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So I've been in the mood for some tiny Fushimi asks, and I was thinking, in the three daddy AU, what if kid Fushimi got kidnapped again but by a rival gang this time, and Anna's been taken with him. Then when the guys try to hurt Fushimi (who's maybe younger than Anna here?), Anna immediately protects him with her own red powers. Then not too long later, the HOMRA trio appear and pretty much kick ass because no one kidnaps their kids and attempts to harm them, alright?

Okay but imagine how cute this would be if Anna was still younger than Fushimi and even though she’s just a little girl and not (yet) a King she’s all like nobody hurts my adopted big brother. Like maybe this rival gang decides they want to teach Homra a lesson and so decide the best way to do it is to kidnap Homra’s kids, they’ve heard about the two that Homra’s sheltering and figure if they have Fushimi and Anna in their grasp not even Mikoto would dare to touch them for fear of hurting the kids. The gang manages to steal the PDA of one of the other Homra members and they use it to lure Kusanagi, Mikoto and Totsuka out of the bar, then break right in and try to kidnap Fushimi and Anna. Maybe Fushimi’s actually under the weather at the time, like he’s got something of a cold and Anna was told to keep an eye on her ‘big brother’ until the Homra trio came back. She’s sitting by Fushimi’s bedside when she realizes that something’s wrong but it’s too late, the bad guys break into the room and manage to grab Anna before she can even really react. Fushimi tries to get out of bed and defend her but he’s too ill and Anna can only watch as he’s knocked out and dragged away.

Fushimi and Anna then wake up tied to chairs in the rival gang’s headquarters, the bad guys discussing how they’re going to send their demands to Homra. Fushimi tries to free himself but he’s still pretty groggy, he does however manage to use one of his hidden knives (because even tiny Fushimi knows to carry a weapon by now) to free Anna. He tells Anna to go, figuring he failed to protect her before but at least this way one of them gets to safety. Anna doesn’t want to leave though, worried about Fushimi, and as he’s yelling at her to go the bad guys walk in and see the two of them talking with Anna standing there totally free of her restraints. The guys see Fushimi dropping his knife, trying to hide it, and get pissed thinking this brat tried to get one up on us and escape. One of the guys is about to hit Fushimi with like a metal pipe when suddenly this wall of flames appears as Anna stands in front of Fushimi, arms spread as if to protect him, declaring that no one will hurt Saruhiko. Ooh, and say in this AU Anna’s only been with Homra for a month or so and even though she had the induction ceremony and everything she hasn’t been able to use her powers at all and Kusanagi was wondering if maybe because Anna’s a Strain it didn’t work the same way and she can’t use her fire at all. But now suddenly with Fushimi in danger she’s able to pull out all that power she’d been suppressing, determined to keep Fushimi safe because here he kept trying to save her (and then just as she’s starting to tire out the door is kicked in and a very very pissed off Suoh Mikoto proceeds to wipe the floor with the rest of the gang because hands off my kids).


That moment when you realize what a horrible and sick thing you’ve done to the most pure and good man you’ve ever been graced to meet and you’re just like: 


oh so sana changed, not vilde who since got a boyfriend is all about sex and kissing magnus and making weird noises in front of her friends because she loves magnus so much!!! it’s not eva who cheated on jonas and made a mistake, but god forbid sana makes a mistake!!!!! it’s not noora who is all about being best friends, can we hang out and then when sana texts the group they just ignore her. 

also they forgave what sara did but they can’t forgive sana because you know, its better to have someone who talks shit about you than to have someone who cares about you and would do anything to protect you even when that means going against your beliefs, sure sana changed 

another thing that bothers me is that they just ignore sana, she sits with them and they’re just like “k bye, we’re gonna go now” 
if you cant see that your friend is in pain then i’m sorry, but you’re not a good friend

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just because you're okay showing your boobs off on your wedding day doesnt mean its appropriate for everyone

I literally just said that choosing a dress is a very personal thing, and each bride typically picks something that makes them feel beautiful. 

I’m hardly walking down the aisle in a hooters tank, but if I wanted to, it’s my day and I can do what I like. 

k bye. 

I just told mama about my bike and…just hearing her say someone stole it made it hurt worse. Cuz that means someone went onto our back porch, that no one can see from the front of the house, and stole it. Went onto our porch and took it.

Like, not only does it hurt that someone stole something that meant so much to me, but like…it’s really just sinking in that someone came into our space and took something away from it. 

I don’t genuinely hate many people, but I actually despise whoever took my bike. I honest to god hate them and I hope one day they know how much it hurts. I hope the guilt keeps them up at night. I hope it eats away at them to the point they can’t sleep. I want the guilt to absolutely destroy them.

God that’s such a horrible thing to say about anyone but…I mean it. I actually mean everything I just said. Part of me hates that but…the other part doesn’t even care.

Us (Hong Jong Hyun)

Type: Fluff

Request: A scenario where you and Hong Jong hyun’s relationship goes public

Can you do a Hong Jong Hyun sceneraio if and only if possible?! I love your scenarios! 😭😭😍❤️💕💕💕 I was kind of thinking that you two were secretly dating and then it all came out to the public and yeah, idk. I’m just saying random things now… I love your blog! K. Bye! *leaves awkwardly*

Its been speculated for many years now if the two of you had something going on. After working on something a while back made people think you two had become friends but you two were more than that. "Are you sure you want to do this?“ you asked as he smiles “I want to” he spoke as he pulled you in for a hug. You smiled as you posted the picture of you two that explained everything. That you two had been dating for 3 years, living together, had a dog, and were even engaged.

He smiled as you kissed his cheek “I love you baby” he spoke as you bumped your nose with his. You opened your Instagram and saw many comments “look this one says the look in our eyes gave it away” you say as you rested your head on his shoulder. “It’s my favorite look” he cooed as you laughed. You decided to turn your camera on and pick up your dog and take a picture before Jonghyun could photobomb. He took your phone and started taking selfies of himself filling your phone up with the pictures.

You glared at him for a moment "you’re the worst kind of person” you joked as he smirked “I do play an evil man here and there” he jokes. “No I mean real evil. There’s like 200 new photos that look almost exactly the same” you say as he smiles. “More photos to look at when you miss me” he tells you as you raise a brow. You go into your photo album showing him he had his own fold “aw really that’s cute” he coos as you smile at him.

“Do you look at these when you miss me?” he asks as you nod “I look at them when I’m working” you tell him. “I need to make an album of you now” he says as he pulls out his phone. “Pose for me” he says as you raise a brow “perfect” he says as he leans in and pecks your lips. 

happy birthday jojo!!!

honestly i don’t even know where to begin, you’re one of my favorite human beings on earth, and despite all the shitty things that happen in life, one of the best things the universe did is letting our little planets collide. i’m so blessed to know you and call you my friend, jojo…..jojo. you have no idea, do you? how many people’s lives you’ve touched, and in their lives, a miracle is born through your kindness, and simply, you just by being you. there are so many good things about you, your kindness, your warmth, your thoughts, your personality, your heart- and you are so, so loved because of these qualities. there’s nothing i cherish more than our endless talks, how we can literally talk about anything and everything and you are always there to listen. nothing makes me more happy when you watch the animes that i rec’d you, forreal though, whenever you want to do a spa again let me know cause i have more recs so you can #soak in your own tears. also you’re legit the only person i feel comfortable talking religion to, which is super rare and important because most people tend to get either very sensitive or defensive about these topics but it only proved that world peace could be achievable in this world if we shared a mentality like yours, and it led me to discover that beautiful soul that exists in you because you have such an open mind and is the most non-judgemental person and muslim girl i know (i want to shout out to the void, and to some of the judgy folks i know irl, “look!! look at her! look at how she is and you all? *gives them the once-over* shame on yourselves! but really. you’re the epitome of a good person. the world do not deserve you, and neither do i. so remember this: every time you read/see/hear an ignorant/hateful comment? it’s okay. a puppy will grow its wings in Jannah and things will get better, because you’re the better person. sometimes you fight your own battles you feel so alone, but the fact is you aren’t. you are so much more than your struggles, your thoughts, and your internal battles- there are so many girls out there fighting day by day, minute by minute, but they never say they’ll give up. just take one step forward, every day. even if the rainbows seem impossible and difficult to reach, but for a person like you? i believe someday it will tear through lightning and clouds just to reach to you. you have so many beginnings ahead of you and being 21 is one of them. and yes, you’d be the first one i’d take with me to war* (*tbh we’ll just find another planet to migrate and we’ll sip tea/coffee whilst we watch ppl like trump make dumb of themselves on wireless satellite or smth). so…thank you for being such a precious friend to me, you’re the sana to my noora, the ross to my joey, the unicorn to my rainbow. thank you for leaving on happiness in my life like lights by the streets, and i’m forever thankful to the stars that you exist.


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How do I tell an artist I think their art is cute? I've re logged some things but not everything. I want to send her an ask. Wat do

idk Man U shouldnt ask me cuz usually I just send at least 3 asks thats just “HEY WHADUP BITCH ITS ME HERE TO TELL YOU UR ART IS THE DEFINITION OF THE SHIT BUT IN A GOOD WAY K BYE” which I think creeps out most ppl so rlly go ask someone else I have no idea


Angels huddled in front of convenience store, the bright, white glow being the closest thing looking like home in the streets after dark.

The very first ‘visual concept’ I’m doing in an attempt to decide which project to do for my diploma 

since this one is much more setting than really story I thought I would illustrate the many situations I have until a story starts coming  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

[quick edit with lineless vers. too because I think it looks cool k bye]

im back ish???? HENLO

im kind of super active on twitter because it feels like im screaming into less of a void there HHHNGF lmao sorry

BUT IM BACK!! i missed u i hope yall are good

summers started- im watching the summer animus, im still CLINICAL DEPRESSION and its all cool

i got into haikyuu, bnha and bungou stray dogs wHOOPS ( ^ω^ )

(follow me on twitter cuz im alive there @ hanasobah)


Phanfic: So kissable

Title: So kissable
Genre: So fluffy you’ll sue me
Word count: 653
TW: Swearing and I think that’s all?
Excerpt: “You woke me up at four in the morning because you wanted to kiss me?!”
A/N: I am terribly busy therefore I spend my time writting fluffy drabbles. Anyways here you have some sleepy phan fluff.

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We talk for a while

trying something new here. this is my first ever original story i’ve written and i really love it and want to share it! (tagging @clearascountryair @marvelthismarvelthat @buckysbears @bioforensics AND @inevitablyfitzsimmons for reading this and betaing and @superirishbreakfasttea, @lapiccolina @bookedbyfandoms because you guys said you would read it if i posted and I LIKE VALIDATION )

We talk for a while

I have just pulled out yesterday’s leftovers from the refrigerator when someone knocks at the door.

‘Knocks’ probably isn’t the right word. ‘Knocks’ suggests that I was expecting someone, maybe my parents arriving—cooing and boisterous—excited to see how their daughter’s changed her childhood home. Or maybe a boyfriend, bringing homemade apple pie for dessert and cuddling and maybe something more.

But my parents are gone, I don’t have a boyfriend, and I hate apple pie.

And whoever was at my door was banging on it so hard and so urgently that for a moment I feared it was the police, even though the police probably wouldn’t knock at all.

“Coming!” I call over the noise as I make my way to the front, clicking my tongue when instead of stopping the pounding just seems to grow faster and harder.

I crack open the door and peer outside even though it’s almost too dark to see anything anyway. “Hello?”

The overhead light automatically clicks on and everything is illuminated.

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  • Howl: I am such a coward...It's really time for me to face my problems. Going to see the king would be the right thing to do.
  • Sophie: That's good thinki-
  • Sophie:
  • Sophie: but you just-

Probably the only moment I ever said to myself *holy shit I really love this man* is when my boyfriend couldnt sleep one night, the whole night, he thought i was sleep but i wasnt because i could feel his stress, i knew he wasnt sleep. Finally he *wakes me up* and tells me how his mom is struggling and its putting pressure on him…and in the midst of him telling me this in detail i start crying, it was silent, i was humble about it, he didnt notice until he felt it cause he was laying on my chest. Then he looks up and says “why are you crying?” and im like “youre going through so much..” but you know when you talk and cry simultaneously how it sounds ugly so you just muffle your face. So now i feel petty and ugly, then hes like…damn, you really love me, and in my mind im like damn, i really love him, as irritating as he is, i love him so much im a mirror of what he feels but has too much pride to show. Then like later on that day we robbed somebody.

Anyway, sometimes i question if im a sociopath, because i dont cry, even about things you should cry about it, to a point where i feel guilty for not crying. So, when that happened i was like wow this is really love and its not just like words with no meaning we say to each other as some strange human relations ritual several times a day.

k bye

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alrighty!!! i’ve had this blog for a little over a year now and its been such a great experience and im so thankful for it honestly, so here’s my second follow forever in honor of all of you wonderful people who follow me !! (also im 30 away from my next k and following back until i hit it ok bye)

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Chloe Bennet + Clark Gregg

Chloe is… I don’t know, it’s funny, I care about her as much as Coulson cares about Skye. She and I have just become this really strange kind of- I wouldn’t say it’s father/daughter [relationship], it’s more kind of older brother. On one hand, she’s the youngest, and at the same time, a lot of times she ends up giving us all advice. She’s got five brothers and she just couldn’t be tougher and more game to try anything. Even when she doesn’t have fights going on in the show she’s in there boxing, and trying to become more… lethal.