it's just been ripped in half

  • me half the time: I havent even gone through that much trauma! lmao !!! trauma who? dont know her! i am completely fine! i just get sad sometimes!
  • me the other half: i feel so worthless and dead inside how does it feel to be stable? i dont know what its been like to feel ok in years, who was i kidding?

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random but always relevant: you know how a lot of people go on about how viktor speaking russian in bed with yuuri would make him blush and be such a kink (which yes, same, and very important lol), but what about yuuri speaking japanese, either if it just slips out or if viktor asks him to, i just can't at yuuri whining 'kimochii' ('that feels good') or 'hayaku!' ('faster!') etc, as viktor tries not to come just from hearing yuuri's whimpering voice *eyes emoji*

On that first plane ride to Hasetsu, Victor split his time between telling the lovely old woman sitting across the aisle from him about how he was on his way to find the love of his life and tripping over his own tongue while he sounded out the words in the Russian-to-Japanese dictionary he’d picked up at the airport. The pages were crammed with chaos: alphabets broken and bent into new shapes, words that had fifty different characters with one meaning, L’s rolling into unfamiliar R’s that barely found purchase in his mouth. When he finally saw Yuuri, the declaration the kind woman on his flight had helped him prepare—Iしてるの君—had turned tail and fled, leaving him to take the coward’s way out by switching to English and rattling off something about being Yuuri’s coach. That night, ensconced in his little room, he read his dictionary from cover to cover by the light of his phone, whispering every word aloud until the first rays of Japanese morning crept in to goad him into getting off his ass and trying again.

His trusty dictionary has seen some things; its pages are crinkled and ripped, dogeared into deformity, and the cover threatens to just up and disintegrate if he so much as looks at it wrong. It’s been his only line of defense the past year, a wrecking ball wielded in the face of countless cultural barriers, and he knows it so well that he could probably recite every single word by page number and line. Except one.

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Mr. Brightside || Bucky x Reader Drabble

A/N → This is what happens when I listen to The Killers…

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It was entirely unreasonable for Bucky to feel jealous of you. In fact, he was frustrated with himself for the envy and rage that coursed through his veins as he watched you from a distance. You were all teasing smirks and flirtatious giggles as you spoke with Thor, your curvaceous frame wrapped in a too tight black dress. Bucky’s jaw clenched as you threw back the remainder of your mixed drink, your tongue jutting out against your dark red lips. Thor leaned forward slightly to whisper something against your ear, and Bucky’s vision blurred green. You bit your lip in response to the Asgardian’s comment, your fingertips playfully pushing against the broad expanse of his chiseled chest. 

It had all started out with a single, infuriatingly passionate kiss. 

“Alright Barnes, truth or dare?” Nat paused, quirking her brow. “But if you choose truth, you’re a pussy.” She added. Bucky let out an exasperated breath, shifting uncomfortably in his seat. 

“Dare, obviously.” 

“I dare you to kiss the prettiest female in the room.” Bucky pursed his lips in uneasiness at the sound of the dare. His stormy grey-blue gaze darted briefly in your direction before finding the floor once more. 

“You can’t pick Steve, if that wasn’t clear.” Sam quipped teasingly.

A bout of boisterous laughter and jokes erupted amongst the tipsy group of friends, earning Sam a middle finger from both super soldiers. Bucky got to his feet reluctantly, silently making his way over to you. Your neck burned with anticipation and nerves as Bucky pulled you to your feet. 

“You think I’m the prettiest?” You were breathless, looking up at him from beneath your lashes. You had been entirely unprepared for his election, Bucky noted from your wide-eyed expression. 

Instead of responding, Bucky wrapped his flesh arm tightly around your waist and dipped you back. A panicked yelp flew from your lips that was quickly silenced by Bucky’s lips. Your arms wrapped instinctively around Bucky’s thick neck as he deepened the kiss. 

It had just been a kiss between friends, prompted in its entirety by alcohol and an incredibly childish game. And despite telling himself it had meant nothing, the memory replayed repeatedly in Bucky’s mind each time he closed his eyes. You were gorgeous, that much he’d always known. But all these feelings, which he wanted nothing do with, those were new. 

“You gotta tell her, pal.” Steve’s familiar voice drew Bucky from his flustered thoughts. Bucky ripped his gaze away from you and Thor, turning to meet Steve’s knowing gaze. 

“Tell her what?” Steve half-choked on his drink.

“Of all people, you know you can’t lie to me.” Bucky shrugged at the response. “You and I both know that kiss made you realize that you have feelings for Y/N.” Steve noted. 

“Don’t matter.” Bucky sighed defeatedly, watching as Thor led you out onto the dance floor. “I’m no Asgardian King.” Steve’s gaze followed Bucky’s, catching sight of your lithe frame moving rhythmically against Thor’s. 

“Buck, she’s doing it to make you jealous.” 

“Stevie, you’re not really the forefront authority on dating…” Bucky chuckled. 

“Natasha told her to make you jealous and it looks like it’s working.” Bucky whirled on his toes toward Steve, eyes widening. 

“She did what?” Steve stifled back his laughter, shoving his best friend in your direction. 

“Go get her, pal.” 

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In the new Zelda game, there is an option to hop on your shield and ride it down downward-slanted surfaces like a skateboard. Any Avenger trying this w/Steve's shield? +Steve's reaction if I'm lucky?

It had to be Clint.

Who else would not only steal Steve’s shield but then make it onto whatever a You-tube was by using it as a skateboard?

Steve was furious, and Tony— Tony was still laughing hysterically, watching the video on repeat.

It was a good video, mind you.

Hawkeye yelled something about “Cowabunga” which was apparently a reference that Steve didnt get, before leaping off a fairly tall building, impressively landing on Steve shield, and sliding down the steep hill outside of the museum. Sparks were flying dramatically behind him, a purple and black cape streaming in the wind behind him and really it was just…just entirely impressive.

Or at least it was until the shielf got going a little too fast and Clint started wobbling and then spinning out of control and the camera went a little wild.

When everything came back into focuse a few seconds after, all that could be seen of Clint was his legs sticking out of the bushes and waaaaaay up in the sky in the corner of the video was Steves shield, soaring away into the clouds with nothing to stop it.

They had found it of course, after Tony had jumped in his suit and activated the tracker he had on put on Steves shield just in case they ever lost it after a battle, and took off into the sky.

It had been somewhere near the Canadian border. No scratches, no harm done.

But Steve was going to kill Clint.

In fact when the archer sauntered through the doors of the Tower, Steve grabbed him and slammed him against a wall, an arm over his throat, something like a growl working its way from behind clenched teeth.

“I am going to kick your ass so hard–”

“Hawk!! We just passed eighteen million views!” Tony yelled from the other room and Clint whooped, forgetting for a second that a super soldier was two seconds from ripping him in half.

“Im famous bitches!”

Where Soul Meets Body- 13

Summary: Soulmate AU. Some people went their entire lives without ever meeting their soulmates. You were one of the lucky ones, to have found and fallen in love with the owner of the initials tattooed on your hip. When your soulmate’s best friend struggles to deal with a tragedy in his own life, you discover that you might not have been as lucky as you thought.

Steve Rogers x Reader; Bucky Barnes x Reader (Not MMF)

Warnings: (Series, not specifically this chapter: bad language, unprotected sex or sexual situations, drinking/alcoholism, drug use, violence, cheating, references to death, mutilation and trauma, maybe more.)

Words: 1566

Author’s Note: This chapter contains graphic depictions of death. Please use your discretion! if this at all bothers you, skipping this chapter will not effect your understanding of future chapters.

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Master   Part 12

The snow was falling heavily, leaving the world blanketed in white despite the fact that it was late and the sun had long since gone down. The street cut through it like a snake, weaving between trees for miles. The windshield wipers were turned as high as they would go, squeaking loudly against the glass as they swept back and forth.

Inside the car, the heater was turned up high and the radio played Christmas music. Bucky’s thumbs drummed on the steering wheel to the beat, his anxiety getting the best of him. He glanced at his reflection in the rearview mirror for the hundredth time, taking in the bright blueness of his eyes and the laugh lines beginning to prick at the corners.

“What are you so nervous for?”

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Hello!! You are an incredible writer and you're characterization is on point!! Could I please have The US,UF and SF skelebros reacting to accidentally hurting their so badly, like accidentally knocking into them hard and they get a bad bruise on their head or something? If you are not comfy with injury, feel free to ignore this ask, if not, thank you! Either way, have a wonderful day~


US!Sans: Most likely a training accident. He’s usually in very tight control of his magic but sometimes it can get away from him. Ironically he’s one of the most calm? This has happened between him and Alphys hundreds of times and while obviously he’s concerned, he knows panicking won’t do anything. He does what he can to clean and dress the wound, and calls Undyne or the Bunny Shopkeeper if it looks too serious. Afterwards he apologizes profusely and makes up for it by being at your beck and call for as long as your recovery takes. He’s blanket burrito-ing you and bringing you all the food, drinks, and even sweets you could want. Expect him to insist on extra training sessions to get you both back to perfect health after though!

US!Papyrus: FUCK. Holy shit, he’s so sorry. He opened the door too fast and ended up clubbing you with it, hitting you right in the eye with the edge of it and knocking you to the ground. Once he hears your cry of pain he whirls around, expecting to see an attacker….only to see you curled on the ground, clutching your eye. He momentarily freezes. Once he gets his head back together he’s kneeling down, asking you if you need anything, holy fuck, he’s sorry, he’s….ice? Do you put ice on this thing? He leaves you on the ground and comes back with an ice pack in a towel, pressing it to your eye and telling you to hold it in place. After that he manages to get you on the couch, the entire time looking like he’s dying for a cigarette. 

The resultant black eye freaks him out even more. He doesn’t quite have Blue’s experience with injuries, especially  when there’s skin and blood vessels involved. He calls his brother, trying to keep his voice calm so he doesn’t scare you too, but Blue can tell he’s pretty shaken. He tells him to keep the ice on. He’ll be home in a minute. Stretch sits with you the whole time but the second Blue’s home he’s going outside for a smoke. He needs it. Every time he sees the bruise he winces slightly in guilt. You notice an uptick in gifts. Trying to buy off his conscience.

UF!Sans: His worst nightmare is you getting hurt. Injuries slow you down. Slowing down makes you an easier target. Easy targets don’t live long. Even accidental hurts can overload him with stress for a minute or two. The fact that in the end it was him that did it….

He’d been having a nightmare. Nothing new, but his tossing and turning had woken you up. You’d shaken his shoulder, probably trying to wake him up so you could calm him down. But before his conscious mind could kick in his instincts did. He grabbed the front of your shirt and hurled you off the bed, slamming you into the wall and sitting up, breath heaving and eye glowing.  When he fully woke up he realized you were unconscious. He yells for Papyrus and somehow manages to revive you. Somehow you made it out without a concussion but there’s a mass of bruises on your back.

It drives him out of his mind. He refuses to sleep in the same bed as you for a couple of weeks and even when he relents he keeps waking up in the middle of the night. Every time he forgets himself and wraps an arm around you only to see you wince in pain the guilt settles in. The next time he gets drunk he’s gonna be clinging to you, whispering tearful apologies over and over. While he’s sober, though, he turns more guard dog than ever, snarling at anything that gets too close to you.

UF!Papyrus: He’s warned you once, he’s warned you a hundred times not to get too close when he and Undyne are sparring. Both of them can get very locked into battle mind set, they’re not good about watching where their attacks are going. Evidently you thought you could get away with it. They were looking worn out, dinner was almost ready… walked over to tell them when Undyne dodged, leaving a clear path between the bone attack and you. A rush of glowing red, a searing pain, and you’re on the ground, blood seeping out of your side and soaking into the snow.

His mind goes blank. By the time he’s aware of himself he’s somehow managed to pick you up and carry you into the house. He starts screaming for Undyne to find Gerson, he doesn’t care what the old bastard wants, he’s coming down here now! When she takes off he sets you on the couch, for the moment not even caring that the cushions will be soaked in blood. He’s chewing you out, cursing,  while he rips away the lower half of your shirt and wrapping the wound up as best he could. Its only about twenty minutes later that he realizes he’s been crying. 

Sans comes home from Grillby’s about the same time as Undyne.  Undyne forces Gerson to tend your wounds while Red does his best to get Paps calmed down. In the coming weeks he’s the only one allowed to caretake for you besides maybe Sans. He doesn’t say a word after that first day about how stupid that was. He just tends you best he can. He can’t believe he lost control like that. He’s more protective than ever for months after the incident.

SF!Sans: Its hard to remember that there’s certain things that hurt flesh that won’t hurt bone. Even with 1 HP Sans’ body is a lot sturdier than the average humans. Certain training exercises that don’t do more than nick him….well, let’s just say that they don’t turn out half as well for you. Deep cuts along both your upper arms.

Always the best man in a crisis, he’s quick to fix up the wound and move you to a safer location. Likely his room if he can’t find another spot. He refuses to let you leave until you’re completely healed and brings you every remedy he can think of. He’s a bit of an….aggressive nurse. More than once he very willingly force feeds you pain killers or food. He refuses to let you walk anywhere, you don’t go a step he doesn’t carry you. (”Sans, you know I hurt my arms, not my legs, right?” “HUSH”). Most of this is guilt. He knows he goaded you into that situation and he can’t believe he was so careless. The other part is just a lack of trust. Obviously no one else can be trusted with his mate! 

Seriously, though, you will have him wrapped around your little finger for the entire time of your convalescence and some time after. Rasp doesn’t seem like it but he knows when he’s fucked up and he takes it quite hard. 

SF!Papyrus: Its extremely rare something like this happens because Syrup is excessively careful with you in day to day. He’s very vigilant for any possible way you could get hurt and prevents it as best he can.  The sight of you in pain takes actual years off his life and he’s got enough stress as it is. 

How this happens? Well….when you’re starting to get physically intimate he kind of gets into a headspace. When things get heated, even just a simple makeout session can cause him to turn off a good chunk of his conscious mind. He just focuses on touching you how he wants, and only explicitly telling him “no” or using a safeword can snap him out of it. You’re likely pretty used to bite marks but when he clamps down deeper than usual and he hears you give a shriek, not  the good kind, and pulls back to see way too much blood trickling out….he kind of panics. He’s putting something on it, cleaning the bite out, all the while shaking. You may want to swallow your pride and ask his brother to do it because his hands are way too unsteady to not probably hurt you even more. 

He tries lighting a cigarette but about near lights his jacket on fire so settles for chewing on a hoodie string, asking you over and over if you’re sure you’re okay or relapsing into total silence. Which, hey, a bite, even a deep one, isn’t that serious an injury if you’re careful. But he’s hesitant to so much as touch you over the next few days. This relationship….it means something to him and the fact that he can so quickly shut off and hurt you that easily….it scares the hell out of him and he doesn’t want to deal with it. Not right now. 

"are you ticklish?" [minghao]

Pairing: Minghao x Reader
Words : 1,027
A/N : this was a request from my old account and since abandoning that account (rip) i hadnt been able to post to even though i actually got around to writing it, so might as well post this fluffy mess here

Originally posted by hartfelt

It was nearly silent in the house, the only noise coming from the quiet television, volumn turned to its lowest as to not distrupt the other boys that were sleeping, the morning still fresh.

You had just recently found enough strength to roll out from your assigned bed, padding through the dorm to find a handful of the boys crowding the television room, a chorus of half-hearted ‘goodmornings’ sounding when you walked through the threshhold. You returned the favour as you sat at the corner of the couch.

It was an hour or so later before the room was filling up with more sleep drowsy boys, all except Minghao.

You silently excused yourself from where you had been sitting and holding conversation with the group around you, wandering through the dorm that was gradually getting louder now that Seokmin had gotten up and joined Soonyoung

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Fact of the Day

I tend to turn on history documentaries while I’m doing craft-y things.  Went back to the subject of World War 1 and started exploring the Russian side of things….and there’s all this additional history all the other documentaries (and I have by now seen most of them) don’t even mention.  If you’re a war history buff then you probably already know that Russians in WW2 were all kinds of badass on the battlefield. 

Hang on, time out.  Disclaimer: When I say the Russian soldiers were badass during WW2, I am not endorsing Russian politics then or now, nor the soldier’s, ahem, behavior around the civilian population.  The government was stocked with ruthless mass murdering fuckwiits who managed to kill more of their own people than Hitler, doubling the total body count of the Holocaust  And I’m not even going to go into the trail of death and misery the Red Army left in its collective wake. 

Anyway.  Russians in WW2 were all kinds of badass on the battlefield, so I sort of figured they’d done more of the same during the prequel.  And I was not disappointed.  The video linked below is a 14 minute excerpt from a documentary about the siege of Osowiec Fortress, which took place in a series of battles over the course of 1914-1915 in what is now Poland.  At the beginning of the siege, September 1914, the German Army and co. had 20,000 troops attacking the fortress.  The Russian Army and co. had 900 defenders.  Not being stupid, they knew it was a lost cause but their Command gave them the seemingly hopeless objective to hold the fort for 48 hours so that the civilian population could be fully evacuated.

SIX MONTHS LATER, the Germans had been wittled down to a little less than half their original troops and were understandably frustrated these guys didn’t just die already. They had guns and ammunition still, and by now Team Red was down to 4 guns.  The Germans decided to hurry things along; shelling the hell out of the place and lobbing enough chlorine gas bombs into the fortress to kill EVERYTHING in a five mile radius.  They had gas masks, the Russians did not.  Gas warfare was still in its infancy, but this particular mixture burned its way into your body when you breathed it in and then ripped you apart from the inside. You died choking on blood and chunks of your own lungs.  Nice, huh? 

They waited a bit, then started skipping towards the castle, gleefully assuming that everyone was dead.  Most of them were…at least until the Germans got to the front of the line and had the everloving bejeezus scared out of them by 60 soldiers still not-really-breathing-but-not-quite-dead yet.  They climbed out of the trenches wearing urine-soaked t-shirts over their faces, drenched in blood and lung bits from the nose down, shouting/gurgling angry noises.  They had no ammunition and couldn’t walk straight so loading a gun was probably out of the question anyway…but they had bayonets. All 7,000 Germans took one look at the bleeding, gory, angry knife-wielding maniacs determinedly lurching towards them and panicked, concluding the zombie apocalypse had come upon them.  They NOPED right the fuck back the way they came at a considerably faster and less organized way.  The four guns sprayed them in the back as they fled, and those who weren’t fast enough, or got tangled up in their own barbed wire traps were slaughtered by the zombies.

I couldn’t find a source that said how many survivors there were, but there were at least two who held the fort an additional two weeks before they were called back, abandoning the fortress to the Germans….who could no longer use it.

…….60 men vs. 7000 and they still won the battle.  Forget the Spartans, THIS should have been a movie.

(( On August 5th, 2016, I posted the introduction post for this blog! Ahhh I can’t believe it’s already been half a year, so much has happened (except.. plot… which I just finished kicking off. RIP.) and I don’t really know what to say except thank you! Thank you all for sticking with me this long! Here’s to 6 more months of your local Buff Lizard Girlfriend and Hissboy. <3 ))


A BTS/ Kim Seokjin Fanfiction

Summary: He looked like an angel, and spoke like a singer. Next to you, a university student surviving on 5 hours sleep a night, and holes in your shoes, he seemed to have it all. But at the end of the day, you were both just Existing. You just cant help but think, it might be more fun to Exist together…

Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Chapter 8 Chapter 9 Chapter 10 Chapter 11 Chapter 12

Chapter 6

[JIN: Have you finished washing your face?]

[JIN: Don’t forget to drink a glass of water 😊]

[JIN: What does your room look like?]

[JIN: Did you fall asleep…?]

[JIN: Yah…I wish I knew what you were doing right now…]

You chuckle as soon as you walk back into your room back at your university dorm and see the messages that Jin had sent, wondering how someone couldn’t wait even 20 minutes for you to have a shower, without feeling the need to text you, but somehow the sentiment still had happy tingles running through you as you clutched your phone to your chest, grinning up at your ceiling before shuffling quickly over to your bed and collapsing into your pillows as you reply.

[Y/N: Who knew you were so impatient? I’ve only just finished my shower 😝]

[JIN: Yah! You said you were only washing your face! I thought you’d fallen down the toilet! 😉]

You roll your eyes at the ridiculousness of his joke, still finding yourself giggling despite yourself, as you type a reply, shuffling under your bed covers as you wait for his response, and just having turned your bedside light off when your phone lets out a little ding!

[Y/N: You’re an idiot 😉 Did you make it home okay?]

[JIN: I’m only an idiot for you! 😉 But yes I did…although I wish I could have come home with you.]

[…(Jin is typing)…]

Despite being separated by a screen, you could still feel your face heating at his words, your heart beating faster in your chest at the romantic tone to what he was insinuating, and its just as a boldness enters you and you go to reply, suggesting he come back with you next time, that his next message comes through and you scoff at your own over-thinking heart.

[JIN: When I got back my friends had turned the dorm into an Overwatch role-play arena. How am I meant to live like this? ☹]

Even though you were put out by your own over-reaching thoughts, you still end up chuckling at the ridiculousness of his message, picturing him walking into a battle zone made up of pillows, blankets and various pieces of furniture, whilst various faceless figures run around shooting pretend guns at one another. However, the incomplete image only makes you more curious to know about him; about what he did, and how he lived, and so you cant help but send him a curious reply.

[Y/N: I’m trying to picture it but Im struggling…what does your dorm look like? 😊]

When a few minutes go by without a response you suddenly think you’d pried too far into his life, hoping he at least didn’t leave you hanging and simply told you he didn’t want to say. But its just as you go to send him another message apologizing for being nosey, that your phone starts wringing, and Jin’s icon lights up the screen, indicating you were receiving a video call.

You quickly rip the towel from your head that had been drying your hair, tossing it to the furthest corner of your room, before dropping your phone to the bed beside you and grabbing your jumper from your desk chair, pulling it on quickly to cover your flimsy camisole and groaning when you take in the state of your room, before giving into your fate and answering his call, covering the lower half of your face as soon as you see yourself on the screen and realise you didn’t have any makeup on.

‘Yah! Why did you take so long to answer?’ he asks with a grin, his face lighting up the screen instantly making excitement build within you until you see his eyes seeming to dance over you on screen, and you become shy.

‘You surprised me! Why are you calling so late?’ you ask quietly, all too aware that your dorm mates were probably asleep, and seeing him frown at you in confusion.

‘Why are you talking so quietly?’ he asks, a smirk lingering around his lips and you have to bite your lip to keep your own smile off of your face as you lean over to turn your bedside light back on, seeing him sit up and smile wider when your face becomes more visible.

‘Everyone else is probably asleep, I don’t want to wake them.’ You explain, inspecting behind him as you speak, but only being able to make out a headboard and some pillows.

‘Oh, sorry. I just figured it would be easier to show you the dorm on video chat- I can hang up if you want.’ He says apologetically, but the way his face drops has you quickly shaking your head as you bring the phone slightly closer to you.

‘No! no. As long as I stay quiet it’ll be fine. Show me your house!’ you demand cheekily, seeing him chuckle at your insistence and getting excited when he appears to shuffle to the edge of the bed to stand up.

‘Well, you’re not allowed to comment on it being untidy, cause that is completely not my fault-‘

‘Is this on top of the fact that its just a load of guys that live there?’ you quip, smirking when he acts mock offended, before laughing with you.

‘I’ll have you know I’m a rather neat person.’ He argues, shoving his chin out in defiance, but you just chuckle at him, gesturing with your hand for him to show you, and receiving a huff, before the camera turns around.

‘This is my room that I share with Yoongi-‘

‘You share a room?’ you ask interestedly as your eyes scan the screen, smiling at the little toy figures lined up along a shelf, catching sight of a pile of clothes on a chair that makes you grin, before seeing the complex computer set up to one side, looking more like it should belong in a music studio.

‘Is that your computer? It looks really high-tech.’ you comment over his reply, to excited by seeing where he lived and jumping when the screen suddenly turns around again and Jin’s face is peering back at you.

‘Nah, its Yoongi’s, but he’s hardly ever at home to use it. I personally think he should get rid of it so that I can expand my gaming setup.’ He muses, the devotion to gaming that haunts his voice making you giggle, and you receive a playful scowl in response.

‘What about the rest of it? You said there was an Overwatch invasion?’ you inquire, grinning when he rolls his eyes at the reminder, before light spills across his face and you deduce that he was walking out of the room.

‘I got hit in the head with a foam bullet the second I walked in the door. I almost killed them.’ He exclaims, the volume of his voice making you worry about him waking his own housemates as you turn down the volume on your phone quickly to save disturbing your own.

‘Wont you wake everyone up being that loud?’ you ask in concern, seeing him shake his head as he appears to continue down a hallway, before entering a room.

‘Nah, they’re all still awake, although…they seem to have all disappeared at the minute-‘

Its just as he makes this observation that all hell breaks loose.

You try to stifle your laughter when you see the first bullet bounce off of his forehead, provoking a murderous glare from him. But when he continues to get pummeled by 7, 8, 9 more, you’re left in fits of laughter as you hear his war cry, seeing the screen become blurry as he appears to tackle someone, the sounds of pain and yelps of victory reaching you, only increasing your amusement at the situation.

You’re not even angry when the screen proceeds to go blank and the ‘call ended’ message appears, since you figured the play fight would take a while with what you were beginning to understand of Jin and his friends.

But its only 20 minutes later, after you’d proceeded to try to go to sleep, that you’re woken by your phone lighting up the dark, and you reach over to read his message, chuckling to yourself, before burrowing under your covers with a smile.

[JIN: I confiscated their guns. I’ll see you tomorrow x]



Chapter Seven “Terror”

SUMMARY: You were held captive by Hydra for years and had only just escaped when the Avengers find you. You’re beyond terrified of everyone and everything around you, but the thing the terrifies you the most is yourself. The things you can do with your “abilities” are beyond what anyone could possibly imagine.

Chapters: 1 ~ 2 ~ 3 ~ 4 ~ 5 ~ 6

Originally posted by dailyteamcap

Warnings: Mentions of PTSD, night terror, and anxiety? 

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“She won’t let me insert the IV.” Helen Cho sighed, placing the third bent needle down onto the table.

Bucky released his lip from the punishing hold of his teeth, “I’ll try and talk to her.”

But your eyes had a distant look to them and your breath came out in shuddering pants. Bucky approached you slowly, his hand traveling down the length of your arm and gripping your hand. You jumped away from him, nearly falling off the table if it weren’t for the restraints around your wrists.

“Hey, hey…” Bucky cooed softly, his fingers skimming your sharp cheekbones. “It’s alright, nobody’s gonna hurt you.”

“Buck?” You croaked, sounding so lost it nearly broke him.

“Yeah, Doll, it’s okay. You’re alright.” He assured you softly with a smile. He pressed his lips to your cheek, feeling you quake in his hands.

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anonymous asked:

Sans, on a scale of 1 to 10, how much do you miss Frisk? Also, if your timeline could be RESETed all the way back to when Frisk fell, would you RESET it?

Sans twirled the end of a faded, frayed red ribbon around and around and around his fingers, hood pulled far over his head and smile gone. He rocked back and forth, in a dark corner of his destroyed room, the only light the pulsing, electric blue orb floating in his skull.

He hummed quietly to himself, rhythmically knocking his skull against the wall beside him with each of his rocking motions. His face is stained with dark tear streaks, his arms wrapped around his legs, phalanges tapping, tapping, tapping.

“i can’t measure how much i miss her on any scale. i can’t explain it. heh… it used to be my job to explain things to people. and this most basic thing, the most basic thing in the world, i can’t put into words.”

He sniffled, the twist and pull of the ribbon in his hand quickening. The crater in the plaster of the wall creaked when he knocked his skull against it particularly hard.

“its like my soul was ripped from my chest, bulldozed, and stuck back together with scotch tape. my magic is in a constant state of shattering and reforming. the pain is unbearable most days. she was everything to me. the other half of my soul. she… it’s like trying to live without air, without my magic at all. …it’s like i’m already dead, and just haven’t realized it yet.”

Sans let out a shuddering sigh, burying his face in his folded arms.

“…i don’t understand why or how i survived frisk’s death. might have been because of aliza. might have been cuz i knew paps would die without me. and i know its selfish, and i know it’s ridiculous. that i have people to live for, things to do. but on the worst days, i wish i hadn’t survived. that i had died with her.”

His shoulders slumped, shaking as he succumbed again to sadness, to silent, wracking sobs.

“…today’s one of those bad days.”

He spent a long, long moment weeping, slumped in on himself and clutching his arms so hard the bone started to crack, before he quieted, so still and silent that you could hear the snow falling on the roof above. Papyrus’ snores through the walls of the bedroom.

Sans’ haltering, ragged breathing.

“if i could reset, i would without hesitation. back, back to when she fell. i’d do it all right. she’d never be alone. i’d forgive her for the demon’s influence faster. i’d make sure she was happy. i’d be a better monster, a better friend. and flowey?”

He looked up at you slowly, practically vibrating with rage. His Patience had faded, his sadness gone, replaced with the cold, hard light of his Justice.

“i’d dust the weed before he ever laid a vine on her.”

  • so we’ve both come to the same party in accidentally matching costumes and now everyone thinks we’re dating
  • that black lipstick is mine, bitch 
  • ewww, pumkin spice lattes are so gross…. i said that out loud, didn’t i? rip me, about to be killed by a horde of hipsters
  • you’re the only one that believes me when i say this is real blood and i need to go to hospital
  • please hang with me and be bitter about halloween
  • yes hello this is the egging police
  • you see me buying all these candies and you think its for the trick or treaters and im too embarrassed to tell you that im taking advantage of the discount to stock up my stash
  • ive been hired to do some scaring and youre the asshole who punched me in the face
  • hello, fellow chaperon. let me guess, your cousin is the frankensteins monster. i can see the resemblance
  • you think your fake spider is funny, huh? watch me while i shove it down your throat
  • so i was planning on impressing you with my mad pumpkin carving skills but i ended up cutting my self pretty badly, but hey, youre driving me to the ER so i guess it kinda worked
  • “arent you a little old for trick or treat?” “no, do you have king size?”
  • i dont know you, but holy shit how did you get your fave to look like its been ripped in half? awesome
  • i thought i could go through the haunted house by myslef, which was a terrible mistake. please be my cuddle buddy even though i dont know you i just need to get through this

soooo @hrrytomlinson and @wubwubnparmaham decided to be hoes and tag me in the fic writers ranking their fics thing and even though I’m soooo lazy and this is taking all of my energy haha. I’m doing this only because lauren is practically holding me at gun point…so…..

1. fake it till you make it 

its my longest fic and i love it the most because of how random and absolutely ridiculous it is! like i was inspired to write it because of that time when liam referred to them as brothers and louis was instantly sooooo triggered haha and i was like harry and louis pretending to be brothers would be like TOO FUNNY so anyway i had looooaaddddssss of fun thinking of the most awkward and embarrassing and wild scenarios and it was a BLAST 😅

2. all i wish not to remember 

with this fic i literally broke my own damn heart. its inspired by my all time favorite piece of literature, the count of monte cristo, and its just non stop angst and sadness and unfortunate times. this one required a lot of personal introspection about life and what it means to love someone and anyways i really love how it came out even though it broke me rip

3. too real to fake it

a fic with literally no reason to exist except to be the kid fic i always wanted to write lol. its the sequel to fake it till you make it, so its just as wild and lame and stupid as its predecessor. i love picturing h and l as parents and there honestly aren’t enough kid fics so this was my attempt to rectify that. i still think about their kids in this fic and wish they were mine lmao

4. escape (the piña colada au)

my shortest fic and an angsty little ode to the wonderful and timeless escape (the piña colada song) {btw look how creative i was with the title haha jk} anyways this fic wasn’t meant to be sad but I’m a hoe for suffering so its actually pretty sad and unfortunate but its just how i interpreted the song in a real life kind of way

5. all we can do is keep breathing (unpublished)

 this could end up being my absolute favorite of all my fics when i finally finish it but its going to be really sad and heartbreaking. its similar to all i wish not to remember in that sense (lets just say any fic i write that starts with the word “all” is going to be painful), but its a pretty intricate plot and i have tons of work to do to get the dynamics right still, but I’m working! i don’t even want to give anything away about it yet because its still such a young babe of a story. but its like 60k right now and its not even half way rip so theres that. wish me luck! :)

ok so im not gonna tag anyone because i think?? all of my writer friends have been tagged?? if not?? you can absolutely do this and tag me! thanks to everyone who ever supported my work evveerrr, i love you all  ✨🌻

WAT!! @miniature-lou 👀 jodie whats good 

Falling - Chapter 5

read it on ao3

Cassian becomes increasingly concerned about Jyn. He helps her as much as he can, in any way she needs.

*Disclaimer: I’ve added tags as this chapter will deal more with symptoms of PTSD and depression. I am not a mental health professional, so please keep that in mind when reading this. If any of these symptoms feel familiar to you, I urge you to seek out the help of a professional. You are stronger than you think.

Also, the rating for the fic has been changed to Explicit. This is where the smut happens, but I warn you that it is angsty (not too bad imo, but of course that’s highly subjective).

Words: 1746

Rated: Explicit

Recruitment is in full swing now, and Cassian is sent on more missions, and longer ones. He’s sent to riskier areas, more reticent populaces, systems and planets previously influenced by the Empire. It’s on one such planet, where they had thought the intel to be solid, that  they were greeted by a squadron of TIE fighters when they arrived. Cassian and Kaytoo had barely escaped with their lives.

Cassian navigates every situation and every mission as he once did, but there’s a different edge to them now. Before, when in the midst of a mission, he had never given thought to what lay beyond and stayed as much as possible in the moment. Now, that grip around his heart would tighten, and thoughts of an after would drift unbidden into his mind. Even something as simple as Jyn’s smile, or that flick of her hair that she did, floated above every action. He never lets it distract him, he’s too professional for that, but he finds missions take a lot more out of him.

Jyn is cleared for active duty, but she still hasn’t made a firm decision to join the Alliance. Mon Mothma doesn’t want to force her into anything she doesn’t want to do, but in private she implores Cassian to encourage Jyn to make a decision. To her face, Cassian promises to do the best he can. The truth is, he knows there’s more to it than what it seems.

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Old House

Louisiana can be a pretty spooky place, especially in the older, more abandoned areas. I spent my early years in a small, rural town called Palmetto. It used to be a plantation town, but by the time I was born it was mainly just abandoned, rotting buildings and forest.

I lived with my mother, two brothers, and sometimes my uncle as well would be there. The house itself had quite the history.

Originally a plantation house, it had seen the deaths of slaves, who were hung on the large tree in the backyard. It was dead by the time I was born, but I used to play around it before I got old enough to understand the circumstances surrounding it.

During the Civil War, the home was converted into a morgue for a few years, and saw a lot of activity, mostly in the form of dead bodies.

After that was when my great grandparents moved into the house from France, and it has been in my family since. My great grandfather was a borderline murderous man, who was literally the only person who could walk into the local courthouse with his gun still strapped to his waist, because literally everyone was too afraid to try and take it from him.

I don’t think he actually killed anyone though, but by god did he try a couple times. His wife, my great grandmother actually died in the house, on the very bed that my mom and youngest brother slept on. The mattress and sheets were different, but the bed frame was the same. Myself and my brother had to sleep on the floor, where I spent many nights staring into the darkness beneath that bed.

Flashback to my mom’s childhood for a moment. My mom grew up with her father, mother, five sisters and one brother. Their mom was almost always absent, and their dad, while he loved them, also loved to scare the daylights out of them.

He had a whole host of scary stories, most urban myths about the very area. There was a legend surrounding the old Indian Burial Ground not even a mile away from the house, about a large hound that would guard it. As well as the story of Rawhead, a smaller dog that lived underneath the house. Whether or not such a dog existed is up in the air, but my mom and her siblings were petrified of this tale in particular, and her father often liked to close them all in their bedroom, holding the door closed while telling them that Rawhead was coming through the floor to get them. There are small nail scrapes marking the doors even to this day.

There’s also a lot of rumored deaths surrounding the house. The two that I can recall; one being that a man (possibly a black man) was shot and killed on the stairway. There’s indeed a bullethole through the wall to attest to this story. The second is that a baby was kept up in the attic rooms, and eventually died of some unknown reason. There were also hidden rooms all about the house, and only one of which I ever found the entrance too. I can remember part of myself wanting to go in and explore, but the latter half of me that wanted to stay the hell away won out. Another secret room that I discovered was by peeking through the bullet hole from before. But I never found how to get into that room. From what I could see it was empty, just dark wood walls.

There were definitely ghost sightings of all kinds in that house, over the many decades that family and friends stayed there. The two most common ones were seeing figures in the kitchen and hearing a baby crying.

The figures in the kitchen were always just shadowy silhouettes. A few people claimed to have seen them, always at night except for my uncle when he was a teen, along with a friend. They were outside when they saw someone walking past the kitchen window. They both tailed it inside fast but never found the supposed person. I myself used to see them all the time. There were at least four or five of them, and they always just stood around in the kitchen or sat at the table. The only working bathroom sat halfway down the hallway, and to get there you literally had to walk toward the kitchen. No doorway existed to close it up so you HAD to look into it each time you had to go pee at night. It got to the point where my mom literally brought in a bucket for us to start peeing in at night because we were all so scared.

As for the baby, literally every person that has ever stayed at the house overnight by themselves claimed to hear a baby crying. My grandfather never believed them, or heard the baby himself. I never actually got to hear the baby, but my uncle sure did.

He was at the house alone, in the afternoon. Me and my family weren’t in at the time, so it was just him. He was laying on his bed, which sat next the the older bed i mentioned earlier (we all slept in the same room even though the house had like six rooms). He was watching a VHS tape because we didn’t have satellite, and had the volume all the way up. This was literally how we watched tv when one of us was alone or at night. The tv played all night every night, at full blaring volume. This was to block out the residual sounds that echoed constantly throughout the house. It could be anything from a distant scratch noise to the sound of feet above or things falling, pretty much all kinds of noises happened there. So as a result we slept with deafening movies going instead.

Anyway, one day he’s alone watching some film, when he catches a sound just beyond the movie. He turned the volume down a bit, and can hear the sound of a baby screaming its little heart out from up above. Spooked, and knowing full well the tales of the phantom infant, my uncle lays petrified on the bed. He slowly turns the volume all the way down, listening intently as the sound of the baby seems to move over time. Minutes pass, and my uncle swears that that baby moved down the stairs and to the ground floor, where its cried carried down the hallway up to just outside the closed bedroom door.

Welp, my uncle was up. The house has no air conditioning, just a small AC unit stuck into a half-open window. He ripped this thing outta the window, crawled through the small opening, rolling onto the porch, grabbed the porch’s railing and flipped himself onto his back, landing heavy in the dirt of the front yard.

Apparently my grandfather had been nearby, in his own front yard of his small neighboring house. He came walking up and said something along the lines of “Boy, what’s at your tail!?”

There were no baby screams after that, and of course my grandfather didn’t believe him. My uncle was waiting for us on the porch swing when we arrived later that night, refusing to go back inside alone.

There are definitely plenty of other stories surrounding this house, some of which I’ve experienced myself. Not to mention the area itself was filled with strange happenings fueled by the beliefs that the people held. Hell, my mom once took me to a witch doctor when I was an infant, because I was very sick. My mom couldn’t be present for the ritual thing that happened, but apparently the doctor said she summoned spirits to keep watch over me. After that I got better, according to my mom, and supposedly I still have these spirit things hovering around me today. /shrugs/ who knows, I go back and forth on believing these things.

But I feel this post has gotten long enough (sorry!) so I’ll close it out for now. I might submit more at a later date, if people were interested.

Hope you enjoyed the story of my wonderful childhood home from the backwoods of Hell Palmetto, Louisiana!

anonymous asked:

soumako + 100: "I'm a lot of things that you wouldn't expect."

Of course I had to turn this into a florist x tattoo artist AU. Because I’m trash. And of course I had to get really, REALLY carried away. Dammit, anon. You asked for a drabble and you get a novel, you lil punk.


The pretty, pretty boy with the piercings and the ivy tattoo came to Sousuke’s flower shop with the first blossoms of spring. 

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