it's just a waaay big one

Why are people getting so pissy over the live chat being cancelled yesterday? So what, it’s just one livechat, it’s not like he’s never going to do one again.



so if you haven’t seen big bang’s secret garden parody this is a really good time to do so because i promise you won’t regret it

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  1. Walking home from school, he got bit by a dog. A Doberman. To this day, Greg is very uncomfortable around dogs - even if they are friendly. 

  2. He’s a very good writer. Excellent at details, stiff at dialogue. But Greg is also a very unsatisfied writer as he would rather backspace something before it truly begins. Or edit one sentence a million times before working on the rest. He wrote more as a kid, waaay more. His muse is dead.

  3. He thinks AKIRA is the most greatest, most influential movie in the world

  4. He also thinks the autotune is the best creation in the world. He’s a big-ish Zapp fan.

  5. Drawing makes him nervous. Even if its just a example piece to create, he feels like his stick figure has to look presentable. At least have a vase in the background…

  6. Greg, honestly, has a uncontrollable fatherly streak. He tends to have thoughts like; ‘If I don’t mentor / befriend this figure who will?’ It’s a habit he’s adapted from his mother.

  7. Upon learning he was adopted, Greg was on a ‘strict’ first name basis with Rhoda. It lasted for a few months because, he could not stay mad at her.

  8. All his life he’s heard, ‘You have a nice voice!’ but, one of his worse fears are sinking so low he does commercial voice-overs.

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