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Arranged Marriage: Sehun Edition. Part 12 (final)

A/n: So, I don’t know how many reader’s I’ve lost because I’ve been posting updates like once every ten years and I know I’m a horrible writer because of that, but well this story is so important for me and many of my readers so, if you read last part and feel like this story was somehow written and finished well, please any kind of feedback is welcome <3 don’t forget there’s still prologue to come.

Word Count: 4808

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“Sehun, will you finish sometime today?” I asked, already feeling irritated at his antics. “We need to visit a lot more places and you’ve been looking at a single table for an hour.”

Sehun looked up and glanced at me, squeezing his eyes, hinting that I should just wait for him more.

To my surprise he had woken up earlier than the whole town that morning and not so very gently shaken me from my sleep, whining that we had too much work to do during the day, if we still wanted to invite his grandparents over in the evening. I had quickly changed into jeans and comfortable pair of shoes and soon we were in Sehun’s car, driving around the town while I was making a simple to-do list in my notebook, so we wouldn’t forget anything.

We needed a new couch, a dining table, a couple sheets for the bedroom and maybe new curtains. Any decorations that would catch our eyes during our strolls in various shops were also welcome.

The list wasn’t very long since we’d decided we would just see what more was needed when we actually started living in our new house, so I thought we’d finish quickly, but all my hopes were very swiftly crushed by a handsome man named Oh Sehun who decided it was okay to stare at every single piece of furniture for at least ten minutes straight.

At first I found it cute since I thought maybe he just wanted everything to be perfect for his new house but after sixth shop full of similar tables and sofas my patience ball was on the edge of exploding.

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Outlast II


The time was currently a quarter past midnight and you were ready to call it a night. Yes it was still early for Saturday night but you didn’t care. None of your friends were doing anything exciting that was worth bringing you along and neither was your boyfriend. He had been filming and out at meetings all day and honestly you were okay with it. It was the first time in a long time that you had a quiet Saturday night to yourself where you could have a nice pampering session or get ahead on your work load for the week.

You grabbed your phone and shot a quick goodnight text to Joe, something the two of you did every time you weren’t together for the night. Shoving your phone into the pocket of Joe’s trackie bottoms, you stood up from your spot on the couch and headed into the kitchen to grab some water when your phone started to ring.

“Joseph?” You questioned as you glanced at the clock again wondering why he was calling you this late.

“Hey love.” His cheery voice pierced your ears through the speaker.

“I’m about to go to bed what do you want?”

“What, I can’t just call my girlfriend after midnight just to hear her voice.”

“Not usually.” You said tapping your fingers on your worktop, “What’s up?”

“Would you mind coming over…and sitting with me while I film a gaming video?” You almost didn’t hear Joe as his voice was so quiet which made you smile.

“What game?”

“Outlast II…” His voice trailed off knowing that you weren’t too keen on scary movies either.

“Why are you playing it at this time of night?” You asked walking into your room to grab a jumper before pulling on your shoes. 

“Because Y/N, you don’t get the full experience if you play it in the middle of the day with the light shining through the windows”

“Get some curtains.” You bluntly before you were met with silence. 

You laughed to yourself as you pictured Joe’s annoyed face on the other side of the line. 

“You’re not funny.” 

“Well I for one don’t need the full experience and having another person there doesn’t help much.” 

“But it helps me. Please love I don’t want to be alone, this game really freaks me out.”

“Thats a really great thing to say when you’re trying to convince someone to watch you play a game.” You said grabbing your keys and walked out the door, locking it behind you.

“We can cuddle afterwards. I haven’t seen you in two days so we are long overdue for some cuddles.”

“Honestly Joseph, thats the only reason why I’m on my way right now.” You said getting into your car. 

“I love you, you’re the best. See you in a bit.” Joe’s cheery voice rang through your ears again and you could practically see him jumping up and down.

“Yeah yeah, see you soon.” 

The lift door opened after it stopped on Joe’s floor and you poked your head out, hoping Joe wasn’t waiting to scare you. When the coast was clear, you stepped out of the lift and over to Joe’s door. 

“Hey love.” You heard Joe call out from somewhere in his flat as you closed the door behind you. 

“Hi” You said moving into his flat finding him sitting at his work top, the YouTube home screen displayed on the screen. 

He flashed you a quick smile before opening his arms to you which you rolled your eyes as you let your body move you into his embrace.

“Let’s get this over with.” You said pulling away but failed as Joe’s arms didn’t budge. 

You looked up at Joe who only smiled before placing a kiss on your lips.

“Nice jumper.” He smirked admiring what the khaki color does to your eyes as he finally loosed his grip on you, allowing you to back away from him and turn towards the hallway that lead to him gaming room. 

“Thanks, you now Zoe has some really cool items on her website, you should check it out.” You said over your shoulder before you entered the room. 

You plopped yourself down on the beanbags that sat in the corner of the room as Joe took a seat in his chair, pulling up the game and making sure everything was recording. 

“Hello everybody! We are back with another episode of Outlast II. After the last couple of episodes I decided that I can’t film this series by myself anymore so Y/N has so kindly come over to sit with me so if you hear any other screams, they’re hers.” Joe paused as he looked and motioned for you to come get into shot. 

You pushed yourself off the beanbags and stood next to Joe and waved to the camera. 

“Really not looking forward to this or sorry if my screams are annoying.”

“You can leave the room if its too much love.”

“Then why do I have to be in here in the first place?”

“Because it actually freaks me out and its currently quarter to 1 in the morning.” 

“We should be sleeping” You said as you moved back into the pile of beanbags on the floor that we conveniently placed in a way the you could lay down and still see the monitor. 

“This won’t be a long episode, hopefully” Joe said turning back to his screen and continuing the game.

You watched the game for a few minutes, voicing your opinion on what Joe should and shouldn’t do but with either suggestion there was some kind of jump scare that you make you and Joe scream.

The game seemed to calm down a little bit and without the constant on edge feeling running through your veins, your eyes slowly drifted shut.

You felt a warm hand run across your face before you felt your body being lifted up and carried into a brighter room. You blinked your eyes open to find Joe carrying you up the dimly lit staircase to his bedroom.

He laid you down his bed before he left the room quickly, the flat getting darker before he reentered the room, closing the door behind him. 

He stripped out of his clothes and crawled into bed beside you, giving you a quick kiss on your forehead before pulling you closer to him. 

“Thanks love.” He said as you nuzzled your face deeper against his chest as you wrapped your arms around him. 

“Mhmm” You managed to get out as your eye drifted shut again. 

“You know, you wouldn’t have to keep coming over here late at night if you would just move in.” 

“I wouldn’t have to keep coming over here if you stopped playing scary games in the middle of the night.” You said opening your eyes and moving your head to look up at him. 

The pout on Joe’s face made you let out a small laugh before you placed a kiss on his lips and nuzzled back into him. 

“Can we talk about this tomorrow, I want to go back to sleep.” You yawned. 

“Fine” He sighed as he kissed your head and allowed himself to calm down as he closed his eyes and listened to the sound of your breathing.

Connection Thirty Four

Mrs. Holmes was beaming as she moved around the small groups with tea and crackers. Mr. Holmes, Mycroft, Greg, and Vic were standing in a semi-circle by the Christmas tree in some active discussion and Mrs. Hudson, after being shooed off by Mrs. Holmes, joined Molly and John on the couch playing with Will and Rosie and their favorite toys from this morning.

You watched them from the hallway, leaning against the wall just far enough away that you weren’t immediately visible. You could already hear the speech Mrs. Holmes would end up making at the dinner table, thanking all the people who helped her boys and helped bring her girl home. At least, one of them. Hopefully, that wasn’t part of the speech.

You had missed quite a lot while you were in the hospital but you had helped Mrs. Holmes work things out with Mycroft when she came to visit you and Will. Maybe your near death experience did give you a different perspective because you were way more insistent that they work it out before they lose the chance and have to live with that regret the rest of their lives. You knew Mycroft went with his parents when they visited Eurus but he was quiet when he returned and never spoke about it. The past few days had been usual holiday affair so you could only assume that was going to work itself out as much as it could.

A familiar body pressed against your back and his breath tantalized the side of your neck, “need anything?” He pressed a chaste kiss to the skin he teased.

“I am getting a little tired. Maybe I did push myself yesterday.”

“And this morning but that’s why I’m here.” He turned you around and guided you through the hallway over to the chair in front of the fire in the sitting room. You sat down and he stood gazing down at you with a funny look. “Sherlock?”

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Sweet Dreams, My Dear (Finale) Markiplier x Reader

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     You stand in front of, what you can gather, a bustling, lively place outdoors with an odd and seemingly endless bout of random sounds and with no lack of persons enjoying whatever is around you. Still being blinded, Mark had helped to get you out of the car and is still continuing to guide you a bit further. “I swear if I trip, Mark- Just, keep an eye open for me, please” You sigh after almost tripping, questioning his ability to lead you around while you’re helplessly following him.

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Sleeping with Other People (USA, 2015)

Predictions: Kat saw this movie when it came out. Alex, half-remembering maybe having read its summary at some point, predicted that Alison Brie and Jason Sudeikis meet in a sex-addicts support group, hook up with each other, and then are afflicted with feelings.

Plot: Well, clearly Alex did read the summary for this movie, although she also obviously forgot some parts. Alison Brie and Jason Sudeikis first meet in college because Alison Brie is stalking Adam Scott, her TA. Jason Sudeikis lives on Adam Scott’s floor and rescues Alison Brie. They lose their virginities to each other and then don’t see each other again for twelve years. THEN they run into each other at a sex-addicts support group. Jason Sudeikis is a cheater cheater pumpkin eater who can’t stop two-timing…three-timing…four-timing the ladies. Alison Brie is also cheating — but only with Adam Scott. Adam Scott with a tiny unbearable mustache. She and Jason Sudeikis reconnect and decide to become friends.

Jason Sudeikis helps Alison Brie kick her Adam-Scott habit because Adam Scott is now engaged (even though he keeps calling Alison Brie anyway), while Alison Brie…well, encourages Jason Sudeikis to try to connect with women outside of sex. Meanwhile, Alison Brie has also gotten into med school, and Jason Sudeikis is playing the long game in wooing his boss, Amanda Peet. But pretty much everyone in Alison Brie and Jason Sudeikis’s lives — including the two of them — kind of thinks that they are together. But, no, they’re just friends.

Such good friends, you guys. They are just the most platonic of pals, with their snuggling and their pet names and Jason Sudeikis teaching Alison Brie how to touch herself. This is all stuff people do with their friends. Such good friends. May we all be blessed with such friendships. Friendships that we don’t want to ruin or complicate with our obvious non-friend feelings.

Things are going fine until Jason Sudeikis and Alison Brie attend Jason Mantzoukas’s kid’s birthday party. While rolling on molly, Alison Brie manages to unwittingly attract a hot single dad. Much to Jason Sudeikis’s dismay, she goes out with him. Hot Single Dad takes Alison Brie to a fancy mixer, where she runs into — surprise! — Adam Scott and his shitty little mustache wife. Devastated, she tries to call Jason Sudeikis. However, he doesn’t pick up, because he has finally managed to con Amanda Peet into a date. At the end of the night, the two of them meet up again at Jason Sudeikis’s apartment, snuggle up in bed, and admit that they are in love with each other. “But what are two platonic in-love pals to do?” Alison Brie inquires. “Nothing,” Jason Sudeikis says, with his big emo eyes. “Absolutely nothing.” (We may be paraphrasing, but barely.)

With that, Alison Brie moves to Michigan to attend med school, and she and Jason Sudeikis say goodbye forever. Which is weird, because now we all have Facebook, so… But okay, sure. Two months go by. Jason Sudeikis is now like…boyfriend of the year to Amanda Peet?? Like, taking her kid to soccer and surprising her with a birthday trip to France???? But one day, while at brunch with her, he spies A Certain Mustache sitting across the way. How can one miss that mustache? Of course, Jason Sudeikis is filled with the urge to punch said mustache in the face. This effectively terminates both Mustache’s brunch and Jason Sudeikis’s relationship with Amanda Peet.

He calls Alison Brie from the police station, partly because no one else will bail him out and partly to yell that he loves her. She yells enthusiastically back. Shortly after, Jason Sudeikis is trying to settle an emotional distress lawsuit with Dr. Mustache (oh yeah, he’s a doctor), but Mustache won’t budge. Alison Brie goes to see Mustache to cut ties and blackmail him into letting Jason Sudeikis off the hook. It works. She and Jason Sudeikis walk off into the sunset to have a quickie before they get hitched.

Best Scene: Jason Mantzoukas’s kid’s birthday party. Alison Brie and Jason Sudeikis dance together while on molly, which is pretty delightful, and then are miserable coming off it, which is also delightful. Then she gets approached by Hot Single Dad, and Jason Sudeikis is real bad at hiding his jealousy. Love it.

Worst Scene: Alison Brie trying to break things off with Adam Scott at the beginning. Oh my god, the first sighting of the MUSTACHE. But also, he is such a pretentious douche. Why is Adam Scott always a douche in movies?? Though we shouldn’t complain. Without “adam scott romantic comedy douche,” we would not have this blog.

Best Line: “Yeah, it’s like Ted Bundy. You can’t get them into a van by just being a jerk. You’ve got to have a certain way about you.” — Jason Sudeikis, talking about Alison Brie being an “approachable psychotic.” There were a lot of very funny lines though. This one just particularly made us laugh.

Worst Line: “Because I’d rather fail with you than win with anyone else.” — Jason Sudeikis, who was pretty much always very amusing and witty…unless he was declaring his feelings, at which point he would immediately become disgusting. Several. Times.

Highlights of the Watching Experience: So many famous people in this movie! Early on, Alison Brie breaks up with Adam Brody in a restaurant, and he has a very funny flip-out. It’s a nice bit role. Also, her best friend before she falls in love with Jason Sudeikis is Natasha Lyonne, playing yet another lesbian. Does she ever play non-lesbians? Has she just been lesbian-typecast? Discuss.

How Many POC in the Film: …Where to begin. Um. So, we have discussed on this blog in the past the crucial and controversial question: are Greeks POC? (We think yes in old-timey Europe, but probably not in modern-day America.) Anyway, Jason Mantzoukas is Greek. Some people, however, seem to think that because he has curly hair and is the color of Scar from The Lion King that he is…black???? Clearly, the casting directors of this film thought so, because his kids are DEFINITELY THE KIDS ONE WOULD CAST if one parent was white and the other was black. Those are some freaking adorable, Afro-having, mixed-race kids. On the one hand, how…nice?? that they are…celebrating…interracial…families???? On the other hand, while we may not know if Greeks are POC, I think we can all agree that they’re not black.

Alternate Scenes: How about, instead of a live-action Lion King starring CGI-ed lions, we just cast humans, AKA Jason Mantzoukas in the role of Scar? (You can’t un-see it now, can you? You’re welcome.)

Was the Poster Better or Worse than the Film: …Worse? The movie is about two people who like each other but aren’t having sex, whereas the poster seems to be about two people who hate each other and aren’t having sex. The poster is the poster for a movie about Jason Sudeikis and Alison Brie’s crumbling marriage. Maybe she just tried to drown him, so they’re talking about whether sleeping with other people would improve their relationship.

Score: 8.5 out of 10 platonic-pal smooches. It was so hard to score this one, you guys, because, on the one hand, it’s pretty recent, so who knows if it will stand the test of time…? But, on the other hand, is there anything we love more than best friends who are secretly in love???????? (This is a normal thing for two actual best friends to love. Not pathological at all. WHAT? SHUT UP. WE DON’T HAVE A PROBLEM. YOUR FACE HAS A PROBLEM.)

Ranking: 7, out of the 82 movies we’ve seen so far. Kat can’t remember why she originally told Alex this movie was only okay???? Maybe she loved it too much and couldn’t handle her feelings, much like Jason Sudeikis and Alison Brie.

shelle-belle1025  asked:

Hi, so I was having a bad night last night and I was wondering if you could write something small and cute and fluffy about Jyugo. Headcannon, imagine, scenario, whatever you feel comfortable with writing, but just something about jyugo, please and thank you.

Hope your day got better! Being a teen can suck. It was the worst time of my life. It gets way better once you get to leave and decide who you want to be around.I don’t know the details of what you are going through though, so just know that I am rooting for you!

Ok I might have gone a little overboard. Here is what I cooked up for you. Its been awhile since I actually wrote something so don’t judge to harshly!


“So, where are we again?” Jyugo asked, as you handed him his ice cream cone. He didn’t know what flavor he wanted, so he just asked for whatever you were getting.

“I barely understand this place myself,” You admit, “ It’s some sort of place between our universes. It’s the only real way we can communicate with each other.”

You grab your ice cream and take a seat next on the bench located near the ice cream stand. It was… peaceful here. It looked like some sort of park, with beautiful flowers planted along the paths edges. When you looked up, but instead of a blue sky, you saw all the universes out there. It didn’t matter at the moment though, it was like the universe was set on pause. You could finally take a moment to catch your breath.

There were other people in the park as well. You knew they were there, you could sense their presence. No matter how hard you tried to look at them though, they all just appeared as some sort of grey blur. No use in trying to focus on them though, they are just doing their own thing. They are people, just like you, who needed a break.

“Are… are you sure you want to spend your time with me? There are so many other things you could be doing…” Jyugo said. As he was speaking you put your finger to his lips. A faint blush appeared on his cheeks.

“Yes, this is where I want to be at the moment. So much is going on at the moment. I just needed to get away from it all. Besides, would you rather be in prison?” You joke, gently punching his arm.

“Yeah, yeah I know. Its actually nice to get some fresh air. I haven’t been in such an open space before.” Jyugo put his arms behind his head, getting more and more relaxed.

It was silent. Not an awkward silence though. Just the two of you enjoying each other’s company. Well… that and ice cream.

Jyugo went to lick his ice cream, but it fell off his cone. He had tried to catch it but it slipped through his fingers. He just started at it with sad puppy dog eyes. You giggle at the sight and get him a new cone.

He thanked you, trying to hide how embarrassed he was. He failed.

“No problem, not like things cost money here anyway.” You said, cuddling closer to Jyugo. He looked shocked for a second, but then started to smile. He pulled you in closer.

“Your… your ok, right?” He asked, turning to face you.

“Why would you ask that?” you said in a silly tone.

“That is not an answer.”

“I… I don’t know.” You admit, looking anywhere but into his eyes. His beautiful, color changing eyes. “Things… haven’t been going well for me.”

It was silent again. Before you had the time to start worrying, he wrapped his other arm around you, and started gently patting your back.

“Look… I may not be the best at these things…. Or most things. But I care about you. I know life can sometimes suck. It may seem like you have to do everything yourself. You might just want to protect everyone you love…” He trailed off. You could sense he was starting to talk from experience.

“ But you can’t go through life on your own! There will always be people wanting to help you. People that care about you. Like I care about you. It might not seem like it at times, but trust me, someone cares. You matter. Its ok to take breaks when things get stressful, but just remember that you are not alone.” He finished, tears now flowing from his eyes.

You start to cry as well. Jyugo goes to wipe away your tears, but accidently smudges the remains of his last ice cream all over your face. His breath gets caught in his throat. Would you be mad? He lets out a sigh of relief when you start laughing. He joins in as well.

The two of you spend the rest of the time exploring the park. Just talking. Talking about everything. Your past, the future, likes, dislikes, etc. Soon though, you realized it was time to go back.

“So, this is goodbye, huh?” You questioned, feeling sad you were leaving your new friend.

“Not goodbye. Not really. I mean… You could always come back when you need another break. Just start reading the story over again.”

You gave him a funny look, what was he on about? He seemed happy though, so you decided to let it slide.

“Well goodbye… for now.” You said, turning around. Just before you were about to head off, you felt Jyugos arms wrap around you from behind.

“ Remember, people care about you. I care about you.” He commented, nuzzling his face into your shoulder.

“I know.” You agreed. You could feel it. You could feel all the support that Jyugo, and everyone else were sending you. It was like they were hugging your heart directly.

Jyugo let go and let you head off, to go back to your life. He was glad to have met you. It was a nice break from his usual routine. As he headed off to his own world, he made a mental reminder to let others in as well. He can’t just give that advice and not do it himself, right?

“-ugo? Oi Jyugo!” Uno yelled, shaking his friend/cellmate awake.

“ Why did you wake me up? Do you know how long it took to get to sleep with all of the noise you three make!” He yelled back, shooting up from his sleeping spot.

“ Aww, whats the matter Jyugo? Did your dream girlfriend reject you?” Uno teased, wrapping his arm around Jyugo.

He swatted the arm off his shoulder. “ She did not! I mean… I can get a girlfriend! I don’t have much body hair and my nipples are pink!” He said defensively.

“ Sure you can. I’m only messing with you. Come on, Let’s greet the new day with another escape attempt!” Uno cheered, dragging Jyugo up by his arm.

Jyugo smiled. He hoped that you had your own uno/rock/nico to keep you company. If not, well, hey would always be here for you.

The other three cheered when Jyugo unlocked the cell. Time to get back to work.


-          When Jyugo mentioned he had never attended school and wondered what it was like, Rock and Uno laughed at him. Who would want to go to school willingly?

-          It was Nico who helped him. He took him to his game room and found a game where you play as a typical teenager going to high school. Nico forgot to mention it was a dating sim sort of game.

-          Jyugo loved the game. He could not fail at the game since he only had to make choices. He was a good person, so most of the answers he chose were right.

-          There was one character he liked the best though. She was so sweet. She was in a dark place though. He played through her route and was so excited when she started opening up and smiling again.

-          The girl… Was you!

-          Once he finished the game he just stood there. He had just went on an emotional roller coaster and dint know what to do. Everyone around him just continued on with their lives.

-          Ends up playing the game like, 50 times.

-          Only does your route.

-          You’re his waifu.

-          Argues with anyone who dares insult his waifu.

-          Tumblr blog dedicated to you.

-          “ They is pure and innocent and if you don’t love her FIGHT ME!”

-          His friends start to joke around how he is becoming an otaku like nico.

-          Then he buy merchandise of you.

-          Better believe he has a body pillow.

-          The others start to worry about him, espically Uno. He gets weirded out by the body pillow, until nico reminds him of the homemade one he made of jyugo that one time.

-          Eventually tones down, but your still his waifu.

                                       Imagine Times!

Imagine Jyugo being adopted by Hajime after he gets out of prison. One night he comes home and WHAM! Finds out he is now housing three more kids. Can’t separate the bffs! They still annoy him, but they are family now!

Imagine trying to teach Jyugo how to make flower crowns. His doesn’t end up so well, but you love it anyway.

Imagine teaching Jyugo how to garden. He gets so excited when he sees his sunflower fully grown. It really boosts his self esteem that he managed to take care of another living thing, even if it was just a plant.

Imagine kid jyugo in prison sneaking out to raid the prison kitchen for cookies.  The guards don’t know if they should find this cute or annoying.

Imagine Jyugo deciding to bake you a cake for your birthday. He doesn’t know it, but Uno, Nico, and Rock have secretly been helping him by fixing all the mistakes hes made. Then once he is finally done he goes to bring it to you. His friends are all patting themselves on the back, until Jyugo slips and ends up face planting into the cake.



a musical television special produced by T-Pain. It features the voice of T-Pain as the Ghost of Freaknik, as well as the voices of entertainers such as Lil Wayne, Young Cash, Snoop Dogg, Sophia Fresh, and Rick Ross, and comedians such as Andy Samberg and Charlie Murphy who provide additional voices. It was scheduled to air on Cartoon Network’s late night programming block Adult Swim sometime in 2009, but after several push-backs, it premiered on March 7, 2010. The musical is based on the actual music festival of the same name that used to take place in Atlanta,Georgia.


Oh-ho-ho, Freaknik is back, BAY-BEE!

What better way to ring in the second to last day of Black Animation Month with this Adult Swim produced movie based on one of the hottest college block parties to ever hit Atlanta, Georgia. In keeping with the spirit of being based on a party, this whole movie feels like one huge party full of music, dancing, and colorful personalities whoopin’ it up. As if that weren’t enough, the cast of this movie is a veritable who’s who of big names in rap who do in fact do some rappin’.

That’s something I love about Adult Swim; they have the pull to bring in a lot of big name stars yet they also enjoy bringing exposure to lots of up and coming artists. Hey, they worked their magic to an extent with Tyler the Creator and the rest of Odd Future.

Anyway, as much of a good time as this movie is it did come under a lot of flack for, in no small words, reinforcing some negative stereotypes about black folks. Ohh yeah, the stereotypes that all black people care about is partying, vanity, finding ways to get out of work, and endlessly coveting material possessions. It’s got all that and more–  but at the same time, look at the company that produced it. Adult Swm is known for having a tongue-in-cheek style of humor where they make fun of everything and everybody. They’re making fun of all these aspects of Black culture by presenting them in a context of relative normalcy for the setting.

To give us some more perspective, let’s turn the table over to Pix.

Freaknik was an interesting project to say the least. An animated semi-musical presented and starring autotune artist T-Pain, as well as the likes of Rick Ross, Snoop Dogg, Lil Wayne, Lil Jon and Cee-Lo Green just to name a few. And it’s also kind of based on the legendary black party of parties in 90’s era Atlanta? If I had to sum up my experience with this special using two words, I’d probably say: guilty pleasure.
During its initial premiere, Freaknik got a bit of flack from critics, while some publications like Essence Magazine, pretty much wrote if off as an embarrassment and harmful to black culture. Personally the bemoaning articles and criticism felt more like critics out of touch with the youth. You know, Bill Cosby telling us to pull up our pants moment. And honestly, while the jokes in this special tether just a tad past satire and into stereotypical at times I wouldn’t go so far to call it the entertainment A-Bomb to black culture.
What I had hoped to get from Freaknik was the hip-hop equivalent of Metalacolypse, which is essentially a show about metal culture that makes the jokes about much of metal so absurd, yet strangely kind of true. But its comedic cover also wraps around a dedicated smart love letter to the culture. Brandon Smalls is a true metal head. Heck, the guy even made a concept metal album AFTER creating three soundtracks worth of material for the show. So when he subtly slides in a joke about an infamous black metal artist whose suicide death made a cover, you know its done out of a weird morbid love for the culture.
And Freaknik kind of does that to a degree, but nowhere near on the level that it could like with Metalacolyspe does for metal or Black Dynamite does for Blaxploitation films or the social scene of its time. For every funny joke and nod, like Kid And Play dancing while mentioning that their current party is better than any other “House Party,” they’ve hosted, you’ve got other cheap racially-charged jokes that just sort of fall flat.
But maybe the point of Freaknik isn’t really to over-think it. Perhaps it wasn’t really trying to be a show that’s smarter than it looks on the surface. Maybe in its own way, it’s just trying to force viewers, especially black viewers, to let go and have fun much like the original concept of Freaknik before it all went to shit in the mid to late 90’s.
Who truly knows. But one thing’s for sure, that soundtrack is pretty bumpin’. 

That just reminds me, I gotta get the soundtrack but yeah, that’s pretty much what I thought. Thanks, pal.


  • A soundtrack was released by Jive Records and Nappy Boy records on April 20, 2010. 
  • The 90-minute uncut version of Freaknik: The Musical has been released on DVD and other forms of home media. 
  • Freaknik: The Musical originally evolved from a failed pilot entitled That Crook’d ‘Sipp which was created by Jacob Escobedo, Nick Weidenfeld, Levell “David Banner” Crump and Mike Weiss. The pilot premiered on television on May 13, 2007.
  • In its original American broadcast on March 7, 2010, Freaknik: The Musical was watched by 797,000 viewers 18-34, making it the second most watched Adult Swim program of that night, behind a rerun of Family Guy.


I ain’t partied out just yet folks, tomorrow is the final day of Black Animation Month and do I have a special treat for you. IT’s a little something I’ve been looking forward to showcasing for a long-long-long time because it’s something very special to me. Hope you’re ready.

My SNS Imaginary Movie

Instead of a fanfic, I present to you, an entire movie that played in my head one night around 3am that had me laughing my ass off. This is my daydreaming in bed, shonen, SNS movie! Im not trying to write this as a proper fanfic, but only as how the fun happened.

Synopsis: Our heroes are losing the fight against an Otsutsuki alien freak. Naruto loses Kurama! Sasuke is blinded! And they are trapped in another dimension. There, they are given the opportunity to embody Yin and Yang and turn the tides of the battle. But being Yin and Yang is more than they’ve ever imagined!

My Imaginary SNS Movie:
Sauce and Nardo are fighting a freak of an Otsusuki. The alien ass had ripped kurama out from Naruto. Sasukes in bad shape too. He’s lost his right eye and only has his left eye with rinnegan. To make matters worse, their combined attacks weren’t having any affect on this Otsutsuki.

Hinata (whats she doing there?) used byakugan and sees that Narutos chakra is fading! He’s dying! She’s cries out to Sasuke that he’s drawing his last breath! Sasuke instantly stops fighting the alien freak and runs to Narutos side.

His only thought was to take Naruto to another dimension, even if it’s a timeless unmoving dimension, anything to stop him from dying! His rinnegan activates, a portal opens, he leaps in with Naruto completely disregarding who ever else is on the battlefield! (sorry hinata)

But as they are warping through, the Otsutsuki reaches through and rips out Sasukes left eye! The bastard adds the rinnegan to his personal collection on his arm as the boys disappear in the rinnegan warp.

Our heroes are trapped in an unknown dimension. A blind, bleeding Sasuke confirms that Naruto is still breathing. His goal to enter a dimension with a different laws of physics seems to have worked. Somehow in this dimension a jinchiruuki doesn’t die when it’s separated from its bijuu. Something to do with time?

For Sasuke, it feels like unknowable days pass by in the darkness. He’s slumped over Naruto, just listening to him breathe. His blood, on Naruto’s chest. Naruto finally wakes up. Sasuke snaps out of a daze and apologizes to Naruto. He says he’s failed him.

Sasuke- It doesn’t matter that I’ve brought us to this timeless dimension, without my rinnegan, this is now our place of eternal rest.

But Naruto doesn’t seem to mind. He cries out how beautiful this place is. Sasuke had no idea there was even a PLACE to look at. A blue sky, a forest, and a temple. This dimension seemed to be a tiny planet, like in DBZ. Naruto is grateful that Sasuke saved him and he’s confident they’ll get back home somehow! But first things first, Sasuke needs a new pair of eyes!!

It was sometime before Naruto notices the local wildlife. Cute, adorable, innocent harmless creatures……They kinda look like frogs. Hes horrified about what he’s about to do!! But…for Sasuke…He kills a frog creature and rips out its eyes and screams as if it was his own eyes he was ripping out. Sasuke is hugged up against a wall and uncharistically freaking out because he has no idea why Naruto is screaming.

Sasuke- Naruto?

Naruto- Gamabunta forgive me!!

Naruto offers him the bloody frog eyes to Sasuke, without telling him the source of the eyes. But neither boy has any idea how shinobis just magically transfer eyes anyways. But Narutos already committed and these frog eyes in his hands aren’t any use to him. He assumes that maybe you just shove in the eyeballs while applying lots of chakra. He does so!! Both boys scream!! Sasuke bears through the pain and tries to connect his chakra to his new eyeballs. It works. Sasuke looks around him and notes that all the colors look different. He goes to a pool of water and sees his reflection……

Sasuke- Frog eyes…..

He sighs and thanks Naruto anyways. But this doesn’t solve their situation. They’re still trapped in another dimension and without rinnegan.

They explore the temple grounds. The temple door is sealed and flanked by two statues. The temple had a name, the temple of Indrashura and Ashindra. Naruto comments that name sounds familiar, but Sasuke already has a good hunch to what it means. He notes that one statue represents Yin and the other Yang. (dun dun dun!)

The boys believe that maybe the old sage of six paths created this temple and if they can figure out how to enter it they can once again have Yin and Yang release. Naruto would be able to heal Sasukes eyes to their natural form. And Sasuke would be able to awaken rinnegan again. They stood by their respective statues, but no amount of poking and prodding the statues would make the temple door open.

After trying everything they could think of, the boys exhuast themselves and take a mental break.

But time is funny here. Hours feel like days, which feels like weeks, which feels like months. Sasuke spent most of his time meditating for the answer, obsessively!! His single goal was to activate rinnegan. He barely noticed what Naruto was up to.

Naruto on the other hand was just trying to LIVE. I mean, he’s not the one that needs to awaken rinnegan and what else can he do? He just wanted to enjoy his time here, with Sasuke. But Sasuke was being over there, meditating, far away and distant. It was frustrating! Why can’t Sasuke just be here and now? And this tiny unchanging planet, the lack of stimulation was driving Naruto insane!

Until one day, Naruto can’t take it anymore! He curses the damn blue sky that’s always blue, the glowing bright sun that’s been in the same position since forever, and this green forest, it would be nice if it was another color for a change!

Sasuke realizes Narutos really snapped and tries to calm him down. In doing so, he unknowingly steps on a yin yang seal that they simply hadn’t noticed before. Suddenly the cheery sunny sky transforms to night. A full moon shines over a darkened autumn forest. And the fluffy innocent creatures transform into monsters!!

The boys were stunned! The monsters come charging at them. Naruto and Sasuke give a each other a quick nod and can’t help but smile. Beating up monsters that magically popped out of nowhere together? That sounds like fun!

Monster after monster they slaughter! Releasing their pent up frustrations. The monsters just kept coming back, as if it was a game loop. Sasuke was both challenged and exciting to relearn how to fight without sharingan. After what felt like days, they grew tired of battling. Sasuke instructs Naruto to step on the YinYang seal. When he does, the world magically returns to its former sunny setting.

At least they learned something about this world. But still the temple doors won’t open, and still, Sasuke doesn’t have rinnegan. They experience more time passing by and Sasuke became emotionally withdrawn. He felt it’s his fault that they’re in this strange dimension and could barely look Naruto in the eyes.

Sasuke- I’m sorry you’re stuck here with me, of all people.

Was usually all Sasuke could manage to say. Naruto had enough of his obnoxious sulking!

Naruto- Idiot! Don’t you understand yet how I feel! I’m grateful you saved my life. I’m happy, that of all the people in this damn Universe to be stuck with, I get to be stuck with you!

He slams his hand onto the Yang statue!

Naruto- Sasuke..I..!

The Yang statue starts to glow. Naruto jumps back startled, and the statue deactivates. Sasuke’s eyes widen.

Sasuke- Of course! I’m an idiot!

He understands now what they need to do and stands by his Yin statue. But Naruto doesn’t understand why the statue was activating when all he did was slam his hand on it, like he has done before. Sasuke explains. Previously, when they tried to activate the statues Naruto had his thoughts focused on Yang and Sasuke had his thoughts focused on Yin.

Sasuke- Yin and Yang exist within eachother. At the heart of Yin is Yang and at the heart of Yang is Yin…Thats why…we need to think about the other…

Naruto smiles widely and nods his head - YOSH. Sasuke tries to hide his smile but really can’t. They place their hands on their respective statues.

Naruto- For Sasuke…
Sasuke- For Naruto…

The temple doors open.

(And now the movie playing in my head is about to get weird yo!)
To be Continued

just friends don’t look at each other like that.

“Why are you staring at me?”

His voice sounds just a tiny little bit weirded out. Which he is. Quite possibly more than a tiny little bit. Naldo has been staring at him for what feels like decades (and has in reality only been a moment or two) and Barry doesn’t know what to do with himself except shifting uncomfortably under that persistent gaze.

A head tilts to the side, wide hues colorful and gleaming and filled with shades and tints Barry never even knew existed until now and what in the world is the color of Naldo’s eyes and how in the world had he not notice how amazingly breathtaking they are before?

A slow, loud gulp - his own - awakes Barry from his almost-daydream, and he catches himself quickly, averting his gaze. He had been staring at Naldo in return, sinking into an odd sort of ease as his eyes trailed over the other’s beautiful features, as though this was no unusual event: of course, they always pause in the middle of their experiments to gawk at each other silently, somewhat wonderingly, like a pair of fish! Not.

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anonymous asked:

Sushi,what's your opinion now on SM's style of writing compared to XY for both Ash or the sagas in general? I now notice a lot of backlash toward the XY series now that we've gotten further into SM, with people claiming Ash was too bland in XY and now like his SM personality better. What I don't get however is people criticizing the XY group so badly for being "Ash cheerleaders" when the entire SM cast looks up to Ash the exact same way. What's your opinion on the dislike toward XY Ash nowadays?

The complaints were already there when XY was still airing, and this is not a new thing.

I don’t necessarily disagree that XY could’ve used a lot more Ash-focused (=/= Ash-quest-focused) eps that allowed for a larger variety of emotions than mild, determined or angry and more varied thoughts than “I’m gonna win this battle”, “I’m gonna defeat Team Rocket” or “I’ll put in some run-of-the-mill supportive words to motivate my friend/Pokémon”.  

That said, what SM is currently doing isn’t much less lazy. Its humor largely hinges on an extremely repetitive and predictable repertoire of gags, and making a character more dynamic requires a bit more than just contorting his face in funny ways and making him scream every second line.

In fact, even as a diehard Rica Matsumoto fan, her performance in SM literally makes me cringe sometimes. Satoshi is yelling when the character he’s talking to is sitting less than a meter away from him, he’s screaming rather generic lines that don’t justify huge excitement even from a ten-year-old child.

Ah well, I digress. I think complaints about Ash’s personality in XY failing to evoke much emotion is warranted mostly, but fixing this is - or should be - a more complicated process that requires more subtlety and flair than the burst of bright colors and loud noise that SM is throwing at us right now.

To their credit, when it really counts (like when Ash is alone with one of his or a wild Pokémon and having meaningful interactions), SM actually does a very decent job conveying Ash’s love for the creatures and making you feel that this is a really, really good kid with his heart in the right place.

If they try that more often and do less of that “Animation director did some hilarious expressions for Ash = great ep” or “Haha Ash falls on his ass / gets attacked by a Pokémon five times = great ep”, I’d dare say SM will probably do Ash’s personality better justice than XY did. Note I’m saying personality and not character, because the latter would also entail ‘prowess as a Trainer’ which we aren’t seeing much of right now.

tldr; Every single saga gets a myriad of complaints on Ash’s personality during and after its run, so I just accept it as part of the Pokéani viewing experience.

First Smile In A Long While - George Weasley Imagine (Requested)

Request: Imagine making George smile for the first time after the war.

((Enjoy it my lovely!))

h/n = House at Hogwarts


Forsaken joke boxes and deserted dreams absorbed the tiled flooring of the infamous “Weasley Wizard Weezes”. The numerous spiral staircases positioned in diagonal patterns along the shop, were painted multiple times with exorbitant colors varying form lime green to a rich cherry red, and each stair bar being coated over with another lavished color. The shop that was once, not too long ago, echoing with laughter and bright smiling faces, was now known for its sad and empty vibes since the tragic day the owner had lost his brother, his best friend the humor filled Fred Weasley.

When May passed, Weasley Wizard Weezes fell deep in a way mirroring the owner’s dark depression. George Weasley debated on putting in the effort to clean their beloved shop back up, trying to make something out of Fred’s death. But it didn’t feel right. Weasley Wizard Weezes was their dream. Theirs. Not George’s, not Fred’s, not Molly Weasley’s or Arthur Weasley, the dream of the joke shop and the shop itself was the twins. No one else’s. They worked for it day and night skipping homework sessions at school (not like either of them minded missing that) to perfect their special homemade trick and treats. Although a few were credited to George’s girlfriend, y/n. She was sorted into h/n her first year and grew insanely close to both the twins. Her fourth year she began to develop a deeper relationship with George and later that year they were as close as two peas in a pod, seeming as Fred had nearly forced George to ask the poor girl out.

After Fred passed away, George had asked y/n to help him and co own the shop which she of course took. Besides, she was already working with them the only difference was she never had an official title but they were grateful for her.

The thumping sound of rain splattering on the side walk entered the blank bland shop. y/n sat slouched over a table working her way through a pile of bills and paperwork an illuminating candle being her only source of lighting. The rain gave her comfort and despite the chilly breeze, she refused to shut the parted window. An exhausted and weary eyed George sat directly across from her hands deep in a stack of untested and failed experiments trying to calculate and figure out what went wrong. His face was long and dead beat and a bone dry coffee cup in front of him told y/n everything she needed to know. Silence filled the cracks between them and y/n took a break from the endless paperwork to study George’s features.

Things about him had changed… scratch that, everything about George Weasley had changed over the last three months. His usually permanent edged on goofy smile was replace with a strict straight line formed by his pale lips. His fiery hair also grew less vivid and his bones were more visible than ever before. The one aspect of his that didn’t alter was one of emotions rather than physical appearance and that was his burning love for y/n. Although he dramatically showed it less, which she understood, George still felt the same breath taking passion for her that he did the first day the two met. He was in love with the way she fought to stay by his side and how she could so easily pick him up from defeat. He adored her determination and respected her for all she had sacrificed in order for the couple to stay together. George was madly in love with y/f/n but he no longer had access to the energy her once owned with such arrogance. George no longer told her funny jokes; he didn’t make her breakfast in bed (quite frankly he had honestly forgotten how to crack an egg), he forgot the reason behind laughing, he dismissed the thought of kissing her because he was scared she’d no longer feel the spark and leave, but most importantly George Weasley had forgotten the simplicity of reminding the over worked girl just how much he loved and cared for her. George had forgotten but y/n hadn’t.

His smile was tattooed into her memory, his touch, his kiss, his loving words, his jokes, and his laughed they were all there in her mind but it had been forever since she witnessed them in person. Yes, y/n was greatly in love with the George but she missed the old George Weasley.

“y/n, darling. Can you go look in the box labeled ‘Taxes’ on my desk upstairs for a sheet of paper explaining all of our rights and ownership to the building. I believe the inspection unit is sopping by late afternoon tomorrow and I want to make sure things are somewhat organized…” George dull mumbled trailing off into oblivion, actually more like folders on top of folders. y/n jumped at his sudden voice joining into play. Astonished still at his request, she hastily nodded her head pushing away from the make do desktop she made for herself, standing up tall and maneuvering around the table.

In short timing, y/n skipped up the stairs then bounded back down with a folder tucked nicely under her arm, setting in front of a stressed George whom bided her a unspoken ‘thank you’ by shaking his head. But as y/n spun on her heel, her loose baby blue sweater George’s mother Molly had knitted for her two Christmas’ ago, caught hold of a mountain high stack of boxes that immediately came tumbling down. They hit the floor with a rough smack and all y/n could do was stumble backwards with her hand over her mouth. Papers scattered the floor and quills flew across the floorboard. Joke boxes popped open sending small frogs, butterflies, snails, and mice running away in opposite directions.

Before George had any time to react a tidal wave of apologies rushed out from y/n’s mouth.

“Oh my god, George! I am so sorry, I had no idea those were right there and if I did I certainly wouldn’t have knocked them over! That really wasn’t intentional and I hadn’t even noticed them earlier, because if they were there I-“But an unfamiliar sound cut her off. It was recognizable, a long time ago the sound would’ve been a natural feeling. This, this wasn’t normal it was out of the ordinary and in a way comforting. Like a warm welcome home after a long journey.

George Weasley sat hunched over his desk, yet this time his eyes weren’t glued onto a stupid sheet of paper, no. This time, tears were streaming from them but the good kind. These were tears from laughing too hard, these were the best kinds of tears, the kind people actually enjoyed letting out. George was doubled up in laughter and y/n wasn’t exactly sure what to do. Should she join in the laughing session or did she clean up the mess and see if he was okay. Wait, why would she see if he was okay? It was months since he last even cracked a smile so why ruin the moment. Without thinking and completely letting herself go, y/n joined in the fun and giggled along with her boyfriend like a manic. After a while, they settled down and sat in a peaceful tranquility. George was the first to break it as he gave y/n a side glanced,

“You’ve got a beautiful laugh and a perfect smile, my love.” y/n blushed at the statement ducking her head down low as George moved away from his desk and took a seat next to her on the floor.

“Shut up. Anyways it’s nothing compared to yours. It’s been far too long since you’ve given a real smile. I miss it some much, I miss you.” George sighed sadly. He had tried so hard to be happy around her. He wanted her to think he was okay, that everything was fine when in reality the world was collapsing around him and all he could do was stare blankly.

“y/n… I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have pushed you so far away. I just thought everything would work out better if I kept you out of it and acted alright.” He admitted mournfully and extremely guilty.

“Don’t be George! You acted the same way anyone else in your position would’ve and nothing was your fault. You’ve been so strong for far too long, love.” George’s hand reached up, brushing her cheek lightly. She was so delicate and breakable like a glass doll and he wasn’t about to let her break into a million tiny pieces.

Acting on emotions, George leaned forwards swiftly attaching their lips in passion. Y/n lost herself in the moment and pulled him closer to her by the collar of his shirt. They stayed connected for a few more seconds, and then pulled away resting their foreheads against each other, hands interlocked.

“I love you, princess. Thank you for everything.”


- Daizy xxx

"Make new friends but Keep Discord" review (spoilers...duh

“Make new friends but Keep Discord” review

External image

WOW! This episode! Hjhjhajhdjahjhajhjzjfhjh

Okay let me calm myself for a moment to give a straight review.

In the beginning, the fact that we get to see Discord and Fluttershy having tea together was a plus in my Fluttercord moments scale. So let me just separate my shipping sense and my friendshipping sense in two points, side by side.

So the fact they call their get-together’s Tuesday Tea. This was great to SEE and not mentioned. The one downside about it was that they were inside and not outside. I thought that when they have tea it would have been outside. But that was okay, I just loved how they interacted with eachother, they tell stories, they have inside jokes, and they laugh together. It was so lovely to see that.

Also I believe Discord won best face in this episode because from all of his jelousy moments, he had the best expressions. Plus two points for the animators! From the mere mention of Treehuggar he is sent to a jealous fit. Yet in the tea party moment, he gets up and leaves early! He acted so rude! He had his paws clenched, he stomped towards the door and he took all of the tea cakes! I would have never thought of him doing something like that to Fluttershy! UGH! It made me so angry at him “Bad Discord!” *slaps him with rolled up newspaper*

When he went to see the mane 5 and Spike was another good scene I saw, From Spike, he got a bit of a fright to find Discord underneath his blanket and too close for comfort. He even shook from fear! Lol. But I belived the reason Discord went to see the mane 5 was because he wanted to see if they were taking somepony to the Gala, almost a way to get into the party. The interaction with the CMC was an interesting one because we only seen them in the comics. In the comics they actually like eachother…

External image

but in the show…they don’t…and I liked that. It showed that the CMC and the rest of the Mane 5 don’t really trust him completely.  Apple Bloom used SLAP!….its super effective.

When Discord goes to see Pinkie Pie, she already knew he was there…showing that there are still some power within Pinkie Pie if she was able to “sense” him and Discord still does not like Pinkie Pie and still finds her annoying. (Don’t be offended Pinkie fans, I don’t mean anything bad about this) .  

(Turns around and does a fist pump) no but seriously, that one scene might have fueled the Pinkiecord shippers.  Breaking the fourth wall and doing great refrences went along with his character and I was so glad to see that present itself throughout the episode.

Once Discord sees TreeHuggar he is already on his jelous-train.

External image

  Once he heard Fluttershy laughing, you can tell that he is feeling hurt and betrayed because he thought that what he and Fluttershy had was something special.

External image

 But while it was, he still felt betrayed because it seemed that Fluttershy could say the same things to anypony else. Treehuggar was an interesting pony, she shows not fear or hate towards Discord and calls out on his “sweet vibes”. Somehow that made Discord turn angry finding it as an insult.  Did you see his eyes glow? I loved it ^_^ it is so nice to see some “evilness” still inside him.

Discord’s dimension, (which is what we are going to call it)

External image

was awesome! We finally got the chance to see where he lives! Kind of….I mean is it like a pocket dimension? But either way if the mail pony can find it then I guess anypony can. Also a moment of silence for Mail pony…who got taken by a monster….

Once Discord got his ticket, he is already planning what to do. He takes the Smooze as a last resort because he has no other friends to take. The moment he makes it to the Gala, he really does make his presence known throughout the gala. He is the center of attention, of course. Immendiatly he goes to find Fluttershy and his excitement to find her was so great and it fuels my ship even further. ^-^

He tries EVERYTHING to get her attention and to get Treehugger to go away.

  1. Attention grabbing-

    External image

    External image

    External image

    he introduce her to the smooze, the way he said that the Smooze and him were bestest friend, it was almost as if he wanted Fluttershy to experience the same jelousy he was feeling, but that failed.
  2. Insults- he tries to get rid of Treehugger by “forgetting her name”, that fails too.

    External image

  3. Story telling- he mentions the story about Fluttershy and him getting cakes together to show how “great” they are “together”.

  4. Jokes- once hearing that Fluttershy called treehugger funny, he tried to get his place back to be the funniest being she had ever known.

    In this episode, it really focuses on Discord to understand that sometimes Fluttershy and him could have other friends to discuss things with eachother. Fluttershy talks to Treehugger because they love nature. Im sure Discord finds that boring to talk about and if Discord want to cause some chaos, Fluttershy wouldent like that very much, so it really shows how their different interest really clash but it does not mean that they don’t like eachother. Its obvious that they do but don’t really express and spend time doing what the other wanted. They shared one thing and that is spending time together in their tea party by just..talking. Which is nice.

    The smooze…was…a side character, that became a “problem” by devouring anything that is shiny, but I think taking the main villain and turning him into a “minor” problem was not the way to go but, it seems that they needed the smooze for some reason. In fact, if the smooze wasent there everything would have ended the same, with Discord trying to send her to anouther dimension. Adding the Smooze did not make sense at all, I think that the writers and animators just threw the Smooze in there just to bring back an old villain.  The way Discord treated the smooze was so unbelievably rude and Discord is really a huge JERK…like always. But yikes.

    In the end with the confrontation, we see a really interesting fight. Discord plays off sending anouther pony to a dimesion as if it was a light problem. This is the first time we had ever seen him so angry. He was very very angry, did you see him on green fire?!!! The color of envy!!!


    External image

    After calming down he saw the errors of his ways and tries to win back Fluttershy forgiveness by playing the “pity-card” but that does not roll with Fluttershy who demands he apologizes and He presents HER with a flower,

  6.  with does not bode well with Discord as she does not accepts it and points to Treehugger. Did you saw how he stammered when she did not accept the flower? So cuuute, so much fluttercord!

  7. But in the end, he understands that Fluttershy is free to hang out whoever she wishes and that Discord would have to respect that and not be so jelous about it.

    I also made a list to separate the friendship aspect and the shipping aspect to Fluttercord. Check it out below.

Fluttercord ship

  1. They love spending time together and tell eachother

    Jokes and stories. Fluttercord LOVES their Tuesday teas and

    Discord loves it too. Mostly if its Fluttershy, the mere mention

    Of Treehuggar already sent Discord in a mild jelous fit which

    Quickly escalated to an uncontrolled jealous rage.

    He showed excitement when he heard about the

    Grand Galloping Gala and she took Tree Huggar

    Instead of him. He wagged his tail when he

    Quotes “I was wondering when you were

    Going to ask me”

    Like how a girl acts around a guy, or boyfriend? Hmmm?

    But with the roles switched.

  2. Asking around to see if the Mane 5 were taking somepony else to the

    Gala. It seemed he was looking for a way to go to the Gala, because

    He assumed he did not have a ticket. Finding a way to get close to

    Fluttershy in any means possible seems to hone in on his

    “stalkerish” or “clingy” personality. He seems to really revolve all of his

    Energy to get rid of the competition and have Fluttershy all to himself.

    He wants her to be jelous too, because I bet that was the reason for taking him. Fluttershy is his only friend but he does not want her to know that. As if he is embarrassed? And wants to keep in good graces with her.

  3. The way he wanted to get rid of the competition was a malicious one at that.

    When he is sending Treehugger to the other dimension, he was really really angry. He even quotes that “I can’t have you interfering with my relationship with Fluttershy!” AHHH! That quote! But in all seriousness, I think the writers made Treehuggar a girl to avoid any “romantic connections” from that quote. If Treehuggar was a guy, it would have been better…but whatever…

    Discord thinks that he is doing nothing wrong once Fluttershy calls him out, but he just plays it off that “they’ll have a good laugh” about it. Looks like someone was reading “bride of Discord” in Hasbro again…

    When Fluttershy tells him to apologize, he presents her with a single flower, I thought it was very sweet only for Fluttershy to slap it out of his paw. (okay I laughed at that) hitting the flower aside made sense because she was pretty mad at him and him trying to butter her up won’t work on her.

    Again this is something from Disneyfanatic “bride of discord”.

    But Fluttershy was the one that got him to calm down

    Fluttershy got him to apologize

    Fluttershy got him to understand. (pretty sure he is going to get jelous again…)

Fluttercord Friendship

  1. In regards to their Tea Time, it seems like any get

    Together that friends like them should have,

    Which is perfect to building back the trust that

    He lost with the Tirek-incident.  It is so nice

    To see the everything seems to be back to

    Normal in their relationship together, him being jelous

    Is relatable because if one of our friends went to a party

    That we wanted to go but took someone else instead.

    So his anger and annoyance towards it makes sense.

  2. Yet with his “clingy-ness” and apparent jelousy, Fluttershy

    Is his “oldest” and “bestest” friend he has, even if Twilight

    Is his friend, they don’t really hang out, so is Celestia. There are

    Two different friends in this, one who says they are friends but don’t

    Spend time together and ones who are like Fluttershy-who has tea parties

    Dinners, and you know, friends stuff.

    Him wanting to be the center of attention, from “interrupting” her and her friends

    By laughing with them, all awkward and also expressing the fact that the Smooze and

    Him are BEST friends to Fluttershy and everypony else to show that he is not alone.

    But really he is.

  3. Getting rid of the completion, was the final push for Discord because he actually felt threaten with his relationship with Fluttershy. The whole time that Fluttershy is spending time with Treehugger she makes comments that she made towards Discord. Those same comments must have hit Discord because it seemed that he was being replaced as a friend to her and from getting rid of Treehuggar was the only way of establishing his place. Yet, in the end, he realizes that he overreacted and that he shouldn’t be jelous if Fluttershy spends time with anouther friend because in the end they can still be friends.

    The things I like:

  1. Discord attics-it was so funny, any episode with Discord is a good episode in my case.

  2. Treehugger- eh, she’s nice, I don’t really hate her.

  3. Fluttercord moments

  4. Discord’s house!

  5. FACES!!

    External image


    The quotes:

    DISCORD: “We like eachother!”

    And so many more ^_^ Im so want this on a shirt!

    My overall score:


    I really loved the interactions, Discord was really the focal point in all of this, what I did not like is that ending with Twilight and Celestia it seemed to really pull away from Discord and his friendship lesson and also A DANCE WITH FLUTTERSHY, from all that time! THEY SHOW US A SMALL TALK WITH TWILIGHT AND CELESTIA!




Gryffindor: ‘It’s not always easy to do the right thing. Like putting someone else’s feelings first for a change. Even if it goes against what you really want. Of course, there are always ramifications…Even if you do the right thing, there’s no guarantee it’ll turn out the right way.’ – ‘Who the hell cares about what anybody else thinks? Just look into your heart and do whatever the hell makes you happy.’ -  ‘DO YOU SEE WHAT YOU GET?! DO YOU SEE WHAT YOU GET WHEN YOU MESS WITH THE WARRIOR?!’ - ‘I guess there’s good and bad in all of us. And once you've accepted all sides of yourself, it’s a lot easier to sleep at night.’ - ‘Since we’re friends now, I can show you my butt.’ - ‘But it really all just comes down to wether or not you’ve got the guts to say just exactly what you know in your heart of hearts you really should say.’ 

Ravenclaw: ‘I think one of the most universal human experiences is feeling alone. Maybe because you realize that you aren’t as self-sufficient as you thought. Maybe because you know you should’ve handled something differently. Or maybe because you aren’t as good as you thought you were. Either way, when you hit that low point, you have a choice. You can either wallow in self-pity…Or you can suck it up. It’s your call.’ - ‘You’re scared because if you try and fail, there’s only you to blame.’ - ‘I think every day is made up of tiny little tests. Some are tests of character. Some are tests of fortitude. Others are tests of friendship. And if you’re lucky, when it really matters, you’ll pass with flying colors.’ - ‘Replace the captain of your brain ship because he’s drunk at the wheel.’ - ‘It’s funny how our perceptions can be so off. Like when you’re searching for a place to fit in and you don’t realize you’ve been there the whole time.’

Hufflepuff: ‘Maybe the best thing to do is stop trying to figure out where you’re going and just enjoy where you’re at.’ - ‘I guess in the end, things seldom work out the way you expect. sometimes, fate is on your side. other times, well, you’ve kind of sealed your own fate. Either way you have to trust that whatever’s supposed to happen, will happen.’ - ‘I guess when you care about someone, you’ll do whatever you can to make ’em happy.’- ‘When it comes down to it, you just have to be proud of the decision you make.’ –  ‘I guess it’s because we all want to believe that what we do is very important, that people hang on to our very word, that they care what we think. The truth is, you should consider yourself lucky if you even occasionally get to make someone -anyone - feel a little better.’ - ‘And who’s to say this isn’t what happens? Who can tell me that my fantasies won’t come true? Just this once.’

Slytherin: ‘I guess it comes down to how we want to be seen by other people. Some people want to be seen as the rebel. Some people just want to be seen, period. Some people have limits on how far they’ll go to protect their image. For me, it was when I stopped worrying about how other people saw me that I finally started to look better.’ - ‘Some people hide from who they really are, others accept who they are. But, sometimes, it’s the tough moments that help you realize who you’ve finally become.’ - ‘I found I couldn’t sleep last night, so, in order to pass the time, I started to make a list of things that annoy me more than you. Anyway, I came up with people who call Wednesdays “hump day” and, of course, all Sandra Bullock movies.’ - ‘If the next two words out of your mouth aren’t ‘See ya’ then the third word will be ‘Oh my god. My crotch. You’ve punched me in my crotch.’ - ‘Do you even enjoy hanging out with me?’ ‘Enjoy is a strong word.’ - ‘Lady, people aren’t chocolates. Do you know what they are mostly? Bastard-coated bastards with bastard fillings. But I don’t find them half as annoying as I find naive bubble-headed optimists who walk around vomiting sunshine.’ - ‘Any other day I’d say no, but today I’m gonna go ahead and just say no.’ - ‘I’m feeling so vulnerable that its filling me up with rage and hatred.’

Part I Part II Part III Part IV Part V

Kiss Me Hello
Bucky and Steve take to kissing each other hello, goodbye, goodnight. It’s all very platonic until it isn’t.

That Ass (Property of James Barnes)
Bucky Barnes, world’s biggest troll.
Five times Bucky traumatized the future with overshare about Steve’s ass and the one time someone wasn’t phased.

Soft Spot for the Hell Raisin’ Boy
The Winter Soldier takes an interest in Sam Wilson. Bucky Barnes wants to tell him how to be Steve Rogers’s best friend.

seven minutes in heaven
Steve’s mission objective is to apprehend the Winter Soldier. He certainly succeeds.

Steve Rogers’ Dad Face and Other Common Hazards
Today, Peter was honest-to-god going to see Captain America himself up close, in person, and not from a rooftop or tiny crevice like a creepy stalker fanboy.
Even better, he was going to watch Steve Rogers make history by soldiering his beleaguered way through the most intensely awkward and honestly ridiculous press conference in the history of ever– jaw thrust out and spine ramrod straight. Trying hard to be polite and respectful in the face of adversity.
While a bunch of assholes with cameras and microphones shouted at him about Iron Man’s adolescent dick.

That’s My Man
In 1941, Steve begs Bucky to help him get fighting fit so he can enlist.
In 2015, Steve orders something from the Avengers R&D department that Natasha delivers to him.

A Not-So-Covert Affair
Everyone always underestimates Steve Rogers, including the Winter Soldier.
Really, you’d think they know better by now.

A Fucking Written Invitation
“Jesus, Steve, I just had to explain to a ninety-something year old ex-killer that it was normal to *have dreams* and *wake up with unusual physical attributes* and, and listen, we have to get him a male GP, a, a man, because when I asked him why he hadn’t just called her to discuss this he looked at me like I’d suggested he slap her in the face.”

Careful, this dog bites
Don’t touch Steve Rogers, just don’t. Okay?

“Do it,” he goads. “Do it or come back home with me and let me help you. But you gotta do it now, Buck, because I can’t take another moment of this hell.”

A History of Birds
“You look like him,” Bucky says. No prompting, no nothing. He just speaks, like this is a thing he does.
“What?” Steve asks. He didn’t really hear it, too stunned by the fact that words were coming out of Bucky’s mouth to understand their meaning.
“You look like him. So did Pierce.” His voice is soft, gravelly from disuse. “Is that why they picked you?”
Steve’s heart plunges like an elevator with the cables cut. “Buck, it is me.”
The hard line of Bucky’s mouth softens just a little. “Sure,” he says.

young hearts, out our minds
Bucky posts a selfie of the two of them in bed to his instagram.
He hashtags it #goodmorningamerica. Sam Wilson and Pepper Potts retweet it to their twitter accounts.

if the heavens ever did speak
Ever since he was little Steve felt different, felt wrong. But Bucky’s different too. Together from Brooklyn to battlefield they try to figure themselves out.
He wasn’t sure when he learned what it meant to be queer. But the first time he thought about two boys kissing he knew it was a bad thing to think. He quickly imagined the two boys pushing each other away but that thought made his chest hurt.Later he thinks its almost funny. The bullies knew before he did.

Bucky says, “Do you know, after you leave – every time you leave, after the doctors have taken my mask off, I walk around this place and try to find everywhere you’ve been. Was your hand on the toaster? Did you lean against the doorway? Where were you on the couch? I haven’t seen your face in seventy-five years, not really.”

If You’ll Let Me
Steve pauses at the door. “Feel better, ok? Let me know if you need anything.” I don’t want to leave, let me crawl in bed behind you, let me hold you until you forget every drug, every doctor -
He turns to leave but Bucky says, “Steve?”
The smile on Bucky’s face isn’t the one he hides behind. It’s wide and genuine and teary and if Steve wasn’t already in love with the guy, he would be now.

Only if the sun is brought low
Seventy years since Bucky’s death, Steve has seen exactly one-hundred and three rainy days.

Hard to Say
“What worked for me was a nice, solid punch in the face. I’m not sure that’ll do much for you, though. Looks like you’ve been through enough already,” Hawkeye said.
The Winter Soldier is overdue for a reboot. His friends disagree.

My Ghosts are Six Feet Under
Steve showed up on Becca’s doorstep a month after the invasion in New York, larger than life and trying to hide it.

Children of War
How in the years that followed the fall out of S.H.E.I.L.D., Steve came to receive 14 significant surprises and one large family.

Not Your Average Hook Up
Bucky Barnes is home from the army on two weeks R&R and going crazy. His friend Natasha suggests that he get laid and convinces Bucky to get the Grindr app. Gorgeous tiny blond artist Steve stands out among the profiles and, as nervous as he is, Bucky goes over to his apartment. But he’s pretty sure that Hook-ups are not meant to be like THIS.

Our Broken Parts (Smashed on the Floor)
Steve is sent undercover to catch an elusive Russian assassin. He didn’t want to do it in the first place; he’s damn certain he won’t be asked again.

Winter’s Children
When their attempts to recreate the super soldier serum failed, Hydra started trying to breed Captain America clones from his genetic samples. Unfortunately, the serum’s effects aren’t passed down genetically, so instead of an army of tiny Captain Americas, they get a bunch of tow-headed, asthmatic, allergic, immuno-compromised little Steves.
And then the Winter Soldier stumbles across Hydra’s failed experiment…

Your 21st-Century Boy
Clint had peered at him out of one eye and said, “You know pink’s a girl’s color.”
“Not in my day, bub,” Bucky said, sliding the tube of the grenade launcher up, chambering the shell, and racking it back down as he stared coolly at Clint. “You know who started that pink is feminine shit? Hitler.”

The Gilded are to be seen, not heard (unless their masters so desire it), polite, submissive, and of course, at all times obedient. Sass is something Steven cherishes greatly in a partner, but he doubts there is a Gilded alive – other than Bucky – who has been allowed to come out of their terrified shell long enough to employ it.

The Times That Try Men’s Souls (or Five Ways Bucky Likes Sex and One He Wants To)
Putting his life back together isn’t easy for Bucky. Luckily he has help. (Edited and hopefully typo-free now).

Guns Not Butter
It’s 1941. Bucky Barnes lives with his best friend Steve Rogers, and all Bucky wants is to do right by him.
That means he’ll do anything.

Most Of All
Five times Bucky dances with Steve.
(In which there are Lindy Hops, waltzes, drunken nights, fake boyfriends, a 21st century gay club, a pair of ridiculously expensive suits, and eventually it all works out.).

season change (but people don’t)
“If there’s a girl I’m meant to be mourning, I want to know,” Bucky persists, as though Steve hasn’t had a close brush with asphyxiation right before his eyes. His foot twitches against Steve’s under the table.
“There wasn’t a girl,” Steve coughs. “Why…?”
Bucky’s gaze is sharp and discerning as his eyes flick back and forth between Steve’s.
“There was,” he says, right hand gripping the counter behind him in a white-knuckled grasp. “A girl. A small blonde girl.”

The Daily Rogers
College AU. May contain exchange students, a Starbucks addiction, daddy issues, anger issues, closets and how to get out of them, the ever-ominous influence of social networks, various levels of betrayal, awfully poor life choices, but also, ultimately, real chunks of love.

Steve lets go and falls after Bucky. He’ll do anything to keep Bucky alive at the bottom of the gorge.

Cruising Kids
Bucky takes Steve for a drive. It’s the 1960s, the Chevy is a piece of art, and anything could happen.

anonymous asked:

Watching the PoA movie immediately after the PS and CoS movies is such an incredibly jarring experience. Like the first two movies had their own style - the kids always were their Hogwarts uniforms in most of the scenes for example, then fast forward to PoA and they randomly go around in t-shirts and jeans, and the first two were pretty faithful in terms of plot points, but PoA, while very sleek and shiny, made no sense, like how does Sirius know about the Map? Who is Moony? What is going on???

I agree with you COMPLETELY!!! That’s why I feel like the HP film franchise largely doesn’t work as a whole - it doesn’t feel like one cohesive piece. And that’s because none of the directors after Chris Columbus attempted to continue or maintain the original vision for the series - they all insisted on imposing their own style onto the films and in the least subtle way possible.

For me, it’s the most obvious in the third film - like you said it’s so completely jarring and that’s because it takes the largest departure from the original two movies. It’s a completely different animal. The pacing is different, costume design is different, characterizations are different, lighting and color pallet is different, the tone is different, the story-telling is different, how they cast spells is different, the music is different, etc, etc, etc. It does not follow what was established in the previous two films and I think it fails to capture the spirit of the books, which is something that I think the first two films were very successful in.

Because I think the books are very funny - I really do - like so many of the jokes leave me in absolute stitches but they aren’t trying too hard to be funny, the humor is very natural. But this film…not only does it miss the opportunity of using some of J.K. Rowling’s brilliant dialogue, but it inserts jokes that are very…slapstick. And overtly silly. And again that really alienates it from the films that proceeded it, but it also just really doesn’t fit and I personality find it unnecessary. Because, again, the book was funny enough on its own, it doesn’t need ridiculous talking heads or cheap jokes.

(Also I think we can all agree that Draco’s hair looked terrible I fell out of love with him in the movie theater)

Another point against the film is that it really doesn’t make sense when you haven’t read the book - like it really doesn’t. My parents hadn’t read the series at the time of the film’s release and they were so confused - and this was before the series had gotten complicated like it’s a simple enough storyline. The problem was, like you pointed out, they left out key points of the book as well as really important explanations in favor of what? Pointless sequences of a bird flying around the grounds? Why did anyone think that was vital to the film like I get they wanted to show off the beautiful Scottish scenery but there were more important things that needed to be addressed.

Like maybe they should have explained who the Marauders were. And that James was an animagus. And that he took on the form of a stag. Which is why Harry initially thought that James had saved him and Sirius. Also, why the three of them became animagi in the first place. And Sirius’ prank on Snape. Those are really important things! And they didn’t touch upon them at all! PoA was a really great book for a lot of reasons but it gave some life to Harry’s parents; we got to know them a bit better - James in particular - through information on their relationship with Sirius, Remus, and Peter. Like when characters have as little screen time as James and Lily do, it’s important to mention the little things that give us insight into who they are as people.

And there are other things, of course, but that’s what is coming to mind at the moment.

Anyway, I hate that movie. As well as most of the other HP films. And I will never forgive Chris Columbus for stepping down after CoS and for directing the first Percy Jackson movie because that was complete shit

viviornitier  asked:

I saw you called John Crichton "best mentally ill protagonist that comes to mind" and I totally didn't even know that! while I'm not trashing on your opinions or faves, I was if anything, very bored by John as a generic white human male protag because his presence always devolved the humor into repetitive iterations of john:[human culture related joke], everyone else:"i dont get it". As a result I never got into Farscape despite how much i WANTED to. Basically, please sell me on John Crichton.

First I will say: if I’d only seen the first season, I’d probably agree. John is absolutely a white human male protagonist, and early on it doesn’t look like they’re going to do much with that. Though Farscape seasons 2-4 is kind of a completely different show than Farscape season 1. S1 does pick up momentum towards the finale, and once that was dealt with in the S2 premiere, I thought it would go back to business as usual. I remember watching the second ep of S2 and realizing that the tone/style had changed a LOT, and it only increased from there. Farscape is a rare show in that it’s not afraid to take risks and have actions have consequences and make things CHANGE. Things don’t always boil down to the status quo, and that really makes for an exciting ride. And I think John actually gets explored as a character, as a person, instead of him just being the window into this world.

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