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started playing zestiria and it took me a whole five seconds to adopt a new fav

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Inverness, Scotland - 1950′s

The first thing he noticed was the noise. It came at first like a ringing, as if someone had struck a bell inside his head with a hammer. The moment he stepped into the stone circle, it was a screeching like his bones were being rent, and he had become so engulfed in agony that for a few moments, there was just white hot noise as his body ripped itself and reshaped through time. And then afterwards, lying spent and aching in the grass, he had heard the far off distant buzzing of bees, and a strange rushing noise that seemed at once to accompany everything. He knew immediately he was not at home - the sky was not as clean a blue, and the air had an acrid, smoky twinge to it that made him sneeze.

When at last the world stopped spinning around him and he had the strength to drag himself to his feet, his body at once betrayed him, and he doubled over and vomited, reaching out to brace his hand on one of the smaller rocks scattered around the hilltop. The buzzing had stopped in his ears, but he still reeled back once his senses came around, as if the abyss of time would suck him back in.

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