would make any of the local women green with envy, if they should have been there to see her.

At a glance, (Y/N) seemed completely normal. Content, even. However, all was not as it appeared with her. She had a slight problem that she had been keeping to herself for a few months now, but it had been becoming almost unbearable to keep her feelings a secret. (Y/N) Pratt, cousin to Ciel Phantomhive, noble women of good standing, had fallen completely head over heels for a butler.

Sebastian Michaelis. Even just thinking the name made her heart skip a beat. He was probably the most handsome man she had ever seen. With his raven black hair, his blood red eyes and that small smile that often adorned his face, it would have been hard for her to not fall in love. Sebastian was always kind and polite to her, but (Y/N) knew that was what his job as a butler required him to do so. She wished with all of her heart that he would somehow return her feelings, but deep inside she knew that even if he did, they couldn’t be together without Ciel’s explicit permission.

With a loud sigh, (Y/N) sat down on the grass and stared off into the distance. She stayed there for about half an hour, lost in thoughts and worry. The clouds moved by and the sun moved across to the center of the sky.

“The others were starting to worry about your whereabouts, Lady (Y/N). You didn’t show up for lunch.” a voice said calmly from behind her.

(Y/N) looked behind her to see Sebastian standing behind her.

“Oh, hello Sebastian.” (Y/N) said, her gaze turning back to the landscape in front of her. “How are you today?”

“I am doing well, thank you. However, it is you we should be talking about at the moment.” Sebastian said. “The young master is very upset that you did not turn up at lunch. He was actually quite worried about you, which is quite unlike him, as you probably know. You are very dear to him, Miss (L/N).”

“(Y/N).” she told him. “You can call me (Y/N).”

“Well then, (Y/N) it is. I do really think we should stay on the subject, though.” Sebastian said, politely trying to turn the conversation back on to his main point.

(Y/N) let out a loud sigh.

“Is there something bothering you, (Y/N)?” he asked the (H/C) sitting in front of him.

“It’s nothing important. And besides, I wouldn’t want to burden you with my silly problems.” (Y/N) avoided his gaze as he kneeled down in front of her.

“Do pardon my boldness, but nothing that could be making you this upset is certainly not nothing. And you couldn’t bother me even if you tried. So, if you don’t mind terribly, would you be willing to tell me what is on you mind?” Sebastian took both of her hands into his, causing (Y/N) to blush furiously.

“Alright. I’ll tell you.” (Y/N) said begrudgingly. “I’m in love.”

Sebastians eyes glimmered a pink color upon hearing these words and his small smile turned into a grimace. This lasted only for a second before his face returned to its normal, soft expression.

“Is that so?” he asked her.

Still averting his eyes, she gave an ever so slight nod. “Yes.” (Y/N) whispered quietly.

“Does this person know of your affections?” Sebastian questioned.

“No.” she whispered, quieter still.

“If you don’t mind me saying so, I think it would be wise to tell him of your feelings. It is near impossible for any sane man not to desire to court you, (Y/N).” he lifted her head to eye level with his own.

“I can’t tell him.” (Y/N) gave a small sniffle and wiped at her eyes. “His master would never allow his cousin to date his butler.”

Sebastians eyes widened in surprise. (Y/N) gave a loud gasp and covered her mouth with her hands.

“No, no, no!! I didn’t mean that! I-I misspoke. I mean… I-I would never… Oh god.” (Y/N) started to cry.

“Well then, that is just too bad.” Sebastian tutted.

“W-why?” (Y/N) asked between sobs.

“Because, my dear,” he leaned in closer, making her heart race. “If it were true, I would most certainly be happy to do this.”

And with that, Sebastian slammed his lips onto hers. (Y/N) sat their in shock for a couple of seconds, but then tentatively began to kiss back.

This kiss lasted for about thirty seconds when Sebastian broke away and cupped her cheek in one hand.

“I do apologize for my boldness.” he said in a small tone.

“It-it’s okay. I really don’t mind.” (Y/N) stuttered.

“Well it’s about time!” someone said from behind them.

(Y/N) and Sebastian turned their heads to see Ciel, Bardroy, Finny and Mey-rin standing a few feet away.

Ciel had a small smirk on his face, while the others were giggling and smiling at the two.

“Oh I’m so glad! You are so adorable together, yes you are.” Mey-rin squealed.

“Honestly, I thought you would never show weakness such as this, Sebastian.” Ciel said, still smirking.

Sebastian stood up and bowed towards Ciel. “I am deeply sorry for my actions, my young lord. I have acted with such indiscretion that I have failed my duty as a Phantomhive butler.”

“No, no, it’s quite alright. I was actually hoping you two would get together sometime soon.” Ciel waved his hand in a nonchalant manner.

“Are you sure you’re alright with this?” (Y/N) chimed in, standing up as well and brushing the grass off of her dress.

“Like I said before, I was wanting you both to admit your feelings. It was so painfully obvious that anyone could see it.” he have a small chuckle and motioned towards the manor. “Now that that’s all sorted out, I believe that it’s time to start on dinner preparations. Sebastian?”

“Coming, my lord.”

“There is one more problem.” (Y/N) said.

Sebastian turned to her questioningly.

“Who’s going to tell Grell?”


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Pairing: Sebastian Smythe x Reader

Request: “Request idea Sebastian Smythe x reader where both have to attend an after school class to learn English (Seb. Speaks French, reader Spanish) and they grow fond of each other &’ Sebastian calls her a cute name in French but reader doesn’t realize what it is until they confront Sebastian about it &’ it leads to them confessing their feelings for each other, thanks &’ have a lovely day :)”

Word count: 1.073

A/N: I am finally back, guys! I’ve been in different trips and I’ve been dealing with a great and vexing writer’s block. I am sorry for not posting anything for about two weeks and my requests are piled up. I will try to post in these days, I promise.
Anyways, I hope that you like this imagine and sorry if I took so long to write and post it. Oh, I wrote the translation of the words in cursive, I didn’t know how to insert them in the story.
I love you all and thank you for the support.

- G. x

Moving into a new country is very difficult, mostly if you don’t know anyone, if you don’t know the language and you have a hard time on fitting groups in or making some friends.

You transferred in Lima as your parents found a better job in that small city of Ohio. It has been few years since you started studying at the William McKinley High School and you excelled in most subjects, but your professors decided that you were still having problems when it came to communication, since Spanish was your mother tongue.

You hated that school because you’ve been bullied for being a complete foreigner, but the day would always get better because you have your obligatory English lessons after school.

It was absurd, but you’ve always looked forward on attending that class. Maybe because you wanted to perfectionate your English, but maybe it’s even better to say that your crush, Sebastian Smythe, attended it too.

Sebastian studied at Dalton Academy, a private and all-boys school in Ohio. He was a pain in the ass and annoying at first, but you both grew fond of each other after few weeks of your obligatory classes. You didn’t know how to approach him during the first weeks, since he spoke only in French, but then you both started talking when he started to learn some words.

“Class dismissed.” Your English teacher has said as the deafening bell rang. “See you tomorrow, students. Goodbye.”

“Goodbye.” You greeted her together with the other students as you gathered your things on the table.

“Mon Trésor,” You quickly looked up from where the voice came from and a wide smile was quickly seen in your face. “let’s grab a hot cup of coffee and talk about life?”

“About life?” You raised your eyebrow as you tossed your English notebook nonchalantly in your bag.

“Oui! Yes!” He happily responded and you shrugged your shoulders.
“Your treat?” You smirked and he let out a loud laugh. You knew each other for almost a year now and you’ve been treating each other as best friends.

“Como siempre. Like always.” He copied your accent exaggeratedly, quickly rolling his eyes after and you gave him a slap on his shoulder.

“You better speak in English or I am kicking your ass.” You winked as you got up from your chair and you started walking out of the room. “And I don’t speak Spanish in that way, Loco! Crazy!

“Shut up.” He messed your hair up and he ran away from you, as he already knew that you were literally kicking his ass for his actions.

“Smythe, I hate you!” You belted out for him to hear your sincere thoughts.
“No, you don’t.” He turned around just to wink and to flash you a smirk. “We both know that.” He turned around once again and he walked normally.

“Estupido. Stupid.” You playfully insulted him as you shook your head while biting your bottom lip, you didn’t want him to notice that you were smiling.

“Thank you, mon Trésor.” He winked at you when he saw that you reached him and you just rolled your eyes, hiding the happiness you were feeling during that moment.

You then walked silently and, in no time, you reached your favourite café. Sebastian ordered the usual orders: cappuccino and croissants with Nutella filling.

“Thank you, Seb.” You sweetly thanked him as he sat on his usual chair, beside you.

“No problem, mon Trésor.” He smiled at you as he started eating his croissant.

“Seb?” You curiously called him by his name as you put your cup full of hot cappuccino on its white porcelain saucer. “May I ask what mon Trésor means?”

“Huh?” He corrugated his forehead as he put his croissant on the plate. “Why?” You kind of noticed that he became a little bit nervous because of your question.

“You’ve been calling me in that way since we’ve became friends.” You debated. “I am curious to know its meaning.”

“It doesn’t mean anything.” He lied through his teeth, stuffing a big piece of croissant to avoid the question, losing a little bit his class and gracefulness.

“Oh, shut up Sebastian.” You rolled your eyes. “What does it mean? Por favor! Please!

“Oh, c’mon!” He said flashing you a smile, trying to distract you. “It’s nothing, it’s just a nickname.”

“I still demand its meaning!” You say as you cross your arms, acting stubbornly.

“It means My Treasure, okay?” He blurted out quickly as he started to run out of patience, praying inside him that you didn’t understand it.

“Aw, that’s sweet.” You smiled at him as you melted for his sweetness. You were really happy to know the meaning of his nickname for you and, in some ways, your heart skipped some beats of it. “But why did you choose that nickname?”

“I don’t know, (Y/N)!” He huffed as he stuffed other big pieces of croissant in his mouth.

“Ow, c’mon!” You insisted and you noticed that he started to get annoyed and disturbed. You knew that you’ve reached his limit of patience, but Sebastian was your best friend and he’s never gotten angry because of your vexatious actions.

“I love you and you are important to me, okay?” His voice tone was a little bit higher, but he quickly calmed down when he realized that he just confessed what he felt towards you. Your eyes opened widely and you couldn’t believe of his revelations. “OMG!” His eyes grew wide as he dealt with his heart missing some beats of it.

“Seb?” You bit your lower lip, flattered because of his sincerity. You wondered how could Sebastian like someone like you. “I love you too.” Your heart jumped for happiness as you finally let your feelings out, even though it took away a huge piece of your courage. You never told anyone that you liked him, so you felt relieved right after it.

“What?” He raised his eyebrows as he slowly chewed his sweet pastry. “You? You love me too?”

“Oui, Sebastian! Yes, Sebastian!” You nodded slowly. He flashed you a wide smile as he realized that his feelings were requited and he quickly stood up, waiting for you to hug him with his arms opened widely.

It was just the start of your love story with Sebastian and you finally found a valid reason to thank your parents for choosing Ohio as your new home.

I Need Your Help

Summary: Bucky gets an invitation to a family friends wedding and it turns out that his ex girlfriend will be attending as well. Panicked at the thought of seeing her, he asks you, his best friend to attend the wedding with him as his girlfriend in attempts to show his ex that he’s moved on.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: 40′s Bucky

A/N: tell me what ya think :)

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“Y/N!” you can hear your name being yelled from your apartment. “Y/N it’s important!”

The shouting was followed by loud knocking at your door, causing you to sigh and stand up from your comfortable spot on your couch. You pull your door open, spotting your best friend Bucky standing there with a look you couldn’t quite decipher.

“I need your help.” he breathes.

“What’s wrong, Buck?” you question as you let the man into your cozy apartment. The two of you became friends when you first moved into this apartment complex. He offered to help you which you kindly accepted and your friendship went from there.

“I got an invitation to Kenneth’s wedding next week.” he says and your eyebrows furrow in confusion.

“What’s so bad about that?” you ask, not seeing the problem in getting an invitation to his friends wedding. Bucky huffs and plops down on your couch. You follow his actions and sit next to him.

“I met Carolyn through Kenneth which means that they’re friends which means she will be at his wedding too.” he explains and you nod. Carolyn was his ex girlfriend. She had broken up with Bucky because she wanted to be with someone much more mature.

This had happened after they graduated from high school. After the heartbreak she caused him he decided to move to Manhattan, New York. “I wanted to start fresh.” Bucky would tell Y/N.

“Okay, so ignore her James. You don’t have to speak to her.” you tell him and he sighs loudly as he ran his fingers through his hair.

“My parents don’t think I’ve gotten over her - no one back home believes I’m over her.” he tells you, back home meaning Brooklyn, New York. He didn’t want to move too far from his family. It was a good 45 minute drive from here to there, an hour if there was traffic.

“Well are you over her?” you ask him and he shifts in his seat.

“Yeah.” he nods.

“Then you’ll be just fine.” you offer him a smile but he frowns even more.

“But I have nothing to show that I’m actually over her. No girlfriend, no wife - how would they believe me?” he groans and you sigh. You finally realize what he’s trying to do.

“What are you planning, James?” you exhale and his head snaps up to meet your gaze. He scoots towards you, taking both your hands in his.

“Can you please come with me to the wedding and pretend to be my girlfriend so that my parents and Carolyn know I’ve moved on?” he pouts.

“I don’t know, Bucky. Are you sure that’s a good idea?” you question and he gives your hands a little squeeze.

“It’s the perfect idea Y/N! Think about it; amazing food made by my mother every night for dinner, me, you get to see where I grew up, me, I can show you all of my favorite spots, me again-”

“Okay, okay I get it.” you stop him from speaking. “What’s in it for me though?”

Bucky pauses, thinking hard before an idea pops up in his head.

“I know how much you love books and there’s this library just down the street from my parents house, I can take you to it.” he offers and a smile makes its way to your lips.

“You had me at library.” you say and Bucky smiles as well.

“So you’ll do it? You’ll pretend to be my girlfriend?” he asks as his eyes light up with hope.

“Yeah, why not.” you shrug. Bucky jumps up, pulling you along with him and hugs you, lifting you up in the air as he does a twirl.

“Thank you so much Y/N!” he says, “Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!”

After your little moment with Bucky he sets you back on the floor and you push your hair out of your face.

“Just be sure not to fall in love with me, James. It would be tragic.” you tease and Bucky laughs.

“I’ll try my best not to.” he smirks and you playfully roll your eyes. “Well you should start packing, we’re hittin’ the road tomorrow.”

You give him a confused look.

“Tomorrow? I thought the wedding wasn’t until next week?” you respond as Bucky makes his way to your front door.

“My mom wants the family over for the week leading up to the wedding. She wants to be sure we’re all prepared and that there’s no last minute things to worry about.” Bucky explains and you nod.

“Alright.” you say and Bucky opens your door.

“I’ll come by tomorrow to get ya.” he smiles, “Thank you again for doing this Y/N, it means a lot to me.”

“Anything for my best friend.” you return the smile. Bucky waves goodbye and shuts the door behind him. You exhale loudly, sitting down on the couch as you stare at the wall.

What did I get myself into?

A/N: Hey! I hope you guys like this! Let me know if there should be a part 2!

Klaine fic - “All the Beautiful Pieces” (Rated NC17)

Blaine Anderson is spending the summer after graduation flipping houses with his brother for Cooper’s total home renovation show. The show features the worst houses Cooper can buy, with Blaine playing the role of lackey so that Cooper can torture him in front of his viewers. The last house Blaine has to renovate is an original Victorian House in San Diego, CA, which is in terrible condition. But this house turns out to be more than just another job. It was once owned by a famous Vaudeville ventriloquist by the name of Andrew Smythe. It houses a very interesting collection of items - among them, two life-sized puppets. Blaine isn’t sure exactly why, but he’s drawn to them - especially to the one with the beautiful blue eyes. He convinces Cooper to give him the puppets, and Blaine starts to restore them. In the course of the restoration, Blaine finds out that neither puppet is simply a run-of-the-mill puppet, and Andrew Smythe was hiding a secret that will be the key to saving two lives.

Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6

Chapter 7 (5139 words)

Blaine continues to stare at Kurt, who smiles back sweetly, as if it’s the most normal thing in the world for a broken puppet to come to life and start talking.

“Hello, Blaine,” Kurt repeats. “It’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance.”

Blaine can barely breathe. The room spins along with his brain stuck deciding between screaming and running, only it hasn’t committed to either one yet.

But his body sure as hell doesn’t need to be told twice.

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Pairings: Sebastian Stan x Reader

Summary: As Sebastian has to cancel your plans after three months of not seeing each other, he realizes, that it truly is the time to show his love towards you.

Words: 2K

Warnings: Tiniest bit of sadness and absolute fluff overdose

A/N: Just an overly fluffy piece, that made me shook my head and stick my tongue out way too many times, bc it was getting way too sugary candy cottony honey thingie, lol x

I was inspired by the song Runaway from my childhood love, Bruno Mars, so I just .. stole the title from that song. i’m so sorry, i’m the worst with titling!

Gif’s not mine! 

It was impossible for you to hide your excitement, as you ran around the apartment, trying to make sure that everything was like it was supposed to be; the food was in the oven, you had bought the favorite wine of the two of you and the chocolate strawberries were waiting on the fridge. Even the rose petals and candles were settled into their places around the bedroom. You knew, that Sebastian would laugh at the naivety of them and even the thought about him cracking for laugh was rising a huge smile up on your lips.

You had joked about having a cliché-romantic night after he gets back and he had downright dared you to arrange one – so you had. You were willing to do anything to see the way he tilted his head back with closed eyes; to hear the bubbly laugh of his filling the room – if it meant being one of those couples for a night, you were down for it.

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Allow me to set a scene for you. Fifteen years ago, a young boy named Gary was told his favourite superhero team was to be made into a film. Young Gary was extremely excited as he was only seven years old and didn’t have a good grasp on what disappointment was yet, as he was a simple child with simple hobbies and a happy disposition. Although to this day he retained his merry disposition, he got a hard lesson in what it truly means to be disappointed. Now Gary has been disappointed since by films, comics, people and his own sexual performances, but X-Men films remain a constant and embittering blight on his otherwise fine and okay life.

For fifteen years these films have been churned out with each being more disappointing than the last, only Days Of Future Past being a slight exception (as they managed to include Warpath, Blink and Sunspot). Make no mistake though - it was still shit. My main problem with the films is that they don’t portray any of the characters as they should be. They take great characters and manage to suck the life out of them which is annoying to me as a person who is attached to these characters. The characters are either given stock romantic drama gimmicks or they’re given no personality and used as fodder for the fight scenes.

The best example of my gripes with character portrayal is Iceman. Bobby Drake is the dude. He’s the kind of superhero kids look at and think “Wow he’s cool and has cool powers.” Kids love ice powers; I’ve no idea why but at the time I loved it and my friends loved it. Bobby was also your talkative, cocky young upstart that kids could get behind. But when they put him in a film, he’s this shy fart who tries to put his little Iceman inside whichever female student is most important to the current plot of the film. Now it’s fine to have romance in films I mean its usually a staple to most film structures when done right but he had the personality of cardboard. I couldn’t get behind film universe Bobby Drake; he wasn’t kicking anyone’s arse and he wasn’t likeable at all. I felt odd watching it for the first time as this isn’t how things were meant to be.

Now I’m aware things cant always be like they are in the comics to every detail but they have consistently used and altered characters in ways that make no sense. Anna Paquin’s Rogue was willing to give up on everything at one point I believe she did so at the end of the third film? I cant fully remember and I don’t want to. That made no sense. They made Storm absolutely feeble and really billed her so that she was only useful when using her powers which is complete shit. The whole Nightcrawler self-harm angle was in extremely bad taste and made no sense (and neither did his dodgy trench coat by the way). Warren and Beast weren’t in the original line up. Havok was born decades before his older brother Cyclops somehow. It’s a big mess all around.

For every excellent casting decision - Patrick Stewart, Michael Fassbender, Sir Ian McKellen, etc - there are four equally terrible ones holding back the films, especially the female heroes. The X-Men are known for having excellent female characters who are proven and have depth but this is downplayed so much in these films. There’s none of Rogue’s will to persevere, there’s no impeccable and confident leadership from Storm and Kitty Pryde is a plot device with nothing much more to add. They give her time machine powers in Days Of Future Past like holy shit, just stamp “STORY PROGRESSION UNIT” to that poor girl’s forehead. At least call it as you play it, jeez.

To accentuate just how bad these films are here is a list of things that you might remember but don’t want to talk about:

  • Deadpool.
  • Cockney Vinnie Jones as The Juggernaut (bitch).
  • Warpath, Sunspot and Blink being introduced as cannon fodder.
  • Havok shooting red energy.
  • Darwin’s death.
  • The Wolverine movies.
  • Deadpool.
  • Nightcrawler’s non-appearance in X-Men: The Last Stand only being explained in the movie tie-in game.
  • Deadpool.
  • The Morlocks apparently recruiting Psylocke.
  • They left Quicksilver at home despite the fact he could have prevented a lot of the shit that happened in Days Of Future Past.
  • Gambit
  • Deadpool
  • I don’t even care for Deadpool that much, but fucking hell it was horrendous.

Obviously no comic book film ever going to be perfect. I truly believe there will never be a good Spider-Man film because Peter Parker is above anything that can be portrayed by a single person in a single film. Regardless, X-Men should have been a great franchise with inspiring characters for generations to come as their comic counterparts have shown. Unfortunately, this has not been the case in my opinion and every time they announce a new film I groan loudly and get mildly mad about it for an hour or two.

When making such films with beloved source material, you can make changes in adaptions, as long as they are for the better. Even if they are not you could at least aim to get more hits than misses with your movie. For example: Guardians Of The Galaxy. Two glaring errors in that film included the killing of Ronan and starting Groot from the point where he could only say select phrases. This is because Ronan is a cool guy who saves the universe sometimes and Groot could talk once and when he could he was an insufferable dickhead. That dynamic would have been hilarious in my opinion. Despite these facts Guardians Of The Galaxy was great in so many other areas that it didn’t matter. It was fine that they made these changes because the film was good.

In conclusion I’d just like to see my favourite Marvel team get a film that makes them look good for a change. I want this unfortunate streak of terrible films to be broken in my lifetime. A franchise reboot maybe? But I mean a full reboot and maybe a full recast. First Class was piss and I know people always like to say “First Class wasn’t bad”, but it was by no means good either. It was warm water. Why the banana fuckboat would Azazel ever take orders from Sebastian Shaw? I’m getting mad just thinking about it so now I’m going to end this article…


Instant Stress Relief

originally posted by yeollovemebaek

A/N: This is probably going to multiple parts, but I would love for you guys to give me some ideas on what adventures this little puppy could go on! And bonus points for whoever can guess who I’m referring to when you’re trying out names for the puppy!
Pairing: Bucky x Reader
Warnings: None (just pure puppy cuteness)
Synopsis: You’ve been pretty stressed out at work lately and Bucky just happens to stumble upon a fluffy solution on the way home.

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“Yours and Mine” - Kurt/Blaine

“Who’s Chandler?”

(AKA “Dance With Somebody” reaction fic with a supernatural tint)

Part 16 of the Wax Verse. Kurt’s a vampire, Blaine’s a werewolf, etc. For the rest of the out-of-chronological-order verse thus far: Wax Masterpost

Warnings for: a little blood but nothing crazier than usual, and possessive, semi-public sex

~3800 words


Kurt Hummel was leaving Lima, Ohio. That was a fact.

But that was all Blaine knew about his mate at the moment.

He and Kurt hadn’t had a conversation that didn’t start or end with Kurt’s imminent future in New York for… oh, who knows how long? NYADA, online apartment hunting with Rachel (and Finn, if those two got their act together), auditions, the freshman class catalogue, actual breakfast at Tiffany’s, NYADA, more apartments, celebrity-spotting fantasies, NYADA, the Met and the MoMA, NYADA, NYADA, NYADA—

Blaine had nothing to contribute to these conversations, so he simply offered attentive nods and mm-hmms from time to time, but smiling through it and trying not to be resentful was exhausting, if he was honest.

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The Stages of Cosplay Creation
(In this case Winter Soldier’s Siberia Gear)

See Civil War Opening night:  No - no.  Not gonna do it.  I’m not making a costume from that movie with 3 weeks to go until Wizard World Philly.

The next day:  That Wet suit Winter wore in the Siberia scene was pretty sweet - I could totally wear that on aerial silks too.  I’ll just half ass it, not make it super accurate and not put too much money into it.  Right on

36 hours after seeing movie:  Buy fabric and trim at 5 am before leaving on road trip.

While in car:  Search and find better fabric.  Cancel first order and buy better fabric.

2 days later:  Begin to have doubts over trim and fabric color.  Purchase second color of fabric and better trim just in case.  

Next day:  Purchase movie tickets to see film again just to double check costume details and film Siberia Scenes on my phone from the back of the theater when no one is looking.  

Next Morning:   Debate trim again and buy a third version.

Later that afternoon:  Neither fabric is quite right.  Compare photos then decide to dye the lighter fabric.  

Well, I’ve spent 4 times what I meant to, I’ve succeeded  in burning my hands and dying them grey but -  God damn it - this thing is going to look awesome.  I’m in love with this thing and can’t wait to spend hours and hours and days hand stitching the bitch.

One full week after seeing the film:  I need a bigger embroidery hoop than the one I have, don’t I?  Should I buy one or make it - either way, more time/money from me!

Buy a hoop - and after beginning what I knew would be a long and painful process of hand sewing all the trim on - I sure hope this works.

Several hours in - yay - It works and I’ve now perfected a method of sewing the trim down.  Of course each piece will take 4 - 5 hours straight of hand sewing…  Okay.  34 hours all together or something…  If I sew one piece per night - I can still work on my orders during the day and still get everything done at a reasonable pace.

After two nights of hand sewing after work - Fuck this.  I’m taking 3 days off to get this finished - I’ll work on this for 72 hours straight - then I will work on orders for 72 hours straight.

Halfway through hand sewing - finally get to try on part of it - because if this doesn’t all look right once I sew it together - all this hand sewing is for nothing….  OK.  It works.  It looks ok.  I’m still not sure about the color.  Eh - screw it.  I’ve come this far.

FINALLY finish hand sewing - debate waiting till morning to stitch it toge- hell no I’m doing this now.  Finish sewing the thing into one piece by 3:30 am.  Eh.  Eh……. it’ll work as a Thursday costume.  Totally not the thing I want to wear if we decide to drag that stupid Cryo Chamber up to Sebastian Stan and I’m wearing this thing.  Besides they likely won’t let us bring it in and then I’m in this and he’ll be all thinking - “what is that mess?”

Wake up the next day.  It’ll work so much better once I take it in - a lot.  Take it in.  Yeah.  Better.  Whatever.

Several hours later - Want to kill the thing - still have to add trim - can’t wait to have done with it and go back to work.  

Finish.  Fucking finally.  Knock back a Strongbow in under 3 minutes.  Take a selfie - realize that without even trying I look just like Winter Soldier in Siberia Scene…  Clean up all the sewing mess still wearing costume because it is so comfortable.  Okay.  I can do this.

Night before leaving con - throw costume at the bottom of my checked luggage because I’m still not sure about it.

On our way to Sebastian Stan’s Autograph session - Fuck I should have worn a dress.

On line - just a few people from him while in my cry chamber.  I’m going to faint - this was a cute idea up until now - what the hell was I thinking???

See my best friend looking in his direction point at the box and smile.  Oh shit.  Hear him say “I have to film that.”

Okay.  Maybe this wasn’t such a stupid idea.

Thank you so much to everyone who was so super supportive of this costume.  I worked hard on everything and did my best - but I always worry it isn’t good enough or that no one will like it or even get what I’m trying to do.  Instead - everyone was so cool - I still can’t believe people liked it so much.  It really means the world to me.  

Also Sebastian Stan is fucking awesome.  I’ve never seen anyone else get so excited about the things his fans do for him - I’ve never heard better stories about anyone being so nice to their fans.

Thank you to @ihavetwobuckystomyname for filming the greatest moment of my life!  The last three photos are still from the video.

Fanfic - Second Time Around - 3/?

Title: Second Time Around

Summary:  Blaine is recently divorced, in-between jobs and losing direction in his life. Sebastian is recently divorced and a single Father. Their paths cross after ten years of not seeing each other.

Pairing: Seblaine

Rating: PG-13

Word Count:

A/N: Dedicated to McCall who (like many of you) waited patiently for the update.

Previous Chapters: Chapter 1 Chapter 2

“What are you wearing?”

Blaine’s body shivered at the sound of Sebastian purring those words over the phone.

“Um, my blue Dalton hoodie and grey sweats.”

“You’re kind of horrible at this Anderson.”

Blaine shifted awkwardly on his bed. He pressed his cellphone between his face and shoulder while using his free hand to set aside his bowl of popcorn. He had finally managed to have a Friday night alone even if that required him to barricade himself in his room to watch a movie. For the past months Tina and Sam refused to leave him by himself for extended periods of time. Not that Blaine blamed them for it. The nights without Kurt were the hardest. During the day he could distract himself but at night he’d find himself alone with his thoughts, and in the past few months Blaine’s thoughts had not been kind company.

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A/N: Hey guyss thanks for sending love to COMIC CON (SEBxREADER) and because a little birdy wanted me to do part 2 here it is! 

It was 45 minutes past 12 in the after noon and you’ve been waiting for Sebastian to arrive and meet you near the exit

“Should i text him? I think i should? Should i?”You said nervously to your friend who was smirking at you like a fool

“My my (Y/N) I cant believe my bestfriend is going out with Sebastian Stan”

“Shut up (Y/F/N)! You’re not helpinggg!”You held your phone tightly what if he forgot you

“Oh come on, just text him already. Look send me a message when he arrives alright i gotta go my moms outside” she hugs you comfortingly 

“Alright, i will thank you! Stay safe” I said hugging back

“You guys too! You know what i mean!” She smirked winking at you as she pulled away

“STOP! LEAVE NOW GO!”You laughed loudly and tapped he bum as she walked away

You re-read the message for the 10th time debating with yourself whether you should send it or not

“Here goes nothing” You whispered as you sent enter

Hey there Sebastian! it’s me (Y/N).”” after a few seconds your phone beeped

Sebastian? i believe you’ve got the wrong number x” you read it and you felt like crying did he give you a bogus number

Oh, I’m so sorry!” 

“Hahaha! Got you (Y/N). I’ve been waiting for your text. I’m on my way don’t worry ;)”

“Gosh i hate you, where about are you?” You replied looking around

“Boo” Someone whispered behind you so close that it sent chills up your spine

“Shit- Don’t do that!” You turned around to see a smirking Sebastian looking satisfied that he got you good

“Hmmm sorry it took me so long i had to meet a couple of more people” he kept his phone in his pocket as he looked down at you

“Mhmmm it’s all good, uhmm where will we be going?” You asked walking outside

“Ermmm we can go eat some itallian food? Then grab coffee?” He asked walking close to you

“Oh that sounds nice, although i have to head home before 6pm my moms a bit of a… you know”You chuckled remembering your curfew

“That’s cute, i’d love to meet your mom someday” He said smiling 

“Oh gosh, she’d love to meet you too” You smiled back at him knowing how much you mom supported you when it comes to Sebastian

Once you got in the car Sebastian had to answer a phone call, you must say it was pretty awkward you sitting there quietly and Sebastians driver frequently looking at you through the mirror

“I can’t right now im sorry i have something important to do alright? Maybe some other time thank you” He sighed keeping his phone

“Is everything alright?” You asked worried 

“Yes yes don’t worry they just asked if i was free for a quick interview today” he smiled assuring you everything was fine

“O-Oh well we can go and have lunch some other time, i mean if you really need to go and do-”

“Babe, i told them im busy. Plus i’d rather spend the rest of the day with you” He smirked cutting you of as he held you hand

“Oh.. okay” You mumbled blushing deeply did he just flirt with you

“You’re blushing”

“I’m not!”

“You are love, look you’re so blushing”

“Oh shush…”

You arrived at the resto, it was filled with people and all eyes were on the two of you

“Hey it’s going to be alright” He chuckled noticing you were getting a bit nervous

“Well no shit i’m with THE Sebastian Stan” 

“If i were them i’d be looking at you” He sent you his signature smirk once again

“Are you seriously flirting with me now Mr.Stan?” you asked laughing

“Babe believe me I was the whole time!”

Time passed by without any of you realizing, you had such a laugh with Sebastian he was exactly how you imagined him would be. 

“And then i might have fallen asleep on set and woke up the next day” He laughed telling you his story while the two of you strolled around the park

“Today was fun, really thank you for that” You smiled at him

“Oh don’t mention it- I should be thanking you. You’re amazing” 

“You’re not too bad yourself either-” suddenly your phone rang making the two of you jump a little

“Oh sorry hold on- Hello?”

“(Y/N) where the hell are you. Im outside the venue and the guards told me the event is done! I told you 5pm missy its past 7′o clock”

“Crap- Mom im so so sorry! I just- I went out with-”

“Here let me, Hello? Hi Mrs (Y/L/N). It’s me Sebastian Stan” Seb took your phone from you

“Hello?! (y/n) stop playing jokes and tell me where you are!” She basically yelled

“No no! Its really me i asked (Y/N) to go out to have a late lunch with me we lost track of time were at the park nearby we’ll be waiting for you Mrs.(Y/L/N). (Y/N)is safe with me” He laughed softly looking at you 

“Oh my, im so sorry. im on my way”


“Mom, Sebastian, Sebastian…Mom” You said as your mom walked towards the two of you

“It’s really you! You’re amazing my daughter loves you!” She said chuckling still amazed to see him

“Awee thank you Mrs.(Y/L/N), sorry for taking her out like that without your permission next time we go out i’ll ask you first”

“Next time?”you blushed looking at him

“Mhmmm, i’ll head off them? You guys drive home safe yeah? Nice meeting you Mrs.(Y/L/N). You too (Y/N) text me when you get home?” He hugged your mom and then you

“I will.”You nodded hugging back

“Alright, see you guys soon” He kissed your cheek before walking to his car 

“Did he just kiss your cheek?”

“Yes. Yes he did.”

A/N: Finally finished this one shot was a bit hard for me i had no idea what to put here so it might be a bit shabby but anyways enjoy!