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Dear baby,

These words have been caught in my throat ever since you made yourself known to me. It’s funny, this is the most common, integral part of life, yet you don’t realize how truly magnificent it is until it happens to you– Everything about it is overwhelming.

Your mother is some kind of otherworldly being, I hope you know. I’m convinced of it. I’m in awe of her, everything she does, how brightly she shines. How much love she puts into everything she does. You’ve already got a head start with her carrying you; there’s got to be magic in that womb. Your presence in our lives is already ethereal and this journey has barely begun.

If you’re ready, I’m ready.


Reasons to watch Lilo and Stitch
  • backgrounds are literally watercolor how rad is that?
  • cute aliens
  • all them round shapes
  • sisters, sisters, there were never such devoted sisters
  • the existence of David Kawena literally the best human ever
  • how they actually respect Hawaiian culture and make fun of tourists
  • music that’s in Hawaiian but impossible not to try and sing along to
  • Hawaii
  • Cobra Bubbles, CIA
  • early 2000s girl-pop version of Elvis Presley at the end
an outsider’s perspective on pjo

submitted by the absolutely incredible @orhowfar

okay i’m not in pjo fandom. i havent read any of the books, and before joining tumblr i knew NOTHING about it other than there was a movie once. sooo idk what this is really, i guess i thought an outsider’s impressions would amuse you.

- a bunch of teenage demigods who… hang out and piss their parents off
- the consequences are disastrous
- because their parents are greek gods and therefore assholes
- everyone should just listen to annabeth
- percy’s a little shit who doesn’t know what he’s doing but gets it done anyway
- percy is poseidon’s son, annabeth is the daughter of athena, and like idek any of the others but i know their names are piper nico bianca hazel grover jason magnus (who is… annabeth’s brother?)
- percy annabeth and hazel remain to be the only three i can name by sight
- percabeth
- his memories of annabeth were too strong to be completely erased
- there’s a… prophecy?? or something? there’s always a prophecy
- but no one dies ever
- except where’s grover
- why are they all wearing orange shirts, seriously is that a collective favorite color or something
- boo/hoo stands for the sound pjo fandom makes when they think about what might have been
- but srsly just listen to annabeth
- dark!percy aus are apparently a thing that are not entirely out of line with his character in canon which is a discussion i followed with interest
- nico’s gay but everyone hates the way this was revealed. also i think he has a sister.
- percy on the other hand goes out of his way to spell out how no-homo he is
- hazel teams up with annabeth at… some point. idk. there was fanart. it looked epic and apocalyptic.
- in the new book there’s a character who wears a hijab, and some other dude, and it’s also about norse gods, and also annabeth is there
- what movie
- “what i dont understand is why, over the course of several books, it’s proven that despite being an utter goofball percy actually comes through and saves the day, and everyone continually acts all surprised.”
- pjo fandom is stuck in some otherly-dimension groundhog day where they will be buying new pjo books for the rest of their life.
- did that underwater kiss actually happen or is it a natural byproduct of a fandom where the lead is the son of the god of the sea
- just… listen to annabeth
- percy no

i am dying because this is the most accurate summary of these books and this fandom and just “boo/hoo stands for the sound pjo fandom makes when they think about what might have been” I CAN’T STOP LAUGHING holy shit. bravo. bravo.


sharon carter in social media 1/3
fic: knock me out, I fall apart - Dragon Ball
Vegeta muses on his race's history and culture in light of Bulma's pregnancy.
By Organization for Transformative Works

Dragon Ball Super; Bulma/Vegeta; General; 600 words; Complete

hahahaha i can actually still write words that might actually make sense in order, who’d’a thunk it? And a whole new fandom too. I’m about 99% sure this is @stlgeekgirl ‘s fault, because she posted some V/B stuff and I … kind of fell down a rabbit hole, found @ladyvegeets and @nala1588 and @vegetapsycho‘s tumblrs and HERE WE ARE, THANKS A LOT U GAIZ

There was going to be some pregnant smut too, but that didn’t quite happen.

anonymous asked:

It's easy to assume Michael would be the one that likes setting things on fire - he is the demolition guy and all - but honestly he's in it more for the boom and destruction. But Gavin, now, Gavin loves loves loves fire. Carries a lighter or matches with him at all times, has to sometimes be dragged away from the aftermath of Michael's explosions because he won't stop staring at the flames. (Bc I noticed how much he likes starting fires in minecract lets plays idk)

Oh yep absolutely, there’s a reason the two of them are considered to be the most destructive pair in the FAHC; a love of flame and destruction which, worse than matching, is complementary to one another. Where Michael is looking for a particular outcome, for the demolition of a building or the devastation of enemy supplies, Gavin is chasing reactions; wants to see what will happen, which objects will burn, how people will react, how they will fall apart. They’ll both make a mess when they don’t need to, will happily take the absence of direct orders of prohibition as tacit permission to do as they please, but Michael has certainly got a better handle on more or less sticking to the objective, keeping the damage at least reasonably relevant. He’s frequently found himself reigning in Gavin, laughing more often than not but still standing in the way of the brunt of Gavin’s more senselessly reckless endeavours; the way he holds matches right up against priceless artworks, stacks of cash, the way he always gets too close to the fire, never waiting quite long enough to light the blaze, endlessly fascinated by the way it destroys. 

And Gavin is fascinated, can get lost in the flicker of light, the crackle and roar, the mindless hunger. There are moments when his interest is less harmless quirk than it is actual concern; the absent roll of a lighter between his fingers when they could all smell gas, the bonfire of a police safe-house bringing down weeks of unnecessary scrutiny, Gavin’s odd fascination with stealing away to compromise the fire doors any time they enter property owned by other crew’s, habitual preparation for an attack they’re not even planning yet. There’s a reason Gavin’s rarely in charge of starting any fire they need for a plan, a reason Geoff always counts heads before giving Michael the okay to bring down a building, a reason no amount of mocking or complaining stopped Jack from installing 14 different smoke detectors in and around Gavin’s penthouse bedroom. Gavin’s not a pyromaniac, he doesn’t mess up jobs, he’d never risk a fire that would get someone else in the crew hurt; he can actually control himself no matter what the others think. It’s just that he mostly chooses not to. 

  • Sun Jing: Hey babe.
  • Qiu Tong: Yea, babe?
  • Sun Jing: I love you, babe.
  • Qiu Tong: OMG babe, I love you, too, babe.
  • Qi Fang: Hey guys, can you shut the fuck up please?

…someone get matthew vaughn on the phone we need to sort this mess out

Silmarien was the firstborn child of King Tar-Elendil. As Númenorean succession laws of the time did not allow her to inherit the crown, she married Elatan of Andúnië and establihed the royal line of the Lords of Andúnië. She inherited the Ring of Barahir, and passing it down the generations it eventually escaped its destruction the Downfall of Númenor.