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The Price of Stories

This is a thinkpiece on the use of narration in Wicdiv. It contains spoilers for issue #23.

Also this time the Sandman title pun is actually relevant ! Minor Sandman spoiler, MAJOR Watchmen spoiler. For those of you who are tired of my critical stuff, don’t worry, this is a good old hair-splitting analysis. Positivity ! Thank you so much for reading.

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Like a Piece of Rope Made Out of Two Pieces of Vine [Tate Langdon x Reader]

Author’s Note: I started watching American Horror Story yesterday… binged all of season one in a day and I’m now halfway through season two. I like, can’t stop watching lol. I had a couple of ideas for Tate, this is the first one. It kind of just wrote itself, and I’m wondering if you can tell… It wasn’t really supposed to be this long haha. I hope you like it. Also did anyone catch my pun/tiny joke in the last line or…

Word Count: 1,963

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thegreatorangedragon  asked:

21 and 32.

Thanks for this lovely A. Sorry its a bit late.

21. How and when did you get introduced to smut fic? Any horror stories? Probably got introduced to smut in fanfic at the age of 18. I loved reading back then Harry Potter fanfic…and yeah I was introduced to all sorts there lol. No horror stories but I just had to make sure there was no sign of them as back then I was using a family computer.

32 Fave AU tropes? Oh man this is really hard! Well I’ve mentioned before I love enemies to lovers. Age gap, professor/student in college. I also like friends to lovers and if you throw in an unplanned pregnancy then I’m hooked. Ill give almost any trope a go if its well written.

anonymous asked:

Okay but to antis - why should I give a fuck that you don't like like KS. Just cause your feelings got hurt doesn't mean I, who am not a shipper, can consume the media which I like - Horror. If it offends you that much then either blacklist it or simply don't go on the tag. Simple, right? It sucks that your blog has attracted antis because you seem like a responsible fan who understands and comprehends the story for its horror aspects. I hope they leave you alone soon! :)

I agree with all of this. Also the antis I have gotten on me are my own fault–i search the tag without the # so every mention of Killing/Stalking shows and every now and then I see a post that just… hmm… irritates me a bit and I respond.


During the recording session, the three of us actually weren’t sure what Dust was picking up. We thought this sequence would be used the first time the player defeated an enemy and picked up its remains. Y'know, like bones for crafting new items. …Or a severed head.

So that’s not just confusion you’re hearing in Fidget’s tone of voice… it’s also disgust and HORROR.

I love stranger things for many reasons but I think the thing I love most is that it’s a bunch of weird awesome kids dealing with a huge scary problem because adults would never have the imagination to understand it and that’s my favorite kind of story
Fanfic: Savage Ch 1, Zootopia | FanFiction

Hey guys! Just wanted to post a link to this incredible Zootopia fanfic I’ve been reading because holy shit this is the most exciting, nail-bitingly intense story I’ve read yet from this fandom!

The author has a masterful grasp of pacing in both suspense and action scenes with bits of tasteful horror and gore thrown in to give the story weight. Not to mention the author is also great at leaving infuriatingly good cliffhangers at the end of some chapters. So far this fic has had me on the edge of my seat!

Also it’s just so cool to see this author take on the challenge of writing how a city like Zootopia would handle a huge disaster like a city-wide biochemical epidemic, what their emergency protocols might entail and what it means for the ZPD. It’s a terrifying scenario, but also one that feels all too plausible within the world of Zootopia.

Both Judy and Nick are written perfectly. Even though they are dealing with these extremely intense situations and ethical dilemmas, their core personalities and relationship are still intact and every reaction they have is believable in context. I also like how the author further elaborated on Nick’s backstory and how certain trauma has affected him throughout his life and now his job. It felt like a natural edition to the character.

Now this is a Wilde/Hopps fanfic, but the way their relationship evolves romantically is extremely well-handled. All their interactions come off as natural and they serve as much needed breathers among the really intense scenes of action, suspense, and gore.

Unfortunately the fic is incomplete as of now, but the author’s already posted 11 chapters so it’ll take up a good chunk of your time to read. And trust me, it’s worth it! I can’t wait to read what happens next!!!! XD

A Major ‘American Horror Story: Hotel’ Clue Just Got Explained

Rejoice, “American Horror Story” fans! We can officially scratch one semi-huge mystery off our season five list. Remember that “arcane,” but “purposeful” top hat clue “AHS” boss Ryan Murphy teased in “Freak Show?” Well, it turns out that was alluding to the fifth installment’s hotel theme — and its leading lady.
Per EW, the “American Horror Story: Hotel” Powers That Be confirmed that the top hat image that appeared on Maggie’s coffee cup was a reference to the classic 1935 film “Top Hat,” which just so happens to be set in a hotel. Palm, meet forehead.

But wait! There’s more. The top hat clue was also a nod to Lady Gaga. As MTV News previously reported, the pop star officially landed the leading role in “Hotel,” and while the details of her characters remain sparse, we can tell you how it all relates back to that damn top hat. “Cheek to Cheek,” Gaga’s latest single with Tony Bennett, was written originally for “Top Hat.” And there you have it. The great top hat mystery is officially over. Now, onto other“Hotel” clues.
HuffPost Entertainment previously theorized that “American Horror Story: Hotel” could have a connection to the Garden of Allah Hotel. Denis O’Hare’s Stanley referenced it in “Freak Show,” telling the freaks he had a cousin who worked at the famous Hollywood hotel. Opening in 1927 and demolished in 1959, the Garden of Allah was the celebrity hotspot of its day. Frequent guests and residents included F. Scott Fitzgerald, Ernest Hemingway, Dorothy Parker, Greta Garbo, Humphrey Bogart, Gloria Stuart and the Marx brothers.
Seeing how “Top Hat” came out in 1935 and Marlene Dietrich’s film “The Garden of Allah” was released in 1936, we could be looking at a storyline set in the Golden Age of Hollywood — and that, Little Monsters, has Gaga’s name written all over it.