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sorry to disappoint your neurotypical standards but do people who love to pressure the great mental health recovery agenda not realize that there are disorders where recovery isn’t an option like no offence but for me there’s nothing to recover from that’s just the way my brain has been since birth and i’ve sorta got used to living with the goods and bads by now


my aesthetic: the faces rhys makes when he’s hugging vaughn


Everyone seems to like Cordelia, so here are some new pictures I took today!

Having a capricorn moon means appreciating the job interviewer flat out telling you he’s looking for someone with experience in the field and that you dont qualify and then walking around the town and finding a cozy mom and pop run coffee shop and filling out a paper application there as bob dylan plays from the speakers cus every closed door is another opportunity

A guide to being a vocal citizen

For people wondering how to take action post-election of a racist demagogue (pulled from Twitter and cleaned up):

Make a spreadsheet or a file for your representatives with names, addresses to their offices, phone numbers, and contact forms. Put everyone there. Make a note in your calendar app to check in on issues once a month.

Pay attention to news. If you get angry, upset, or worried, seek support from friends but ALSO shoot these reps an email, too. Be courteous but firm and blunt. It’s a numbers game. Often we remain invisible because we don’t go to events and rallies and can’t be physically present. But we can attach our names to emails, we can write letters, we can be vocal. We don’t have to be invisible.

You can do this with your national reps, state reps, and local reps. If someone reps you anywhere, note them. Open a line and revisit it. It’s hard work and slow. One email at a time. One letter at a time. One call at a time. Emails are easy these days, so splurge every few months on a stamp and send a letter if you can. Put your humanity in front of these people. Flout it. Some won’t care, but others will. Change ONE mind and results can cascade.

Rural areas are bubbles full of bigotry and now it’s newly revealed. But we white people who live here have the clout and power! We can speak up when our reps say terrible things, and do terrible things, and vote terrible ways. We can go “I am disappointed in you.” It’s work, but as we’ve seen the last six months, it’s time for us to do that work. If someone goes “who are your reps” you gotta know. If you don’t know and you’re mad about this election, it’s time to create that file and keep it with you and use it.

The time for social media rants only is over. Or, do those, but maybe pull those threads out into a paragraph and send them to your reps. And don’t ONLY email or contact when things go badly. Also reach out when things go right. Even if they voted AGAINST something. Treat them like you would want to be treated if you were wrong or mistaken. But we’ve gotta reach out and let them know we’re here.

Anyway, I know this is hard work. If you need help collecting your reps, give me a ping via DM and I’ll help you get started.

I love how people are already planing their romances with Andromeda characters when we literally have zero concept of what their sexualities will be, of if they’ll even be romance options.

So, I am entering recovery mode again. I’ve been in a really bad and emotionally constipated place for a long while and I’m… Finally getting help for that. So that’s… Good. It’s painful but it’s something I know is gonna make me feel a lot better in the long run.

Something I’ve been considering for a while is to just, scale back my social media experience. I have a lot of tumblr followers and follow a LOT of people as well and… I like having a big audience to signal boost charity posts, but it’s also NERVEWRACKING. I am probably going to spend a long time softblocking a lot of my followers if I don’t recognize their usernames and unfollowing a lot of folks. If this happens to you it’s nothing personal and you’re absolutely free to refollow me, I just… I really need a smaller world that’s softer and more comfortable for me right now. I’m very emotionally fragile and being in the public eye has become stressful to the extreme. I’d prefer having social media spaces where it’s just me and people I know.

i haven’t mentioned it on this blog yet for some reason, but friendly reminder that john is super allergic to dogs. his nose gets stuffy, he sneezes a lot, his chest feels tight, and he breaks out in hives when he comes in contact.

U ever have like that ONE horror/suspense theme that’ll get u, like if a movie has it then you feel genuinely weird and shaky after and even a few years down the road it’ll still occasionally pop into your head in the middle of the night like “hey yeah it’s time to feel uncomfortable and uneasy again”

thescumchild  asked:

Generally when people say "I'm not _____phobic, but..." Chances are they're about to say something real fucking assholey. How bout this, if somebody has to say this before they make a comment, they should consider maybe shutting the fuck up?? Its a good option but assholes generally just don't have the ability. Dang I'm tired of all the cis straight folk

im actually pretty sure this person is a lesbian and possibly not cis, either way, they didnt say “im not phobic but” they just went ahead and defended The Stupid Thing with saying it wasnt biphobic.


Joshifer+ Clapping Laughs on Jimmy Fallon

nadiacreek replied to your post:oh god it just hit me. Creepy incest twins are…

What? No!

Over-enthusiastic, optimistic sunshine dark-haired twins who do everything together and are super enthusiastic about show choir and whose parents met the same way Rachel’s dads met? They’re Anderberry! 

When I look at Victorian Sherlock I don’t see Sherlock, but Benedict Cumberbatch in a hat