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Kitchen Favours

Jughead x Reader
No one asked for this, but I’ve had this idea in my head for ages so thought it was finally time to let it out into the world.
Prompt: Y/N and Jughead work at Pop’s together. Cheryl winds up Y/N which leads to a heated moment between Jughead and Y/N.
Warnings: Strong smut themes 

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“You know you don’t have to stay with me” you smile, setting down the waitress pad on the kitchen counter next to you. You lean your hip on the counter as you stare at Jughead, an apron still tied around his waist. Since the Drive-In closes Pop’s offered Jughead a job here, just a couple of nights a week, the odd weekend. He spend half of his life here anyway, Pop’s just thought he might as well make some money at the same time. 

You had been working at Pop’s for around a year now. You were the one who trained Jughead, not that the place was complicated at all. He’d even started to cook some of the food, helping out the chefs from time to time, like tonight, he was covering for the Thursday night chef.
“And what would you do if you got a order in?” he asks, raising his eyes in a cocky manner towards you, setting down a spatula on the counter next to you.
“I’m sure I can manage to flip a burger and cook a few fries” you smirk back, laughing at his confidence. When Jughead joined it was the first time you had ever spoken to each other. Sure, you had seen him around school, hanging with Archie Andrews and Betty Copper, but the two of you had never needed to speak to each other, or even acknowledge each others existence until a couple of weeks ago. Since then the two of you had create a little friendship based on flirty jokes which the both of you knew meant absolutely nothing.
“Are you calling my job easy?” He smirks back, taking a step closer to me. He stops at the counter, leaning himself against it as he looks down at me.
“I’m saying you shouldn’t underestimate me” I say with a wink, making him smirk even more. His head so close to mine as a piece of dark hair falls into his eyes, shading his already dark eyes.

“Anyway” I sigh, breaking away from the eye contact that neither of us seemed to break. “I was just thinking of you getting home. Won’t Archie and his dad be worried about you? Seeing as you were so careless not to tell them where you were” you tease him. He sighs as he takes a step back from the counter which he was still leaning against.
“Trust me, I think they’ll be fine. Fred is working late and Archie has Veronica round, so don’t think they’ll want disturbing for a while now” he rolled his eyes in an exaggerated manner.

It’s at that moment you hear the bell on the door ring, indicating you finally had customers. You walk out to see Cheryl and her minions sat in the booth closest to the kitchen you had just walked out of. You roll your eyes discretely at the sight of them, hoping they hadn’t seen. Placing a fake smile on your face you walk over.
“Hi” you smile politely, pulling out the pen you had balanced behind your ear.
“Look who it is girls” Cheryl gives an unfriendly smirk in your direction as the other two girls look over and start giggling. You look confused for a moment before choosing to ignore them. You tried to ignore the rumours and crap Cheryl often spread around so often. They usually were false, malicious attempts to hurt someone for no reason other then her boredom.
“What can I get you?”
“Tell me, Y/N” Cheryl says, folding her arms as an evil smile spreads across her face like a disease. “What was he like?”
“What was who like?” you ask, drawn into her comments just like she wanted.
“What are you talking about?”
“Oh come on Y/N. Everyone knows he took your virginity last night. He’s telling anyone and everyone” she smirks, the other girls laughing.
“That’s… that’s a lie” you stutter.
“Right” they laugh like a pack of hyenas, you their new prey.
“Excuse me” you take a sharp intake of breath before walking back into the kitchen. Throwing your waitress pad back down on the counter as hard as possible, feeling more angry then anything.

“Wow. Y/N what’s wrong?” Jughead asks, his eyes wide from shock at your act.
“Just get rid of them please” you say through gritted teeth, pointing out the door to the restaurant.
“One second” he say, touching your arm gently as he walks out the door to the booth. You hear a mumbling sound before the bell rings on the door and the door slams shut behind them. Jughead cautiously walks back into the kitchen where you were still stood.

“Do you want to tell me what that was all about?” He asks confused, trying not to push too hard as your anger was clear.
“No.” you sigh, breathing deeply. Completely in shock of the moment. Why would they say that? Why would they think you and Moose even slept together in the first place? Unless… Unless Moose said it himself?
“That asshole!” you say to yourself through gritted teeth. You turn to faced Jughead who is still staring at you confused. “Moose is spreading a rumour that he took my virginity”
“Your a virgin?” Jughead jokes, giving a confused look.
“Now is not the time Jug”“
"Sorry. Sorry” he apologises honestly, holding up his hands as if to surrender. “Why would he do that?” he asks, finally walking forward so he was leaning on the counter in front of you. It was only a small kitchen so as the two of us stand there out feet practically touch.
“The idiot asked me out the other day. After everyone found out he was at Sweet-water with Kevin I guess he wanted to make people think that he wasn’t gay. I said no. He’s not my type anyway. The asshole must have got worried about his ego and made up some story about us going out. Which of course involved him taking my virginity” you sigh, tipping your head back too look at the bright lights on the ceiling.
“I’m sorry Y/N” he sighs, reaching over to hold you arm to console you.
“I can’t believe this. No way in a million years would I give my virginity to a jock, last of all Moose” you say with a small laugh, trying to calm yourself down, a little part of your blood still boiling as you think of all the shit you will have to deal with tomorrow.
“I can’t believe your still a virgin” he laughs.
“Ugh.” you groan, feeling the need to explode.
“I really can’t. Y/N your amazing. Anyone would be lucky to have yo-”

“No one seems to get me though Jug. Whenever you tell people it’ll be your first time they always tell you they’ll go slow with you. That your first time is special.” you blurt, taking a step forward due to this sudden wave of anger. “Well how can it be special if it’s just some awkward fumble on a guys couch or in the back of their car. Where’s the heat in that? People think they’re being so romantic in ‘I’ll take it slow with you’ but its not! I want the heat. I want the passion. That’s romantic. No one seem’s to get that.”

Jughead just stand there staring at you, looking you up and down as if tying to take in everything your saying.
“Even if my first time if with some stranger. Or it’s just a pointless one night stand. As long as it is not this typical teen fantasy of first times, I’ll be happy. I just want that fire, you know?” you look at him. His eyes suddenly darker then usual.
“Got it” he smirks, suddenly stepping closer to you, placing his arms under your legs and pushing you onto the kitchen counter behind you. Your head gently knocks the cupboard above the counter as suddenly his lips attach to yours. The breath is knocked out of you as you take in what is happening. His lips work desperately on yours, sucking on your lower lip as his hand cups the back of your neck, the other still placed on your leg, holding you tightly. You moan into the kiss, glad there were no customers tonight to hear the two of you.
His lips start to roam down your face to your neck, leaving a trail of kisses in his wake.
“Jughead…” you say breathlessly, part of you wanting to ask what was happening, the other part wanting to see what happened next.
You let out a loud moan as he begins to suck on a spot on your neck, sure to leave a mark later. Your hands roam to his head, pushing your hands through his already messy hair, pulling him closer so he smirks against your skin. Your legs wrap around his waist, bringing him in. Your hands pull on his hair as you roll your hips against his, making him moan just as loud.
Quickly his lips press against yours again as his hands roam down to the bottom of your black work t-shirt, pulling desperately on it. You pull your lips away from his and lift your arms as he pulls your shirt over your head, tossing it away on the floor, his lips immediately attaching back on your neck as he roams lower, biting lightly on your shoulder. Your hands finger the bottom of his shirt as you lift it up over his head.
His lips begin to roam lower then your shoulder, biting and sucking on parts of your skin. Your head falls back on the cupboard counter as his hand begins to roam up the inside of your thigh. You moan again as he bites a sensitive spot, his hand sliding further up your thigh. You hear him smirk against your skin as you moan, cocky with how he was giving you everything you craved.
“Shut it Jones” you say breathlessly as one hand slides down his back, the other going to his hair as you pull his head up to meet your, your lips crashing together again in a rush. Finally Jughead’s hand slips to the waistband of your jeans…

“Jughead. Y/N. I’m back” Pop’s shouts as he enters the diner.

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updated master list now that you're back?

The rest is below the line w/ descriptions + errr’thang <33

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Completed Multi Fics

  • Road Trip: 1[x] 2[x] 3[x]
    It’s the summer after senior year of college. Since all of their friends already made plans Riley and Lucas decide to go on an impromptu road trip together.
  • Back to Basics: 1[x] 2[x] 3[x] 4[x] 5[x] 6[x] 7[x] 8[x] 9[x] 10[x] 11[x] 12[x] 13[x] 14[x] 15[x] 16[x]
    Riley is forced to leave behind everything she knew, her school, her teachers and her small group of best friends. Fast forward 5 years where Riley and her family decide it’s time to move back home to NY. Now a junior in high-school she has to figure out where she belongs after being gone so long.
  • Couples Retreat: 1[x] 2[x] 3[x] 4[x] 5[x] 6[x] 7[x] 8[x]
    Lucas really wants a promotion and in order to get one he needs a wife. Riley agrees to play pretend but somewhere along the line things get complicated.
  • The Boy Next Door: 1[x] 2[x] 3[x] 4[x] 5[x] 6[x] 7[x] 8[x]
    Riley finds herself intrigued to learn more about the brooding boy who just moved in next door.
  • Jessie’s Girl: 1[x] 2[x] 3[x] 4[x]
    When invited for a trip Lucas was expecting to do some camping, what he wasn’t expecting was to fall in love with his buddies girlfriend.
  • We’ll Always Have Paris: 1[x] 2[x]
    The clique six grew apart but are brought together again one last time senior year.
  • Firsts: 1[x] 2[x]
    This one covers Rucas’ First Encounter, First Talk, First Spark & First Kiss. The next one will cover First Date, First I Love You, First time and First Heartbreak.
  • Collide: 1[x] 2[x] 3[x] 4[x] 5[x] 6[x] 7[x] 8[x] 9[x] 10[x] 11[x]
    Riley Matthews is a struggling writer who works as a bartender to pay off her student loans. Lucas Friar is a rich kid from Texas who’s lost his way. One night fate brings them together causing their two different worlds to collide.
  • The Bet: 1[x] 2[x] 3[x] 4[x] 5[x] 6[x] 7[x] 8[x] 9[x] 10[x] 11[x] 12[x]
    After damaging $1000 worth of private property on a dare Lucas needs a quick way to make the money to pay the guy back. When Charlie Gardner suggests a bet Lucas takes him up on his offer. And what is the bet? Get into the pants of Riley Matthews, the schools very own goody two-shoes princess.

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Killervibe no. 32 please!

32. “I think I’m in love with you and I’m terrified.”

For four people who knew each other this well, there was an awfully awkward silence hanging over the table where Cisco, Caitlin, Barry and Iris sat. Normally, the four of them could carry on a conversation about anything, but in this fancy French restaurant with its smothering rich aroma, they were all at a loss for words. The grouping in which they sat was important: Cisco and Caitlin and Barry and Iris.

“Come on,” Barry had told Cisco. “A blind date. It’ll be fun. It’s this friend of Iris’s and she’s awesome and you’ll love her.”

Iris’s words to Caitlin were similar: “It’s this friend of Barry’s, he hasn’t been on a date in a while, but he’s really sweet and I just know you guys will get along.”

Although none of their statements were exactly lies, Cisco did not see it that way.

“You lied to me,” he said to Barry across the table. “This is not a blind date. This is a setup.”

“Technically, a blind date is also a setup,” Iris said.

“We didn’t lie,” Barry argued. “She is a friend of Iris’s. You two do get along great.”

Caitlin was fiddling with the sleeve of her purple dress. “I think what Cisco means is, it’s a little dishonest to set up two people who already know each other without their knowledge.”

Cisco nodded. “Right. It’s one thing to set up two people who you think might like each other, but with a pre-established relationship, you don’t really know what you’re dealing with.”

Caitlin started to say something, but just then, their waiter- Theodore, his name tag declared -swooped in and deposited a basket of complimentary rolls on the table and took their orders. He left, and it was as if someone had pressed play on the conversation.

Iris leaned forward. “Listen, you two are perfect for each other.” The two faces across the table regarded her skeptically. She glanced at Barry. “Back me up here.”

Barry had torn into one of the rolls and had taken a huge bite just as Iris turned to him. He swallowed and coughed, his face slightly red. “All of the employees at Los Tacos think you two are a couple.”

“Betrayed by my closest friends,” Cisco said offhandedly. Caitlin’s hands laced together in her lap and her knuckles went white.

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Mafia Boss (G-Dragon Scenario) - Part 6

Posted April 12, 2016

The exciting part six is finally here~! ^^ Hope you’ll like it and enjoy~

WARNING! Those who don’t handle violence and strong language well, be ware. This is not, I repeat not, a series suited for young and sensitive readers.

All characters in this series, aside from the members of BIGBANG, are fictional. Any resemblance to real life people, in name or otherwise, are purely coincidental.

Summary: You’d told him you didn’t want to deal with him until you’d figured out what you wanted. Would he listen, though?

[Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3] [Part 4] [Part 5] [Part 6] [Part 7] [Part 8][Part 9] [Part 10] [Part 11] [Part 12] [Part 13] [Part 14] [Part 15] [Part 16] [Part 17] [Part 18] [Part 19] [Part 20] [Part 21] [Part 22] [Part 23] [Part 24] [Part 25] [Part 26] [Part 27] [Part 28] [Part 29] [Part 30] [Part 31] [Part 32] [Part 33] [Part 34] [Part 35] [Part 36] [Part 37] [Part 38] [Part 39] [Part 40] [Part 41] [Part 42] [Part 43]

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God and the Kitten

From this request: Chuck Shurley x Reader one-shot! Something like, Chuck moves into the bunker and falls in love with the readers cat.



“Y/N! You here?”

A few moments later, the small tinkling of a bell sounded, coming closer. Soon, a small black kitten with tiny white spots on its face appeared, peering around the corner. Seeing the Winchesters, it bounded over, rubbing against their legs.

“Stop it,” Dean said, stepping back.

“Who’s this?” Chuck said, crouching down. The kitten stepped over and sniffed his hand before butting its head against Chuck’s palm.

“That’s Y/N’s cat,” Sam said. “Mr. Sprinkles.”

Chuck chuckled at the name, scratching the cat behind the ears. He glanced up and saw the glare Dean was giving the cat. “You don’t like cats?”

Dean sneezed, his glare intensifying. “I’m allergic. You think you’d know that, what with being a prophet author. Or, you know, God.”

At that moment, you stepped into the kitchen. “Hey, guys.” Your eyes fell on Chuck. “Um… is this the author of those books that were written about you?” A small look of fear washed over you. “Have you kidnapped him to keep him from writing more books?”

“Do you honestly think we’d do something like that?” Dean asked.

You shrugged.

“Y/N, this is Chuck,” Sam said. “He is the author of those books, but it appears that he’s also…”



You raised an eyebrow. “You’re kidding.”

Chuck stood up (earning a meow of protest from Mr. Sprinkles) and held a hand out. “Nice to meet you, Y/N.”

You studied him for a moment. “So, you’re God, huh?”

Chuck nodded.

“Prove it.”

“Y/N, you can’t–”

“It’s okay, Dean.” Chuck thought for a moment before snapping his fingers.

You and the Winchesters looked around. Nothing seemed any different.

“Well?” you asked.

Chuck bent down and picked up the cat before stepping over to Dean.

“What the hell, man?” Dean asked, stepping away. “I told you, I’m allergic.”

“Not anymore.”


Chuck held the cat up into Dean’s face, the cat gently patting his nose with his paw. Dean growled slightly, but soon everyone realized that he didn’t sneeze. Normally, Dean’s allergy kicked in if he was in the same room as the furball.

“Holy crap,” Sam said. “You’re not sneezing!”

“Did you really cure him of his allergy?” You asked Chuck.

Chuck nodded, his arms bringing the cat to his chest, one hand running down its back. Mr. Sprinkles purred appreciatively.

“Thanks, man,” Dean said, clapping Chuck on the back. “Come on, I’ll show you to the spare room.”

The boys passed you and Chuck handed the cat back to you. Both you and Mr. Sprinkles watched as Chuck was led down the hall.


Over the next few weeks, you noticed Mr. Sprinkles spending a lot of time around the newcomer. You didn’t mind, as Chuck seemed to like spending time with the animal.

One day, you heard him talking to the cat as you passed by the living room.

“She’s very pretty, Mr. Sprinkles,” Chuck said. “And funny.”


“Of course. And a great hunter.”

You poked your head in. Chuck was seated on the couch, Mr. Sprinkles sitting on the cushion next to him. You stayed hidden behind the door frame, wanting to hear where this was going.

“I just… I don’t know. Surely she can’t feel anything for me.”


“Because I’m God. An ancient entity from centuries ago. We couldn’t have much in common.”


“Don’t give me that. Wait… do you think you could tell me about her? What she likes?”


“I’ll get you a bag of kitty treats.”


“Two bags?”

You watched as Mr. Sprinkles began to lick the back of his paw. He glanced up at Chuck. “Mew.”

Chuck smiled and held his hand out. Mr. Sprinkles placed his paw in it, the deal being made.

You dipped back behind the door frame. You were surprised that Chuck could speak cat, but at the same time… it kind of made sense. After all, he’d created cats…

You wondered what Mr. Sprinkles would tell Chuck.


Later that night, you crawled into bed. Mr. Sprinkles was curled up on the pillow next to you. You clicked off the light and settled in. Your hand found Mr. Sprinkles and you began to run your hand down his back.

“So, Mr. Sprinkles, what do you think of Chuck?”


“I think he’s really nice. And sweet. And… handsome.” You were silent for a few moments, wondering if you were really going to go through with this. “I really like him, Mr. Sprinkles. But I don’t know what to do. There’s no way God could like me, a tiny little human.”


“I guess I’ll just… hope these feelings disappear.”

You rolled onto your back, staring at your ceiling. You felt foolish for having talked to your cat in such a way, but you hoped that your message would be relayed to Chuck soon and that something would come of this… weirdness.

The Joy Of Illness (TBS x Reader)

Character: Thomas Brodie-Sangster

Fandom: Maze Runner (Cast)

Categories: Reader Insert, Female!Reader

Title: The Joy Of Illness

Requested by th3littlemermaid14

Hey I saw your page and I’ve been reading your imagines!! Could I request one with Thomas Brodie-Sangster. Just a cute fluffy imagine about being sick. Lol I’ve been dealing with a cold and could use some cheering up!!

A/N: Guess what? I got a cold too, yay! TOT Anyway, I’m not used to writing TBS imagines or any other real people for the matter (except Dan and Phil) but I hope you enjoy it, and I hope you feel better! :D

WARNING: Fluff everywhere!! :P

Here came my knight in shining armor.

I had made the terrible mistake of telling Thomas that I was sick, and he had gotten on his motorbike and driven all the way to my house to look after me.

We had been friends for a really long time, and we were so close that we were almost like siblings. I loved that boy.

And he was a sweetheart for wanting to stay with me, but I felt like it was unnecessary.

Thomas probably had something more important to do than to take care of poor little Y/N. Like reading a script, for example.

Yeah, I was feeling like crap. But it was just a cold. It wasn’t the end of the world.

Thomas was standing in the threshold of my room, frowning as usual and staring at me in concern.

“You look worse than I thought” He told me with his British accent that I liked so much.

“I will survive” I told him, carelessly waving my hand in the air.

He placed his hands on his hips and licked his lips.

I tried not to laugh as I saw him frowning so much. I always found it amusing how he kept doing it.

“Do you need anything?”

“No” I was actually cold, but I didn’t want to bother him, so I just coated myself with my bed sheets and accommodated in my comfy bed.

Noticing it, Thomas grinned.

“You’re cold” In a flash, he had grabbed a blanket.

“Ugh” I rolled my eyes as he carefully placed the blanket over me and sat in the bed with me.

“Want me to read you a bedtime story?” He joked, grinning again.

“Shut up” I groaned, hiding my face behind the blanket.

I heard Thomas chuckling and couldn’t help but smile myself as he softly poked my ribs.

“Sing you a lullaby so you go to sleep then?” Thomas insisted, his husky voice bearing an obvious smile.

“Thomas…” I complained again, shoving the blanket against my face in frustration. I hated when he teased me like that.

I knew he was just trying to cheer me up because he was perfectly aware that I felt like crap. But still.

Thomas pulled the blanket off to reveal my face and I groaned again, feeling like a little kid.

“Make you a chicken soup?” That time, he could barely speak as he was giggling so hard.

“I hate you” I just said as I let my head fall on his leg, hiding my face on his jeans.

“No you don’t” He chuckled, patting my head fondly but also playfully.

My headache got suddenly worse, and I winced in pain. I didn’t want to move from that position as I felt like the dizziness and the headache would get just worse.

Besides, Thomas was a great pillow.

“Can I make anything to make you feel better?” He said, now sweetly caressing my hair.

“Just let me die here” I mumbled against his jeans.

He giggled but gently shook me to insist on it.

“Really, Y/N”

“You’re not gonna leave, are you?” I sighed, leaning on him to lift my head and look up at him.

“No” He simply said, making a cute funny face. “I’m going to look after you”

It was very sweet of him and I appreciated it, but it got on my nerves that he was so pigheaded.

“And if I ask you nicely?” I insisted, still staring at him, trying to make my best puppy face.

Thomas looked back at me tiredly with his dark brown eyes.

“Just tell me what I can do” 

I thought about it for a moment. Thomas keeping me company was great, but it didn’t really help make my cold better.

But there was that one thing that could maybe cheer me up.

“Can we watch Love Actually?” I adored that movie, and watching it with the actual Thomas Brodie-Sangster was something I had wanted to do for a long time. But he wouldn’t want to.

For a few seconds, he thought about it.

“Only this time”

I smiled a little and put the blankets off me, putting my hoodie on and shielding myself in my warm sweater.

“Let’s go” Thomas stood up and motioned for me to go with him to the livingroom.

But I hadn’t still moved from the bed.

“Can you carry me to the couch?”

Thomas chuckled.

“Now you’re actually acting like a child, Y/N”


Thomas rolled his eyes and helped me up the bed, just holding me by the waist as I weakly supported my weight over him.

“I’m dying” I told him as we slowly made our way to the livingroom.

“I thought you were fine” He chuckled, looking at me.

I just put my head on his shoulder and pouted.

Finally, we made it to the couch and Thomas slowly sat me down. He looked for the DVD and put it on, sitting next to me when the movie was set up.


Thomas had made a few appearances as Sam already, but I wasn’t enjoying the movie nearly as much as I thought. But it was because my body was trying to kill itself while my brain made its best to focus on the movie with no success.

I was a little hungry, but my stomach was so queasy that I wouldn’t be able to eat anything. My throat felt dry and raspy and it hurted from coughing, as well as my chest. My nose was red and runny and I kept blowing it. And I still had a headache and felt light headed. And of course, I felt really tired and weak. The joy of illness…

I just tried to focus on the moment and not on my cold.

We were still sitting in the couch, Thomas comfortably sitting at my left, resting his back against the couch, and me cuddling him. It made me feel somewhat better.

I was resting my torso over him, hugging him and my head on his chest while he wrapped an arm around my back.

“Y/N, you’re shaking” Thomas observed, and I realized he was right. I was clutching to him, shaking like a freaking Chihuahua.

I hadn’t realized I was so cold until he made me took notice of my shaking.

“I’ll bring you a blanket” He leaned forward to stand up, but I complained with a little whine.

“No, don’t move, please” I told him with a childish voice. He was right; I acted like a child when I was sick.

But I was so comfortable there with him despite the cold…

I heard how he grinned and careful not to move me, he tried to take his jacket off. He was wearing that thick jacket that looked like a blue and white plaid shirt.

I remembered the first time I saw him wearing that and thinking ‘is he actually wearing a plaid shirt on top of a plaid shirt?’. That thought amused me.

“Here” Thomas placed his jacket over my shoulders and I quickly put my arms through the sleeves to cuddle him again.

“Thanks” I mumbled, relaxing after my body started to stop shaking. My muscles were sore after being tense for so long.

“Is that better?” He worried, and I just hummed affirmatively and nodded on his shoulder.

I wasn’t shaking, but I still felt my nose and cheeks freezing. Hopefully Thomas’ body warmth would help me with that.

From that moment on we stayed in silence watching the movie, waiting for his parts to be up again.

My favourite scenes –apart from Sam and Johanna’s, obviously –were the ones with Colin Firth. They were my favourite couple out of the whole movie.

And well, whenever Alan Rickman was on all I could see was an alternative version of Severus Snape.

But then came the Thomas scene with Liam Neeson in the bench with the famous line ‘worse than the total agony of being in love?’ that I liked so much.

“Look, there’s baby Thomas again” I smiled when Sam appeared, since he was so cute and tiny.

“I was thirteen there” He chuckled, a little self-conscious about it.

“You’re still baby faced. Look at you” I looked up to him and squeezed his face fondly.

“Stop it…” He pleaded, softly pushing me away even if he kept smiling.

“I think I’m delirious” I half joked, but I could feel everything around me weirdly, as if my perception had been altered by a fever.

Thomas placed a warm hand on my forehead and frowned. His grin disappeared and his expression changed to a worried one.

“You feel quite warm” Thomas placed his free arm around me too, as if he wanted to make it better for me but didn’t know how.

A chill suddenly shook my spine and I hid my face on his shoulder.

“Y/N, you should really take some medicine” I sensed the concern on his voice, so I just stood up and shook my head.

I hated taking medicines, most of the time they did me more bad than good. Probably because I wasn’t used to taking them and made a weird reaction on me.

The thing was that the only times when I actually took medicines were when I was almost dying. And even if taking something didn’t look as such a bad idea in that moment, I would still wait until I couldn’t take the cold anymore.

“I’ll just lie down again in my bed” I mumbled, already walking to my room.

Thomas quickly stood up and wrapped me by the waist to support me whilst I weakly walked.

“But what about the movie?” He asked me just as we made it back to my room.

“Fuck the movie” I carelessly said, lying down in my bed and wrapping myself with the bedsheets.


After around ten minutes of arguing because I wanted Thomas to go home already –I even went to call him ‘Sangster’, which I always did when he got on my nerves, but it still didn’t work –I gave up and let him stay with me.

He had been there for the whole afternoon, getting me whatever I needed. Water, food, blankets, even hugs.

He talked me into taking something to improve my symptoms and I was slowly feeling better. Just drowsier.

So we were there, the both of us lying in my bed.

Thomas was being a total sweetheart, putting up with my sneezes, sniffing, coughing and complaining. And even letting me lazily and feebly lay my head on his chest again.

“Why don’t you go to sleep? You’ll feel quite better when you wake up” He suggested, absently coating me better with the blanket.

After the whole day feeling either really hot or really cold, I had finally reached a perfect state in which I was all warm and fuzzy and cozy under Thomas’ jacket and the blanket he had placed over me again.

“I’m trying” I mumbled, feeling drowsy but not really managing to fall asleep.

“Remember that time I talked you to sleep?” 

I chuckled at the memory, making Thomas chuckle as well.

“You mean the time you bored me to sleep?”

Actually, there was something about his husky voice with its cracks and its sweetness and his adorable British accent… I just loved the way he talked.

I really didn’t know why, but I enjoyed hearing him speak. Maybe because he wasn’t that much of a talkative person and I liked that he opened up enough with me to actually ramble.

Anyhow, once we had been hanging out at Dylan’s place. Actually, a bunch of the Maze Runner cast was there too: Kaya, Will, Ki Hong, Dexter…

And Thomas kept talking for some reason. I ended up falling asleep on Ki Hong’s shoulder after Thomas kept chattering about the movie.

In my defense, I’ll say that I was really tired that day. And the noise from the ‘party’ and Thomas’ voice made me just doze off. He lulled me to sleep almost.

So maybe that’d help again.

“What do you want me to talk about then?” Thomas looked down at me and I just nuzzled my nose against his neck.

I shrugged and closed my eyes, concentrating on falling asleep.


Thomas began speaking about motorbikes –what a bloody surprise –and he rambled about this and that all the time.

Sure enough, I soon fell asleep.

Maybe being sick wasn’t all that bad.

anonymous asked:

My birthday is this week :3 So... what would Hanzo do for his s/o? Reaper, Genji, and Tracer for their s/o too if you'll do more :)

Ah happy birthweek!! I hope you have a spectacular birthday beb c:


  • Hanzo would completely and utterly pamper his s/o on their birthday
  • Simply wouldn’t let them lift a single finger and would do everything he could to spoil them
  • Has probably planned for this day since the beginning of this year like this boy has got his shit together for real
  • Starts the day by making them breakfast and hand picking them flowers while they sleep, so that they automatically wake up to a surprise and a blushing Hanzo (which is mostly a treat in itself!)
    - Also the flowers would be some blush ranunculus with white sweet peas wrapped around it 
  • Hanzo plans stuff for his partner to do throughout the entire day like going to their favorite place to eat for lunch, taking them shopping anywhere for anything they want, and making sure they feel absolutely special on their day
  • After a big day full of small surprises and fun stuff for them to do, he takes them home for the last surprise which is a romantic dinner he made himself (because no one can tell me Hanzo isn’t a romantic and can cook okay)
  • There’s a candle lit table, little rose petals all over the place and the lights are all dimmed the whole shabang you know and you know he’s playing their favorite music on a stereo (even if it isn’t romantic bc he doesn’t care and it’s about them) and he serves them a romantic dinner
  • Probably hand feeds them if they’ll allow it because even though he pampers his s/o everyday, he feels he has to go above and beyond today because overall he wouldn’t know what he’d do had they not been born
  • The remainder of the night is definitely filled with loads of kisses and dessert (store bought because he can cook, not bake there is a difference, but he’ll never tell his s/o that) and the night ends in a ton of canoodling and overall is a really romantic day


  • Reaper is awkward about birthdays I think because I feel like he didn’t really have a good experience with them himself 
  • However that wouldn’t stop him from trying 
  • I believe Reaper would try throwing a surprise party and would try the whole “oh no I forgot today was your birthday thing”
  • tbh he’d be almost a little too good at it like not seeing them in the morning and when they tried contacting him he’d not say much except about how his day has been totally boring up until that point 
  • Would probably fake some kind of event like “Oh I think I am going to hang out with Jack after work today what are you doing?”
  • I think he’d definitely be a little amused if his partner was getting a little mad, but I feel like he’d feel a little bad if they were getting sad or upset, but he’s really good at keeping secrets so there is no way this surprise is getting ruined 
  • He probably gets someone like Tracer or to distract his s/o from going to their house as he spends hours setting up the place and getting all his s/o’s friends and family there and he puts a lot of thought into it
    -Can I have a moment to imagine Reaper getting snappy at Soldier76 not getting the right colored streamers because they don’t accent his s/o’s eye color correctly and Jack just gives him the deadpan “if you don’t shut the fuck up” look
  • Anyways, it’s getting late and lets be real chaos is probably ensuing because reaper is probably making this harder than it needs to be and by the time it’s time to get things in action he’s panicking and stressing and this is why he isn’t a birthday fan
  • He’s quickly making everyone hide and turning out the lights and telling everyone to shut up and before you know it his s/o is turning on the lights and the giant surprise from everyone likely startles the crap out of them
  • However, the big smile on their face is super sweet and melts Reaper’s heart when they look to him with the most loving look and he’s blushing hardcore I tell you
  • The night is full of laughing and kissing and probably cake smashing in faces and it’s all very fun
  • Reaper doesn’t give his present to his s/o until they are alone and the party is over because it’s personal and is likely something super sweet and he isn’t really about to embarrass himself in front of everyone just yet
  • The night ends in lots of kissing and you can bet he likes birthdays a little more after that day because seeing his s/o smile like that was worth all of it


  • So, lets be real Genji didn’t remember his s/o’s birthday until the day before when someone else mentioned it
  • He’s panicking to the max because he’s always been very forgetful, but he cannot believe he postponed planning until this point
  • But it’s okay because Genji makes up for it by spending the entire day before planning it all out and probably loses sleep over it
  • Decides to take his s/o to do a bunch of fun things like if there is a carnival in town he definitely chooses that or to do something like roller skating or go laser tagging with the entirety of their overwatch friends, or even to an amusement/water park nearby
  • Probably something a little childish, but something super fun that makes his s/o smile 
  • Buys a really corny birthday hat for his s/o to wear all day like this or this 
  • Definitely has the all his s/o’s family, friends, and the overwatch crew looking like this all day long
  • Probably bursts through his s/o’s door first thing in the morning singing happy birthday really obnoxiously and throws confetti on them in bed
    -However, he’s not all shits and giggles. He does bring a bouquet of flowers and plants a ton of kisses all around their face as he tells them happy birthday a million times
  • After the fun of the day and getting to go out and have a blast with some of their friends, he does something a little more romantic and just for the two of them like a small picnic somewhere either special or just with beautiful scenery 
  • You know he’s cracking jokes and being amusing the whole time, but he plans to end the day at sunset and gives them a very passionate kiss and probably confesses to planning everything last minute and that he’s sorry
  • But he’s rewarded with another kiss because it’s okay and the day was spectacular anyways and the fact that he tried so hard and actually did a good job means a lot
  • The rest of the evening is filled with some sunset background, making out on the picnic blanket and him taking goofy pictures with his s/o in their goofy birthday hat


  • Makes a super big deal out of her s/o’s birthday and is talking about it weeks before it happens
  • Plans a really big party, but it’s not a surprise or anything because Tracer probably couldn’t keep a secret like that hidden due to her own excitement for it
  • She gets everyone in overwatch to help like getting Lucio to dj the party and the junkers to make homemade fire works for the occasion 
  • Her and Hanzo both work on a big, colorful birthday cake together and I mean its large and is all of her s/o’s favorite flavors
  • The party is full of dancing and her and her s/o definitely spend a lot of time getting saucy on the dance floor
  • It’s super fun and up-beat until present time because Tracer gets them a very heartfelt gift and things get a little emotional but of course Tracer kisses the mess out of them until everyone is laughing and happy again
  • Tracer absolutely 100% makes them make a wish as they blow out their candles and scolds everyone that asks them what they wished for because obviously the wish won’t come true if her s/o tells
  • I won’t lie to you there IS a bouncy castle and most definitely does Tracer jump and giggle with their s/o in it because you know that’s what you do at parties it’s only common sense
  • That is until Reinhardt pops it by jumping too aggressively in it (poor babi was having too much fun and broke it, this is why we cannot have nice things)
  • Anyways cake and presents are done and it’s nearing night time and so Tracer brings everyone together to watch the fireworks 
  • There was almost a mishap with the fireworks and everything almost caught on fire but they didn’t so that’s all that matters!
  • Tracer and her s/o definitely share kisses and giggled throughout the fireworks show and are definitely holding hands until the night is over
  • Overall Tracer did a good job despite how crazy it was because it was super fun
Date Night


Character: Dean Winchester

Warning: None

Word Count: 1,621


   Screw him. You didn’t really want to go on a date tonight anyway. He could have at least had the decency to cancel over the phone. Even a text would have been acceptable. Hell, anything to let you know he changed his mind would have worked, but no, he just didn’t bother to show up, and you’ve been left to wait. This is the one rare day off you sometimes get, you chose to spend part of it with a blind date, and the asshole decided to stand you up. To be honest, you aren’t sure why you’ve waited here an entire hour. He’s obviously not coming.

   With an annoyed huff, you plop down on a bench near the restaurant you should be inside right now. You purposefully abstained from snacking because you thought you were going out to eat tonight, so you’re understandably hungry. You’re also cold in this garden party outfit you chose to wear, but again, you thought this evening would take place indoors.

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Joe Sugg imagine || Teased part: 2.

Part I: Joe Sugg : Teased.

- - -

Waking up in the morning, you stretched and yawned while turning over in the warm blankets to sit up, you could hear the shower running and Tyler no longer beside you. Finding your phone which had ended up on the floor to charge after you’d fallen asleep looking through your Facebook you put it on the nightstand before getting up and finding fresh clothes for the day.

You didn’t go over the top with your outfit, you pulled on a cute pair of black leggings with fake zippered pockets in the front, a soft pink thin tank top which you wore a white flowing shirt over it and a simple pair of black low top Converse.

“Looking fierce.” Tyler said coming out of the washroom in a white fluffy bathrobe, “oh? Thank you…” You glanced down at the outfit you had put on, “it’s just a comfy outfit.” You admitted and Tyler put his glasses on giving you another look over, “no girl you look cute.” He assured and you smiled. “Thanks Queen.” You used an over the top voice. “No problem, hag!” Tyler did a stereotypical wrist flick at you and you both giggle.

“So, how many Joe dreams did you have last night?” Tyler asked you with a mocking tone. “Tyler, don’t even start – honestly.” You rubbed your forehead, “it’s too early to deal with you being a bitch.” You assured him and he laughed as he picked out some clothes.

“I was just asking, no need to get snappy.” Tyler walked back into the washroom and you rolled your eyes. “You never just ask, you always end up making fun.” You grabbed your make-up bag and decided to give yourself just a hint of foundation and some eyeliner and maybe a little lip colour with a light pink gloss – since you were going to be waiting for Tyler for a while anyway.

“But only in the most loving way possible.” Tyler pointed out and you nodded a little. “Yes, of course.” You agreed.

“But honestly, you two could make the cutest couple.”  He looked out the washroom door at you, “if only he was gay.” He sighed dramatically and you rolled your eyes. “He’s really funny and sweet.” You said. “And you like him.” Tyler added.

“Yeah, but … There’s nine-thousand kilometres between London and Los Angeles, don’t you know how hard that would be Ty?” You thought about it more.

“Girl.” Tyler said coming out of the washroom in just knee length jean shorts, “we work online – we have the easiest job to travel with, not to mention – planes aren’t scarce.” He laughed. “I don’t even know why we’re talking about this, he might not even like me back.” You waved Tyler off quickly.

“Oh, I think he does.” Tyler grinned at you, “why?” You gave him a questioning look and he laughed, shrugging his shoulders. “Oh, I’m just good at knowing that stuff.” He kicked his leg up behind him like a girl would kissing a guy in a movie or something, before disappearing back into the washroom, closing the door. “Ugh, Tyler!” You groaned.

“Mmm-hmm say my name little mama!” Tyler said from the other side of the door in a sexually frustrated type of tone.

“Tyler you mentally exhaust me.” You admitted, standing up once more to collect your phone from the nightstand. You pressed the home button to see if you had any notifications which you had several from Twitter, you favourited a few peoples tweets and replied to a couple people as Tyler finished getting ready you looked at him.

“Now that’s fierce.” You nodded and he grinned. “Thank yah!” He said bubbly. “I forgot to edit my video for today, oh my gosh.” You just realised seeing a tweet about being excited for your video today. “How did you forget that?” Tyler laughed. “I don’t know the travelling and the eight hour jump ahead in time… Oh my gosh.” You found your MacBook bag and brought it to the desk. “Tyler I need to edit this. And film Mondays.” You put your hand over your shoulder. “I’m so behind.” You only now concluded.

“You need to calm down.” Tyler laughed at your panic. “Just stay here and do it, no big deal.” He pointed out.

“What about Jim and Tanya?” You pointed out. “They’ll understand – we can all get together for supper later.” Tyler nodded putting his bag over his shoulder and ordering an Uber.

“Are you sure?” You asked again opening your MacBook on the desk and he nodded. “Yes, it’ll be fine. I’ll message you later.” He waved away your small moment of panic.

“Okay,” you nodded finding your camera. “Once I get it done, I wont have to worry until like Thursday.” You figured. “Stop panicking, you’re causing me stress pimples.” He touched his forehead…

… Tyler left and you edited your video for tomorrow and exported it and started its upload to Youtube where you’d keep it privet until tomorrow. Before setting up the camera to film what you could for Monday, you took your memory card from your computer and placed it in the camera when, ‘Error’ flashed across its display. “Oh don’t.” You muttered, popping it out, blowing against it lightly and popping it back in but the same message came up again. “Oh you piece of crap!” You snapped after the fourth time and sighed.

{ (Y/Twitter/N): Guys! My memory card died! :( I’m in a different country, dunno where anything is & you know my irrational fear or Ubers alone. #SendHelp. } You tweeted out and were pleased you still had three characters to spare.

“You bastard thing.” You said looking at it on the desk before looking back at you phone you seen a DM alert from Joe, “Ahh!” You said to yourself, your fingers not moving quick enough to get back to Twitter and into your inbox;

{ @Joe_Sugg: Would you like me to help you get a new memory card? }

{ @Y/Twitter/N: I would be much appreciated. If you aren’t busy… :) }

{ Joe_Sugg: Nope just sitting around alone. What hotel? Ill come get you. }

{@Y/Twitter/N: Park Lane Hilton. Really, if its no trouble. }

As you sent the last DM, you felt giddy, “thank you memory!” You squealed at it still on the desk, you had wanted to see Joe again, without seeming desperate so that fact he had DM'ed you asking if you wanted his help was almost too good to be true.

{Joe_Sugg: Not at all. I’ll be there in 20 minutes. X }

{Y/Twitter/N: You’re so good to me. I’ll buy you some milk for those JD’s. ;) }

Joe sent you a thumbs up emoji and a smiley face emoji, before you put your phone down.

You looked out the sliding glass doors to your balcony were rain spotted, you found a sweater and the umbrella you packed, slipping your bag over your shoulder you headed downstairs in fifteen minutes and waiting in the lobby seating area, feeling anxious.

“Hey.” Joe said grinning brightly coming through the doors behind someone checking in, his hair had fallen into his eyes from getting damp by the rain. “Hi.” You said brightly standing up. “Your guided tour awaits.” Joe made a gesture with both hands toward the doors and you laughed walking out, the rain was just a drizzle now.

You still opened your umbrella that each section was a vivid colour and when you spun it, it kind of looked like the Apple beach ball icon. “Would you like to stand under my umbrella-ella-ella-ella?” You asked Joe with a laugh. “I would love to.” He ran his fingers through his hair as you stepped to one side of it when he stepped under it and you started walking.

“Do you mind if I vlog?” He wondered, looking over to you and you shook your head, “not at all.” You smiled and you watched him taking out his camera from his pocket.

“Alright, so we picked up (Y/N) and we’re walking in the rain-rain-rain-rain.” Joe sung the words 'rain’ before clearing his throat, you thought he sounded sweet.  “Say hello?” Joe said turning the camera slightly and you could see yourself in the view screen. “Hi!” You waved with a smile. “You have to tell Joe he’s super-amazing in the comments for being so helpful.” You pointed down indicating the comment section.

“Oh stop.” Joe said waving you off and turning the camera back to himself making you laugh. “I’ll update you guys in a bit.” Joe said turning his camera off. “Awh, did I fluster you?” You asked teasingly. “No!” He exclaimed while he laughed “Maybe a little.” He added and you giggled…

… You picked out your memory card from a store that wasn’t too far but you’d have gotten lost several thousand times along the way, a map or not.

You were walking back toward the hotel through a small park, which had some shallow puddles, even though it had stopped raining you still had your umbrella open.

You started zig-zagging between the puddles, before you broke into a small run, splashing into one and twirling around with the umbrella, you started to spin with it, Joe was laughing as he kept his walking pace following you. “We don’t get puddles in LA!” You pointed out from the distance, the breeze was blowing your hair around as you spun and danced a little.

“Here we have a resident of Los Angeles in an unnatural habitat of puddles… They go a bit crazy.” Joe had said into his camera as he was holding it focusing on you, “a little adorable when you think about it.” He admitted, while you twirled your umbrella again.

You looked up, “are you filming me? Joe!” You exclaimed seeing his camera and you started to laugh, skipping back in his direction. “I haven’t had anything to drink, I swear.” You said to the camera. “Except three glasses of wine.” Joe was smirking behind the camera. “Did not! Don’t lie!” You pushed him lightly and he went to step back in laughter with you, but he stepped on his shoe-lace that had untied and started to fall backwards.

“Oh no, Joe!” You dropped your umbrella and went to grab him, but you lost your own balance and you both landed awkwardly on the ground.

You were still laughing, seeing the camera had landed a few inches away, facing the two of you.

Both figuring it had stopped recording from impact. “Are you okay?” You asked him, “I’m so sorry.” You felt back for pushing him. “I’m fine.” Joe laughed, tying his shoe lace now. “My own fault, I don’t tie my laces tight enough.” He fixed it and stood up, brushing himself off, he stepped over to you, holding out both of his hands.

“I’m heavy.” You said unsurely and he scoffed. “And I’m the King of England.” He rolled his eyes, shaking his hands at you, you put your hands into his and he pulled you up with ease to stand, still holding your hands your bodies were close. “Thatching muscles.” He winked.

“Oh shut up.” You sighed, feeling lost in those blue eyes, before stepped back, you walked over to pick up his camera. “Hey, its still recording!” You seen the red numbers counting up. “Sorry guys, didn’t mean to drop you.” You apologised for Joe. “He’s actually the one who had the wine.” You smirked turning the camera on Joe, “Yeah, it was.” Joe nodded seriously, before you both laughed, he picked up your umbrella and you turned off his camera…

… As you walked back to the hotel, “I still owe you milk for your assistance,” you remembered and Joe laughed. “Oh, no – don’t worry about it, spending time with you is payment enough.” and you felt the urge to melt again. “Oh, jeez.” You whispered, your cheeks turning a little red.

Standing outside of your hotel you had stood talking to Joe for another ten minutes. “You know, I think Tyler and I are going for supper with Jim and Tanya – did you wanna come?” You offered. “Oh, I – I’d love to but, I’ve got a lot of editing of editing to do.” He admitted. “Oh, okay – no problem.” You nodded. “But, we’ll definitely hang out again, yeah?” He asked, watching you. “Of course.” You nodded quickly. “Thank you for all your help today.” You smiled.

“My pleasure.” Joe smiled, before he lent in and kissed your cheek lightly. “See you later.” He whispered into your ear before he walked off…

… You had gone to supper with Tyler, Jim and Tanya and sincerely hoped you ended up having a relationship like those two. You had just walked out of the washroom in the hotel wearing a nightgown, you had blow dried your hair and seen Tyler staring at you from your bed. “What?” You stopped making sure a boob hadn’t fallen out or something. “Have you seen Joes vlog today?” He asked you seriously.
“Erm, no? Why?” You asked.

“GIRL!” Tyler exclaimed. “People are going fucking crazy!” Tyler sat up even straighter. “What do you mean?” You hadn’t caught on at all.

“They have a ship name and everything! You’re giving Jaspar a run for their money! People are freaking out!” Tyler showed you his computer screen where he’d paused the vlog on where the camera was on the round and Joe was helping you up.

“Oh my god…” You jumped onto the bed and grabbed away the Macbook starting back at the beginning of the vlog. Tyler had cuddled up close to you, his hand on your shoulder and his chin on his hand, watching.

Good morning guys!” Joe said from his bed shirtless. “I don’t have anything really planned for today but I can still vlog, I mean you might wanna see my lazy day right?” He said rolled over on his blankets before it jump cut to Joe walking outside, “So, change of plans… (Y/N) – whose in England with Tyler right now, needs a memory card and she has no idea where she’s going, so I’m going to help her find one and I bought you along for the journey – how exciting, isn’t it?” He laughed and another jump cut ensued before you saw the clips of when you were present.

“GIRL!” Tyler shook you as the vlog ended with Joe staying good night back in his bedroom. “GIRL!” He said again, “I can’t believe you haven’t bedded that yet!” He was laughing and you narrowed your eyes quickly. “I like him more then that, Tyler.” You whispered.

“Well you need to tell him that before someone else snatches that fine-fine booty up.” He pointed out. “That’s it, I’m organising a drink night tomorrow…” Tyler picked up his phone…

Careful What You Wish For

So I felt like there was a lot of Demon AU’s being published today, but it was probably just me, considering I read icyboot’s at least twice and then went back through Demonology in its entirety. I couldn’t resist trying my own. 

Summary: Genesis thought summoning a demon would be the key to gaining the wisdom he needed. Instead, he seems to have summoned a young, hungry, and contrary demon.

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anonymous asked:

Oh yes a thing about Moffat is both Amy and Clara have to be instantly in love with him the second they lay eyes on him. They have to shove their tongues down his throat and barely restrain themselves from raping him.. Just because Matt's attractive why is it a crime for his female companions to not want to have sex with Eleven? Why do they have to fancy him? Why can't we just see a good friendship between men and women? It's like Moffat doesn't know that platonic is an option.

Oh boy, this is gonna be a long one…

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fic update: Let Your Heart Be Light (Olicity rated M) chapter 5/15

Let Your Heart Be Light (21068 words) by callistawolf
Chapters: 5/15
Fandom: Arrow (TV 2012)
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Oliver Queen/Felicity Smoak
Characters: Oliver Queen, Felicity Smoak, Thea Queen, Roy Harper, Tommy Merlyn, Moira Queen, Walter Steele, Laurel Lance, Sara Lance, Malcolm Merlyn
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe, Christmas, Romance, Friends to Lovers, Fake/Pretend Relationship, Romantic Fluff, Angst and Fluff and Smut, Eventual Smut
Summary: Oliver and Felicity move past their awkwardness and enjoy a lovely day together in the snow
Author’s Note: Wow, again you all humble me.  Thanks for being the best readers ever. <3  Also, I’m impressed at the number of people who were so angry at Oliver last chapter!  And here I was worried that Felicity didn’t have enough reason to be snippy with him. ;)  If you’re expecting more angst this chapter, I have bad news.  Nothing but fluff here!  *throws snowflake confetti in the air*  Hold onto the sweet while we have our hearts torn out tonight!

You can also read this chapter on Ao3 or FF

Felicity woke up feeling heavy, as though every limb weighed an extra five pounds and was pressing her further into the mattress.  She was warm and surrounded and it felt pretty nice, actually.  So she ignored it for a minute while she allowed herself to come awake completely.  

The problem was, the more alert she grew, the more she realized that there was actually something laying across her, pressing her down.  Slowly, she pulled her own arm out from underneath her body and reached up to her midsection, where a good deal of the weight was pressing.  The other weight was across her legs but she was starting to get a bad feeling so she decided to go with the midsection first.  She felt with her fingertips and found… warm skin.  Arm hair.  Oh god. 

Felicity shifted a little and there was an answering rumble that she felt through her ribcage.  The weight over her shifted too and his scent filled her nose.  Dammit, he smelled wonderful.  Of course he did.  There was no mistaking it, Oliver Queen was cuddling with her.  And she’d been cuddling him right back.  

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Arrow 5x07 “Vigilante” Review: It Really Was Full Of A Whole Lot of Suck

This episode was so bad. It was messy. The dialogue was awful—not even talking about the cut and paste crap referenced in the review title. The hope that I came into this season with diminishes each week. I came into S5 with an open mind even though the PR did nothing to persuade me to watch. Each week feels worse than the last, both in insult and injury. My beloved characters are not recognizable, the looks of the show has changed, and not for the better, even though we have recycled plots and dialogue.

What we have is stagnation.

What we have is audience apathy—which honestly feels like a reaction to the apathy behind the scenes.


Evelyn Sharpe

The big a-ha moment of the episode was her last second meet-up with Prometheus. This kind of shock value wasn’t enough to raise the episode up. It was just that bad. I might have also cared about the twist more if I cared more for her. I don’t. And last week when she was all “Serial Killer” to Oliver, she burned that bridge with me.

I will say it certainly puts a new light on that fight scene between Evelyn and Prometheus last week. I couldn’t understand why he didn’t snap her like a twig. I figured she’d just been LL’d with skills. Maybe not now? But I’m not entirely sold on her being a mole in Team Arrow. Maybe she’s double-crossing Prometheus (or at the very least beginning to regret joining forces with him). What I do know is they have given us zero insight into her character. So we’ll see where this goes. But even if she isn’t Oliver’s double agent then they made the only new girl on the team evil.

Not exactly the most female positive move to make in a show that is truly suffering in its treatment of females. And 5x07 had more to add to that particular pyre.

Last week I commented how entirely idiotic it was that Evelyn is fine for dropping out of school and playing vigilante but they drew the line at drinking at 17. This week they double-downed on the double standard and spiced it up with some disgusting sexism. A 17-year-old girl was dressed up like a hooker and used as bait in an episode that talked about teenage trafficking. A. Seventeen. Year. Old. Girl. Was. Dressed. Up. As. A. Hooker. When last week she couldn’t drink.

She can’t fight crime with a buzz but her boobs and ass are okay.

Why am I not surprised? This is the same show that had Felicity treat her vagina like a credit card with the boyfriend she still refuses to name.

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