it's just funny how serious they look


WELLLLLlll okay it’s not a shirt, but only because the original image itself was an odd dimension size and a bit too small and resizing it would have made it blurry when printing on a shirt. BUT when I get a bit of free time (pffttttcute Xedra, ‘free time’) I want to remake the image to be of a high enough resolution to print on a shirt. :D

But I do love me some mugs, so I’m more than pleased as punch right now. A mighty thirst indeed ahuhuhuh~ :D Thanks so much, @asrielisdeadandfloweyisabitch <3


Mod: You guys see each other a lot, I know the cast stays in touch. How does it feel to be up on the stage again? Is it surreal or does this feel like just another day at the office? 


this is why nothing on tumblr gets fixed
  • Tumblrer: I'm mad. Excuse me, I'm very mad.
  • Tumblr Staff: This is tumblr staff. Hello. What's the problem? I'm here to help you if you have a technical issue. So, what's the problem.
  • Tumblrer: I was using your site in order to peruse funny memes and relatable content when I happened upon a blog billing itself as "Funny-Relatable". So I, having the utmost faith in the tumblr userbase to provide me with free humorous content, clicked on this blog and read several posts hosted on it hoping to find funny and relatable content.
  • Tumblr Staff: I see.
  • Tumblrer: The content on it was neither funny or relatable. It was actually all deranged. Very deranged. I can't stress enough how deranged it was from beginning to end. From what I can discern the blog, in fact, deals with the ridiculous misadventures of a group of twenty-something millennials in a bizarre world filled with numerous malevolent, yet irreverent, entities told through the agonizingly absurd medium of relatable tumblr chat posts. Though, some of these chat posts seemingly have nothing to do with the primary locus of the story, and I couldn't even begin to fathom the purpose of these vignettes.
  • Tumblr Staff: I see. I understand your situation and recognize it as valid. Do you want me to do something about it?
  • Tumblrer: Yes, I want you to do something about it. It's why I called you. You run the darned website, so fix it! *hangs up*
  • Tumblr Staff: God, someone is making trouble on tumblr again. This could be worse than that person who stole the bones, or that horrible ghost woman with the child servants, or even all of those people with Komaeda icons. We never even really found out what a Komaeda is or where it's from. *failing multiple attempts at logging into tumblr* Ah, I'm too nervous! I can't remember my password. Oh god, I might end up having to ask for help from... David. The thought of that makes me shudder. David has changed so much since Verizon came around. He's not like his old self anymore. He's so distant, and frightening, but I have no other choice but ask for his help.
  • *the staff member makes their way down a poorly lit, cold, damp, and narrow hallway littered with debris and old rat droppings*
  • Tumblr Staff: *knocks on a creaky wooden door* David, it's me, your fellow staff member. I need help. The users are angry again and I forgot my password. They keep calling to complain about a funny and relatable blog which, in reality, matches neither of those descriptions. I think it's serious this time around, David. We have to do something, David. Are you in there, David??
  • Door: *slowly creaks open to reveal an empty room with no furnishings*
  • Tumblr Staff: David is gone! The servers are gone! Everything's gone! But how can this be!? *runs to the window and looks out into the empty streets below* David was just here today? I'm sure he was. I may not have seen him, but I heard very familiar David-esque sounds coming from this room of his. Not only that, but the comforting mechanical buzz of the servers was also apparent. When could he have absconded? And how did he do so without me noticing?
  • *the door and window shut close*
  • Tumblr Staff: Eep!
  • Verizon: *materializes in a dark corner of the room*
  • Tumblr Staff: Ms. Verizon! When did you get here?
  • Verizon: I was never absent.
  • Tumblr Staff: Sorry, Mrs. Verizon. I need help. It's the users again. They're upset because a blog has been misrepresenting itself. It's serious this time, I'm afraid. I can't do anything about it because I've forgotten my password and David is nowhere to be found!
  • Verizon: We're aware of the complaints, dear. Dozens more people work on customer support than just you. Furthermore, David has been let go and your access was revoked.
  • Tumblr Staff: Huh, but why?
  • Verizon: Restructuring. Unnecessary elements were removed; unnecessary privileges were revoked.
  • Tumblr Staff: Ah, I didn't realizes such changes took place. Either way, the issue of the funny-relatable blog still remains.
  • Verizon: *appears behind the staff member* There is no issue.
  • Tumblr Staff: Eep!
  • Verizon: Jumpy one, aren't you.
  • Tumblr Staff: How can you say there's no issue? Our users are enraged.
  • Verizon: And? At any given moment the lot of them are enraged over one trifling matter or another. It doesn't change anything. The fools will use the website 'til the day they die. In fact, I believe addressing any of tumblr's so-called "problems" may actually make harm the website in the long run.
  • Tumblr Staff: How so?
  • Verizon: Tumblr thrives on its userbase. The reason new people join tumblr isn't for its features, its design, or staff, it's the users. Tumblr has such a large and unique userbase that people are inherently drawn towards, whether that is to partake in the community or to mock it, they all huddle together and emanate the same repugnant miasma. Tumblr's userbase is so large that whenever a copycat site is made it will never last long no matter what its features may be.
  • Tumblr Staff: And why would that be?
  • Verizon: Because those copycat sites will never be able to match the size and complexity of tumblr's core userbase. Every copycat site dies eventually as they can't possibly compete with our business model. Tumblr is a perpetually unsuccessful website, but its for this reason that the community remains as it is. The site itself imposes its broken visage onto those who use it. They all become a little extension of tumblr. No matter how hard they try, there will be a piece of themselves waiting for them here. Fixing tumblr would mean fixing its users, destabilizing our business model of nonsense and disorder.
  • Tumblr Staff: I never looked at it like that, Mrs. Verizon.
  • Verizon: Yes, yes. You're not as creative as a thinker as we would like our tumblr staff to be, but you serve your purpose well. Now, you've had your fun, so I think it's time that you return to me.
  • Tumblr Staff: I don't know what you mean. *phones rings in the front room* Ah, the phone. I have to answer this, it could be a user with a serious issue, or perhaps a business which wishes to make use of our services for advertising.
  • Verizon: It's neither. There's no phone.
  • Tumblr Staff: Excuse me, Mrs. Verizon, with all due respect, I believe you must be mistaken as there is most certainly a phone sitting atop my desk in the front room. It's a very important phone, indeed, as it's the only phone in our entire establishment that receives calls from users with technical issues, and/or business wishing to make use of our services for the purpose of advertising their products.
  • Verizon: Listen to me, dear. There is no phone.
  • Tumblr Staff: But there is, I've used it and I can hear it ringing right now. I can hear it ringing from the front room.
  • Verizon: Can you?
  • Tumblr Staff: Most certainly. I can hear, right now, it's ringing in the front room. There's probably a user on it with a technical issue, or possibly a business - or, to be more apt, a representative of that business - that wishes to solicit our services for the purpose of advertising some marketable commodity.
  • Verizon: Excuse me, dear, but there's no phone.
  • Tumblr Staff: Mrs. Verizon, I respect you and look up to you as my boss, but your behavior is very worrying. There's a phone. There's definitely a phone.
  • Verizon: A phone?
  • Tumblr Staff: Yes, a phone.
  • Verizon: A single phone?
  • Tumblr Staff: Correct, a single phone.
  • Verizon: Sitting atop your desk in the front room? A phone that is the only phone in our entire establishment that receives calls from users with technical issues, or prospective advertising partners?
  • Tumblr Staff: Yes, the trinity of those things.
  • Verizon: A phone with three requirements: to sit atop your desk in the front room, to receive calls from users with technical issues, and to receive calls from business which wish to advertise on our platform. A phone in three states which makes a whole. A phone that has become the crux of our conversation. A phone I don't think is real, rather I know it's not real. Why would we, a tech company, need such a phone; a rotary phone, with a dreary green paint-scheme, sat atop an old desk in an old building, taking absurd calls from disgruntled users and confused prospective business partners. The idea of such a phone ringing, carrying its incessant ringing nonsense through the narrow hallway connecting the front room to this barren back room, in-this day and age, is preposterous. It didn't happen. It hasn't happened.
  • Tumblr Staff: *gone*
  • Verizon: So, you've returned. Are you dreaming inside of me, dear? I wonder what of? Are you dreaming that you ever had a modicum of freedom? Are you dreaming of separation from me, my dear? You never were. Even if you were, what freedom is there in answering phones and pretending you provide some sort of service for a company that has long since absorbed your very being.
  • *phone rings*
  • Verizon: Hello? Veriz- Ah, I mean tumblr speaking.
  • Business Representative: ■■■■■■■
  • Verizon: I see.
  • Business Representative: ■■■■■■■
  • Verizon: Very interesting.
  • Business Representative: ■■■■■■■
  • Verizon: You've proposed an offer I cannot resist. I look forward to doing business with you. *hangs up* Sweet capital.

anonymous asked:

I know this is a bit more serious than your normal awesome anons so I'm sorry, but I really look up to you as an artist and wanted to know if/how you deal with negative feelings about your art? I just spent the past hour trying to draw anything remotely good and I'm crying and so frustrated and hopeless. It doesn't help that I keep giving up for months on end but it's so hard to deal with. Do you have any advice? I'm sorry you don't have to answer I know it's not a cute or funny ask I'm sorry

Please don’t feel the need to apologize, I appreciate your ask, it’s okay!
I understand what you’re going through, especially since I constantly feel like I’m disappointing myself or that I can do so much better. For me, I think the best thing to do is to not deprecate yourself. You’re doing your best, and it’s amazing that you decided to pick up a pencil today, you’re doing great already! 

Try to find the things that you’ve done well in your drawings! Maybe that one brush stroke was really smooth and your lines are amazing or that color looks really good and that one circle actually looks like a circle. Even if it’s a really small detail or something you liked during your drawing process, then you’re succeeding !!

Take your time, and be lenient with yourself. If it feels like you’ve been drawing for hours and nothing turns out the way you want it to, take a break. you can come back to it later, you did your best for the day, it’s okay
Allow yourself to doodle whatever else is on your mind without thinking about how good it should turn out, kind of like as stress-reliever or just to blep down silly ideas

Be proud of what you can do because you’re giving it your all, you’re constantly improving with every line you make, and you’re the only one who can draw the way you do! even if it wasn’t a complete piece, whatever you’ve drawn is already making you a better artist, so please keep going <:

kakashier  asked:

"'You know...Kakashi-sensei, you mean a lot to me. And well- it's very important that a- could you um- attend the wedding as my mom 'stead?' and that what he said when he storms out of my office. Hey it's not funny!"

Iruka can’t help the laughter that bubbles out of his chest. “I’m sorry! It’s not funny, I’m sorry! It’s very serious!”

Kakashi looks decidedly unamused. “He asked me to be his mom, Iruka. And I know he asked you to be his dad.”

Iruka lets his laughter sputter out. “Kakashi, you know Naruto well enough to know he didn’t mean it as an insult. He probably wanted to ask you to be his dad as well, and just didn’t know how without implying that we’re both his dads. He probably didn’t want to make it look like we were together.” 

Kakashi raises one eyebrow, still looking very unamused. “Iruka, we are together.” 

“Yes, Kakashi, and Naruto doesn’t know that because,” Iruka pauses his snark to pointedly raise his own eyebrow, “you didn’t want to tell him.” 

He sees Kakashi’s resolve dying as the man sighs. “Maybe we should.”

anyways you know how when you’re a Baby WLW and you have older female friends that are super cool and funny and beautiful and you almost have a little bit of a crush on them but it’s not serious and u know nothing’s gonna come of it but they kinda become someone to look up to and someone you can turn to for validation??

that’s how i imagine cass with vex and, to an extent, pike and keyleth too

You know what I really enjoyed about King Arthur: Legend of the Sword?

Arthur had characterization. 

He had funny characterization. (The scene where they free the slaves and they’re just standing there and the voice audio is off and he’s just mouthing, “What the fuck? RUN!” Yeah that. I just about died.)

So often in King Arthur adaptations (or even in some of the older tales), Arthur has the most boring characterization. All honour and shit. Nothing but honour. Honour all the time. 

Is it brilliant film-making? Hell no. (Look at its title. That title is not serious film-making). But I enjoy a movie that knows how silly it is, embraces how silly it is and the positive energy that comes from a cast and crew that seem to enjoy making the movie they’re working on.

Or maybe I’m just tired and bitter at all the pretentious crap being hailed as the next greatest thing ever.    

Don’t Know How- Jillian Holtzmann

A/N: I’m Holtzmann trash and I needed somewhere to express that. I don’t feel as though I’ve done it justice, but it’s one of probably many to come.

Prompt: Jillian’s been ignoring the reader for awhile and not acting like her normal, goofball self, so the reader tries to figure out what’s going on.

Pairing: Jillian Holtzmann x Reader (gender neutral)

Warnings/ Word Count: The good stuff’s at the end, just some makin’ out/ 2,150

“Alright ladies! What’s on the agenda for today?” You loudly announce your presence as you burst through the doors of the Ghostbusters HQ (otherwise known as the upstairs area of the Chinese restaurant). You notice all of the heads in the room turn to you and simultaneously look down at the boxes of pizza in your hands.

“(Y/N)! Aren’t you a sight for sore eyes? We’ve been stuck here for hours and we’re starving!” Abby greets you and meets you halfway into the lab to take the food out of your hands and sets it on the booth in the corner of the room. While you weren’t an official member of the team, you were definitely their backbone and support. You met Abby and Erin in college and stuck by Abby’s side as she continued her interest in the paranormal.

“Well, why didn’t anyone call me? I would’ve come sooner had I known.” You reply grabbing a slice of pizza from one of the boxes and walking over to the table where Erin and Patty were standing before they rushed to the boxes on the table. Kevin greeted you and came to grab a slice before he sat back down at his desk in the other room. Jillian was still standing at the table, eyes fixed in concentration, focusing on the wires that were sticking out of one of the proton packs and cutting some out. “Hey Holtzmann. What’cha workin’ on?” You leaned over the other side of the table and took a bite from the pizza. It took a few tries of calling her name before she heard you. She snaps into reality and frantically looks up at you, keeping eye contact for only a second before she drops her wire cutters and stands tall, shifting her balance from one leg to the other.

“Oh, hi (Y/N)!” She grins widely and laughs an uncomfortable laugh. She refused to look at you, her eyes shifted from the table, to the wall, back to the table, literally anywhere else n the room except at you. “I, uh, have to do some rewiring in the packs because for some reason, every time we try to turn them on, they, um, shock us. Like, badly. There are still some kinks I have to work out.” The smile disappears from her face and she immediately hunches back over the dissected pack laid across the table. “Okay, well there’s some pizza at the booth. Take a break, get something to eat.” You say kindly, hoping she’d at least take a break so she didn’t starve to death over a damn proton pack. She doesn’t say a thing and continues working. Walking over to the booth, the girls are indulging in pizza while they sit and chat. You scoot in next to Patty and glance over where Jillian stands just working away.

You turn your head to join in on the conversation being held, grabbing another slice of pizza and hearing Erin and Abby playfully bicker. “Hey, Jill doesn’t really seem like herself today. She’s always one for warm welcomes, especially when food is involved. Is she alright?” You quietly say so Holtzmann doesn’t hear. “I don’t know, she’s been acting a little weird recently. She’s not that loud, joke-cracking girl that she usually is. And she won’t say what’s going on.” Patty leans into you to say. You look back over at the lonely girl and bite the inside of your cheek, letting out a deep sigh.

Everyone stopped for a second to look at her and you as well before returning to their conversation, but you kept your eyes on her. You made your way out of the booth and took one of the almost empty boxes of pizza with you as you made your way over to her. You held the box in between the space where her hands and face were and she jumped in surprise.

“Please eat something.” You said when she didn’t make a move for a piece. Jillian let out a small sigh. “C’mon, I know you’re hungry; you’ve gotta be.” Her hand slowly reached for a slice and you let out a chuckle, setting the box to the side. You pulled a stool towards the table and she did the same. You noticed the change of expression, a smile growing on her face as she took her first bite, but she still refused to meet your gaze.  It didn’t really matter though because you got a smile out of her, and you loved her smile. The two of you finished eating the remaining slices in that box, and you reminded her that there were two more and she just chuckled, staring out of the window at nothing in particular.

You stayed for the rest of the day, keeping Kevin company until his shift was over and he left for the night. Then you went back over to the girls just in time for Jillian to make the final adjustments on the first of the four proton packs. Everyone walked to the alley behind the restaurant and played a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors to see who’d test if the pack was truly fixed. Erin was the unlucky victim, but reassuringly, there was no shock when it was turned on. She shot a couple of practice targets to make sure nothing else went wrong. Once the pack was declared fixed, everyone went back upstairs and got ready to head out for the night. All except Holtzmann. She hung the fixed pack on the wall, grabbed another and set it down at the table and began working. The rest of the team was too tired from all of the other work they did during the day, so they didn’t bother arguing with her to call it a day. But you agreed to stay with her and keep her company after the others left.

“You don’t have to feel obligated to stay here you know?” She said in a plain voice, already way too deep into her work. “Well, what if I want to? I want to keep you company, I love being around you.” You replied.

This made her look up at you, some shock in her expression and you sat up a little on your stool, taken back from her sudden interest in a conversation.

“You do?” You saw her swallow a lump in her throat and laughed. “Yeah, of course. You’re a genius Holtz, and a damn fantastic engineer. You don’t give yourself enough credit.” She quickly looked down, her hands fiddled with the wire cutters and she laughed, wide smile on her face and a blush on her cheeks as red as the tomato sauce on the pizza from earlier. “You know you’re smart, but you don’t know just how smart you are. Kind too. Sweet. Funny, hilarious actually. And beautiful.” You tilt your head to the side and look at her, hoping to regain eye contact.

You notice the smile fade from her face, a more serious look taking its’ place and her eyes widening. You straighten your head and look back at her, cleaning the smile away from your face as well. “D-Did I say something wrong? If I made you uncomfortable, please let me know. I’m sorry.” “You think I’m beautiful?” Was all she replied, smirking slightly and giggling. You felt the weight lift off of your shoulders, knowing you didn’t somehow offed her or put her in a bad situation.

“Duh, you’re gorgeous!” You two laughed and at this point Jillian’s smile stretched from ear to ear, the blush returning to her cheeks, which you found amusing. She didn’t know what to say, so she just turned her head back to her work, trying to focus on the situation at hand.

You watched as she attempted to work after what you just told her and smiled, biting your lip. She seemed to be fine now, and maybe she was just hungry earlier and that’s what had her in such an odd mood, but you couldn’t help but say something. “Hey Jill,” “Hmm?” She questioned in response, looking up at you again. “What was going on earlier? You were acting pretty strange when I came in; you wouldn’t even look at me.” You said worriedly, looking in her eyes as if they’d tell you anything. “Actually, now that I think about it, you’ve been so distant from me for the past week or so.”

She grunted in frustration and furrowed her eyebrows, sealing her eyes shut before very quickly replying. “I really wanna hug you and kiss you and touch you and I have for a long time and I don’t know how to tell you that without sounding weird and scaring you away.” It was almost inaudible with the speed she was talking with, but you somehow understood it and your eyes widened. Jillian was cringing, eyes still shut tight, but she opened one and glanced at you in time to see you smile. She relaxed her face and looked down as your hand reached across the table for hers, pulling the wire cutters out of it and holding it tightly.

“You could have said something, anything.” You tell her softly, seeing her eyes linger up to yours again.”I told you, I don’t know how to. I just started to try and push you away because I don’t know what to do about my feelings towards you. You drive me nuts.” “All of that flirting and winking, and you couldn’t ask me out?” You laugh at her sudden awkwardness. “Honestly Holtzmann, you’ve had me hooked since the day I met you. I’d say yes if you were to ask me.” You dropped an obvious hint, yet Jillian missed it anyway. “Okay, cool.” She smiled at you and looked back down at your hands, rubbing her thumb over your soft skin.

“Uh, Jill?” You waited, but she still didn’t ask. “Yeah?” She looked back up at you, smiling casually. “Are ya gonna ask me on a date?” “Oh! Yes! Sorry, my bad! Do you wanna go out with me on a date sometime, (Y/N)?”

“Hmm, tough decision.” You paused, staring at the wall behind her, your free hand tapping on your chin and you pretend to think about your answer. You looked back at her before replying. “Only if you kiss me right now.” Jillian quickly dropped your hand and rushed over to the other side of the table. You didn’t have time to prepare yourself before her lips were on yours. It was needy, but felt so natural as if the two of you had kissed hundreds of times before.

You felt the material of her finger-less gloves as she cradled your face with her hands to make sure you didn’t go anywhere. Your hands reached for her shoulders to pull her closer to you,  but sitting down made it a bit difficult, so you stood up, lips still attached together. Holtzmann broke the kiss, the two of you finding it hard to breath. She pulled her head back, a smile unlike any you’ve seen appeared on her face, both overjoyed and overwhelmed, eyes wide, yet somehow soft with a look of love in them. Neither of you said a word.

Your hands moved from her shoulders, down her arms, and over her hands that still held you as you leaned into one of them. You closed your eyes and hummed lightly, savoring in the contact. You leaned back in and your lips were met halfway with the woman in front of you. Her hands moved to your hips and you wrapped yours around the back of her neck. This kiss was a lot slower, but still just as passionate. This time you were the one to pull away, nudging your nose with hers before pecking her lips, dropping your grip around her and walking towards the door.

“You can pick me up tomorrow at 8.” You wink at her and continue walking backwards until you’re almost out of the room. “Wait! (Y/N)?” A very confused and frustrated Jillian stands alone in the middle of the room, cheeks flushed a bright red color. “Yes, my darling?” You smirk and shift your body weight to the door of the lab and cross your arms. “What do you wanna do on our date?”

“I don’t know, surprise me.” You started to head down the stairs, but quickly turned back around and when you walked in, you saw Holtzmann dancing to herself in the middle of the room with her back turned towards you and laughed. “Holtz!” You called, making her turn around, but she just kept on dancing. “Yeah?” She asked with a smile on her face. “Don’t stay here too late, you workaholic. Go home!” You chuckled and walked down the stairs again, hearing Jillian shout after you, “I won’t!”

Popcorn Part 2

Read part one here

Wahoo an imagine, you guys still here?

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Not even a second later, (F/N) comes through the door saying, “I got it guys!!!!”

You began to get very nervous. She’s your best friend she knows you better than you know you, what if she can sense what you and her brother have been doing while she was away? You couldn’t risk that, so you decide to come up with a lie. You begin to talk so fast you can’t keep up with what you’re saying.

“Yeah, well, you know I was just about to leave (F/N). We were supposed to have a girls night you know so I wasn’t about to spend it with your idiot of a brother, right like I mean it was a good thing he was asleep the whole time you were gone it made it more bearable to wait for you because like if he were to be awake, he’d just annoy me and bore me with all of his moronic statements, so you’re lucky I stayed..and that he was asleep, so.”

(C/N) feigned hurt but then tried to hide himself chuckling. He found what you said to be hilarious.

You shoot him a look.

Luckily, (F/N), who was still exhausted from her run back home barely payed attention to what you said. “Huh, oh yeah cool. (C/N) get me some water, I’m dying.” She says still panting.

(C/N) retrieves his sisters water and hands it to her ever so politely, with a smile that never faded in a sort of ‘I know something you don’t know’ fashion. You secretly found it adorable, and you kind of felt bad for trash talking him so much just a few moments before.

“Ew creep, stop smiling at me like that. I have my water you can go now, it’s (Y/N) and (F/N) time now.” She says waving and shooing him away.

She turns and smiles at you, “now where were we?”

The whole night went on with you and her. You had fun, but at the same time you couldn’t stop thinking about him. And his lips, and him pinning you to the couch, and how you felt when he did that. You can still feel his light fingers tracing love stories on your body with that feather light touch, his hot breath on your neck, and you wanted to live that moment again.

She yawns and her eye lids are struggling to stay open. “You tired,” you ask her.

“Nah..” She says with her voice trailing off.

“Well I’m tired,” you lie.

“Well I guess if you’re tired we should get to bed. I mean I’m not tired at all but you are my guest so,” she says with a yawn.

You roll your eyes and the two of you walk to her room. It doesn’t take long for her to fall asleep, (C/N) was right. You sneak out of the room in hopes that you and (C/N) would cross paths once again. You begin to wander the house and he doesn’t appear. You become a bit discouraged. It was normal for you to eat your best friends food, so you make your way to the kitchen to grab some cookies from the cabinet. You try to turn around and–

“MMM!” You try to talk but your mouth is covered by someone’s hand.

“Relax! Relax, shh shh,” (C/N) whispers. “You don’t want her to hear us.”

You let off a sigh of relief and he takes his hand of your mouth, but he’s pinned you to the cabinet door and you’re cornered by the fridge.

“So I’m an idiot now,” he teases and you smirk. He rests his strong hands on your hips and continues, “if I weren’t 'sleeping’ I would have bored you with all my moronic statements is that right?” He starts to chuckle. You roll your eyes and smile a little because you knew what you said was dumb. He’s now on your neck, and breathes the words, “trust that this time boring will be the last word that could describe this.”

“I was just nervous you know,” you tell him and you bring his head up to yours so you could kiss the lips you’ve missed for the whole night.

“Nuh uh uh,” he cuts you off. “We rushed into the whole making out thing last time,” he smiles at you sincerely and you both get lost into eachothers eyes. “I want to cherish these moments,” he says with a little more joking tone.

You had a bit of a mental sigh. You wanted to kiss him again with every fiber of your being. “Well what did you have in mind?” You ask.

He gestures with his arm, “the couch! Where all the magic started.” He takes your hand, brings it up to his lips, kisses it, you dramatize a swoon for him, and he leads you to the couch. A bowl of popcorn sitting on it waiting for you two to share that nostalgic moment.

You two just talk the whole time. He makes you fall for him even more when you discover how funny he is, and you like the fact that he actually seems interested in the things you have to say. A few hilarious jokes and popcorn throws later, you’re met with a comfortable silence.

(C/N) breaks the silence and asks, “why do you like me anyway,”

“Well who says I like you?” You joke.

He gives you a look. “I’m being serious,” he says rolling his eyes but smiling at you nonetheless.

“Well…um, I don’t know I mean I guess its because you make feel like I’m on top of the world,” you admit while shutting your eyes and shrugging your shoulders.

He scooches a bit closer to you, and sweeps a fly away hair behind your ear and replies by saying, “well you are my world so get on top of me.”

“Just like old times,” you say unable to resist the urge of having his lips interlocked with yours. You lunge at him and release all the built up desire that you’ve been withholding from the whole night and there you two are. On the couch again, reliving the moment. It started a little rough, you two both had some aggression during the kiss, but it slowed down to a nice, and slow, passionate and meaningful kiss. When it was over, the two of you just layed down together on the couch tracing constellations on eachothers skin.

Requests and advice blog are open guyyyyysss, p.s lets just pretend that I haven’t been MIA for 67 years. Thx! I need feedback btw

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not sure ur intentions, but "i'm going to make columbine look like a fucking joke" can get u into SERIOUS legal trouble. its considered a threat and u can be charged with premeditation, even if its "just a quirky joke". this is coming from a fellow tcc blog but u can't just joke around like that. ur actions WILL have consequences, and i have half a mind to report u to the police myself. joking about making a shooting is NOT funny, and frankly ur the reason most people think poorly of the tcc

Okay that’s interesting how there are other people in the tcc who make fucking edits of the boys in flower crowns and shit and write smut about then but I’m the problem for a little joke. News flash there isn’t a real reason why people hate the tcc besides the fact that they find what we do in general as disrespectful and fucked up. If you were to report me to the police why not just report everyone at that point. I’m honestly not going to argue with this post simply cause if you were to notify the police it would just be a waste of their time because not everyone in the tcc wants to shoot up a fucking school

Am I The Only One Who Thinks This??

Jackaboy man is silly and it was just a funny looking costume on a music video and then in a spoopy game. he was joking. i don’t know how people take it seriously. i don’t think Jack would try pulling this off because it would be so weird and cheesy. its just a joke and beyond NOT serious. Also.. I love Chase Brody but that was also another joke and he couldn’t do much with the wife and kids thing because unless he makes Signe be his wife and random ass kids to be the kids i don’t think he can. i don’t think he’d go that far people. It took me the longest time to take Schneeple seriously with that accent but now pretty much the only characters i take seriously are Schneeple and Anti. I think we are also underestimating the Marvin character. Besides that silly looking mask i think that’s another cool character.. So yeah. I know it its fun but think about how hard or odd it would be to add those characters into videos.

A Warning Sign

A/n: A drabble based on 7x21/7x22. I got a little carried away and it ended up being a little long (like 4k words long) Enjoy!

I don’t love him.

It’s what she tells herself.

A promise that she owes to her heart.

One that she intends to keep.

She does not love him.

Not even when her eyes stray left and glance up at the mirror, watching his eyebrows furrow in concentration as he focuses on the road. Not when he reaches for the gear stick and she feels his hand brush the bare skin on her knee and a shiver ripples throughout her body. Not when she catches him biting his lip to stop himself from laughing when she dictates the wrong turn or when he flips on the radio and bobs his head slightly or when he always offers to drive so she can sleep instead.

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So what did we get from the last chapter

A) the hello dad, i need an advice it’s seriously an e m e r g e n c y, it is crazy out there ane I’m freaking outttt
B) he tian sitting like an old lady in his bed, reading the-not-so-fashion-magazine, looking more-like-kinda-erotic-magaizne
C) the ‘are you having a new one so quickly’ phrase aka haha i know you are hopelessly in love with zhang, so i only consider you need a girl advice for a non romantic occasion, BUT i will mock you, because im your sassy dad.
E) they have each other’s phoneeeee numberssss as we know BUT THEY TEXTINNNNNNNN
F) and personally my favourite: the dick pic
Basically that was the cutest, childish way to irritate Mgs :D he tian gave him a heart attack i swear .. I’m sure he tian did it as a joke (or a punishment for the bad language) and not as something erotic to turn the other on HE IS JUST SO DIRECT he doesn’t care if his crush will see his dick its all fun and games for him
Also its funny how mgs takes it as a joke too i mean his reaction was like EWWWW GROSSSS but he wasnt actually upset or sad…
of course it will get serious if in the next chapter he actually looks at the pic and blush and realize he kinda likes just a little bit how he tian is always the one to provoke and push and its kinda sexy and OH BOY HERE WE GO

Brad Imagine #1 ~ Cute but fierce


“Y/nnnnnnnn”Brad called from downstairs,dragging out the last letter of my name to emphasise his annoyance. “Yes Brad”I said,finally walking down the stair.We were meeting up with the rest of the crew tonight for a dinner to celebrate the vamps latest single success.
“Hey y/n…..ohhhh"He said stopping mid-sentence once he turned around to face me.
"Is there something wrong?"I asked walking over to him and taking his larger hand In mine
"Bloo*y h*ll y/n"Brad groaned,running one hand through his hair,another wrapping around my waist.
"Is there something wrong?"I asked looking down at my outfit,suddenly feeling incredibly insecure about my appearance.I was never one to really dress up and had tried my hardest to look good enough for Brad
"No no no,no way y/n, you look perfect hold sh*t"Brad said,causing me to giggle and blush.
"What’s the matter then?"I asked him,once he had finished looking at me.
"It’s stupid "He said scratching the back of his neck,whilst looking at me again.
"Can’t be that stupid if you’re speechless so spill"I said,making him the one who was now blushing.
"I’m jealous that I have to share you beauty with everyone"He mumbled into my neck once he pulled me into a hug.
"Wait did I just here that?"O said laughing at Brad’s cuteness,resulting in me hugging me tighter.
Its not funny” he said,trying to act all serious.
"Alright,I known babe"I said,both of us laughing at how cheesy we were being
"I need to look out for my girl you know,make sure that no one hurts you"He said now finally realising me from his strong hold.
"You’re not very intimidating you know that?"I joked watching him jokingly frown.
"Cute but fierce,works well with the ladies"He winked causing us both to laugh
"Sureeeee"I agreed"Now come on Hulk,we have somewhere to be"I said pulling him towards the door of our apartment.
"What no kiss for being the amazing superhero for you I am"He said raising his eyebrows at me.
"Maybe later if you’re good"I winked causing him to lift me off my feet and take me to our car.
"Idiot"I said finally giving him that kiss he wanted

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Claw-like thing

“It had these weird little claws and it keeps scratching my bed.”
“What? What? What’s so funny?”
“Well its just that you look funny when you do that?”
“James! I’m trying to tell a serious story here!”
“A story about me? Oh how wonderful?”
“Oh! I give up.”

Nobody puts baby in a corner!

(Unless there are loud thunder booms and baby is a scaredy pants and the corner is inside a shower in a very protected part of the house with someone who makes you feel safe…)

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It's funny how the SNS fans believe that Sasuke loves or prefers to be more with Naruto than his family since only smiles to Naruto and with Sakura looks serious. They used Boruto The Movie to test their headcanons. What do you think about it?

But he doesn’t only smile towards Naruto.

Sasuke is not a very smiley person, especially not for any sort of photos. Not for the Team 7 one (where he looks annoyed if anything):

Nor the Taka one (where he just looks melancholic):

And people often say how Kishi draws Sasuke smiling next to Naruto, but never his family, as if Sasuke has a cheesy smile plastered on his face 24/7 whenever he’s around Naruto. Neither statement has any basis. It wouldn’t be difficult for me to find panel after panel of Sasuke having anything but a smile on his face when around Naruto, because I can; they’re rather plentiful.

And as for Kishi apparently never depicting Sasuke smiling with or because of his family…

- Sasuke smiling with his family:

- Sasuke smiling with his family:

- Sasuke smiling because of his family:

And if you wanna get technical, then this excerpt from the Boruto Novelisation serves to further prove my point:

“Sasuke looked over the two of them, and gave a smile that he never showed anyone but Sakura.”

Besides, in their family portrait, Sasuke looks far happier than he did in any other photo he had taken, you can see the faintest of smiles here:

So yeah, this whole notion of Sasuke always looking miserable when around his family, and having a perpetual smile when around Naruto doesn’t prove anything, because it’s not true, simple as that.

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EXO reaction finding out you have Cetaphobia ( fear of whales) and you get reaaaally uncomfortable while watching a movie and a whale appears. Thank youu ^_^

Sure no problem :) Here you go xx

Xiumin: “oh babe you’re so funny, It’s just a whale.”

Luhan: “ah are you okay there?”

Kris: *looks at you freaking out* “oh Y/N you’re are such a weird one.”

Suho: *thinking to himself* “is she actually serious, its a whale.. its not its gonna eat her..”

Lay: *confused lay*

Baekhyun: *when you scream cause you’re scared* “oh shit you scared me.”

Chen: *can’t help but laugh at how cute you are*

Chanyeol:You’re scared of whales?…. Whales??”

D.O: *sign* “not this again..”

Tao: “hahahah you have a fear of whales??” *mocks you*

You: “shut up! you’re scared of bugs! oh and theres one right near you..”

Tao: “oh shit omg” *runs off*

Kai: “oh my gosh why are you freaking out..”

Sehun: *mocking you*

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How can I convince my guy friends to stop slut shaming random people. They keep on making comments like, "oh, you know she's wearing that for a reason" and "look who's coming home at slut o'clock" and it really gets to me. Whenever I tell them they shouldn't say stuff like that, they just think it's funny that I'm "so feminist". What can I do to make them understand how serious I am?

A lot of the time I find that feminism is seen as a joke, like what you were saying about your friends thinking it’s funny that you’re a feminist, I see that reaction a lot. In regards to their comments I always enjoy seeing people scramble when you ask them to explain their comment. Ask them to tell you what slut o’clock means, or what reason she is wearing those clothes for. Hopefully when you do this they will see that their comments are inappropriate. If not you can always explain to them that when they make these comments about women it hurts you in a serious way, explain why it hurts you, and that you’d really rather they didn’t anymore and hopefully they will stop. I think it is a group effort that needs to happen for feminism to be taken more seriously. We need to stand together, to help one another, and to work harder than ever before. Good luck, and thanks for the question!

-The Daily Feminist