it's just a hallucination

✖ we’re not ashes ✖

little psychotic things

-ripping up your skin trying to get the bugs out

-heartbreaking hallucinations

-my best friend is staring at me smiling and they wont talk to me or move PLEASE MOVE PLEASE SAY SOMETHING OH GOD

-somethings behind me help

-constantly feeling like you’re being chased

-I Have Started Laughing And I Can’t Seem To Stop

-you thought you just had a lot of imaginary friends but they turn out to be advanced visual and auditory hallucinations

-when theyre tellin you to kill your friends and your just damn man im trying o take a nap chill

-resist the urge to rip out the strangers hair. its made of worms but you must resist

-thinking you did the thing you were supposed to do but actually youve been sitting motionless for a long time and you are now too exhausted to actually do the thing

-why does everyone have really big shoulders?

-sir your eye is changing color please look away

-Everyone Is Staring At Me I Must Run

-hearing the same god damn song all day but no ones playing it its just an auditory hallucination


-all these damn movies relying on the psycho killer trope ://


-There’s bark in my hair. My hair is full of bark

-being sexualized by the media???? what

-that one person you saw the other day had monster feet but shh its a secret

-this paper is breathing the trees not dead

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hey babe, are you a cigarette? Cause you've got a hot butt

great noww youvve Encouraged him

do you ever just wake up and you know you’re going to have a bad day

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Could you do one of your OCs getting really bad food poisoning - something like salmonella where it's coming out of both ends?

How about Moon?

thanks for your help in deciding who to write for!  i want to thank the other anon, too, who suggested addison, but since i’ve already written for him i decided to go with the vote for moon!  i also introduced 2 new ocs here: kel and emerson.  i love all of them, and will probably make character pages for them soon.  feel free to make requests about them if you like ‘em!

oh, and heads up: moon is non-binary and uses they/them pronouns, so don’t let that confuse/surprise you!

WARNING: descriptions of vomit and diarrhea below the cut.  there isn’t actually too much scat in this one, but there is a mention of it.  also, lots of swearing

“Wake up!  Wake up!”  Moon smiled cheerily in the face of Kel’s scowl.  "We should get moving before the sun rises.“

Emerson felt surprisingly well-rested considering how late she’d gone to sleep the night before.  That said, she was comfortable beneath her pile of worn blankets and pushed them off of herself with great reluctance.

As soon as she did so, she hissed and shielded her eyes from the too-bright light that filtered in to the tent.  She squinted at Moon’s back; they were frantically packing up the group’s things, apparently oblivious to their own mistake.

“Uh, Moo?”  Emerson winced, not even knowing how to say what she knew Moon needed to hear.  She steeled herself, deciding that honesty was the best way to go, as usual.  "The sun’s already up.“

Emerson held her breath as she watched Moon still.  Unable to see their face, she noted the tension in their shoulders, but couldn’t get a precise read on how they were taking this news.


Finally, they turned to face her with a forced smile and half-laugh, rubbing a hand on the back of their neck uneasily.  "Right, sorry!  Guess I just…“

Moon waved their hands in the air as they tried to think of an excuse, but there really wasn’t one, other than the truth, and they weren’t ready to admit all that.

“You fucked up,” Kel smirked.  "Not that I mind when it means I get to sleep more, but man, what a mistake.“

Emerson shot Kel a glare, but Moon just smiled weakly and shrugged.

“Guess I slept late on accident.”

Emerson raised a skeptical eyebrow.  "Riiiight.  And, what, you didn’t notice that the sun is already well along its daily lap across the sky, huh?“

Again, Moon responded with that uncomfortable almost-laugh.  "Guess I was still half asleep.  Pretty dumb, huh?”

It was a lame excuse, and Emerson didn’t buy one bit of it, but they really did need to get going, so instead of pushing it, she helped Moon pack up.

After only 20 minutes on the road, the previous incident was completely forgotten.  Kel complained about his feet being sore, and when Emerson scolded him for being such a baby about it, the two of them started into their typical bickering.  Moon offered encouragement to all, as always, and if they were a bit less energetic about it than normal, well, the other two were too preoccupied to take much notice.

The group ate lunch on the way.  Emerson noticed that Moon didn’t eat anything, but that wasn’t too unusual, and they explained that they’d munched on some strawberries in the early morning hours when they’d had trouble sleeping.

Moon had them stop for a rest and dinner a bit earlier than normal, but not because they were hungry.  "It’s getting warmer out by the day; I just want to make sure none of us get heat stroke,“ was Moon’s unprompted justification.  It was actually cooler than the day before had been, but Emerson didn’t bother bringing that up.  She wondered if Moon was finally starting to feel the strain of traveling and just didn’t want to complain.

Still, it was impossible not to say something when Moon fell asleep while eating dinner.  Kel approached them slowly, while Emerson watched with interest from behind.  Then, nearly as soon as Kel’s shadow fell over him, Moon’s eyes flew open and they drew their knife, pointing it at Kel.

“Woah!”  Kel raised his hands in surrender and jumped back, and Emerson shot to her feet, hands moving to her pistols instinctively.  Kel’s eyes darted towards his bow, but he quickly determined that it was too far away to even consider grabbing and retrained his gaze on Moon.  "What the hell’s wrong with you?“  Kel shouted.

It was a fair question, but far less diplomatic than necessary, in Emerson’s opinion.  A quick assessment of Moon and her own gut instinct told her that they didn’t mean any harm; they were simply acting out of fear.  Emerson placed herself in front of Kel and spoke to Moon in a low voice.

"Hey, buddy, calm down.  You’re safe here, it’s just me and Kel.”  When they didn’t respond, she waved a hand in front of Moon’s face.  “Moo?”

At hearing their nickname, Moon seemed to snap out of whatever spell they’d been under and the knife fell from their hand.  They shuddered, and a sob escaped them as their legs gave out.  Emerson caught them under their arms and lowered them gently to the ground.  She crouched beside them, but Kel wasn’t ready to get too close yet.

“What the fuck was that?”  He sneered.  "Did you just try to kill me?“

Moon hunched forward, sobbing brokenly.  ”’m sorry,“ they wept, head in their hands.  "Kel, I-”

“You fucking tried to kill me!”

“Get out, Kel,” Emerson muttered, keeping her eyes trained on Moon.  When Kel stood his ground, she repeated herself, raising her voice.  "Get the fuck out!“

Kel gave her a disbelieving look.  "Really?  You’re siding with Looney Mooney here?”

“Kel, I swear to God, if you don’t get the fuck out and cool your head right now I will draw my guns.”

Kel threw his hands in the air.  "Fine!  I don’t want to be near this freak anyway.  It’s fucking dangerous.“

It was fortunate for Kel that he grabbed his bow and arrows and stalked off as quickly as he did, because his deliberate misuse of pronouns seriously tempted Emerson to make good on her threat of violence.  As Kel disappeared from sight, Emerson took a deep breath before returning her attention to Moon.  They’d stopped crying, but Emerson wasn’t sure if that was a good or bad sign.

"Hey,” she said quietly.  "You okay?“

Moon nodded mechanically.  Emerson frowned.

"What happened?”

Moon shook their head and spoke in a chillingly monotone voice.  "Didn’t sleep well last night, that’s all.“

Moon hadn’t told Emerson and Kel about their hallucinations, and they preferred to keep it that way.  More than anything, they wanted to keep everyone safe.  They’d made up their mind, and they had a plan that would fix everything.

"Don’t worry,” they said, forcing a smile.  "I’ll be fine after a bit of sleep.“

Emerson still seemed skeptical, but she nodded, and that was enough.  All Moon needed was an excuse to escape her gaze.  Together they set up the tent, and Moon immediately crawled in.  Emerson followed.

"Em?”  Moon asked, concerned.  They needed her to leave so they could sneak away.


“What are you doing?”

“Sleeping,” Emerson said, as if it were normal to go to sleep well before the sun set.  When Moon didn’t respond, Emerson filled the silence.  "Don’t judge.  I figured I might as well.  I mean, what am I going to do out there on my own?  Wait for Kel to come back?“

Moon sighed.  She had a point.  Then again, the fact that Emerson loved to sleep could work to Moon’s advantage; if they just waited a while, eventually she would drift off, and this way Moon knew exactly where Emerson would be.  They could leave the second her breathing evened out.  Not to mention the fact that Moon’s insomnia should ensure that they would stay awake longer than Emerson.

They told themselves that, but it wasn’t long before the shadows stretched tall and menacing.  Moon knew, logically, that there was nothing wrong with the shadows, there was nothing wrong with the darkness.  The monsters they saw there were just illusions.

But they’d been fighting their most terrifying hallucination the entire day: the illusion of complete, infinite darkness.  It implied aloneness and instilled within Moon an unspeakable terror.  And now that the day was quickly coming to an end, now that reality was on its way to matching Moon’s illusory world, it was increasingly difficult to remain calm.

They needed to leave before the hallucinations became too much and they hurt someone.  It seemed like hours had passed; surely Emerson was asleep.  But when Moon tried to get up, they couldn’t move an inch.  They were stuck.  By illusions, reality, they could no longer tell.  All they knew was that they were trapped and it was too hot and they were sweating and they couldn’t breathe-

"Moon, wake up!”

They did, and they saw their mom’s face, speaking with an unfamiliar voice, above them.

“No,” Moon whimpered.

“You have a fever.”

“Ma.  Why are you here?”  Moon couldn’t breathe.  She shouldn’t be here.  Here.  Where was here?  They didn’t know anymore, and their stomach hurt.  Their stomach hurt a lot.  Moon cried out and shut their eyes as the pain intensified and when they opened their eyes their mother was gone.

"Moo?  It’s me, Emerson.”  And it was.  And that made the whole thing worse, because now Emerson was in danger and Moon hadn’t left and they needed to before something awful happened and their stomach hurt.

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I’m kinda freaking out bc the girl I kinda like apparently messaged me on snapchat last night but I was super out of it when I got it so I thought i was dreaming bc it was something abt high fives and awkward eye contact (???) So I checked just now to see if I was dreaming/hallucinating or whatever and it says i /did/ receive a message from her 6 hrs ago BUT IT’S NOT LETTING ME SEE IT OH MY GOD


Has anyone else seen this? I never knew there was a title for ‘the cabin album’ let alone some lyrics for it?? If those are legit they are amazing and I wish they were never scrapped.

In the red box: “Thank you feather fingers for believing there is more out here than what we’re seeing, that there is more then just a canvas ceiling hanging above our heads with no meaning, for reminding me the sun will come, just when we think it has given up, and that it truly is enough to be alive and in love, for being the reason the birds keep singing and for being what the sky’s been needing, what you see in me are just hallucinations, I know its you who are glowing constellations.”

neuroboring: heres my story about a man being driven to a psychotic breakdown, the point of no return

me: *has so many psychotic breakdowns a week its just just my mundane life* *hallucinating monsters as we speak* cool im gonna go get lunch