it's just because you're so awesome!

The intuitive types comforting someone
  • ENFP: wow! You're just so freaking cool! They way you can keep up with me and show everyone a good time is something so rare! I really wish there were more people like you in the world
  • ENFJ: you're just so amazing, it's hard to believe you would ever need someone to reassure you of that. But, I'm happy to tell you that the way you are just makes me smile every day. You are happiness in life
  • ENTP: It's awesome how you never back down and work so hard to get what you want. You are unwavering and bring so much to the table with that mind of yours. Don't change a thing about you
  • ENTJ: the way you are so direct and assertive is very admiring to me. I really respect the way that you are able to handle whatever it is that is thrown at you. Keep it up.
  • INFP: you're absolutely beautiful. Don't let people tell you otherwise because you are. Beauty shines out of your exterior and glows on your interior. Smile a bit more and both lights shine brighter than any diamond
  • INFJ: you're so much more than you let on. When you do things like that, it really gives people around hope and inspiration to become better themselves. There is no other you.
  • INTP: not a lot of people can do what you do...and that's really amazing. Your point of view is valuable and completely misunderstood. Don't be brought down with a mind like yours
  • INTJ: ....You're unique. I can see there is huge potential in you. Your way of thinking, opinions and values are all factors that make you someone worth looking for. Don't underestimate yourself.

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I know that what you do might seem pointless or stupid or even just distasteful sometimes. That's normal. We love what you do. Don't feel pressured to be motivated all the time... it's not healthy. You are awesome no matter what you're doing, your projects have worth. I'm sorry you don't like Underverse very much. Personally, I love it and I think you're a creative, awesome, talented person. But even if you left Underverse right now, I'd still be behind you and following your work. <3

I don’t feel so happy at all since I’m in a few hours to have a special day for me because of all of these thoughts. Sometimes I still think I didn’t deserve the chance to transform a hobby to a real job.

Tthe only thing I can do for now is at least keep being kind and trying to forgive myself for all the stupid things I did and words I said to myself.  I’m not sure how long this “hate against myself” will last, but you words mean a lot, even if I’m not able to express it properly.

So, thank you. Thank you everyone.

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um hello i just wanted to say that you deserve an award for drawing shiro like that, because, damn, he looks too good in your style. i feel like you should be given a medal for the awesomeness (and for the best drawing performance of shiro in whole tumblr fandom). PS: i love you art, you're great!


✧(´⌣`人)Thank you so much for your words!!!

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OKAY so i've been following you for quite some time and i remember when you were drawing your first mafia AU pieces and when the fic came out and i recall frantically sending it to my friends because it was so amazing and now where like 6 months in and you're releasing that?? it's amazing!! i'm so proud of you and so stunned that you've come so far and so psyched that i got to come along for the ride, in my own way.

OMG that’s so awesome you’ve been here from my first silly fanart… I was looking at it and the AU has really morphed so much since that first fanart… like, just look:

it’s so similar even after all these months… I guess I have an aesthetic I like and stick to it!

But THANK YOU my dear for all your support through this entire thing and hopefully more to come ;; <3 <3

How The Moon Signs Should Chill Tf Down
  • Aries: Chill with the raged passion - sometimes people have different perspectives, and whilst you're not wrong, becoming heated and aggressive isn't going to make you any more right
  • Taurus: Chill with the stubbornness - it's nice to let go of silly things because they just waste energy, no one is gonna judge you for being wrong, so don't waste energy trying to make something right if I can't be! 1 and 1 can't be 5!
  • Gemini: Chill with the chilling - I know you're just trying to get through things the best you can, but sometimes things get worse when you don't care enough, so go the extra mile to show your friend you're sorry instead of 'letting it all brush over'.
  • Cancer: Chill with the reasoning/bargaining - some things just happen, some people just leave, and sometimes people are to blame. But that doesn't mean you can make who is to blame (even if it's you) feel bad, and it also doesn't mean it can change. Let go and move onto happiness.
  • Leo: Chill with the pride - pride is great and we should all have pride because we're all awesome, but occasionally pride (in the sense of knowing you are right on perhaps a subject or matter) can get in the way of friendships or other things.
  • Virgo: Chill with the blaming - whether it's on you or someone else, some things don't need blame. Things just happen and we must find a way to cope, not put someone at fault. It'd be better for you and whoever involved to move on rather than look back and point fingers.
  • Libra: Chill with the worrying - I know it upsets you when people think wrong of you or think you did them wrong, but I promise this situation means nothing and is probably a big fuss over nothing. You don't have to feel guilty.
  • Scorpio: Chill with the meddling - you can get easily caught up in others lives and emotions, and whilst you make a great rock, it's not on you to support them constantly, especially if you may be doing more damaged. Withdraw and look after yourself.
  • Sagittarius: Chill with the achieving - this has to be the most productive and intelligent (not just academically) moon I know. You do so well and what you aim for and I want you to know you're allowed a break! Go relax, tiger!
  • Capricorn: Chill with the calculating - risks are there to be taken and I know sometimes that scares you, but I also know living your life in the caution zone won't make you happy. Try a risk you want to take and cling to it like you mean it!
  • Aquarius: Chill with the helping - I'm sure I'm not the only one to notice that actually Aquarius is one of the most friend-oriented and helpful moons, and whilst they can take time to themselves, they outta do it more! Take a chill day!
  • Pisces: Chill with the excusing - you have a habit to excuse others actions whether against you or not. You are allowed to feel wronged and not like someone if it's justified, so let your inner lion roar!

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Hi I just wanted to thank you too because thanks to you I am seriously considering taking up running (and I usually hate going to the gym or exercising). You make it sound so rewarding, it's so inspiring! I was wondering if you had any advice regarding headphones, though, I remember that was an issue I had the one time I tried to run regularly like seven years ago, they would always fall out, and it was so annoying. Thanks again, you're awesome!

Yeah!!!! Earphones falling out while running is a huge problem and what you want are some headphones with the over-the-ear loop

Like this

The part with the “215″ on it also fits snugly in your ear which is a lot of what works to keep them in place.

Mine are ShureSE 215 and theyre pretty expensive (~$100) but like, I use them CONSTANTLY and theyre good sound quality and I’m super careful to never lose them so like, I view them as an investment.

When you get them (or some pair of headphones similar to them) you have to figure out how to bend the wire to fit your ear, but once you figure it out theyre easy to pop in. And they come with different foam earpieces so like, if the default ones dont fit your ears well, you can swap em around. 

Theyre also really effective sound-blockers which is good for if youre trying to focus. (Bad for if you accidentally ignore people trying to get your attention)

I’m sure there’s a different sort of these that arent nearly that expensive but still have that “loop around the ear to hold them in place, body part that fits snug in your ear” shape. If you shop around thats the thing to keep an eye out for.

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Just wanted to drop you a message to say you're awesome and I love your blog and I may have gone through over 340 pages of it (over a few days) just looking at all your posts because it's that great! So yea, you're awesome and great and very dedicated and keep up the fantastic work!! :D <3

Holy shit, that’s impressive! It takes a lot of patience to go through all those posts. I’m glad that you’re enjoying the blog enough to do that, heck! :3 Thank you very much, friend. 

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Tbh, I feel like you are the mom of the community. I think it's because of how you're so sweet and how you comfort other people and your use of "sweetheart" a lot! @Piligy is like the big sister here, cool and just overall awesome. @Fear-Is-Nameless is like the middle sister, rolling along with your antics. And @Lum1natrix and @hufflepufftrax are the aunts! Also the protection groups for the egos would be a group of...quintuplets? Idk lol.

i’m actually tearing up this is so cute and sweet and oh gosh we’re like a big family ahhhh

@piligy, @fear-is-nameless, @lum1natrix, @hufflepufftrax 💕

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your recent inktober drawings are very different from your work that I'm familiar with, and it's AWESOME. It's so cool seeing how your styles shift, and you're extremely talented

thank you!! idk why its so different when i switch to traditional media,, maybe because im not planning to color it after

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I feel like I do this every time you post but HOLY SHIT I LOVE YOU!! BOY WOW!!! HONESTLY YOUR WORK MAKES ME SMILE AND SQUEE AND LAUGH BECAUSE IT'S JUST! SO! GOOD! I mean there are some amazingly kickass fanartists out there but you're honestly like. One of my all-time faves. Thank you so much for showing us this awesome content. OKAY THAT WAS LONG SORRY BYE I'LL JUST. FANGIRL FROM A DISTANCE GHFDSA.

You will know us a little more !

Rules : Tag 20 amazing people you want to get to know better !

Tagged by : We were tagged by @maadiissun ! Thanks for that !

Name : 

Gwen - Gwendoline

Eirin - Pauline

Nickname : 

Gwen - Gwen, The witch, crow, gwenou (only close friends)

Eirin - Too many ! But many friends call me Unicorn, Popo (only close friends) or Eirin, I just let everyone find a nickname for me when I talk with them in fact

Gender : 

Gwen - Female

Eirin - Female

Star sign : 

Gwen - Capricorn

Eirin - Cancer

Height : 

Gwen - 1m59

Eirin - 1,67m or 5′5″

Sexual orientation : 

Gwen - Honnestly I don’t know and I don’t care. I’m more into men but I don’t mind a woman, I can love anyone.

Eirin - I don’t use a term for my orientation, I don’t really care. I just fall in love with a person so.

Hogwarts house : 

Gwen - Slytherin

Eirin - Ravenclaw

Favorite color : 

Gwen - Black

Eirin - Purple

Favorite animal(s) : 

Gwen - Too much but some of them are : crows, snakes, cats, dogs, rats, owls

Eirin - I have a few favorites : wolves, foxes, dogs, beetles and owls

Hours of sleep : 

Gwen - Can’t say my sleep is to irregular and I often have insomnia

Eirin - I don’t know, I’m no regular with this at all

Dog or Cat Person : 

Gwen - Both

Eirin - I always had both around me and loved both

Favorite fictional characters : 

Gwen - Ow hm… hard to choose but I would say the Winchesters brothers of course, Crowley, Death (SPN); Christian Molochai and Twig (from Lost Souls), Fido (Excquisite corpse); Wenesday Adams; Dorian Gray; Elvira; Lestat and Louis (vampire chronicles); And probably a lot more ! 

Eirin - Is that a trap ? It’s so hard ! So, as you can guess, the Winchesters, Charlie and Crowley from SPN ; Solas, Cole and Cullen from DAI ; Spencer Reid from Criminal Minds ; Jon, Tyrion, Ned and Arya from GoT (both show and books !) ; Ezio from AC ; Lucia from The Last Kingdom and many others but I don’t wanna write a book !

Number of blankets I sleep with : 

Gwen - One or two

Eirin - One in summer, two in winter

Favorite band/singers :

Gwen - Too much, but I’ll tell you some : Sting, Dir en grey, Bauhaus, The Cure, Alestorm, Two step from hell, Combichrist, Equilibrium, Ghost, Nine inch nails, Gojira, Sycorax, Sidewalks and skeletons, Rammstein, Alice in chains, Nirvana, The Buttress, Radiohead, Ultra Vomit, Metallica, AC/DC, Scorpion, Beethoven, Chopin and a lot more 

Eirin - Oh. Okay, the trap is here. I have too many artists I love so some of them are : ONE OK ROCK, AC/DC, Phil Collins, Bach, Bon Jovi, My Chemical Romance, RED, Nickelback, Peter Hollens, Kansas, Elvis (don’t tell my father he won’t let me in peace as his ultilmate fan), Nirvana, Breaking Benjamin, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Hans Zimmer, Kalafina, Led Zepplin, Sting and so The Police, Elton John, Alestorm… I told you, too many !

Dream trip : 

Gwen - Going back to Germany as well as visiting England and Italy (because Renaissance). But New Orleans!

Eirin - Hum… A world tour ? Seriously, I wanna gonna too Italy (origins make that !), Germany, U.K, Irland, Japan, U.S (especially NOLA, Chicago and Austin, Houston, Dallas !)… Yeah, I’ll say a world tour !

Dream job : 

Gwen - Artist or working in anything that has to do with art

Eirin - Writter (for video games) and gameplay programmer

When was this blog created : 

16th May 2017, so 3 mounths ago ! It’s a baby blog so be nice with him !

Current number of followers : 

Around 4,928 right now (always changing!)

When did your blog reach its peak :

… We don’t know ? XD

What made me get a tumblr : 

Well, it was created just because of a will to do this kind of format with the show and sharing that with the fandom !

Tagging : No one, answer only if you want to ! We wanna know all of our little demons ! ♥



“Why does tragedy exist?/Because you are full of rage/Why are you full of rage?/Because you are full of grief” -Anne Carson

“Craving, not having, is the mother of a reckless giving of oneself.” - Eric Hoffer

Because good intentions pave the way to hell. Sins don’t need to come from selfish origins

Happy two year fic anniversary! @the-flame-and-hawks-eye I really can’t thank you enough for writing this fic

xionchan  asked:

ALSO JUST SAYING YOU'RE AMAZING *throws confetti and fake YGO cards with pictures of THE MOON on them at you*

SJFALKFJAD;L SHIONNNNNNNN TAKE IT BACK TAKE IT BACKK how dare you use the moon joke on me
(I’M KIDDING..THANK YO U….. have this in return because it’s what your ask reminded me of)

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What up, Ace and or Aro fam??!! It's ya ace aro sista here and I just wanna say I love EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YA'LL BECAUSE YOU'RE YOU AND YOU'RE FUGGIN GREAT! There's not a damn thing out there that can tear us magical beings down, cuz we just that fuggin awesome 😎 Nah, but seriously, I'm so glad to have such a loving and supportive community filled with wonderful people. I absolutely adore seeing us all get along and sharing our stories. Keep being you, and keep trying hard okay? Love you!! 😚

An Artist’s Muse

Summary: Phil is a (sleep deprived) artist, and Dan is his muse, though he doesn’t know it (yet).

Word Count: 2.7k

hey this fic is for @vivunt-amant because it’s her BIRTHDAY!! (move aside dan, i’ve got FRIENDS to attend to!!) honestly she’s such an amazing person, a great friend, a fantastic artist, and an always unfailing beta. i’m super grateful to have been able to become her friend, and anyone who enjoys this fic in the slightest should go follow her bc it’s thanks to melea that it’s even here (also it’s her birthday and she’s wonderful so what are you waiting for???)

Keep reading

graysonpotter  asked:

HI!!!! Happy (late) Holidays! How are you? I just wanted to say I absolutely adore ur blog- it's so awesome!!!!! (I love the way you draw Sonny and everyone!) if you're taking requests, can you please do a smol vanessa perhaps??

thank you so much!!! im doing good, i finally bought myself a new tablet and im getting the hang of it so to practice– 


she got a doll for christmas and together theyre getting their revenge on usnavi because one time he told her and nina that they couldnt play with his star wars toys because they were for boys only

he learnt his lesson that year

anonymous asked:

Hi! Do you think the character assassination will continue in the next episode ? I don't see any hope and good in this arc and my love for the show is fading away with every ep :( I mean whatever explanation they give for Fitz's change, nothing justify stone cold murder and torture, no matter what you suffered in the "past" (I use "" because it's not real, but the murder is real)... And where is the reward for the first hour fans?? I don't see any...just Aos' destruction :( You're still awesome!

Hey there, anon!

I meant to get to this BEFORE the episode, but I’ve been out of town and had some adulting to take care of today so here we are!

As I’ve said before, and as I’ll continue to say, this is not character assassination. Character assassination would be a character that is weak or immoral when they have no real reason to be. This is a character who has been brainwashed and abused. If you had compassion for Daisy during/after what she did under Hive’s sway, you should be able to have the same compassion for Fitz. He’s just as in control of his own mind as she was. He’s just as much himself as she was.

AIDA said she gave everyone what they wanted, but we all know that Fitz would never want a life without Jemma! He would never want to be less than the man she sees in him!! And Jemma or no Jemma, Fitz wouldn’t want to hurt anyone!!!

Jemma said it best when she told Fitz that the person Fitz chose to become is who he really, is DESPITE his programming. We are seeing the real Fitz peek through here and there, but he has so many layers of programming to fight that it’s going to take a while to get through.

I know this is a hard arc to get through, because it’s definitely hard on me. I have a hard time seeing Fitz like this. But I think the reward for first-hour fans will be when we see our characters come back to us. We saw that in a literal way with Trip, but in a much bigger way with May!

May has been programmed just like Fitz, but she found something that helped her break away from that programming. If she can, Fitz can!

And if you cheered when May gave Daisy the terrigen, how much more are you going to cheer when Fitz turns against AIDA?

That’s what we have to look forward to. That’s what I hope for.

When I was at the AoS special FX panel at WonderCon, Mark Kolpack said that this was some of the best storytelling they’ve ever done. And if they pull off what I think they’re going to pull off, it will be.

anonymous asked:

Hi Andrew! I want to first say that it's awesome how you are working on being healthy and happy with your body! Fitness is such a personal journey and I'm glad you're on it. I started following you because I really loved how you are so unique in the sense that you never subscribed to traditional structures of masculinity or femininity - you're just you. And as a nonbinary person myself, I've always admired that you reject toxic masc culture. I would like to ask you: (continued in second ask)

“I would like to ask you: now that you have been comfortably immersed in your own fitness routine, how do you continue to reject toxic masculinity stereotypes that focus more around fitness aesthetic and “bulking up for gainz bro?” The male-presenting fitness industry is so dominated by it and I see so many queer people gravitate toward that toxic culture of “u gotta get big muscles bruh” instead of focusing on the real objective - feeling healthy and happy. Curious to know how you combat that!“

Hey there!! First I would like to say I appreciate this thorough and thoughtful ask to the extreme. What a wonderful thing to be able to discuss with another like minded person.

You’re absolutely correct that the fitness industry is dominated by toxic masc culture. To be honest, that held me off in many different ways from working out in a gym and establishing a routine. So much of the media, advertisements, or popular persons within the fitness industry are centered around competitiveness, body shaming, and unhealthy trends designed to make people self conscious for not sharing the same mind set or for not being at the same place physically.

That coupled with being trans and already feeling less than because of my body gave me an awful mindset and unrealistic expectations for myself–making what little exercise I could do very uncomfortable and unfulfilling.

When it comes to avoiding falling into toxic masc fitness culture, I think the real work is internal. Often when I see people in the gym who are rude, showy, or judgmental, they usually are that way because they are projecting. In order to feel like they have value they create a false persona that they believe has value and that usually means building up their image, judging others based on not having similar attributes, and generally being very cringey to be around. People can definitely just be that way, but I think a lot of it is derived from self hate, insecurity, and fear of not having worth.

What I feel is different in my mindset from others mindsets is that my goals, my body, the way I exercise does not define my worth nor does it lead to my ultimate fulfillment. When I work out I think about how much I enjoy the movement, enjoy learning, want to feel good, and want to eventually aid others in the same pursuit. Anything I could be tomorrow or a month from now or years from now I already am in a sense. What I ultimately value for my life is hard work, passion, commitment, and a way to help others with all I do. So if I can come to the gym, accomplish my small goals that lead to my larger goals, I don’t need much else. I don’t need to make fun of others, compare myself to them, or worry that I’m not living up to the things that they need for fulfillment.

Fitness can absolutely be a lifestyle for some people but for many people it is simply an outlet or a tool for feeling healthy and healing their body.

People go to the gym for so many reasons–real life people with their own unique livelihoods and experiences and desires and goals and passions. And I think that needs to be respected.

Exercise and fitness aren’t about doing what others are doing. But finding what works for you, what is safe for you, and what helps you towards the goals you have while taking into account other aspects of your life.

I’ve worked at my gym for a few months now and there are so many people who are just doing their little thing and not looking to do a bodybuilding show or to build a fan base or to do anything professionally or commercially within the industry. We have 81 year-old Betty who argues with her trainer about him not putting her on machines and Andrea who has MS and does her best everyday to stay active even when she’s really hurting and Michael who comes with his wife and sneaks a preworkout sample whenever she goes to do cardio and Josh who is the nicest dude ever who’s training for his first show in June and just so many real life people, you know?

Everyone is just doing their best and doing what makes them happy and I think that’s the real goal. Life is way too short to be worried about living anyone else’s way or conforming to an idea that makes you miserable. We aren’t here to be cookie cutter shapes of What Others Think We Should Look Like. We are here to live our weird and fun and lovely lives on our own terms.

Anyways! I hope that answers your question. And I appreciate the time you took to ask it so much.

(Ps. Everything I said also applies to people who don’t work out, people of all body shapes, people of varying health.)