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So can we like…start normalizing the idea that not everyone dates or has their first boyfriend/girlfriend in junior high or high school?

There are plenty of people who go into college with little to no dating experience. There are tons of people who go into college having not had their first kiss yet. It’s not wrong; everyone experiences things at a different pace, and that’s okay. Don’t feel pressured into doing things you’re not comfortable with at the time just because you feel like you have to fill some sort of “quota.”

Gemanimate WIP!!! I actually got permission from my prof to use this for one of my assignments so I’d have time to do it even with school lol. I’m already a good way into the final animation so there’s already some stuff I’ve tweaked, but I figured it’d be good to post this as is. I think I might have the longest shot in the whole thing, there’s more audio after this too but its just blackness after the pan, so we’ll see if I have time to do something with it or not! I have ideas, but i think it’s more important to just get the part that originally had animation done first :V

Honestly i think that if Ouran Highschool Host Club just made the mistake of being ahead of its time. Had it come out recently it would’ve been praised for all the great and nicely subtle things that it included. 

For starters, it had a nonbinary protagonist, Haruhi basically states that they dont care what gender the others see them as. 

Then it goes on to be crammed full of jokes about other shoujo and general anime tropes. yeah other shows do this too, but this one straight up calls out the Harem debauchery tropes in one episode. its great 

not to mention there’s a transvestite character who calls out the stereotypes that surround drag queens, an all girls’ school full of lesbians (which i can attest to is true to real life), points out that the fetishization of gay people is obnoxious and wrong (Renge as a character is shown in a negative light whenever she acts like this), and i just love it. 

I hold this show really close to my heart. i wish it had gotten more seasons. 

I just need to say one more thing. I shouldn’t feel afraid to go to school tomorrow. I shouldn’t be afraid of what Trump supporters will/say or do to my friends and myself. I shouldnt be degraded everyday for defending my liberal ideals. I have had Trump supporters tell me I’m “ignorant and stupid” and that “liberals have no place in this country.” I also shouldn’t be told that because I’m a woman I’m weak and I should be controlled. 

pointless ransom headcannons because i……lov e  h im

  • he ate paste in elementary school, but like in a cool way. like he wasnt the weird kid, it was just a well known fact in the class that Justin would eat paste if you dared him to 
  • (in fact he’d do most things if you dared him to.)
  • he won the science fair three years in a row, and his parents still have the ribbons. 
  • hates spaghetti. “it feels like im eating hair” “its noodles” “yeah or like. worms” 
  • had a turtle as a pet once. most of his entertainment at that point in his life was caused by him feeding the turtle different vegetables and giggling to himself
  • has older sisters 
  • hates long periods of silence. it just creeps him out. that’s why his best friend is holster who is Very Loud and why he likes to surround himself with people
  • bi
  • once painted his nails pink and then insisted they were “salmon” for an entire week simply to piss holster off
  • has literally never dated someone who is not blonde 
  • has a secret, somewhat shameful collection of sticky notes and highlighters? like, he keeps it in a drawer that not even holster knows about. he literally has like every color, size, brand of highlighter and enough sticky notes to last him three lifetimes. he doesn’t even use them. he never fucking studies. he just. likes them. 
  • texts holster’s mom a lot. they have inside jokes. it’s gotten to that point. 
  • terrified of spiders

ready to go // panic! at the disco

The whole thing about Jack and Kent’s relationship really reminds me of high school. Like you’ve got a bunch of young kids who aren’t quite adults yet and are trying to act like it and are also in a relationship and are trying to figure stuff out without having anyone they can go to for help. And I knew a lot of kids who dated for the entirety of high school and then broke it off for college. They did this for a variety of reasons, didn’t want to date anymore, wanted new experiences, didn’t want to do long distance, etc. And then there are the relationships which last the summer before and fall apart during the first semester of college for a lot of reasons similar to the ones I listed above.

What this has to do with Jack and Kent. If you imagine an au where Jack and Kent are vying for a spot in some top ranked Ivy or whatever for college. And Jack assumes that they’ll spend the summer together and then have an amicable break up and go their separate ways to their separate Ivys. Except I don’t think he told Kent that. Kent just from what it seems expected them to keep on going. And instead of having a discussion about their expectations for the relationship or even just breaking up, instead Jack has a mental breakdown right before they were set to head off to school and instead takes a gap year and then heads to a tiny liberal arts college before meeting up with Kent again at grad school. Kent in the mean time not only had his boyfriend break up with him via mental breakdown and silence, not text, not a phone call, we don’t even know if he got a we’re done from Jack and he certainly didn’t get any closure or ability to argue his point or ask why, but he also has to go to his fancy ass school with his prestigious major and make new friends while also pretending to be totally okay™. And maybe he found a good group of friends who are willing to help him and support him. But maybe he didn’t. Because Kent is smart and hardworking and good at what he’s majoring in and it’s not like he has a boyfriend or any friends to take up his time. Instead he just has classmates who are sort of friendly but he spends all his time studying and getting good grades and I can see that making his peers mad at him and envious of him more than I can see it endearing him to them. At least he has the emotional support cat he found behind his dorm junior year and jumped through so many hoops to keep. So yeah, Kent might have a support network but even if he doesn’t the way Jack broke it off is harsh and leaves lasting scars. And it doesn’t help that there has been literally no contact between the two of them. So like literally the first time he hears about Jack joining him at grad school where he’s already been for several years and is doing good he’s torn up. Because some part of him wants back what he and Jack had and another part wants an explanation and a third part just wants Jack to hurt the same way he hurt. Now imagine the first time they share a class or interact. Maybe Kent is TAing one of Jack’s classes. It’s one thing to be okay in theory and another to be okay in fact. And I think that Kent might think he’s in a good place, but then in comes Jack obviously happy and content with his life and Kent has everything that they wanted when they were kids and going out and he can’t understand how Jack is so much happier than he is. And even if he is happy where he is, how dare Jack not want the same things anymore. When you leave/lose someone as abruptly as Kent must have lost Jack, they tend to freeze in time. They stop being a person and start being an image in your head. So I’m not surprised that Kent has trouble accepting that Jack has changed.

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I'm so done with my life rn. My favorite show had its season premiere on tonight but dance practice got moved to during its run time! I got home to watch the last 30 minutes and tried to put away hw and shower quickly but my parents kept asking me to do things for them. So I missed the whole show. I just wanted something to look forward to after coming back to school asdfghjkl I'm triggered and bitter. (Sorry for the mini rant, I usually try to be a happy person 😔)

awwwww my love i’m sorry!!!! i hope things get better!! just take a deep breath and it will be okay! i wish there was something i could do!! <3 

here is some cute tae

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Madelyn's gonna show up and cause drama isn't she? Why can't Rocio & Jacob be happy? I love your story though, I just like torturing myself I guess, lol.

I haven’t decided tbh. The school year is coming to an end and projects are piling up so I might just take a brief break from drama until summer break (In May). But I definitely want something dramatic for when Madelyn comes back around, but she probably won’t come back around until the end of Rocio’s life…. :( 

Doing the right thing for your students sucks sometimes. I COULD have used the school’s phonics program to teach spelling and had my spelling lists each week pre-prepared for me, but when I tested them, it was obvious that the program didn’t actually meet their needs, so now I have to spend freaking forever putting together my own lists of words for them.

Ciel x Lizzy Modern AU

In Elementary school Ciel fell in love with Lizzy. It was an adorable, innocent love. They would do their homework together, play house, and hug, thinking that was a really adult thing to do. 

Then Vincent got a job in another city and the Phantomhives had to move. Ciel tried everything to avoid this. He cried and pled that they wouldn’t have to move but his parents made him anyway. They tried to comfort Ciel about leaving Lizzy. They told him he was still young and a lot of things could happen but Ciel didn’t want anything to happen. He wanted to stay with his beloved Lizzy. Rachel told him he could write her letters to stay in contact and thus, under tears, the two had to say goodbye.

And as it is with long-distance-relationships, it doesn’t usually work. Ciel and Lizzy lost sight of each other but every day without her hurt Ciel’s soul deeply. He turned out to be a rather grumpy teen. He rarely had any friends but the friends he had were good ones. Despite his behaviour he was well popular but he never went out with anyone. This went well until his mother heard of his popularity. One day she asked Ciel why he wouldn’t date anyone. Trying to dodge the question Ciel told her he just wasn’t interested. But being the mom she was Rachel dug deeper. And completely annoyed Ciel told her he didn’t want to date anyone because he hadn’t forgotten about Lizzy yet. For a moment Rachel was speachless. She just barely remembered the little girl her son has had a crush on all those years ago. And then it escalated. She looked at her son and told him to stop holding onto a memory that has passed. She told him to move on. With a good intention, she didn’t know how strong this “little crush” really had been, but for Ciel it was a real blow. His mother had told him his love for Lizzy was lost in time, she had declared his feelings hopeless, and it gotten him hopeless.

And so Ciel started dating people. He wouldn’t listen to his dates talking, he didn’t bother to hide his desinterest. When somebody would try to hold his hand he’d rip it loose again. Once they’d try to kiss him he’d forcefully push them away. He was breaking on the inside. Every day he had to force himself to pretend he had passed on a little more. 

His friends got worried for him, asking him why he agreed to go out with everyone if he was only gonna push them away. And Ciel told them it was to please his parents. And that evening Rachel and Vincent Phantomhive received a call from Ciel’s best friend Soma who felt he had to do something to help his friend. And both were shocked, Rachel on the verge of tears. Neither of them had ever wanted for this to happen. They hed never intended to put so much emotional pressure on their beloved son. They immediately went to apologize to Ciel. They hugged him, they would pet his head, tell him everything was going to be alright, and that he shouldn’t have forced himself to do things he didn’t want to do. He didn’t have to date people he didn’t like just to make them happy.

After this Ciel stopped forcing himself. He was a grumpy but other than that emotionally healthy teen. His parents were still a little bit worried that after almost a decade their son was still so dedicated to a childhood crush. But they had seen where to much critizism lead so they decided to just stay by his side and watch over him. They’d ask how he was more often, meddled a little bit more in his life. Ciel, of course, appreciated the love his parents showed him, but he was a teenager and one with a reputiation on top of that. He wouldn’t tell them. Also, they were rather annoying.

Then came the time Ciel went to collage. He therefore moved to a whole different town yet again. Rachel and Vincent were extremely proud, yet torn. After all they had to let their only son leave the nest. Ciel on the other hand was ready for a new challange and he hoped it would be a good one. And in his very first course in collage he encountered a moment that would make his heart stop beating. That very moment when he accidentally happened to run into Elizabeth Ethel Cordelia Midford. Neither of them could believe their eyes but they recognized each other in a heartbeat. Their presence felt so close, so intimate, it was awkward for them both, having such intense feelings for someone they had last seen about a decade ago. Her smile had become a lot more beautiful he felt, and he had, sometime in the last ten years, become one hell of a blushy mess. But they were together and they got to know each other once again.

Vincent and Rachel were fairly surprised when they heard their son was in a relationship with his childhood love again. They were worried they’d both still cling onto the memory of each other. But as they met the young couple in person their doubts disappeared. They didn’t think they had ever seen Ciel act like this before. Not even in his childhood he had a glow like that and for some reason their sweet and slightly awkward interactions were soothing to watch. They were close, not in a corney tennage drama way, but in an adult way, speaking to each other freely, agreeing, disagreeing, being a team. And on the next class reunion, with classmates and friends, Soma was very pleased to be able to announce that Ciel Phantomhive was finally engaged, to the love of his life. 

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i know you've had this post for quite awhile now, and man, i really respect you for never growing out of maintaining this blog despite its popularity? I just wanted to know how you've done it; stayed and answered asks, posts more content, while balancing your job and personal life too. Because since I've gone through some personal stuff and school, i havent been able to begin posting again, and just wondered how you do it??

This is an interesting question! If I am being honest I don’t always feel like I do a good job of balancing everything, and for a little while my blog felt like a chore, or it felt like I had to post things people wanted and not what I wanted to talk about. 

As far as balancing what I try to do is use my queue. (I’m actually answering this one to queue among other posts.) so I take a little time before I go to sleep and pick some asks to set up for posting the next day. That way I can stagger answers to asks without completely flooding people’s dashboards. 

As far as posting content I also use my phone because I’m out more than home so if I happen to see a picture I want to post I’ll screenshot and post it. 

Honestly, the thing that’s suffering lately because of work and social life is my writing. When I was single and had less to do or when I didn’t care as much about my job / it wasn’t as demanding, I would be able to write more, but now I have a lot more going on so my time to write is lessened quite a bit. 

I’ve been trying to get back into the swing of it (I wrote for a long time yesterday) but my works is busy this time of year and my energy has been super low. 

If I have to give you tips, I guess, it’s kinda my mentality lately. Your blog should be fun. It should be filled with your interests and your wants and what you want to talk about. I had been feeling bad for posting a lot about Vernon or Jack or different ships I like, but it’s okay because it’s what I want to talk about right now and what makes me happy. It’s okay to like a lot of different stuff, you don’t have to stay the same forever. 

I think this is like my third year in this fandom? (I think?) and I appreciate everyone who has stuck with me during that time. <3 


This was basically my life in high school haha

Well, I had one art teacher that hated my stuff, because I drew anime (still do) and one that loved my stuff and would even put it on her wall in the class.

So half support, half hatred. The teacher that hated me even told me to my face “I don’t think you can draw comics.” Jokes on him my most popular post (13,000 notes) is a comic. And I’m developing a webcomic. har har har

hey guys im back from athens and I Had A Thinking

i realized that i really dont have enough time or energy to take care of this blog as much as id like to.

and i know it sounds kinda weird to say cus its just like, pop in, say you love terezi, and thats it

but this thing got big and idrk how to handle it anymore?

theres messages to answer, a queue to tend to, and a lot of stuff that i dont have time nor energy to do mostly bc of school and mental health

but also i really kind of dont want to let it go like every other thing i do bc, as i said, its big, and its abt loving terezi, and we need more love for terezi

so tl;dr: does anybody want to have this blog temporarily handed over up until school becomes less stressful for me?

To those who have the thought;

Suicide, people feel like its the easy way out of things, that its the way to finally stop getting bullied, to stop getting hurt by others, and to stop hurting themselves. But by doing it, theyre just hurting every single person in their life, even if they’ve only had a single conversation with them. (to the people surrounding the one who has the thought)I don’t care who you are, if someone that you bullied, someone that you care about, or someone that you went to the same school with, were to commit, you wouldnt know what to do with yourself, youd be struck and hurt, because its not a joke, dont tell someone to fucking kill themselves, because if that person were to actually do it, and you were the person who put that final thought into their head, how the fuck would you feel, how would you feel putting yourself into the other persons shoes and getting told to die and to kill yourself, youd want to fucking cry everyday. Its fucking sick that people actually joking around about that shit, and its sick that you are that much of a disgusting human to say that to someone who has a lot of thoughts about it. (Back to the people who have the thought about it) I understand, its hard, youre not happy with whats going on in life, or whats being said, but hear me out, this bullying that people do to you, its not going to last long because all of the bullys are going to realise what scumbags they are and theyre going to kiss your ass the rest of your life once they realise how shitty they are, the rumours that go around about you, once these people realise how stupid they are for beliving something else, even if you told them the truth, when the same thing bites them in the ass theyre going to want your help to stop the rumours going around, to the girl/boy who sits alone at lunch that doesnt have many friends and doesnt fit in with anyone, once youve made it past that stage of your life, youll realise how amazing and drama free your childhood was, so growing up you didnt have to deal with all the idiots who start stupid rumours, and to the people who are unhappy, the breaking point, i just want to let you know that, unhappiness is only for a certain period of time, because once you fully love yourself and love the people areound you, youll realise that what people say will not effect you, and the people around you will remind you that you are super strong and can handle everything coming your way, like a shield, and youre the one holding that shield, i know this is kinda all over the place, but i just dont believe that people should think this is the answer, everyones put on earth for a reason, and what happens if you werent able to complete what you were put here for, it doesnt just effect you, it effects everyone around you. (Dont give me hate im just stating my opinion, and i know everyone situation is different)


Since the popular-by-notes generator doesn’t really reflect things I personally liked I made my own 2015 chart real quick (not including art from other blogs I run).

A whole lot happened this year which kept me from doing personal work, so I’m fairly unhappy with most of these. Hopefully the trend of sexy chickens will continue on to 2016.


Anon: I know you’re done these before but can you just do a school themed request? Just one where they are kind of bad boys like in Boy In Luv? Maybe just snapping between each other? Its so funny when you do those and honestly it just brightens my day! 감사합니다

(I had to repost because the emoji you used makes weird things happen on mobile idk) BUT ANYWAY I’m heavily considering doing a badboy! Bts series because of this request tbh because bad boys are too hard to resist. It might not be specifically school related but they will be bad indeed (they’ll try to be bad but theyre all lil marshmallows) and i might even write something for it …. Who knows ~~! Also, i know this isn’t all of bts like you suggested, but I’m hoping since imma do a 7 parted series with each part dedicated to a member that you’ll forgive me??? ❤️

- Admin J

   That’s it for now! I’m going to head off so I can go to the gym later on. I’ll probably do some more things when I return since my drafts and ask have went down so much, kinda proud. If you want to start something up, hmu on IM or skype! I’ll be responding to things there today too. My skype is blumoonchild, just make sure to include your URL or I’ll decline the invite. Take care, lots of love!<3

I’ve been calling all the stores in my city seeing if they had a Switch and when they’ll get them. All my answers have been “No Switches and we can’t tell you when more are coming that’s unfair.” Then more Switches do come and people buy like 5 of them then sell them on Kiji for $1000. How’s that fair? This week tho, I was at the mall, and I went to EB games (Canadian GameStop basically) and I asked the if they had any Switches. Of course they did get some but they sold out. Then he goes all quiet and says, “We get shipments every week now, and I’ll let you know that our shipment guy comes in around 1 pm, so come back here Wednesday/Thursday at 1.” So the story here is that I’m getting a Switch soon and I missed my opportunity to say “Keep this a secret from everyone.”