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If any of my British followers (or just anyone in general) is watching I’m A Celeb, message me? I need to talk about Joel urgently

lmao igot7s watching celebrity bromance be like: came for jaebum, stayed for youngjae

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hi, dad. do you think its stupid to name yourself after a celebrity? or after a place? I want to use Gerard as my first name (even though I'm not super into Gerard Way, the name just feels right but I'm scared of being mocked) & Maine as my middle name (even though I've never even been there). do you think Gerard Maine is a good first/middle name combo for a male-aligned nonbinary person?

Hey there!
I don’t think it’s stupid at all! If the name feels like it fits you, go for it!
I really like the sound of Gerard Maine. It sounds good to me! If it makes you happy, there is absolutely nothing wrong with it.

i just tried to tell my dad and brother how i felt re: them ignoring my birthday (its not today but this is p much the only day we would’ve been able to celebrate) and my brother barely even looked up from his phone while my dad was like “why didn’t you tell us you wanted to do something, jeez”

because it’s!!! my fucking birthday!!! i shouldn’t have to ask you if we can celebrate it

and you know what i’m not even gonna apologize, because i feel comfortable in saying that i am not a selfish person. that i am very aware and conscious and considerate of other people and what they might want or what might be most convenient for them

and sometimes i really fucking resent the people in my life who dont make any effort to make that mutual, even when it’s unintentional and just a product of them being oblivious

On Love and Fathers

By John Laurens

This past week, from Monday to Friday, the people of the LGBTQ community (and its allies) celebrated bisexuality and all the wonderful people that fall under its umbrella, such as Freddy Mercury, Amber Heard, Amy Winehouse, and, most notably, my boyfriend Alexander Hamilton. I met Alexander four years ago at an HRC fundraiser event just a few months after my show started - he actually came up to me as I was working up the courage to go talk to him! Normally, I love talking to people, but when you’ve made as many cracks at a person as I had to Alexander, someone known for his unpredictable temperament, there’s reason to tread lightly. But, as it turns out, he had a sense of humor and actually really loved that I called him out on my show. Lucky me! I got even luckier as the night went on, as we sparked up a friendship right away, and I doubt there was ever anything platonic between us. 

Now might be the time to recognize a recent bit of scandal that has arisen between by boyfriend and I. In early 2005, Alexander eloped with his girlfriend at the time, Elizabeth Schuyler. They met in college and had a whirlwind romance that led to a most likely inadvisable marriage. Their marriage has yet to be annulled, and neither is in any rush to do so. Since 2007, Eliza and Alex’s relationship has been what can only be described as on-again-off-again. Their relationship, however, has not been particularly romantic since January of 2013. So now we reach the question of me. What do I think of this marriage? Do I feel threatened? Am I ever insecure about my standing in Alexander’s heart? 

No. And let me tell you why. Alexander Hamilton is the single most passionate, expressive, and outgoing human being I have ever met. He kissed me two days after he met me, and three hours later he told me the whole story of him and Eliza. Hamilton is known for his impossibly well-articulated rambles, and this was no exception to that. His storytelling was chaos, but his message was crystal clear. I could not hope to express all that he poured out to me, so I will summarize it with this one poignant line that has stuck with me for the last four years: “I love Eliza. I love her wholeheartedly and unconditionally because she’s there when I need her and she loves me the way I need her to, and nothing more. If I need a sister, it’s her. A friend? It’s her. A wife? Her. Even if I need a maternal face, she’s the only one I need. And, for the foreseeable future, I think I’m just going to need a best friend and family in her. I need you for the rest of the love.“ 

Anyone versed in sexuality speak would argue that that particular declaration would constitute as my boyfriend coming out as polysexual. To that, I say that he identifies as bisexual and will be bisexual until he decides otherwise. This isn’t a polyamorous relationship, people. Well, it kind of is, but it’s not. It doesn’t need to make sense to everyone, alright? Just know that we’ve got it figured out. Well, we’ve got it at a place where we’re on the same page.

But a lot of people don’t do well with ’trust me, we’ve got it down’. At the top of that list is my father, ex-senator Henry Laurens. Never once in my life have I agreed with that man. When I was nine, he took away my all my kiddie science books because he thought one of them mentioned evolution. When I was twelve, he would glare at me from across the dining table if I tried to go on about something interesting I had learned in school. When I was sixteen, I tried to come out to him. He slapped me across the face, took me out of his will, and said I could maybe get my inheritance back if I erased who I was to his level of satisfaction. A week later, I remained stubborn, so he threatened me into going out with one of his hunting buddies’ daughters. She’s a sweet girl. As adults, we’ve become friendly, but as teenagers, she was airheaded, infatuated, and desperate to lose her virginity. Between those big Filipino puppy dog eyes and my father’s fists, I was guilted into sleeping with her. At seventeen, I got her pregnant. The next year was not pleasant for any of us. I got out as fast as I could, and I went halfway across the country to a college of barely 1000 people in southern Wisconsin to do so. I’m not going to go into the details of how I got my father to pay for my tuition. 

Once I graduated college, I went to New York to work on my Master’s degree, started going to standup places on the weekends, and the rest is history. I have not spoken to my father since I was 23 years old. That changed this month, however, when it was revealed that my boyfriend was married. I received from him perhaps the longest email I have ever seen in my life, detailing how shameful and disgusting I was, how vile my boyfriend was, and the kind of shame it had brought upon him to share a name with me. It was scathing and harsh and written with the utmost anger, and, by the end, I couldn’t stop laughing. It was in this moment, reading that awful email, that I realized that I was free of him. I had outgrown my father and his wretchedness and his prejudice and hate. I had not, however, outgrown the pettiness of youth, and my reply to the email was a series of pictures of Alexander and I in various disgustingly romantic moments, followed by this simple message: "I love him. He loves me. He is honest with me. You don’t own me. I couldn’t give less of a f**k as to how I make you look.” Dear God, I hope he was pissed.

My father could never love me for who I am. I found someone instead who is shaped a little differently than the rest, but fits snugly with my puzzle piece. Complicated or not, I’m here so long as he is, and not a moment longer. Keep that in mind when you celebrate Pride. 




Get To Know Me Meme: [2/?] Favorite Celebrity Crush → Cory Monteith
↳ “We were very lucky to witness his incredible talent his handsome smile and his beautiful, beautiful heart. So whether you knew him personally or just as Finn Hudson, Cory reached out and became a part of all of our hearts — and that’s where he’ll stay forever.”

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hey faith !! its viv (@lunalovey) and i was wondering if i could have all four ?? bc im selfish ?? but if not just a blog rate and advice :) i, like you, am also luna trash but my girl fleur and neville is right behind!

Hi Viv! Fleur and Neville are amazing! 


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Hp asethetic

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Advice: Viv, I love you my only real advice is that you probably need a navigation page 

Compliment: Viv, you are such a sweetheart!! You are really amazing and your blog is lovely!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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Another (Failed) Wedding Later

“We are gathered together today, to celebrate the unity between Mikaela Tepes and Ichinose Yuuichirou in marriage.” He solemnly says. “It is the joining of love between two—“ he pauses. Kids? Toddlers? “Persons and best friends of each other. Now, Yuu may say his vow.”


My eldest nephew has started to attend kindergarten and I’m so proud (because he’s taller than anyone in his class. That kid escaped the short genes in my family) and also sad because I remembered when he was just a lil’ baby who squealed everytime I heartedly sang him Creep by Radiohead.

“Today is a special day of the joining of marriage between Ichinose Yuuichirou and Mikaela Tepes.” Shinya stops to think for a moment. Honestly, he doesn’t remember what the officiant should say. Since even in his own wedding, Shinya was too busy blowing kisses to Guren’s reddening face. “Yuu, please say your marriage vow for Mika.”

Yuu puffs his chest. “Mika.” His jaw tight, looking at Mika’s adoring eyes with such determination. “I promise to be always with you, even when you’re sick—like last week when you vomited. I’ll share my desert with you because I love you, and we will play together forever. I promise.”

Shinya refrains the urge to squeal. It’s honestly the cutest thing, seeing his son—whose serious face in contrast with his high-pitched voice—standing there before his best friend—or groom—saying that he will share his desert. Shinya knows it’s true love, Yuu never lets anyone touches his desert ever.

“Your turn, Mika—“ He stops lamely. They told Shinya shouldn’t put -chan in their names because they’re grown-ups and going to be married, or so they said.

“Yuu-chan…” Shinya rolls his eyes, and here Mika still calls Yuu-chan. “Me too. I’ll play with you forever and ever! And share my toys with you, and—and—everything!” Mika sniffs, looking every bit like an overwhelmed grown-up groom in their wedding.

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OKAY TIME FOR A VERY EMOTIONAL AND NONSENSICAL RANT LETS GO. Im so overwhelmed by love and affection and so many other emotions. Zayn is te most supportive and loving and appreciative person out there. He is so open and passionate about his love of fan art and every other kind of fan expression. He is so inspiring and he just encourages people to create and express themselves and be themselves. Its so refreshing. I have never seen a celebrity this supportive, this dedicated to show love to fans & their creations. Like, can you imagine how many people started exploring their talents thanks to Zayns encouragements? I know I did. I started drawing, bc I was inspired by his look and style, and also by his engagement with other artists and I can guarantee you I would’ve never find myself in art if it wasnt for Zayn. Its so important, Zayn is so important for so many people. I hope he knows it, I hope he knows how helpful and inspirational and iportant he is. 

Raise your hand if you were affected by Presentable Liberty

holy sugar tits.

In all seriousness though, you want to know why I think it may be so potent for a YouTuber? Not just Mark, but any popular YouTuber [or celebrity I guess] Because, when he said there are people thats he’s never met who are gone and that he cares about, there are people who may not exist that and he cares…thats like us.

Mark, and others like him, have never met the majority of the people who send them letters [emails, pictures, etc] The likelihood is they won’t meet them, but they care. Beyond all doubt they care about that person. And its hard to know why. Its hard to put it into reality.

To Mark we are invisible figments of his imagination. We sit there, floating behind his cameralense and whenever he films he hopes there is some one who will listen. And thats what I do to, I sit and I write this stuff in the hope there is someone out there who will read it. Its crazy to think like that. And thats what that game has done. Its put everything in perspective. 

Sorry - this became longer than I intended but my brain is just frazzled right now. If you haven’t seen it yet, and are wondering what the hell I’m talking about here you go, click the link here

Mark we do exist buddy. 

Oosh out
Thank you all for existing.

Please people, don’t reblog personal pics of Andrew celebrating his birthday. We all know how he feels about his privacy. So let’s all respect that, especially on his 40th birthday.

There are many reasons I’m proud to call myself a Scottie. And one of those is how much we respect him. He gives so much of himself, please just let him keep this part of his life private.

Real Boy — a documentary
REAL BOY is a coming-of-age story about a transgender musician and his search for the meaning of family, given and chosen.

The film follows Bennett over the first 3 ½ years of his transition as he grapples with issues of identity, sobriety, and connection to the people he loves. And the person he loves most is his mom, Suzy, who struggles to accept and understand his decision to transition.

As Suzy works to overcome her misgivings, Bennett finds support in the people who understand him best—his musical hero Joe Stevens, a celebrated transgender musician fighting his own demons; and his best friend Dylan, another trans teen on a similar path to young manhood.

At its heart, REAL BOY is a story about growing up. It’s a story about the meaning of family, given and chosen. And it’s a story about how our search for identity isn’t just personal, but involves those closest to us.  

I’ve seen previews of the film; the mom’s transformation was a highlight for me, sure to be a hit among parents trying to understand their kids. The filmmakers  are all queer, socially aware, all-around fantastic giving individuals, so you’ll be supporting incredible people trying to make a living through films. 

I am really mad rn.  I’ve been stanning Sehun just for a year, and he is one of the few celebrities to whom I have been connected to such a personal level its scary. There are people out there who have stanned him since he debuted and now they are leaving him because he said he liked his fanboys…seriously? you are going to drop him just because he said he liked his FANS? are you expecting EXO to have just female fans?

Sehun never said he was gay, but he showed his appreciation for having fanboys and he was the one that noticed first! yet people started leaving really mean comments on his ig pictures and this honestly breaks my heart.

I think Sehun is a very sincere and honest person, besides being beyond nice and sweet towards their fans. He doesn’t deserve to be bashed. He does so much for the fans and this is how they’re paying back?!

Getting these type of comments really get to him. He is a very sensitive person! HE IS A PERSON! A HUMAN BEING WITH FEELINGS! and many ppl forget this. Just because he’s an idol it doesn’t mean he won’t get hurt!

And what if he was gay? let him freaking be! let him love whoever he wants, that is none of our concern! Love is Love and that’s it, you don’t have to go and leave stupid comments on his ig…

I swear I’ll cut a bitch if someone says something else about him. Unfollow me if you want I could care less. But I will never leave my bias. #ILoveSehun

I think its important for us to all remember that Carlos is more than just a scientist.

I don’t want this to be misinterpreted as a callout post, because it’s not! Its just something I like to think about. I just kind of wanted to celebrate it.

Sure, science is his job, his passion, even. But he’s a whole person, he worked at the University of What It Is.

It’s great that he’s such a multifaceted character!

He is (presumably) a son. He’s a beloved boyfriend. He’s a neighbor to many and a friend to many. Hell, if he publishes his work, he’s a writer.

He also must have hobbies and interests that we haven’t heard of. “The Investigators” brings up one.

He gets excited over many things; he’s optimistic. He’s honest, and caring, and hardworking. He looks at the world with wonder.

Sometimes he makes mistakes. He has quirks and (as we’ve heard from Cecil) annoying habits. He has a voice and a certain way of speaking.

He maintained a long distance relationship faithfully, and made a conscious choice to come back to Night Vale. He’s developing as a character still.

He’s a member of marginalized groups. Maybe he was bullied for it. Maybe he had low self esteem.

It’s fun to make a lot of science references when we talk about Carlos, and I do it too! But remember that he’s a whole, complicated character.

That makes him even more irreplaceable. That makes him believable, and familiar, and relatable. And that’s what makes him so lovable.

Why in the hell do people constantly feel the need to be rude, horrible, and disgusting to the boys? Not just fans. Celebrities. Football players. People who should fucking know better. People who would expect respect if the situation was reversed. If someone had made a comment like that about Ryn I guarantee you she would see no humor in it. But it’s ok to think its funny because it’s Harry? No. Fuck that. These idiots who keep mocking Louis too. Why? Does it make you feel big and bad ass? In the mean time let’s compare his bank account to theirs. Would they still be laughing? Just because he’s in a boyband it does not invalidate him as a person. He contributes more of his time and effort and money to things he is passionate about than any of them have probably ever dreamed of. I am seriously fed up with people.

WE ARE WOMEN - a brand new blog for those who identify as WOC and non-binary POC to share and celebrate their art!

Hi, I just wanted to share this POC-friendly art blog with you, and I would be really appreciative if you could share it with your followers!

If you are someone who identifies as a woman of colour or as a non-binary person of colourWe Are Women wants to see your art!

We Are Women is a platform for ALL WOC and non-binary POC to share their artistic endeavours and creations in a safe, supportive and inclusive space. We want to unify WOC and non-binary POC, and encourage and rejoice in our artistic practices, and cultural and (un)gendered identities.

We are looking for:

  • Paintings
  • Drawings
  • Photography
  • Film/video
  • Selfies
  • Poetry
  • Short stories
  • Diary entries
  • Make-up/fashion posts/tutorials
  • Songs you’ve written/recorded
  • Zines you’ve made

…and anything and everything in between! Whatever you create, We Are Women would love to see it!

We’re just starting out, so we would love as many submissions as we can get! Give We Are Women a visit and submit your work here! Alternatively, email your submissions to

We look forward to seeing what you wonderful, empowering and talented people create!

Love from,
We Are Women

Can we talk about how at the end of Force Awakens Poe follows Finn.  He doesn’t run off and celebrate with the other pilots.  He just led them all into victory, and he doesn’t care about that at all.  He pays no attention to any of them.

He cares about the person who saved his life.  He chases after Finn when he’s injured.  I’m convinced this is only the beginning of the two of them chasing each other across the galaxy.

you know i remember when a friend who liked to joke around a lot would call me shortie and poke fun when i fell or did something stupid and i was fine but he made a comment about my eyes one day and i got so upset because my physical features are my largest weakness but i quietly went up to him and told him that he could say anything but things about my physical appearance were off limits because then i’d end up crying for days… and he apologized and said he now realized where his limits with me should be. if i hadn’t told him he wouldn’t have known because i was ok with everything else, and its interesting that as a normal person invisible to society its so easy to fix things but as a celebrity you get death threats and it never leaves your record ;-( hes such a wonderful guy and he just didn’t know where my limits were and after a few confrontations he finally got a good picture of what he could joke about with me. if you want them to be treated like a human within the industry then its time you treated them like a regular human as well when they make mistakes ;;