it's just a sneak peek though

“Revenge Is Gonna Be Mine” 

Side-by-Side comparison of the rehearsal and the final scene. 

*Interestingly the talking bits didn’t match up (even though the end did) so I had to edit it a bit to get the bridge and the last verse to sync. 

Disney's D23 Expo to Feature 'Last Jedi,' 'Black Panther,' 'Thor: Ragnarok,' and More

Disney is getting the jump on Comic-Con this year with its D23 Expo, which will offer attendees exclusive behind-the-scenes looks at upcoming releases like Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Black Panther, and Ralph Breaks the Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2. The studio has just released its schedule for the biennial event, which this year will take place July 14-16 across the street from Disneyland. That’s the weekend before San Diego Comic-Con (July 20-23) — and though Comic-Con is still the nation’s premiere pop-culture convention, Disney’s impressive slate of upcoming movies will likely lure many a film fan from San Diego to Anaheim.

While the specific offerings are a surprise, the D23 press release promises plenty of big announcements, star appearances, advance footage, and behind-the-scenes sneak peeks tied to Disney films in the pipeline for the next few years. Among those name-checked in the release are Lucasfilm’s Star Wars: The Last Jedi; Marvel’s Black Panther,Thor: Ragnarok, and Avengers: Infinity War; Pixar’s Coco; Disney’s A Wrinkle in Time, and Mary Poppins Returns; and Walt Disney Animation Studios’ Ralph Breaks the Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2.


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Hi! Have you noticed the name of the bar in the sneak peek? It's called Aesop's Tables (I thought that was hilarious actually). And one of Aesop's fables is "The Swan and the Goose." I do not know why but something is bothering me about it since there is the Operation Mongoose and all. Do you think there's more to it or it's just some sort of pun like The Rabbit Hole?

I don’t think The Rabbit Hole is just a pun either. This show is very Alice in Wonderland… but yes, I noticed and thought it was hilarious! There are so many fables, though! 

As was pointed out to me, there’s also a lion behind them, but there’s 28 lion fables… Fandom effort. Read them all and see which fit!

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So what are your thoughts on the sneak peek? I think some people are really freaking out b/c it was very tense between Fitz and Simmons. I can't help but still be a little concerned even though I know they release stuff specifically to get us to watch and they knew seeing that would scare us. I guess this is less of a question and more me just trying to make myself feel better lol.

Hi @i-have-zero-chill

It was pretty much what I expected.  So a few things that will hopefully ease fears.

  • Its a sneak peek so its EARLY in the episode meaning things are still pretty raw.
  • Jemma isn’t letting him close himself off, she is right there trying to help him fix it, together.
  • She is taking none of his “this is all my fault” stuff.
  • There is more to the scene, something will come after we saw both more of both peeks last week

Also remember how much they wanted to ‘fake us out’ last week with the Second Peek and Fitz/AIDA.  They wanted it to look like he wasn’t fully our Fitz again and still had ‘feelings’ for her.  Blah.  

I would honestly be worried if Fitz wasn’t like this right now.  It also shows how much the Framework is effecting him.  He KNOWS that the Avatars weren’t real.  He knows he didn’t really torture Gordon, Vijay, or Lincoln for their powers.  But he’s Fitz and he feels guilt for it.  He was upset after he realized that Radcliffe manipulated him to try to get the Darkhold…what AIDA did to him was that times a million.  She manipulated him into creating a horrible weapon, herself, one that has now killed in the real world.  He’s never had something he created do such terrible things.

For me the scene was also a bit of a parallel to the pre kiss from 3x08 and rather than “Do you love him” its “Do you want to kill her”.  

This isn’t going to be easy, both are dealing with some serious trauma and a dire situation.  Jemma isn’t going to let him do this, at some point she’ll ‘snap’ and help him find his fire again.  Be it she blows up at him or AIDA goes after her and Jemma being in danger is what helps Fitz find that fire again and start to heal. 

Omega Fitness (Kenny Omega Imagine)

Kenny x Reader
E for everyone
~700 words

AU: Kenny owns a gym.

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This is one of my favorite persona 5 blogs!! Don't be insecure about yourself please! Your writing is amazing and I hope you keep it up! Tags are where you learn more about the person and are always worth reading. <3

Isn’t it past your curfew??? I think it’s about time for you to go back to heaven??? LOL You’re so kind. <333 I’m sorry for worrying you, sweetheart! Thank you for reading my silly tags! ~

Behind The Scenes 3 (5/???)

Author’s note: A portion of this is going to be familiar because it was from the sneak peek I gave out a while back. Don’t get me wrong though, there are still other details to this scene that are important to the story. Also, in terms of my writing, I just finished my Malaysia scene! This means I’m a step closer to finishing BTS 3 and knowing how many parts its going to be! Sorry for any errors.

Genre: Idk to be honest (Ft. GOT7′s Jackson)

Word count: 2075

City: Hong Kong

Summary: Rap monster calls you and the rest of the boys into his hotel room for an announcement

Other parts: HERE

This is my GIF. I made it based off of this scenario series.

Unlike the other cities, to go from Shanghai to Hong Kong, you all flew on a plane. From the time wasted waiting in the airport, to the plane ride, to the drive to the hotel, it was as total of about six hours of being stuck with everyone. You spent the whole time avoiding the Rap monster’s overbearing glare and Hiro’s existence as much as possible.

Aside from your own problems, Jin had a trouble of his own Every second he could, Jin was on his phone, keeping in contact with his girl Chuntao. Since you all were going to be in Hong Kong a few days, Rap monster suggested that Jin meet up with her as soon as possible to “better seal the deal” and make sure she would still take the “stuff” to Taipei.


The Hong Kong hotel was much nicer than the one in Shanghai. Well, in general, the more cities you traveled to, the better the quality of the hotel had gotten. The grouping for the hotel rooms was the same, except this time Jin got his own room, a room he was to share with Chuntao.

In this new hotel, the room you all got was much bigger that the last. It was furnished in a beautiful modern, monochrome theme. Although it was one large room, there was enough space for one very large TV accompanied by a couch and loveseat. The furniture made it feel as though it was an actual room on its own. The two queen beds were separated by an aquarium giving the impression or spate bedrooms. The bathroom was much more extravagant than the last as well. It was huge, practically the size of the room you and Jimin shared back at the dorm. There was a beautiful glass shower, a large Jacuzzi bathtub and his & her sinks.

“Wow, the last deal must have gone well.” Jimin said, placing his bag on the first bed.

V threw himself on the black leather couch. “Yup! We should also expect bigger cuts too!”He smiled.

Jungkook flopped face first into your bed “Except me!” He grumbled into the pillow

“Well, I don’t know about you guys, but after tonight’s concert I call dibs on the bath tub!” Jimin said.

Just past your bed was the balcony. You slid open the tinted doors and stepped out onto the dark tile. “Wow, I didn’t realize we were so high up!”

V came up next to you, leaning on the dark metal railing to take in the view. “Wouldn’t it be great if we could fly? We could be this high all the time.”

“And we could fly anywhere too.” You added.

V pulled out his phone and began taking pictures.

“Are you gonna send those to your parents?”

“Yup!… Oh! Namjoon texted me. He wants us all to go to his room.”

The four of you  poured out of you room just in time to see Jin walking out of the elevator.

“Why were you on the elevator?” Jimin asked.

“The single bedroom rooms are on the floor below.” Jin explained.


Jin nodded. “This place is nice though! My room had this beautiful beach theme. It feels so relaxing just being in there.”

“Ha, I’m sure “relaxed” is the last thing you’re goona be feeling when you’re taking Chuntao from behind!” Jungkook laughed with his pervy smile.

Jin rolled his eyes and ignored the maknae’s perverted comments. Being, the first one to reach the hyung room door, Jin quickly knocked in a way that expressed his growing agitation.

The door didn’t completely open. It just clicked open and you heard a voice fade away from the entrance. Jin held the door open and let the guys in, that was, up until it was your turn. As you straggled your way up to the door, he quickly ran inside and swung the heavy door in your face, trying to locking you out.

Lucky for you, you acted fast and used your foot to keep the door open and quietly let yourself in. “Fucking dick! Is he trying to get me in trouble?!?” you thought.

Upon first glance, the hyung room was very similar to yours. The only slight difference was that this room had a nature theme to it. It was decorated with lots of greens and light browns.  As you walked in, you spotted Rap monster and V on one side of the room as Rap monster spoke on the phone. You could feel his eyes on you as you came into the room. To avoid his gaze, you went over to the group of guys huddled at the corner of one of the beds and stuck yourself between Jimin and Jungkook.

“So why does he want us all here? We don’t have to leave for another two hours.” Jimin said.

“I don’t know why exactly… All I know is that Jackson is going to show up in a bit, but I don’t see why you guys have to be in here too.” Jhope said. He seemed just as confused as the rest of you.

“Just Jackson? What about the rest of the GOT7?” Jungkook asked.

“He is gonna be on a talk show here in Hong Kong, the rest of the guys are back in Seoul.” Suga mumbled.

Without you all realizing, there was a knock at the door. Rap monster was the one that opened it and let Jackson in. You guys only knew that he was there when you heard him shout, “Namjoon!” The second Jackson saw Rap monster, he dropped the bags he was holding and engulfed Rap monster into a bear hug. After a rather long embrace, he made his way over to the rest of you all. “Hey guys! Finally, I see you all again!” He smiled and proceeded to greet the rest of the guys in the same manner he did Rap monster. However, when he came up to you, his demeanor changed. His face wasn’t so cheerful as he glared at you. “You must be y/n.” he said ominously.

You were scared by his sudden change. The crazy look in his eye made him more threatening. It didn’t help that he seemed to hold himself the same way rap monster does. All you did was give a tiny nod.

“Hm, I thought you’d be prettier in person.” He scanned you from head to toe. “She’s in rather good condition.” His comment seemed to be directed to Rap monster who stood a few feet behind him. “Too good if you ask me…”

“Only for the sake of ARMY.” Rap monster said getting closer to the two of you.

Jackson’s eyes spotted the start of the scar on your collarbone. Without warning, he grabbed your shirt and pulled it off your shoulder to reveal the whole thing. “Was this you? Nice!” He said, once again referring to Rap monster. Finally, his eyes met yours. “Hm. You’re lucky you aren’t stuck with me. I would have done much worse.” He grinned

“What’s with the bags and boxes?” Suga asked, diverting Jackson’s attention.

Instantly, Jackson’s demeanor switched again. “Oh! I got you all some gifts!” He ran over and grabbed the stuff and then walked up to Suga first. “For you, a gold flask and new soundproof headphones. Hobi, for you, I got ahold of the newest shit on the market!” He pulled out a small bottle of pills. “The high is fucking amazing. It had me seeing fucking dragons and shit!” He took a step to Jimin. “Bambam suggested all this skin stuff for you! It’s all the top of the line stuff too… Jin! Here is a pokemon collectable thing for your kid. He likes that stuff right?”

“Mario actually.”

“Fuck! I was thinking about Taekwoon’s kid. Sorry about that!”

“No worries, he’ll still like this.” Jin smiled.

“Tae, for you I got you a leather jacket!” he grunted picking up the large box and unloading it into V’s arms. Then he moved over the Jungkook. “And for you, this new laptop! I got you one that wouldn’t get viruses and shit. Now you can watch all the porn you want! I figured that you wouldn’t be getting as much pussy anymore that you’re “dating”!” He laughed with his signature cackle. Now at the end of the line up, he looked down at you, once again his demeanor switching. He grabbed you and pulled you towards him. “… And why don’t I be your present?” He whispered.

Jimin let out a snort. “I wouldn’t do that if I were you~!” Jimin sang.

“Me either.” Jungkook added.

“Why not?” Jackson asked, still holding you.

“Take my word for it, she’s not that great.  You could definitely get way better from any random bitch.” Jungkook said in a nonchalant tone.

“She’s been passed around a lot. She’s probably got some shit going on down there.” Jimin said with a look of disgust.

“Ew!” Jackson said pushing you off him.

Rap monster came up a bit closer to Jackson. “And where’s my present?” He asked jokingly.

“The deal we have coming up is your present! You wouldn’t believe the strings I had to pull to get you in on it!”

“Ah, I see how it is.”

“If this deal goes well, we are set for life! I had to let you in on this to make it up to you. If it wasn’t for you, damn, I wouldn’t know where I’d be.”

“Dead… I’ve saved your ass at least 20 times.” Rap monster smiled. “… It amazes me that you’re deeper into to all this than I am.” You could hear a bit of bitterness in his voice.

“You can’t blame me for my connections. Athletes love their ‘roids!” He said matter-a-factly. “Ah, look at the time! I gotta head to the set. I’ll show up Sunday and we’ll head off to the deal! Bye guys!” he said as he left the room.

Rap monster’s eyes followed Jackson as he made his quick escape. “One of these days, I’m going to slaughter that precise mother of his right in front of him.” He growled.


Not long after Jackson left, you and the maknaes were dismissed. You four, followed by Suga and Jhope returned to your room. While everyone relished in their gifts, you thought about what Jackson being around could mean for you. In a slight daze, you sat next to Jungkook at the edge of the bed you both had to share.

Having noticed your mood, and in general not wanting you sitting next to Jungkook, Suga came and plopped himself in the small space between you and the youngest member. Jhope too had noticed your somber expression and placed himself at your other side.

“Sorry about what we said earlier y/n. We had to be that way…” Jimin said as he walked to your side of the room.

Jungkook leaned forward so that you were able to see him past Suga. “Yeah, we didn’t mean anything by it!” he added.

Suga raised an eyebrow at the both of them.

“Don’t give us that face!” Jimin said. “We didn’t want Jackson getting his hands on her!”

You rested your head on Jhope’s shoulder “It’s okay guys. I know what you were trying to do.” You mumbled. You felt a squeeze of your fingers and looked up to see Suga offering you a slightly reassuring smile.

“Don’t be so mopey guys!” V grinned. “The good news is, with Jackson here, that means Namjoon is going to be pretty~ busy! He probably won’t even sneak into the room tonight.”

“Sneak in? When did he sneak in?” you swung around to face him.

“Remember! I told you guys that he’s been taking our room key! He’s been coming into the room every night, sometimes even twice a night. Haven’t you guys heard him?!?”

“No!” you, Jimin, and Jungkook said.

You looked between Suga and Jhope. “Has he really been doing that?!?”

They both shrugged at you. “We are always knocked out at night.” Jhope peeped.

“What does he do when he’s in here?!?” Suga asked V.

V gave a small shrug. “Eh, he just walks in, stares at us all and then walks out.” He spoke as if it was completely normal.

You shivered at just the thought of that happening.

“But~ with Jackson here, they will be busy all night, so that shouldn’t happen!” V reminded.

Sneak Peek at We Are Young Chapter 4

because i’m way too excited and just want to post all the chapters

“You’ve got to be fucking kidding me,” Lysandra sighed. “We’re going into third period and there hasn’t been one goal yet in the whole game.”

“There’s still just over a minute left to the period.” Nehemia pointed out. “Someone can still make a goal by then.”

“Unlikely with the way this game is going.”

“Have some faith in our team,” Aelin nudged her slightly, a teasing smile on her face. “You did say there are the best we’ve had.”

“I have faith in the team,” Lysandra shot Aelin a sideways glance before looking back at the ice. “A little less in Aedion though. He’s too busy throwing his fist to even know where the puck is.”

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What do you think the chances of fitzsimmons taking a break from their relationship are? That sneak peek has me worried that Jemma isn't confident in Fitz's love for her.

Hi Anon!

Shout out to @jessiecrimefighter for hashing this out with me!

HERE is the meta I did on the peek and Fitzsimmons break up fears.   Please remember with all these teases they want us to be worried because they want us to watch.  Last season they preyed on one of Fitzsimmons is the fallen agent because they just got together.  This season its them staying together. 

Originally posted by alfonsosherrera

Fitz’s feelings for Jemma are not in question.  He flat out said that he loved Jemma and only Jemma.  That even though he thinks their future is gone, he still and will always love her.  Loves her so much it hurts even.  Jemma heard  every word of that.   He has choice again and he CHOSE Jemma no question.

Jemma still loves him, that didn’t change either.  She knows that The Doctor is not her Fitz, and her Fitz is now home…and he needs help.  He’s drowning in his own demons.  He THINKS that Jemma doesn’t want him anymore.  That she can’t stand him anymore after what he was forced to do in the Framework.

The more I watch that peek the more I see the parallels of the 3x08 pre kiss scene only the roles are reversed a bit.   Sadly I don’t think that this particular conversation is going to end in a kiss (fee free to surprise me Bell).  

Fitz is also doing exactly what I predicted he would (I would be concerned otherwise).  Not only is he reeling from his other life, the fact he helped create AIDA’s new and powerful body, and what he created is continuing to hurt and hunt his friends.  We already say him like this this season to a lesser degree.  In 14 as he reeled from Radcliffe’s betrayal and what Radcliffe was using the Framework and AIDA for.   Now that’s been escalated even more.  Because what AIDA did to him was so awful….and sadly a lot like what Radcliffe did only on a much grander and more hurtful scale.  She insists it was all his choice but it wasn’t, she was steering his actions and manipulating his heart all along in there to get what she wanted.   

He’s having that crisis of confidence in his skills.  He now is worried that whatever he does is only going to make things worse.  And he’s concerned he’s created an unstoppable weapon.   

With the “Do you want to kill her,” is a parallel of the “Do you love him”.  Jemma isn’t concerned he doesn’t want to kill her because he loves her.  She saw him believe in and protect AIDA after Broken Promises.  So its okay for her to be worried.  Fitz isn’t the only one we saw hesitant to kill because of the Framework, May said the same thing, “there has been enough killing”.  

Jemma’s fear/desire to kill AIDA is also for Fitz’s safety.  “We are going to build a life together whether you want to or not!”  The man she loves, the man who has been stolen from her, is being hunted by something incredibly dangerous, obsessed, and powerful.  AIDA singled him out not only for his mind but for his heart.  Keeping him from AIDA’s clutches, that fear she’ll take him from her again, that she’ll hurt him even more has to terrify her.  This is Jemma’s “I lost you once, I can’t lose you again”.   

We also have to remember how raw this all still really is.   They haven’t had a chance to properly address it.  Fitz doesn’t know that Jemma  heard what he said and is trying to keep his distance since he thinks their future is dead.  Jemma hasn’t had a chance to tell him otherwise.  And sadly there are some more pressing issues as everything erupts around them.   They need a minute to breath and its a minute they simply don’t have.

I know its hard to trust the writers right now.  This season has fallen woefully short of our expectations for Fitzsimmons.   We went in thinking we’d get domestic, happy, coupley, science Fitzsimmons…rather they have been separated more than ever and been fighting to get back to each other one way or another.  Us and the characters have been emotionally devastated more than once.  The writers are also well aware that the fandoms is pretty burned out and upset right now.   Yes that scene in 21 was amazing but that alone isn’t enough “pay off” for what has been set up.  

They put us (and Fitzsimmons) through the ringer and breaking them up after all of that would be not only unstatisfying…but would likely drive a lot of fans away.  They kept saying it will be worth it, hang in there…well breaking them up is by no means worth it.  And its not just shippers that are at the “Enough already” point, its critics and even non shippers saying its time to let them be a couple.  

Its not going to be easy.  I know a concern with the fandom was they weren’t going to properly address Fitz’s trauma…now that it seems they are we need to hang tight as they do that.   Jemma is going to fight for him.  She needs to have that discussion with him that their future isn’t dead, its just beginning, and they will fix this together.  She also needs to help him see he was manipulated, no matter what AIDA says she was manipulating things in the Framework, Fitz most of all.  And the fact that he is having guilt and remorse for what was done means he is nothing like Ward who blamed his actions on others.  

its such garbage rn but im done with the base and i will work on it at a later date bc im frustrated up my ass rn im gonna go finish that soma Bible you linked for me bc it is such beauty and i had to set my phone down on several occasions to cry and gawk and laugh its so perfect there is nothing more perfect on this earth than that fic

hope you enjoy a sneak peek of the piece of trassh (lol puns) that is my attempt at animation, go ahead and laugh at the proportions of souls face, his nose especially. i was more concerned about getting the body lines right and the faces (mostly maka’s) later

when you said you were making gifs I didn’t know you were animating your own??? holy shit this is so cool even though it’s just a WIP

I can’t wait to see it finished it’s gonna be so adorable oh god

yes yes enjoy the holy soma bible it’s so great. I think I actually have a chapter or two to finish 00ps

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Honestly, If you were to turn this into a paper comic, I'd buy the crap out of it. Your hard work is appreciated! 2/2

That means a lot and I’m not sure if its actually okay for me to sell it as a hardcopy. i’ve had people ask about it but, since its a fan-work, I’m not sure if that’s okay. I have had someone ask about it before and Im still really not sure…

I have been considering making a patreon and giving access to the full res files as a possible thing? maybe even sneak peeks? Im not sure if anyone would be interested in that though…like a progress board and other stuff?

it means a ton that people would want that, especially since I always look back at my old stuff and cringe at my art. I just always hope I can get better at my art and story-telling. Thanks for being sweet ^^ <3

PLL 7b (spoilers)... this probably makes *no* sense whatsoever, but then again neither does this show lmao:

Alright, so I’m down the rabbit hole of PLL theories. I’ve just watched 7x14. I’m going insane and cannot comprehend any more theories/facts/whatever, but I will just put this here anyways for the sake of getting it off my chest, and entertainment lol:

I strongly think that Lucas is AD (even without the following theory lol). It is revealed to us in 7x14 that Charles and Lucas were BFFs at the camp that Ted worked at. Flashforward: he finds out about Charles transitioning to Charlotte wayyyy back in the show (theres no solid evidence of this I don’t think but this is just me fishing lmao), maybe like season 3 when he was acting weird af. They eventually dated–season 5 Lucas mentions he has a girlfriend, but doesn’t explicitly say who she is; I could be looking too much into that detail but with PLL there really is no such thing as doing so lol. Flashforward to Charlotte getting killed: assuming that he and Charlotte dated and that he was still somehow really fucking secretly dating her, he thinks it was one of the Liars that killed her because of how she tortured them in the Dollhouse (it was her that did that, right? I CANT EVEN REMEMBER THERES TOO MUCH SHIT GOING ON IN THIS SHOW), then he really initiates “Endgame” by breaking out the overly high-tech boardgame (that practically has “LUCAS” written all over it in my opinion), recruits anyone he can (like he learned from Mona), and is now just sitting somewhere watching the hidden cameras in the flat that Hanna and Emily are staying in (alright me, RELAX) listening to their conversations.

Also, I think that Lucas + Ezra + Wren = Endgame. In one of the sneak peeks for the next episode, Spencer is having drinks with Wren and sees Ezra; she introduces Ezra and Wren–both of which act SHADY AF around each other (almost like they already knew each other). Also in one of Ian’s interviews for his new book, he refers to AD as a “person or group”. And if Endgame is a ship, then I think its Ezria (maybe, I’m not a hard “Aria is A/AD” believer). The above paragraph I probably just sound bat-shit crazy but Lucas + Ezra + Wren = Endgame I really do believe. Though I don’t have a theory behind Lucas knowing Wren and Ezra.

Again it probably doesn’t add up completely and there are probably TONS of plottholes and missing details, let alone details that contradict the theory, but hell I really just wanted to get that off my chest lmao

Seeing you in a swimsuit for the first time:
  • Makoto: When he sees you in your bathing suit he wouldn't have really expected it, but he'd become really shy and flustered. He'd tell you look nice and he would mean it, but he'd still be blushing and fidgeting while doing so.
  • Haruka: He wouldn't make a big deal about it, because it's just a swimsuit.. right? wrong. He wouldn't let it show, he'd very apathetic on the outside all the while he's enjoying the view on the inside and he'd sneak peeks at you while you're not looking.
  • Rin: He'd probably be screaming internally the moment he sees you and would try to cover you up with a towel or block you from other's view with his body. He wouldn't want anyone to look at you dressed like that since he'd feel jealous, not that he'd admit that though. He'd probably just blame it on 'you'll catch a cold' or 'it's indecent!' even though he loves how you look in it.
  • Nagisa: Nagisa would be ecstatic the moment he sees that you're wearing a swimsuit, and he might just show you off to everyone, much to your embarrassment. He'd love how you look so much that he'd want to go bathing suite shopping together after and 'help' you pick out more, although it just be him picking different styles and shoving you in a dressing room to try them on.
  • Rei: The moment he sees you he'd blush so much that you'd think his head will explode. He wouldn't be able to look directly at you for a while and might avoid it for some time too, something about '...being to beautiful to be stared at directly...'.
  • Nitori: His face would light up, and he'd tell you how nice you look, and even though he looks all innocent while doing so he is definitely checking you out. If you ever need to go swimsuit shopping just know that he'd be more than happy to tag along.
  • Seijuro: Sei would absolutely love the sight of you in a bathing suit. He'd be so happy that his partner can look so cute wearing a swimsuit, and he'd probably take lots of pictures of you and with you when you're in one.
  • Momotarou: Momo would feel like he died and when to Heaven, probably a Baywatch themed heaven. Just like his brother he'd become your own personal paparazzo and would want everyone to know how beautiful you are.
  • Sosuke: He wouldn't make a big deal about it, but he wouldn't ignore it either. It's not everyday he gets to see you in a bathing suit so he'd definitely cherish it. His compliments might not be the most gentle-manliest you might hear but he'd definitely let you know how lovely you look.
  • Kou: When she sees you you'll almost be able to see all the sparkles in her eyes and around her. She wouldn't pay mind to the bathing suit, instead she'd focus on everything else, especially if you have a very well-toned body.

[Stitchers 1x06 Sneak Peek]

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Originally posted by camphalfthrones


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For the kiss prompt- Fitzsimmons + "Romantic Kiss"

Jemma watched Fitz across the pillow as he slept. Her gaze tenderly roamed his chest as it rose and fell beneath the linen of his shirt; saw the light flutter of his eyelashes against his cheek; the soft exhalation of his breath passing his lips. Tenderness welled within her, steady and true.

He’d been so good to her, so good for her, through this healing process. He often stayed with her until she fell asleep, and Jemma knew that it must be affecting his own sleep schedule. She had tried to tell him that he could look after himself sometimes, but of course he wouldn’t hear of it.

Tonight he had succumbed to the building exhaustion and drifted off before she did, and Jemma was enjoying having the opportunity to simply look at him. He spent so much time looking at her - watching her, making sure she was alright - that she couldn’t sneak a peek at him unobserved. Now, though, she could process how their time apart had changed him.

It wasn’t just the stubble, or even the way he looked at her that was different. The lines were deeper on his skin, a map of his experiences etched onto his face for the world to see. He looked more lived in, comfortable in his own skin, and so solidly present in ways that he never had been before.

Her hand moved of its own volition, palm brushing against the fabric of his shirt before settling over his heart. She shifted, as carefully as possible, until her front lightly touched his side. Her breath fanned across his cheek and his breathing hitched a little in his chest as awareness returned to him. He cracked one eye open, rolling his head slightly to look at her.

“Hi,” he murmured, a slight smile quirking his lips. He eyed her curiously, obviously wondering at her proximity.

“Hi,” Jemma replied, unable to stop the answering smile from blooming on her face.

His eyes softened. “I like seeing you smile.” He carefully took her hand, the one over his heart, and laced their fingers together.

She stretched her neck so she could brush her nose against his cheek. Their lips were centimetres apart, and Jemma heard the change in his breathing. But he didn’t move, didn’t make a move, and affection washed through her. The silly, stubborn man was going to let her take the lead on everything, no matter his own personal desires.

So Jemma closed the last of the gap between them and pressed her lips against his.

The response was instantaneous, as he matched her pressure and movements. She kept the kiss steady and unhurried, taking all the time in the world. He followed her lead as she deepened the kiss, and heat began to build between them, the embers that always burned within her when she was around him flaring joyfully to life. It was the kind of kiss that was a beginning; a fond farewell to what had been and a promise of what would come.

The moment came when Jemma knew she would have to pull back or the kiss would slip into territory that she wasn’t quite ready for, no matter how tempting it might be. She slowed her movements, then stopped, and Fitz once again took her cue.

She pressed her forehead against his for a moment before settling back, away from his enticing lips and their possibilities.

“So,” she said.

“So,” he replied, trying to contain a grin. She laughed softly, allowing her own happiness to spill forth.

It really was the start of something wonderful.

People are saying that it looks like they saw 2 people kissing on that blurry video and that is Malec. I think I spent 10 min pausing and looking at the damn video just to see it. What is my life right now omg. This hiatus is driving me crazy.

But I think I saw it too if it’s not a kiss, it’s an almost kiss like they did with the sneak peek from ep 12. I’m not sure though.

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Jasper doesn't know about corruption!

yea, that jumped out at me too. I guess it makes sense too, like, why would Homeworld tell them that they corrupted all the Gems on Earth, or have the ability to do that at all. Plus its probably better propaganda to say they just wiped out all the Gems on Earth

super interesting thing to learn, though, really curious on where this is going

(reminder: if you’ve seen leaks for this or any other episodes, please do not respond with or message me spoilers)