it's just an object. doesn't mean what you think

anonymous asked:

There is nothing dehumanizing about being quantified. The aversion to being reduced to "numbers and statistics." is purely the result of old assumptions about what it is to be a person. Just because you can be analyzed and out into numbers doesn't mean your experiences and perspective is less valid. Just because you are the sum of your parts doesn't somehow make that sum less grand. Determinism isn't nearly as bad as you think it is. It's not fatalism, it's just perspective.

quantification makes sense if you’re an anthropologist or historian, or if you have a specific disorder and objectivity helps you (though I’m told the MBTI is academically unreliable anyway).

But the land of personality type self-diagnosis for the masses is just hokey navel-gazing and I don’t think it’s a healthy or accurate way to view yourself.

It’s like turning on the radio in the middle of Hey Ya and deciding it’s a song about Polaroids. You’re missing so much.

edit: I’m not sniping anyone for taking these tests for fun or having an interest in them. There are entire forum and communities and tumblrs quite seriously dedicated to MBTI and labeling everything and everyone, and that’s what I find frustrating.