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Gemanimate WIP!!! I actually got permission from my prof to use this for one of my assignments so I’d have time to do it even with school lol. I’m already a good way into the final animation so there’s already some stuff I’ve tweaked, but I figured it’d be good to post this as is. I think I might have the longest shot in the whole thing, there’s more audio after this too but its just blackness after the pan, so we’ll see if I have time to do something with it or not! I have ideas, but i think it’s more important to just get the part that originally had animation done first :V

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Hey Viria, sorry to bother you but this is something I really need to talk about with someone and your blog has always been a safe space to me. I'm turning 20 this year and I've never been in love, nor have I had a boyfriend/girlfriend before. I don't know, if I'm too picky or if my standards are to high, but I never felt something like a crush before. I don't know if it's normal but I really just want to feel having butterflies in my tummy. I don't know what to do or what is wrong with me.

there’s nothing wrong with you, please don’t think this way! 

There are few things I can offer about this:

- don’t feel alone if the insecurity you feel is connected to the age, you aren’t alone, there are so many young people in their twenties who hasn’t been in relationship before. Even for me, even though I had minor school crushes, I only had one relationship and it wasn’t serious and I now know it wasn’t love. So for me it happened when I turned 22.

- it might be that you feel the red flags about people and haven’t met someone you connect to yet. I know a few people who are close to their 20s but haven’t had crushes before, it’s normal too, we all are different.

- movies always make us feel like we have to be in love to be complete, because EVERY teenager is in love in the movies. They show the morally high educated girls and say they always have to be in love to be good. Don’t be too pressured by the movies; they aren’t real life.

- as for butterflies: they aren’t always good. I mentioned minor crushes I had: I used to have all the knees buckling, heartbeating too fast, and I have to say that it wasn’t the healthiest. With as much as I had of physical stuff happening, I could never even talk to that person. So..not feeling the butterflies, but feeling warm and cosy and content and just, very secure, is what I think matters more. Deep connection matters more. Attraction is important too, of course, but the physical stuff fades over time, bonding stays.

- THE LAST BUT NOT LEAST. Try looking up aromantiсism, asexuality, demisexuality. I am not the most educated person with this; but there are people who don’t feel romantic or sexual attraction towards others. There are people who need to really spiritually and mentally bond with someone to start being attracted to them. You might be aromantic or asexual or demisexual!

Hope it helps at least a bit, remember you aren’t alone and there are always people who feel the way you do! You will have it all figured out soon, don’t worry<3

You know who did the teen hero thing right? Kim Possible, that’s who. She never messed around with that secret identity thing or with not letting her parents or friends know what she was doing so she never had to deal with, “Oh, I’m gonna miss this important family event to save the world”  or, “What’ll happen if my friends find out my secret identity?” bullcrap. It was like, “Mom, Dad. I gotta go deal with this Drakken sitch,” and they’d just be like, “Have fun. Tell Ron we said hi.” She had that hero/personal life balance thing on lock. I aspire to have my life as in balance as Kim Possible.

Drag Me Down (To Hell) | 01

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↬ Summary: There’s a darkness to your city, a murderous underbelly filled with crime and deceit that you’ve sworn to avoid at all costs. But the universe has funny ways of forcing your involvement in the form of a notorious mob boss and his young daughter.
↬ Pairing: Jeongguk x reader
↬ Genre: mafia!au
↬ Rating: Mature (for themes; subject to change in later chapters)
↬ Word Count: 7.770

Part 02 - Part 03

Trapped on the cusp of dreams and reality, you can almost imagine your phone isn’t ringing beside you. In your dream, you’re running. Running away from something faceless, but large, and for a good second you’re able to think the ringing is your screaming, but when your screaming stops and the ringing does not, you force one eye open through the haze of sleep and reach for your phone.

It’s not on the table next to your bed, so when it stops ringing you think you’re in the clear, flopping back onto bed, but then it starts up again, and you curse loudly. The phone’s hidden in your sheets by your hip, and before you can even get the device to your ear, your brother is speaking.

Or rather, spitting, “What the fuck are you doing?

You snort, trying to bury your face into your pillow. “What a wakeup call, Taehyung.”

Sorry.” He sounds angry, but you pay it no mind. Taehyung leads with his emotions, acting first and thinking second. If something’s worked him up, he’ll confront the problem as quickly as possible, as is made evident by his call at- six in the goddam morning, what the hell? “Good morning, love. Sleep well?

“Until now? Yes.”

And you call me rude,” Taehyung laughs. “Happy now? What the hell are you doing?

You thank any lucky stars there may be that you don’t have any classes today, and can hopefully sleep again after you finally calm Taehyung down. “Elaborate.”

You’re getting a job?

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Okay, Head Canon Time

Marinette only ties her hair with ribbons.

Not hair ties.


It’s just a rule she has. Okay, now imagine all the scenarios that can arise from this

• Tikki helping her tie her hair up in the morning

• Ladybug bringing it up once during patrol to chat

• Chat suddenly buying her loads of different bows and accessories for her to experiment with

• Ladybug letting him play with her hair (after much begging, of course)

• Of course, he learns how to make all these fancy and cute bows and braids

• And of course she’s pleasantly surprised by this so she lets him do it more often

• And they teach each other loads of tips and tricks and its just cute fluff

• And she starts showing up to school with all these new hairstyles and accessories that Chat bought her

• Adrien is too oblivious to figure it out, obviously

• But just imagine if he found out that Marinette does the same thing

• Just fluff

Feel free to add onto this

All Bets Are Off

Request: “Hey, would you write Draco again?? Also what if it wasn’t an actual smut scene but like flirting?? Or are you over that because I can just request later on if you’re sick of anything smut related”

Pairing: Draco Malfoy x Reader

Word Count: 1367

Warnings: implied smutttt

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“Got detention again I see.” Draco remarked as he began to walk alongside you, heading towards the detention chamber. “What’d you do this time (Y/n)?”

“I only played a harmless trick on some third-year Hufflepuffs.” You shrugged.

Draco chuckled, and you punched him in the shoulder playfully.

“Stop following me, freak.” You jested, your strides getting quicker but Draco matched it, no matter how fast you walked.

“Following you?” He smiled. “I’m going to detention!”

“Let me guess, you only got detention so that you could stare at me all day again?”

“You wish.”

“You already wait around for me in the Slytherin common room, and now you’re actively stalking me. I could complain to Snape you know, he’d probably flog you.”

“Oh come on (Y/n), don’t pretend that you don’t like it.” He grabbed your arm, pushing you gently against the nearby wall. His cunning eyes darted between yours, his breath tickling your neck as he leant down to whisper into your ear.

“I know you want me.”

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Since it's a thing: Lazytown characters as things I've done

Sportacus: Was really high and ate 16 apples, core and stalk included.

Robbie: Slept for three days straight and woke up feeling tired so I had an after sleep nap.

Stephanie: Was the only person who could do a front drop on the trampoline in PE just because everyone else was too skinny to get bounceback.

Trixie: Fooled my sister into believing we were an hour late to school when it was a Saturday and only told her once she was in a blind panic.

Stingy: Made myself sick eating chocolate so nobody else could have any.

Pixel: Blew my friends mind by cleaning a computer mouse that was really dusty when they’d been thinking it was the computer not connecting to it properly.

Ziggy: Bet someone I could fit five digestive biscuits in my mouth. I won.

Milford: Cried because after three hours of constant revising, my teacher wouldn’t let me knit a scarf in my free period because it was supposed to be time spent studying despite that it was all I’d been doing all day.

Bessie: Sharpened my nails into claws just so I could freak out the girl who sat beside me in science class.

Íþró: Fell down the stairs and broke my ankle but still went to a play before getting it looked at because I promised my friend I’d go.

Glanni: Wore a ring that was actually a very well concealed knuckle duster to prom because some girl said I’d spread rumours about her (that she herself had spread) and wanted to fight me. She didn’t have the guts in the end.

Jives: Got high when I was meant to be going out with dad’s friend and her parents, her mother spoke Russian to me and I nearly had a panic attack because I thought I’d forgotten the entire English language.

You Smell

Just a little drabble I came up with since we were doing a live fic thing in the group chat. I hope y'all like it!


She’s not one for getting sick all the time. At least not anymore. When she was little, there would always be something wrong with her every other day when she came home from school, so much so that her mother began to think she was faking it more often than not. Once she had gotten her powers, she didn’t get sick all that often - something she was grateful for - but that meant that when she did get sick, it was usually really horrible. She hated being sick, hated feeling useless and weak, so she tended to bury herself underneath her mountain of covers, calling her mother every so often to pile on whichever one was left lying around the house. Everyone avoids her if it isn’t to bring her food or blankets, and she couldn’t be happier; her mood becoming worse every time she had to stick her hand out from under her blanets to grab a tissue, or every time she had to sit up to eat, or when the material of her shirt felt harsh against her skin.

She’s half asleep when her phone rings loud against her ear. She frowns and groans as she grabs it and brings it a few inches from her face, a deep scowl set on her face even though it’s her girlfriend’s name flashing on her screen. She sighs before answering, lowering the volume low enough so it doesn’t hurt her ears, and lets out a weak, “hello?”

“you sound horrible.” It makes trini role her eyes, a small cough escaping her lips followed by a groan. “Are you dying?”

“hello to you too, princesa.” Trini lets out, her voice nasely as she wipes at her nose with the sleeve of her shirt. “And yes, I am, so if you’ll excuse-”

“I’m coming over.” The words are out quickly, and Trini frowns becuase she must look like she’s dying. She hadn’t left the confines of her blanket fort long enough to take a shower, and her hair was in a bun full of tangles. She’s about to protest when she realizes Kimberly had already hung up. She rolls her eyes - groaning slightly right after - and sits up. She sends a text telling Kim not to come over, that she was fine and would be at school soon, but all she gets is a small “nope” in response.

She doesn’t shower - she’s much too weak for that right now, her limbs feeling ten times heavier than they should - but she somehow finds enough strenght to brush her hair and her teeth, and fish all the dirty tissues from underneath her blankets. She crashes right after, her nose runny and her ears pulsing, and she’s back under her blankets in a matter of seconds, falling asleep quickkly after her head hits her pillow.

She coughs as her her eyes open, darkness surounding her thanks to her impernitrable mountain of blanets, and she’s relieved to not feel like a truck has run her over. multiple times. She shifts in place, and when she tries to turn herself over in hopes of getting more sleep, someting thightens around her waist and hot puffs of breath hit the back of her neck. She’s startled and jumps in place, not really paying attention to the way her head feels like mush.

“Jesus, Kim.” Trini groans out as she lifts the blankets enough to see her girlfriend. Kim’s hair seems to be just as messy as her own, pink lips drawing into a frown as a small grumble escapes from in between them.

“Come sleep.” Kim whispers, eyes scrunching closed as she reaches for the blankets. “You’re sick, so you need sleep, so sleep.”

“Amazing logic, princesa.” Trini says with amusement. She whimpers when Kim rubs her skin where her shirt had ridden up, and she’s dazed when Kim seems to jump up and snatch her own hand back.

“I’m so sorry,” Kim says with a small pout, reaching for Trini’s shirt and pulling it back down.

“It’s fine.”

“D'you want anything? I can go downstairs and get you some water or something?” Kim says as she starts making her way from underneath the blanets.

Trini’s quick to grab her wrist and pull her down, “I just want you here.”

Their cheeks flush as Trini looks away quickly, brown eyes soft and pink lips twitching. Trini rolls her eyes and scoffs, turning around without letting go of Kim’s wrist, tugging it around her waist, smiling in satisfaction when she felt her girlfriend shuffle closer.

“You smell.”

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this is kiinda late but if you're still doing those fandom requests how about The World Ends With You?


Author: @sincerelystiles
Pairing: Isaac x Reader
Word Count: 1,280

Warning: nsfw

A/N: this is dedicated to my hay-babe @sarcasticallystilinski bc she’s ill and has major isaac feels, i luh u bby x x

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The tips of my fingers gently trace the soft skin of his face, nails ghosting over the small hairs that stand on end. My eyes were heavy, but my smile never faded, not even the slightest. He lay still, soft snores emitting from his luscious lips, warm breath fanning over my neck and he pulled me closer into him, snuggling his face into my hair and inhaling deeply.

This was the only time he was ever affectionate. When he was sleeping, out of consciousness. I play with his dark curls with my other hand, careful not to wake the sleeping man as I continued to silently admire his beauty, for it wouldn’t last long. Within hours, he’d be gone. My bed empty - yet full of desolation and disgrace when I awake in the morning.

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Imagine: you’re trying to study history, but Elijah doesn’t let you study without his help.

“Alright, school me, grandpa. What else is wrong in here?” you teased him.Elijah had been holding one of your school textbooks for a few minutes just counting all the things wrong with its explanations.“Let’s just say they underestimate the hostility of Vikings and settlers in a lot of these contexts. Given vampirism was spreading there were no negotiations for half this land as there was blackmail,” he commented.“Well, if these books are leaving out vampires, of course it’s wrong,” you said, taking it back from him.“Do you think I’d get kicked out of European history if I did my powerpoint on the inclusion of vampires?” you almost laughed.“It would be highly entertaining to see you try,” he smiled.You continued to write the pages of the essay portion of your assignment as he continued to walk you through his personal history on each subject. You rolled your eyes at most of it, except for when you’d make stupid puns out of his lesson. “Just write it for me then,” you said tiredly as you let yourself slink down on your couch. You took off your watch and groaned.“It’s 2 in the morning? You can’t be serious. I have like 1 page and 2 slides done,” you whined.He took your laptop off your lap and shut the book.“At this point, any lie you write will be worth the credit. I don’t know if you heard, but your textbook is less than reliable,” he said.You scoffed sarcastically, “No kidding.”You kept your laptop open, trying to pull an all-nighter. You got tired of him trying to fight you on most of the assignment and to try and relax. To your surprise, before he left, he even drew you a bath to try and help you relax. 

  • Snow: Emma, are you OK? What's with all the silly string?
  • Emma: It's spider silk.
  • Snow: What? No it's not. It looks like a Party City exploded in here.
  • Emma: Gideon made a giant spider and it got webbing all over the place.
  • Snow: We had more realistic decorations at the school Halloween party and the children made them.
  • Emma: I tried to fight it but it wrapped me up like a mummy!
  • Snow: The *children*, Emma.

Just imagine if you could reread your favorite manga as many times as you wanted but it still had the same magical effects as it did the first time through

i saw a vegan on twitter the other day who obviously has zero understanding of how dairy farms work and I just 

dude I’m no expert on dairy farms but I can do my own fucking research

also a bus driver I had for like six years in school literally owned a dairy farm. which I drive past from time to time because welcome to new york we have trees and cows

all you people who think manhattan when you hear new york make me laugh. most of new york is farmland and trees and cows.

based on a dream I had last night-

I am all over the idea that magical objects/creatures/plants don’t pick a mortal as their champion (wearer, companion, wielder, etc.) because of some prophecy, but because that mortal either did years worth of research on them & wants to do positive things for other people with their help/magic OR was just very kind to them.

An ancient tree that is said to have healing properties?
Turns out their mortal of choice is a biologist who analyzed the chemical properties of its leaves, bark and sap for years.

A giant toad with six eyes that has been living in the school pond for way longer than it should be alive?
Their mortal is a boy who has been sharing his lunch with it through most of his early teenage years.


IMAGINE: reader doesn’t want any kind of relationship with Carl but keeps casually trying to convince her.

You rode a skateboard to school when your mom couldn’t drive you, so Carl could find you anywhere you went with the very sight of a neon pink skateboard nearby. He jogged alongside you one morning as you looked on down the street calmly while he talked to you. “You like pizza? My family was gonna get some tonight if you wanna watch the game with us,” he hinted. “I don’t do football and I only like combination pizza,” you sighed. “We’ll get one of those. Maybe we can watch Liam’s dinosaur movies instead,” he persisted. “Maybe some other time. See you in algebra,” you answered as you rode off to the opposite end of the school where your friends were. He came to a stop and watched you walk inside the building. You were so cool to him, totally confident and tough; he liked it all.

He tapped your shoulder and nodded his head to the sleeping teacher in your lunch detention. “How much are you willing to bet me that I can hide all her stuff and draw a dick on her forehead without waking her in five minutes. Chucky and Val pushed it up to thirty-five,” he smirked. “How much are you askin’?” you asked him in reply. He turned to you with a smug look on his face as he looked you up and down. “I won’t date-” “Your skateboard,” he cut you off. Your lips parted a syou thought about it. “Deal,” you smirked. Well—that teacher bitch never woke up. He collected your skateboard after school, claiming it for himself with a Red Bull sticker in the middle of its backside. Now what were you gonna do? You couldn’t just walk, you lived too far. Maybe you could steal it back? Win a bet to get it back? You knew Carl, and things always had to be done in a sketchy fashion. 

You sighed as you knocked on his door the next afternoon and thought over this decision to simply ask for it back. Fiona Gallagher answered the door. “Can i help you?” she asked. “I’m Carl’s friend, Y/N. Is he here?” you asked her. She turned back toward her house and called out her brother’s name to which you heard him bolt from somewhere in the house to the door. “Hey,” he said coolly. You cocked a brow as you said hello back. “Look, I know you won it fair and square but that board is kinda my only ride at the moment,” you said hopefully. Carl hesitated before he looked over his shoulder. “You wanna come inside and get it?” he again insinuated. He seemed hopeful and you were hesitating. You smiled as you nodded, “I’d love to.”

You spent the next two hours having dinner at Carl’s house and hanging out with him and his family. Carl convinced you to go out with him as you were leaving, which you had to admit, was an opportunity long overdue.

You (Simon Request)

~~~Simons POV~~~
I stopped still in my tracks when I saw her. She had a light smile on her lips as she plugged the music into her ears and set off again to wherever her destination would be. She was beautiful. She always was. Effortlessly. Not like these fake, plastered girls I seemed to find myself talking to at clubs nowadays.
And then I realised she was walking towards me. Had she noticed me? Shit. I looked disgusting. I’d only come out to get a juice before I went home to my parents yet again.
Shit. Say something Simon.
“Hey” I croak as she walks past and evidently sees me staring.
She takes out her earphone and looks up to me, “sorry, did you say something?”
“Um I said hey” I scratch the back of my neck.
“Hey” She raises her brows, “Will that be all?”
Damn. She still really was hurt.
“No no of course not” I shake my head, “Come on (y/n) I haven’t seen you in what? 3 years?”
“Almost, yes” She nods, folding her arms.
The harsh tone. The cold look in her eyes. It was the look she gave to people that were dicks at school. I found it hilarious. I guess i wasn’t laughing now I was on the other side. “At least come for a drink with me” I sigh.
“And why would that be?” She questions.
“You know where I’ll be. 4pm?” I nod, avoiding her question.
She looks into my eyes for a second before reaching up to return her earphone to her ear and walking off. 4pm.
Let’s give you some background shall we? From when I was 16 to when I left home at 21, I was in a relationship with (y/n). We weren’t one of those innocent, young couples that happened all the time in Berko. We were genuinely in love. Yes, it sounds fucking cheesy but it was true. Everyone knew it. When I first met the guys, they were adamant I would marry her. And so was I really. Her and my family got on well, they loved us together. And then, in early 2014, before I moved in with the guys, something happened. I was doing good on YouTube and I was starting to get a bit overwhelmed by the sudden popularity. Being in a committed relationship with a home town girl from Berko didn’t seem like a good idea for me. So, classic-scared-of-commitment Simon decided to call things off before I left for London. But not in the fashion of a civilised break up, I simply left and said things weren’t working. The worst mistake of my life.
And so here I’m sat, at our stalls in the corner of Zero Juice Sushi with the hope that she’d come through those doors.
I’d ordered both of us our favourite drinks and even some popcorn chicken for her because she claimed there was ‘nothing better’
I felt anxious. Worried. If she didn’t, I knew I’d truly fucked things up. Forever.
Since I’d left her, I’d tried to go with other girls. Tried to replace her. But it never worked. They were never her. They didn’t make me laugh like she did or know how to instantly make me smile like she would.
“Well, if this isn’t the right flavour I won’t be happy” I hear her familiar voice beside me as she sits down in the next stall.
“Of course it is!” I grin, “Our first date. I took you out for your birthday. We came here because there’s nowhere better to go around Berko and you had that exact drink. And no matter what, you’ve never changed your order” I recite the memory.
I see her smile slightly as she sips the juice.
“And I figured to keep you here you could have some chicken too” I smile, pushing the box over to her, “How have you been?”
“Simon, look this is nostalgic and all and you’re right with the juice and the chicken and whatever but-“ She sighs, “Where does this lead after the pleasantries?”
My smile falters.
“You’re back home for the weekend at the same time I am and suddenly it means we have to spend time together? I’ve been back home here plenty of times when I can. Why now?” She raises her brows.
“You moved?!” I pick up on her mention. She was always the girl to stay in this town.
“Yeah I live in London” She nods, “When I’m over here. Tend to travel with my job”
“Photographer” I smile, “You made it”
It was the dream she always had. To travel and take incredible shots. She wanted to capture a culture in a matter of pixels. She was so passionate.
“Yeah well i-” She starts, “No stop. This is what I mean. You can’t just meet up with me and buy me a drink and suddenly think that we can just talk like everything’s normal Simon. You broke my heart”
There it was. The four words that killed me. Firstly because I hated the thought of her ever being hurt that much and secondly because I hated myself for being the cause of that pain.
“I-” I start, knowing there were a million words I could’ve said but none of them were deemed good enough.
“I think I should go. Its good to know you’re well and by the sounds of things, you’re doing incredible on YouTube. But to be honest, I think that’s how it should stay” She comments, standing up.
“August 2nd 2010” I burst out, standing up too as she begins to walk out, “I took you up to the roof of school and it had taken me all that time to finally tell you that I loved you. I called you babygirl and you found it hilarious and I guess it just stuck after that. We spent the whole night up there listening to music on that tiny IPod thing that I got with my first pay. They had a massive go at us the morning after and I told them it was all me. I spent the next two weeks in detention and every single morning I walked you to your class even if it meant I was late every time. I’m not saying i want to walk you to class again or take you back to the rooftop of that school but that doesn’t mean i don’t feel exactly the same way about you now as i did when i was a lanky teenager”
She looks down, clearly knowing she’d get emotional if she looked me in the eyes for too long.
“I’ve been openly in love with you since I was 17 years old (y/n) (y/l/n) and I was lucky enough to spend 5 years of my life trying to make you feel exactly the same way. Because every single morning I was happy, every time I held your hand I still felt that immature electricity that everyone felt with their first kiss, my cheeks still flushed pink every time your lips met mine and I spent everyday of those 5 years completely fascinated by why you would ever choose to be with me” My voice cracks then, “And ever since the day I left you, I’ve regretted it more than anything. Its the worst decision I’ve ever made and hell, you know I’ve made a lot of mistakes.”
She stops and looks up and everything is still flooding back. Seeing her with wavy hair in our school uniform that she seemed to look good in. Spending hours and hours together until the nights fell across the sky and the cold wind got too harsh. Bailing her out of detention whenever I could until she eventually won the fight and got me out of it instead. She got me into a world of trouble and I loved every second. Why YouTube ever became my priority over her I will never know.
“So you can walk out that door now and you don’t ever have to see me again but just remember that for five years of your life you loved me and I know you well enough to know that there’s still a part of you that hasn’t changed. You’re still that teenage girl that was happy with a kick around in the park in battered football boots that didn’t care what people thought. You made me a better man (y/n). So what will it be?” I sigh, tears filling the bottoms of my eyes and threatening to fall over the edge.

Study Buddy's Pt 1 - Philip Hamilton x reader

Warnings - A few swears, I think that’s it tho
This Is my first fanfic so sorry if it’s cringe ._.

You sat in class, bored as ever you played with your hair you weren’t paying attention

You failed most classes the only few you passed you got like a C or B this wasn’t one of those classes this was math you suck at math you get Ds or Fs in the class most of the time

The bell rang and you started packing up your stuff when you heard you teachers voice say

“Y/N, And Philip, please stay after class.”

You groaned and got up and walked to her desk that was at the center of the room Philip wasn’t far behind you

“Yes Mrs. Reynolds?” You said sweetly

“Your failing Miss Y/L/N.” Mrs. Reynolds stated.

“Okay, and?” You said dropping the hole sweet

I want Philip here, to tutor you.“ She stated and you gasped.

“What.“You said bluntly.

"No arguments please, and just give him a chance.” She said angry at your attitude.

“Ugh fine.” You said and turned around to Philip who has been very quiet

“Meet me at my locker in 5 Minutes, we’ll go to your house and study.” You said walking away before he could reply.

You walked to your locker and grabbed your stuff and out it in your bag it was Friday so you doubled checked and made sure you had everything you’d need for the weekend

when you closed your locker you jumped and screamed a little cause Philip was right there you had dropped you backpack out of fear

You both bent down to grab it and hit your heads

“Ouch.” You laughed and rubbed your head he was doing the same thing.

You looked at his face you never really realized but he was kinda cute I mea- not Y/N stop think this stuff you have a boyfriend.

“S-sorry.” Was all he said.

“its okay, you just scared me a little.” You stated and bent down and grabbed your backpack when you stood up straight again he said.

“Ready to go?”

“Sure.” You said and walked out of the school together

As you got in his car you breathed in and smell of mint you smiled and put your stuff by your feet and buckled up.

“You have a pretty smile.” Philip said and started the car

“Uh, thanks."You said blushing at his comment


You had just pulled up to his house-
No Mansion it was huge your jaw dropped when You saw it

"You failed to mention you lived In a mansion, Hamilton.” You said unbuckling, grabbing your stuff and opening the car door

“uh, I don’t like to brag.” He said getting out of the car and blushing from embarrassment.

“Dude it was a joke, chill.” You stated walking up the stairs to his front door.

When you got to the door he opened it for you

“What a gentleman.” You laughed as you walked in his home

He laughed then you heard a female voice call out

“Philip is that you?”

“Yeah Ma” Philip yelled back

“Come in the kitchen please.” “ma” called out Philip grabbed your hand and took you with Jon to the kitchen when you got to kitchen there were two women one with pale skin long brownish blackish hair, and one with slightly darker skin and long curly hair

“Aunt Angelica?” Philip asked not letting go of your hand

“Hey Phil.” The woman I’m Guessing is Angelica said

“Whos your friend.” The pale one asked.

“Oh this is Y/N, Y/N this my Mom and my Aunt.” He said pointing to the pale and darned skinned women.

“Nice to meet you Mrs. Hamilton.” You said holding out you hand that Philip wasn’t holding.

She shook it

“You to Mrs..” You trailed off

“Schuyler.” She finished shaking your hand

You smiled and said

“Philip shouldn’t we get to work.”

“Yeah.” He said dragging you to his room you heard his mom yell

“Door open please.”

You laughed and he groaned

“Your mother seems nice.” You said grabbing your laptop and books

“She is.”

You guys sat in awkward silence till Philip said

“Okay this isn’t going to work unless we get to know each other” you nodded and your phone buzzed you pulled it out of your pocket and saw a text from Lucas (your boyfriend)

You smiled until you read it then you started crying

Lucas❤️💙 -we are done dont text me ever again.

“Y/N? What’s wrong.” Philip asked and you have him your phone so he could read the text

He frowned and said.

“I’m sorry.”

He hugged you and you guys laid down on his bed and he let you cry into his chest.

“Hey Phili- oh uh sorry.” You heard and female voice say

“Oh hey Angie what do you need?” Philip said

“I was wondering if you had seen my headphones?” The voice asked

“Yeah dads study.” Philip stated.

“Thanks Phil.” The voice said and walked away.

“Who was that?” You asked wiping your tears and sitting up.

“My sister.” He stated

“I’m going to be a laughing stock,” you said

“Why?” Philip asked

“I have no one to go to prom with now.” You said he was about to say something but you cut him off.

“Let’s get to getting to know each other.”


After a few weeks of studying you guys were playing 20 question while hanging in his bedroom

“Fav color?” He asked.

“Black.” You stated.

“Will you go to prom with me?” He asked you, this question was a shock to you you didn’t know how to reply you just smiled and kiss his cheek.

“Yes.” You said holding his face in your hands he leaned in and kissed your nose you smiled and laughed at him.


The Hidden Falls

Back in 2012, I found an old photograph (see last of photo of this post) of my mother and her friends swimming in a waterfall, and I immediately fell in love with the place. I asked her where it was took, and she said “Tinago Falls”. She talked about how—in spite its popularity—the falls was hidden far away in Iligan City, taking 400 exhausting steps to reach the paradise. 
Since then, I knew I wanted to go to the hidden waterfall. 

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