it's just been done so many times

Me: I have very high standards!
Everyone: -submits their fanart/fanfics-

I’m sorry. Not really. I just love all your fanarts.

There are so many things I wanna draw but I went with this one because it’s the quickest and I need SLEEP.

So. MP100 Wing AU again. Enjoooooy.

My exams so done done! I can sleep and draw Mob again! I’m oh so happy! 

Feeling Christmas already!! So happy! Merry advance Christmas guys! ( ゚▽゚)/

@forones93 - This s your request! I hope you like it! I haven’t drawn in almost 2 weeks so I’m a bit rusty.

let me just be emotional here for a quick second and say that magnus is, canonically, super good at pool??? he’s probably been playing this silly little bar game ever since it was invented??? like he obviously used his magic to manipulate the table around mundanes in the 1900s but even …. without it …. he’s so good and knows so many tricks but can hustle his fucking boyfriend into thinking he doesn’t. how many people has he hustled like that before??? he probably invented hustling goodbye

Business!AU Headcanons for The Squad

I have no clue what this is, but I love this so enjoy. (I also know Alex usually isn’t apart of these, but hush it makes sense)


  • The company is owned by Charles Xavier
  • His business partner is Warren Worthington ii
  • Who is also an investor
  • And their is attorney Erik Lensherr
  • He doesn’t stop by that often
  • While Charles practically lives there
  • He likes to see his company thrive
  • Almost like a father


  • Alex is the Office Manager
  • And honestly, he hates his job
  • Alex always has to stop the younger employees from doing dumb things
  • But his job is also to punish them??? its contradicting
  • There have been so many times when Alex saved them from getting fired
  • He cares but just acts like he doesn’t
  • Alex is done with everything, and no one even cares when he falls asleep in his office
  • Give this man the promotion he was promised
  • And a hug, he needs it


  • Scott is work in the I.T Department
  • Actually he’s the whole I.T Department and by Department I mean closet filled with wires  
  • Everyone is pretty sure he only go the job because of Alex
  • ….It is
  • He’s good at his job even if he’s done with everyone
  • “Peter stop eating and using the tablets you’ll ruin them.”
  • “Warren that’s not what a mouse if for!”
  • “Ororo look, I know the new system sucks, I’ve been trying to fix it from a fucking closet!”
  • Scott does like helping Jean set up her presentations
  • He usually says behind to make sure there are “No technical difficulties.”


  • Jean is totally going to be the next CEO
  • No one ever sees her leave the building
  • Sometimes her and Charles will have late night conversations since they are both still there working
  • Honestly Jean works so hard, and everyone loves her
  • When there’s a new employee everyone tell them to talk to Jean
  • Jean has an office, which Warren let her have
  • He didn’t use it anyways, but “Jean don’t tell anyone…”
  • “Okay Warren, but thanks.”  
  •  Jean actually likes to spend most time of her time the main officer area
  • She likes it better than being alone 


  • Jubilee is the bubbly Human Resources Manager
  • She’s also like the part time therapist and she always knows the gossip
  • Jubilee always tries to have those group retreats
  • And team building exercises
  • “We need to work together! Guys c'mon, please.”
  • No one usually goes, except for Kurt and sometimes Warren
  • Jubilee also knows everything that’s going on
  • It’s kind of scary, she just knows everyone’s problems and random personal facts
  • No one knows how she does it, but its useless to keep a secret from her
  • Jubilee always find out


  • Kurt is one of the interns
  • He is so overworked it isn’t even funny
  • He’s been there for so long yet no promotion and he doesn’t even have an office
  • Just a shitty cubicle beside Peter 
  • Everyone makes Kurt do everything
  • Getting coffees, helping fill out paperwork
  • He delivers the mail, even though there is a mail boy Kurt just does it better
  • Everyone jokes they never see Kurt sit down
  • He just does everything  


  • Ororo works in finance
  • She rarely leaves her office
  • It’s far away from everyone and quiet
  • Peter started a rumor she isn’t even real
  • Most people thinks she’s mean, but she’s really nice when you talk to her
  • Jean and her often bond over spreadsheets
  • Even Warren likes her, he tends to hide in her office a lot
  • Ororo is very composed and professional but everyone remembers the time she got super drunk at the Christmas party


  • Peter is also an intern
  • But he does nothing
  • Everyone wonders why he isn’t fired, but there is a scandal that he’s Erik son  
  • Peter often just pulls pranks, but can be helpful when needed
  • Which is rare
  • He likes to fuck with Scott the most
  • “Okay who tied all my wires together?”
  • But if Kurt asks Peter to drive him somewhere Peter will 100% do it
  • Which is good (or bad) because Peter drives super fast
  • And Peter uses any excuse he can get to leave the office


  • Warren has a job, but no one really knows what it is
  • He really only works there because of his dad
  • But Warren can actually do his job really well but he’d rather not
  • He’d just rather be the office hottie
  • Which he knows
  • Warren does keep a flask in his desk
  • Some people wonder why Alex hasn’t reported him to H.R
  • Rumor has it they were a thing…who knows………….  
  • Warren will definitely stand up for the little guy 
  • Someone once got pissed at Kurt for bringing the wrong coffee and Warren totally didn't get them fired
  • Or slash their tires

Sorry I forgot to post these yesterday, I was busy, but enjoy!!

~ Mac

what in the heck is a heat

aFTER SO LONG ITS FINALLY HERE, lets see how many months have i been working on this shit?? 2 months, 2 whole months, well i guess that goes to show how fucking slow i am at writing, anyways, here it is! i hope my shit writing was worth the wait

Pairing: (underswap au) papyrus/sans
Rating: nsfw
Warnings: heat, first time, overstimulation, multiple orgasms, dirty talk(im not good at dirty talk so i apologize), praise kink, ecto vag, ecto dick, just ecto parts basically, i think thats it, if i missed anything tell me!
Summary: papyrus helps sans with his first heat
ah yes, such a creative summary lmao

read the Ao3 version here (u should probably read it on Ao3 the layout looks a lot better and it will be easier to read alright trust me read it on Ao3)

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wowow i’ve only had my blog since november 2015 and i already have almost 300 followers hehe thank you ! when i first joined tumblr,,, i had an emo blog and i was a sad smol but it had turned into full kpop by december and now i’m a very happy carat lol. hm its been a fun year for me on tumblr, i’ve made so many new friendos and its just been a good time hehe. everyone is so nice it just makes me so happy :’)) anyways, , , here’s my follow forever….

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First of all, I just want to say a huge thank you to Kubo-sensei and the whole team of Yuri on Ice. For me, this show has been a sort of saving grace because it just always managed to brighten up my day with its incredible storyline and wonderful characters. It has been such a long time since I’ve found an anime, in fact, ANYTHING that has captured my interest like this and Yuri on Ice had done that within the first episode. I had never even thought about watching the show but seeing all over Tumblr, I decided to give it a try and I’m so freaking glad that I took the chance.

This anime tells a beautiful story about a man who had lost all hope within himself and didn’t believe that he could achieve or soar high. But someone comes into his life and proves him wrong, showing him that he can soar higher than ever and he can reach his goals with the right support and people around you. It’s a journey that we go on and we fall in love with every single character, with their flaws and quirks. It’s also a love story between two men who find each other and along the way, slowly develop their relationship into something strong and good. It’s a whole combination of glorious things, a story filled with diversity and just so much that it’s just so amazing.

Episode twelve did a whole lot for me and it was an incredible finale. I actually had to work around for a few minutes in my living room because I was so overwhelmed. I was jumping around, fist pumping and restraining my shouts of joy because yes, I was that happy. I still am very happy.

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Someone: “Don’t you think Noctluna needed more development and Luna more screen time?”

Me: “Of course I do. SE failed to make many gamers feel attached to the couple and especially Luna’s character was handled poorly. She deserves so much better than what she got. I’m still disappointed tbh”

Someone: “Yay! So does this mean you don’t ship Noctluna anymore?”

Me: “NO! I still ship it! Just because I admit its flaws and don’t deny that it could have been done better doesn’t mean I stopped shipping it! It’s my precious Otp and you can try to take it forcefully away from my cold dead hands! Good luck! You will need it!”

honestly…. I’ve been very patient this volume. I’ve given the m&k the benefit of the doubt so many times on multiple subjects and they have my unyielding support with just about anything they choose to do with their show.

But if Blake doesn’t talk about Yang next episode heads are going to ROLL


Josh talking with his mother about her suicide attempts:

The third time, you tried to kill yourself, there was, like, a day where we didn’t know if your stomach had been pumped in time. If it had been pumped in time, they assured me you would be fine. But if it hadn’t, you were gonna die slowly over two weeks.


honestly tho i let people walk over me so!! often!! like at the end of the day when im angry at little or big things that twist its because i never stand up for myself!! and when i actually do its just considered selfish or its ignored!! im!! so!! done!! this is why i close off to literally everyone so quickly b/c ive been manip. so many times and its not fair anymore? like ppl who care are like “will u actually do anything,” or “why dont u say something” and now im just overwhelmed w everything

anonymous asked:

My soulmate has been battling depression for a long time. She's tried so many remedies but nothing has really helped. Now she just wants to die to end the suffering. I love her so much and I don't know what to do that hasn't been done. Its difficult too because we live too far away from each other rn for me to be there for her more, I do what I can. I don't want to lose her. Prayers or advice, please help.

You know, sometimes if a person doesn’t want helps she can’t get better. She needs to start believing in herself again. In her success. She can win this fight but she can’t give up. Try to motivate her. A change of routine can be good to. Show her what the world has to offer. We only have one life but there is so much to see.

Maybe I’ve been burned one too many times, but I don’t think that we will be seeing any significant character development for Dean, not from a writer’s viewpoint. Sure, Dean seems to be standing up for himself at the moment, but at the end of the day, the writers hold the key to unlock that door and so far, I haven’t seen much evidence to hope for a change in the status quo. 

To me, Dean seem utterly resigned –just so done with everyone and their bs. He truly trusts no one and expects nothing from his family. He’s resigned to the reality –of everyone hurting and betraying him, of other people fucking up and him cleaning up after their mistakes –and seems to have reached a point where nothing surprises him, where no amount of betrayals matter him to anymore. 

So, today Aden here offically reached 100 followers. For most this is just another number, a small one compared to many - but for me, its an amazing thing, that - so many people have decided that they like my blog so much to keep on following even though I am incredibly awkward and hyperactive at times. That those people, they enjoy how I write Aden - that they seem to like me enough to stick around. I have roleplayed for years and never have I hit 100 followers so quickly and been so PROUD to have done so.

I have had some bad experiences in my rp past with trying to rp canon characters (Some so bad I was bullied into giving up) But the people in The 100 fandom seem to be more united (Despite if we rp Grounders or Skaikru, even with different prefered ships) Its like we have our own special safety net for when we feel down about our selves and our writing. Its something I havent come across for a very long time and I am proud to say I now rp two canon characters ( Aden and Raven ) and not only this, but its more than just those in the 100 fandom that have decided to follow Aden, which has inspired me to create some other verses - in other fandoms for him.

It is now so hard for me to believe that I was so afraid when I first made Aden here, I had been so terrified that no one would love him how I saw him - and now I am simply astounded that I have recieved so much support and have already made a few friends that I can’t imagine not rping with anymore. And because of some of those same friends - I have Raven now as well, because they encouraged me as I rambled about how much I adore Raven and they still listen to me chattering on about headcanons I have about both Aden and Raven. 

Its amazing.

This isn’t everyone, but here are just a few people who have either helped me feel welcomed or helped make an amazing impression and inspired me somehow:

@xnotafraid @forsakcnblood @skciripa @hxdaleksakomtrigedakru @warbuilt  @mcthersguilt @shxcklash @basiicphysics @firstwescrvive @portectorisms @forgedleader @childcharlotte  @crowneddeath @notrxcketscience  @hoperisen @hedaiisms  @imnobodysson

I guess I want to just say thank you to all of you, even if we havent yet interacted - thank you. I have felt so welcomed and accepted into this fandom it truly means the world and I can’t wait to meet and interact with many more of you lovely people.

- Sparky

A comparison from when I first started using Zombies, Run! For further comparison, I was doing 23 minute miles when I first became healthy enough / built up enough stamina to even do a mile.

It’s been a year and four months to get to where I’m (just under 14 minutes per mile ) at and its not been easy. I’ve wanted to quit so many times but, I’ve kept going and I’m glad I have!

Even just five minutes walking is a start. That’s where I started. Trust me, it can be done and does get easier if your patient and just do your best! : )

a knight’s tale


As a kid, Emma had briefly entertained fantasies of being discovered as a lost princess of a faraway land—or, really, anyway faraway from the broom closet she would hide in when her foster parents would fight. Faraway from wandering hands, faraway from the room she shared with six other kids, faraway from her life. 

Orphan, in and out of foster homes, so too difficult to maintain a decent GPA in a new school every other month, so no shot at a scholarship to college, so no degree, so no decent paying desk job, so bail bonds, so a torn ACL, so a scramble for a job that would keep her off her feet while she was in physical therapy, so a job that would pay for physical therapy, so…the job she currently can’t believe she has now. 

Plus the kid she had somewhere along the way. That too.

So yeah, she’d entertained the idea of being a princess. Once. Or twice. When she was seven

And yet, that’s exactly where she finds herself: Princess Emma, shifting uncomfortably in her corset, her royal ass aching after three hours on a wooden throne in 90 degree L.A. heat, jealously eying the mini fan on a lanyard the woman walking past her is wearing. 

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