it's just a bit off putting

                              so   I   put   off   this   for    a   bit   to   let   my   hype   die   down   &&   see   the   movie   again   in  order   to   give   a   proper   comment   which   I’ll   shove   down   below.    ofc   I’ll   mostly   be   talking    about   my   son.

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facts about each sign

* check ur sun & rising *

aries: they are kinda the loudest in their circle of friends, no matter how aggressive they may come off as but they are actually very emotional ppl.

taurus: they are really laid back people, not really into getting into much drama but they like to keep things running smoothly.

gemini: they love talking shit because they get a kick out of putting people in their place and they let things go easily just say sorry and mean it.

cancer: the mood swings are fucking true and they most definitely catch you off guard, but these guys are really cute and overprotective over someone they really care about.

leo: they can be a bit standoff ish because of their confidence and they vibes they give off, but these people are willing to do anything for the people they are close to and they love putting themselves in situations they know they can accomplish, with or without any help.

virgo: some of the things virgos say hurt because they have no chill button when it comes to them calling a person out on something, they aren’t the clean freaks or nerds people say they are; they are just private and way too cool for you.

libra: they are most likely to me a loner or a social butterfly with no limits literally everyone fucks with them heavy or knows about them, only because they are very open people and aren’t really afraid of comforting someone new.

scorpio: scorpios are hard to pin down, the only reason is because they can come off cold and distant just like a cap or aquarius. they give off this vibe only to tell you they aren’t the ones to fuck with, no one will ever get the chance to cross them twice one strike you’re out there is no seconds chances.

sagittarius: sags are very blunt people, they can be a bit tooo blunt and hurt peoples feelings because of how harsh they may say things. but these people love freedom and having their own space, they are literally claustrophobic af keeping them still is not a good thing.

capricorn: the most misunderstood sign, they like their alone time and hate not having control over their emotions. literally their biggest downfall is over thinking damn near everything, it’s something they can’t pin down and that’s why they NEED stability.

aquarius: they are the biggest weirdo in the zodiac, they are really hard to understand but they don’t put themselves out there because they feel as they don’t have to. many get upset because of how closed off they come off as, that’s not their intentions its just you maybe need to mind your business sometimes.

pisces: pisces are psychics I swear , they are the second weirdos because they are really different in many unexplainable ways lol. they can be a bit manipulative and naive.

anonymous asked:

i think one of the reasons why female shepard going through all of ME affects me more than male shepard is bc while men are expected to carry the weight of the world Stoically, women are expected to handle Everything- to handhold and take the blame onto ourselves and, when put in positions of power, act just as stoically. jane's story KILLS me because it's a completely plausible story- she suffers and she suffers and is told she's crazy and when everything's gone to hell she still has to fix it

i’m attached to femshep primarily BECAUSE i feel like her story is just a tad bit more powerful when you portray shepard as a woman. 

like i’ve seen men talk about mass effect and how disrespected the council made them feel. the council brushed shepard off, called them crazy, and then came crawling back when shit went awry. “why didn’t they just believe them in the first place?” they say, “the evidence was there, and they blew shepard off.” 

meanwhile EVERY single woman i’ve talked to about mass effect related to shepard. she was slandered, spit on, and told she was delusional. almost every woman has been called crazy for seeing a problem that ‘wasn’t there’, whether it was a family issue, a societal issue, or even a business issue. and then, in the end, shepard had to clean up the mess anyway. 

and while maleshep’s story rings a little bit cliche– man saves the galaxy through sheer force of will– it feels…. stronger, more original, more powerful as femshep. this woman was backhanded and gaslit so many times, and she still rose up and did the impossible anyway. 

bioware has a fuckton of problems, and i know there were issues with how they treated femsheps character, but overall? 

the mass effect trilogy, when headed by femshep, is honestly one of the most feminist stories i’ve ever seen. 

I need an episode where a planet is hosting a ball for eveyone and the paladins have to go:

- lance and allura design and sew the paladins outfits bc they can’t find their sizes in space and coran helps a little with the difficult parts, especially buying the materials

- coran gets into a huge fight over space silk and almost dies

- lance, hunk and keith match tuxes but they’re all different colours as they match their lions

- hunk doesn’t wear the bandana and lance almost cries at how beautiful hunk looks like holy shit his shoulders look so good in that tux

- lance is all legs legs legs

- keith gets fustrated at how the his hair kept falling into the collar so he ties it into a pony tail and lance and hunk just gape at him the whole time

- pidge has a very pretty lime green dress with lots of little diamonds at the bottom that hunk had asked shay for. they both spent hours working on her dress because they love seeing pidge happy

- shiro wears a very fancy suit that’s black and gold. it’s a bit tight and lance was freaking out when shiro first tried it on because all his hard work would go to waste if shiro flexed and it ripped

- allura has a magnificent dress that’s all pastel pinks and purples. its full of crystals and it’s off shoulder so she put little gold fake freckles on them. honestly when shay saw her her knees were weak

- coran wears the most obnoxious tux ever and he looks like a wizard. lance takes notes for his next design

part 2

(no sh@lad/n or p!lad!n like/rb this)

Zodiac first dates

Capricorn: wears exactly the right thing but probably didn’t mean to. Is great at making casual conversation, but feels like they’re being awkward even if you make it obvious that you’re having a good time. Chooses a traditional dinner-date route to keep things familiar and controlled. Is great at hiding their insecurities but can’t hold back a smile. Has all the right manners and picks up the check, won’t try to kiss you unless you make the move.

Aquarius: looks at you with stars in their eyes (but doesn’t realize you can tell). Wears something quirky but still nice and presentable. their hair is messy (even though they spent an hour on it at home). starts with something traditional but invites you to do something else spontaneously because they don’t want the night to end. once they feel like they’ve run out of ways to entertain you, they’ll walk you home and talk about life with you. asks if they can kiss you

Pisces: is super nervous and can’t hide it so they don’t even try. wears something classic and modest, a little bit casual but not too much so. talks too much by accident and feels bad about it, even if you let them lead the conversation. asks a lot of personal questions and gives a lot of info on themselves. makes it obvious that they like you but won’t expect you to like them back. will try to pick up the check or at least go halvsies. too shy to make a move so they just smile really big and dopey until you kiss them

Aries: wears a red and/or black outfit, with a dramatic flair. They look like they stepped out of a magazine and you better notice. takes you to do something different and interesting, probably out of your comfort zone but right in the middle of theirs. asks thought-provoking questions that are difficult to answer, and seems to enjoy watching you come up with creative responses. conversation is intelligent and probably inappropriate. kisses you passionately without warning before the date is even over.

Taurus: wears something sexy but classy. makes good conversation, has interesting things to say but you can tell they aren’t showing their entire true self. Laughs at all your jokes but also has a sarcastic sense of humor and shows it right away. Will call you out on anything you say that they don’t agree with, but doesn’t make a big deal out of it or hold it against you. If they really like you, they’ll kiss you, but if they aren’t sure yet they’ll probably make you work for it.

Gemini: wears bright colors and bold shiny/sparkly accessories. Talks a lot and is very animated, maybe cuts you off sometimes but its by accident. They smile a lot and laugh very loudly, in a cute and excited way. Probably gets a little bit drunk at dinner and definitely kisses you at the end of the night. Texts you right after to tell you what a great time they had.

Cancer: Wears something casual but looks very put-together. More likely to ask you questions than to reveal too much about themselves. May seem quiet but its just because they are listening intently to what you have to say. If you can make them laugh, it melts your heart because their laugh is genuine and their smile lights up their face. Makes fun of you a little bit but only in a light-hearted way. Probably too shy to kiss you but will be upset if you don’t kiss them

Leo: Wears basic clothing that somehow works together to make a perfect outfit. Everyone in the place looks at them when you guys walk in, and more than likely someone else will hit on them while you’re together because they are just that magnetic. They will only focus on you though, and they try to find out as much about your soul as they can, asking deep questions and trying to provoke thoughtful conversation. Kisses you at the end of the night but makes you sweat it out waiting for the next date.

Virgo: Wears normal casual clothes that look good on them, and probably shows off their physique. Big personality, will talk loudly and say the first thing that comes to their mind, but nothing rude. They enjoy laughing, and making light conversation rather than delving deep. Easy to connect with because they are very understanding and can empathize with many different types of people. Will never judge you for your surface-features. Kisses you at the end of the date but is a little bit clumsy/awkward about it.

Libra: Wears light colors, pastels, and probably vintage clothes. Hair and/or makeup is perfect, and they try very hard to be sophisticated (even though they’ll probably spill or break something within the first 10 minutes, then be mortified by it). Is very modest when you ask them questions and doesn’t like to brag about themselves, but will praise you for every accomplishment you’ve made. Their laugh is so cute you want to cuddle them and they will give you their jacket even if you aren’t cold. Wants you to kiss them and will give you the opportunity but won’t be obvious about it.

Scorpio: Wears casual clothing but somehow they look amazing. Their smile is magnetic and they will make you laugh at every opportunity they get, and if you make them laugh too they’re as good as yours. Makes great conversation without revealing any personal information. Will look for excuses to touch you ‘by accident’ all night, and probably wants to take you dancing after dinner. Will probably also get drunk but will buy all your drinks if you let them. If they get the right vibe from you, they’ll kiss you but they won’t put themselves on the line unless they’re sure they won’t be rejected.

Sagittarius: Wears a nice outfit, but nothing too attention-getting. Tusseled hair and bright eyes that captivate you. Smiles really big all night and giggles a lot. Is happy to tell you anything you want to know but probably won’t ask too much about you unless you offer the information, because they don’t want to pry. Takes you to do something lighthearted and fun after dinner, where you can be alone together without too much attention on you. Pays for everything and refuses to let you even touch your wallet. Talks about their big dreams for the future and all the amazing things going for them. Kisses you if they think you’re into it, and is confident that you are (unless you aren’t, then they can definitely tell). 

My ‘Everyday’ Spell Bottle

Inspired by this post

I wanted something more general and quietly supportive for the day-to-day for my first spell bottle, but a motivational one is definitely on my list. In this one, however, there is:

  • Himalayan rock salt for grounding
  • Rosemary for mental clarity 
  • Cinnamon for protection
  • Dried lavender flowers for peace
  • Pink rose petals for sweetness and love
  • Pink wax for self-love

As I added each ingredient I said aloud its purpose. I sat with the stopper off for a little bit as I reflected on how I’ve been feeling lately and then began writing down my intentions and focusing on the bottle (I feel like it’s more tangible and powerful for me when I write things down somewhere). I then put the cork in and dipped it in the wax ~five times to get thick and even coverage over the top. 

I’m incredibly proud! It sits on my desk when I’m at home and I put it in a separate pouch in my bag just in case the glass bottle breaks or the wax gets scraped too much. 

I hope this was helpful or inspiring for you to make your own everyday bottle 😊

in which y/n attends the after party…

a part two to in which y/n buys harry starbucks…

Y/N was not a partier. It wasn’t that she was shy or didn’t like them. It was just that she was introverted and partying took a lot out of her (Also, she couldn’t hang like she used to. By 10pm, when most parties were kicking off, she was ready to drag herself into bed). However, when Harry Styles says he wants to see you at a party, you go to that party.

She’d been iffy after she met him at Starbucks about actually getting tickets to the show. Still, a few hours later, she found herself at Will Call, chewing nervously on her bottom lip in hopes that he was serious about what he said previously. And, he was. Relief flooded her as she was slid two tickets along with a piece of paper that held an address on it. She presumed it to be the location of the after party and slid it into her back pocket. 

Her nerves were bouncing all over the place as she stood in line to enter the venue. Her feelings were put to the side, however, as she saw a girl get turned away at the door and her friend stood staring wide eyed with her jaw dropped. She instantly was moved to action. As she neared the front of the line, she could hear the girl who’s ticket was apparently fake, breathing through tears, telling her friend to go in without her, forcing a smile. “Wait!” she called out to them, not that either one of them were going anywhere. They were stood off to the side. “I just saw what happened, and I have two tickets. You could just trade me the one for these two.” She held the tickets out for them, as they eyeballed them.

“These are third row tickets. Mine isn’t even on the floor." 

She shrugged, nonchalantly. "I’m just happy to be here.” And, she was considering three hours ago she didn’t even have tickets or an invitation to an after party extended by Mr. Harry Styles himself. After meeting him today, this was the least she could do. 

“How do we know these are real?” The same girl asked, still eyeing the tickets suspiciously. 

Seeing as they were still holding up the line, Y/N scurried over to the ticket checker, so she could scan the tickets. They checked out. The two girls quickly scrambled to her side, swapped tickets, and made their way inside the venue. Once in, they hugged each other tightly, crying (what she hoped to be) tears of joy, at the sudden turn of events before they turned to her and included her in the action, letting their appreciation known through muffled sobs. “How much do you want for it?” the girl who had the fake ticket asked once she got herself together.

She shook her head, giving them a small smile. “I don’t want your money.”

“Seriously? I can’t just let you do this. These must’ve cost a fortune.”

She didn’t want to reveal that she’d got them for little more than a cup of coffee, so she just shook her head politely once more. “Honestly. I’m fine. You two just have a good time.”

“I could get you a t shirt or a hat or one of those pins or–”

She cut the girl off since she was so insistent upon repaying her in some way—which seemed to be a common theme for her today. “Water! And some popcorn, if you must.”

The girls beamed at her as they made their way to the concession stand. They did not stop talking the entire time, not that she minded. They thanked her endlessly and chatted a bit about Harry, but finally parted ways with her, giving one final hug, when they noticed the time and the length of the merch line, and she went to go find her new seat.


In hindsight, she was glad she wasn’t sitting in the third row. After she played it relatively cool that afternoon it would’ve been moderately embarrassing for him to see the way she sobbed as soon as his silhouette appeared straight through Ever Since New York, only regaining slight composure once the bridge hit. But, really, she was a mess throughout the entire concert. So, not only did she do those girls a favour but also herself and possibly Harry. 

The kind, older lady sat in front of her, whom she’d made friends with, let her borrow her binoculars a few times throughout the show and it wasn’t lost on her the slight look of confusion (or perhaps disappointment, but that was wishful thinking) she saw on his face when he really looked into the first couple rows of the crowd. 

Her presence, or seemingly lack there of, had absolutely no impact on his performance, though. It was arguably the best concert she’d ever been to. She felt so at home with all the Harries screaming their heads off and just going completely nuts, as per Harry’s request, during the show. 

However, the same could not be said for the after party. She was a fan. She didn’t have any connections or friends or any real reason to be there other than the haphazard invitation Harry extended to her earlier in the day. That thought carried her straight to the open bar, where she ordered a Long Island iced tea, then caused her to beeline for one of the outer walls. She meandered around the outside of the party watching everyone mingle, only offering a few smiles to those who passed. 

It seemed as though her presence was going to go unnoticed, not that she was doing much of a job at being approachable, as she contemplated on getting another drink, having sipped hers down over the hour she’d been at the lounge, or leaving altogether. She jumped when she felt a firm grasp on her elbow, breaking her line of thought. 

She hadn’t planned on doing a lot of things that day, but it’s safe to say that getting kidnapped topped that list. Her mind was eased as she turned around to see Harry gripping her, no longer donned in his Gucci suit but looking good nonetheless. She wasn’t quite sure what to say to him so she just grinned at him, subtly looking between his face and her arm before he got the hint and let her go. 

He coughed lightly. “You could’ve told me you didn’t like my music, ya know?”

She furrowed her eyebrows, not quite sure where he got that notion from.
He answered the question she hadn’t even gotten the chance to ask yet, almost immediately after seeing her expression. “You weren’t in the crowd. I literally scanned all the front rows.”

“Ohhhh. No, I went. I didn’t sit there, though.”

“If you had tickets, you should’ve just told me.”

Her face contorted into something that was halfway between confusion and amusement. “Why are you assuming I lied to you earlier? I was waiting in line after picking my tickets up and I saw these two girls. One, apparently, had purchased a fake ticket and instead of holding onto those two tickets, I swapped with the one girl who had a legitimate ticket and just gave them the ones you got me.”

His mouth opened and closed a few times. “Sorry I–”

“Was just wondering how to get your exceptionally large foot out of your even larger mouth?” she finished, rolling her eyes, teetering between the lines of annoyed and amused.

“That was really lovely,” he settled upon as a response.

She shrugged. “Treat people with kindness, right?”

Dimples coined into his cheeks. “Absolutely. Now… can I buy you a drink?”

“It’s an open bar.”

He looked at her like she was crazy, eyebrows shot up with his lips twisted together. “No, it’s not.”

“Oh. Well, you can pay for the Long Island iced tea I already accidentally stole and just get me a glass of water.”

“You sure?” he chuckled.

“Yes, sir.”

He headed to the bar as she turned around bowing raspberries into the air in an attempt to calm herself down. 

All too soon, Harry was back, handing her her water, then slipping his hand into hers, leading her to a booth. Instead of sliding in across from her, he slid in directly next to her which sent her nerves in a frenzy. “Figured I’d sit over here, so I can hear you better. It’s quite loud in here.”

She chucked nervously, nodding in understanding, sipping on her water as he gulped down some of his drink. She couldn’t hold it in anymore. She had to ask. “What am I doing here?” she blurted before he could get a word out.

He puckered his lips to the side, furrowing his eyebrows. “I’m not quite sure what you mean…”

She splayed her hands out in front of them, releasing broken groans. “Like, bro, I just– I just bought you…. coffee! Now I’m sat in a booth with you at an after party. I’m not even, like–” she waved her hands in circles wildly. 

He giggled, looking down at the table and shaking his head. “I just want to get to know you.”

“But, why?” She just couldn’t wrap her head around it. She wasn’t anything special. She wasn’t exceptionally beautiful or talented or smart. And, she knew, even past all her nerves, that Harry was just a normal guy as well, but why on earth would he spare her more than a passing glance?

“I just think you’re lovely.”

She glared at him. She needed more of an explanation than that. 

“The guy at Starbucks told me you didn’t want him to tell me that you paid for my coffee. And, then you told me yourself that you didn’t expect anything out of it.. And, you gave up your tickets for one in the back. And, I saw you when you first came in, and in the least creepy way possible, I just sort of watched you bounce around smiling, bopping around to the music, chatting with a few people. Also, you haven’t even asked for a picture. Not that I mind when people ask me, but I don’t know, it just, I don’t know,you don’t want anything. It’s, uh– You’re lovely.”

She was stunned. Partly because of what was said and partly because of who said it. She just stared at him, not knowing how to reply. 

“Well, say something.” He laughed, eyes skipping around the room. He wasn’t quite prepared to look straight at her. “Christ, talking to girls is just as terrifying as always.”

Her face lit up and broke into a wide grin. “You’re talking to me?”

“You’re the only other person in the booth, aren’t you?”

She shook her head. “No, like, you’re talking to me. You’re chatting me up? Are you putting the moves on me, Styles? Is this what this is?”

He bumped her shoulder with his. “Piss off.”

They smiled at each other and all the possibilities.. Hers faltered after a few moments. “You’re on tour.”

“I am,” he confirmed.

She clasped her hand on top of his. “Harry, in a few days, I won’t even be a passing thought. Maybe the next time you go into Starbucks I’ll be that one chick that bought you something, but nothing more." 

His face dropped into a pout. "You’re not even going to give me a chance?”

She quirked her lip upwards and shrugged slightly. “I couldn’t ask for that kind of commitment from you.”

“Baby, I just want to get to know you,” he said in a voice all slow and thick and deep. 

She wasn’t sure at which point they shifted that much closer together, but he was resting his forehead against hers leaving her breathless. Naturally, she sputtered out a few strings of laughter. “One thing you should know about me is that I’m uncomfortable in most social situations." 

"Duly noted,” he stated, rolling his eyes because she completely ruined the mood he set, head following suit and backing up a few inches. 

“So… just friends?”

He scratched the back of his neck. “Sure."He gulped down the remainder of his drink while she sipped on her water. Neither of them were 100% satisfied with the arrangement, but someone had to be rational. She kept telling herself that she was doing the right thing. "Actually, can I kiss you?”

For the second time that night, she was rendered completely speechless. Y/N had been exercising extreme self-control up to that point. She didn’t have an anxiety attack when she met him the first time. She gave up amazing seats to see him (¼ of the biggest band in the world!). She turned him down when he came onto her. But, she couldn’t find it in herself to reject the chance to feel those lips on hers.. Like she imagined meeting him, she imagined kissing him a million times, but nothing compared to the fluffy, pillowy sensation that washed over her body when she nodded meekly at his request, sliding her hands up to grasp his face. 

It wasn’t like a full blown snog. It was short and sweet, but that knowledge didn’t do anything to quell the butterflies that took flight in her stomach. She kept her eyes closed and hands on his face for a good five seconds after the kiss ended, simply basking in it. “Maybe we can be a little more than friends.”

“Yeah?” he questioned, optimism laced in his every word, before pushing his lips back to hers for a few more seconds. 

“Yeah, but, maybe later. When you’re not so busy. After tour ends, if you even remember me.”

“I have a feeling you’ll be one of the few people I can’t forget.” His face set into that signature lopsided smirk. 

“We’ll just have to wait and see.”

“That we will, my dear, that we will.”

New Facts About Each Sign

Libra: they are most likely to me a loner or a social butterfly with no limits literally everyone fucks with them heavy or knows about them, only because they are very open people and aren’t really afraid of comforting someone new.

Scorpio: scorpios are hard to pin down, the only reason is because they can come off cold and distant just like a cap or aquarius. they give off this vibe only to tell you they aren’t the ones to fuck with, no one will ever get the chance to cross them twice one strike you’re out there is no seconds chances.

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batter-sempai  asked:

What just happened between idubbz and tana?

Alright lets get down to it

So, Tana Mongeau is a “Storytime” youtuber and what that means is that she lies and makes shit up to make her boring ass life seem interesting. 

One day she decided it was a good idea to tweet at idubbbz and tell him to kill himself for saying the N word. After her followers sent her a shitton of tweets telling her she shouldn’t start shit with edups, she takes it down, but claims its not because she doesn’t believe in what she said, but because she doesn’t like telling people to kill themselves. 

idubbbz, as we all know, gives absolutely zero fucks about anything or anyone, but if he smells weakness in you, its all over. So it was just a bit of fun for him to go to some meetup she was holding, get a ticket and a shirt and pop in for a photo-op with her.  He puts his arm around her shoulder, smiles at the camera and says “saaaaaaaay nigger!” 

Tana, shocked, peels off from him, idubbbz laughs and is ejected from the venue, goes home. All seems normal. 

Tana, however, cannot resist the urge to attention whore, so she puts up a video claiming he threw his arm around her neck, wouldn’t let her go, gave a thumbs up to the camera, made her fear for her life, made her fear for the lives of her friends, fans and family, smiled really creepily at her, forced her to get metal detectors and all new security and made her think of Christina Grimmie, etc. 

Originally posted by annefrankisgod

So when this fails to provoke a response from idubbbz, she makes a live stream talking about how she hopes he breaks his legs and loses all his subs, then spends a lot of time crying and screaming that she hasn’t done anything to deserve this, she didn’t do anything to him to deserve his fans talking shit about her or his photo op shenanigans, etc. 

This was ALSO a mistake, because that made idubbbz a little bit irritated. 

Originally posted by southparkdigital

so idubbbz made a Content Cop episode about her, wherein he fucking guts her and eats her soul. 

He splices in a few clips of her calling people “stupid nigger”, lying and generally being a scumbag. He takes her to task, with receipts, for every lie she told about him from his age (Insisting he was 30 when he’s 26) to his subscriber count, to the events of the photo-op (which he had video of that he showed), as well as her pretending not to know that “nigger” is a racist slur at the time she said it. 

He then went on to tear her apart over her past, present and future. 

The video hit 16 hours ago. Tana has since lost 10k subscribers and counting. idubbz has gained at least twice that, and is barreling towards 4 million at impressive speeds. 

The moral of course is “be nice to idubbbz, because he can destroy you”. 

people don’t give warren enough credit for his bravery

regardless of whether you consider warren and max platonic or romantic, he stands up for her in front of nathan and beats him up. twice. when he is well aware that nathan is prone to violent episodes and that he carries a gun around. not to mention the fact that nathan’s room is right opposite warren’s - the guy literally sleeps a few feet away from him and despite everything warren still decides to protect max and piss nathan off, at his own risk.

FFXV x KH Headcanons That I Have But Probably Won’t Doodle Part 3

Part 1 | Part 2

  • Sora is something else when he’s behind the wheel of a car because he is either at one end of the emotional extreme or the other.
    • He is the kind of driver who makes sure to thank other drivers on the road for their consideration. If someone lets him switch lanes and get in front of them, he sticks his hand up and waves to them. He also mutters, “Thank you,” even though there’s absolutely no way for the other driver to hear or even see his lips forming the words aw hon
    • He is also the kind of driver who shows off a very… colorful… vocabulary when he’s dealing with bad drivers. He never drives aggressively– especially not behind the wheel of someone else’s car! But he swears up a storm that even makes Gladio a little uncomfortable. (Don’t tell them to put a rusty tire iron there, Sora…)
    • While we’re on the subject of Sora in the car, he sits between Noct and Gladio in the backseat
  • With Sora in the party, Ignis now has TWO stubborn and sleepy boys to drag out of bed each morning
  • Sora’s Keyblade ex Machina becomes a Thing
    • No more having to worry about accidentally locking the keys in the car because there’s a boy in the party with the universe’s biggest and dumbest-looking master key
    • Noctis politely accepting the dungeon key from Ezma even though there is absolutely no need for it with Sora “Yes-by-it-works-on-any-lock-I-MEAN-it-works-on-any-lock.”
      • Yes this results in the boys facing off against a monster they are nowhere near equipped to handle
      • Yes Gladio has to drag Sora’s and Prompto’s unconscious bodies all the way back up to the dungeon’s entrance
        • Yes they go back for revenge once they’ve collectively toughened up
    • Imagine Sora getting captured by Niffs only to create increasing frustration in their ranks because they literally cannot keep this kid locked in a room
  • Sora looks forward to getting to meet Lunafreya! :D
    • Noctis gets frustrated that he can’t talk to Luna more often. Sora suggests he write her a message, stick it in a bottle, and cast it out to sea.
      • He’s only half joking
    • Sora getting! So excited! When Noct assures him that of course he can come to the wedding! Sora’s never been to a wedding before! :D :D :D
      • As their friendship grows stronger, Noct decides to make Sora one of his groomsmen!!!!!
        • Imagine the bachelor party omfg
  • The chocobros fearing Sora’s power more than ever when they realize that his hair naturally stands up like that. No hair gel necessary. His hair is just Too Powerful
    • Prompto is so jealous
  • Sora sometimes gets really quiet when they’re on the beach at Galdin Quay or Cape Caeum. He sort of spaces out. Just stares out at the horizon with the waves lapping up around his ankles.

Angst under the cut. :O

The Return of the Angst Corner:

  • In the first year of the long night, Sora tries a number of methods to get in touch with his friends
    • He tries to summon old friends and encourage them to let Donald, Goofy, etc. know that he’s okay– just stranded in Eos. Genie, Mushu, Peter Pan, all of them. The only way they’ll be able to send the message is if they visit their home worlds, though– not a very good chance of that happening. Still, it’s worth a shot.
    • He sends a message in a bottle every time he’s near the ocean. He is nearly killed in the waters of Galdin Quay by a Ronin during one of these attempts. He’d been too caught up in making sure the waves carried off the bottle. Careless.
    • Eventually… he gives up.
  • It’s worth noting that even when things are at their bleakest, Sora doesn’t lose his kindness or optimism. He is gentle and patient with wary survivors and is usually the one who convinces people hesitant to leave their homes behind to seek refuge in Lestallum.
    • It’s easy to forget how horrible things are when you’re sitting by the fire with Sora, whose smiles and laughter are infectious. He’s such a good storyteller– great at getting your mind off of the actual apocalypse happening in the world beyond
      • This boy is Great With Kids
    • He knows Noctis will come back, and they’ll bring back the light
      • It’s only a matter of time
  • Sora takes shifts with other hunters to stand watch at the city limits of Lestallum
    • Whenever a daemon gets too close, he is usually the first to reach them– he launches himself off, sometimes boosted by magic, and usually takes it down before it sees him coming
  • Sora isn’t quite sure of the exact moment he was infected with the Starscourge
    • But if he had to guess
      • While on a supply run with Prompto, he is ambushed by a gargoyle that manages to latch onto his left arm… with its teeth
        • Prompto’s killed the thing before Sora has a chance to scream– puts a bullet in its head.
          • Its head explodes. Sora’s covered in its blood– it’s on his face, in his hair, in his mouth… and it’s all over his left arm, too
            • Sora remembers reading up on the Starscourge a little bit after hearing Luna talking about it on the radio once… something about “photophilic organisms” infecting a host and leeching off of them like a parasite until
              • Until…
        • It really could have been something else. Maybe the world’s darkness was just finally getting to Sora. Maybe Ardyn did something to him. Or maybe he was infected by daemon’s blood in an open wound.
          • Don’t tell Prompto.
  • Sora keeps it a secret at first. The thin black tendrils curling beneath the skin of the underside of his left forearm are easy enough to hide with sleeves.
    • It takes a couple of weeks before it starts to hurt
      • It’s a throbbing, pulsating pain. It matches his heartbeat a little too well.
    • The marks spread quickly. More quickly than Sora remembers reading it did. Why is it spreading so damned fast?!
    • Sora is doing inventory in the stockroom with Nayvth when he experiences an intense palpitation that takes his breath away. He gets so dizzy that he slips off of a ladder while counting the ethers
      • He’s too woozy to stop a couple of well-meaning bystanders from carrying him to the infirmary– the town had fashioned the restaurant by the kebab stand into one during the long night
        • He’s able to pull himself together enough to fight off the nurse who tries to examine him. He’s fine. Just tired. Just hungry.
          • He lies to the nurse, but he decides he can’t lie to his friends. He decides this after checking in the mirror to find that the infection has spread up his arm, across his shoulder, towards his heart.
            • Prompto sobs
  • Once everyone knows, they are determined to find a cure
    • Ignis, having had nine years to grow accustomed to his blindness, being met with frustration he hasn’t felt in years when he realizes that most of the relevant books in Lestallum’s local library are not in braille
      • Prompto staying up late with Ignis, reading passages to him about the Starscourge, the Oracles’ effort through generations to contain it, and beyond
  • The infection spreads to Sora’s neck, and now he’s stuck wearing turtlenecks and carefully-pinned scarves to hide it. 
    • He is absolutely not a turtleneck guy. It’s so constricting and uncomfortable at first! He can’t stand it.
  • The Scourge spreads to his face
  • It spreads to his left eye
      • The people of Lestallum don’t need to worry about isolating Sora. He isolates himself.
        • People who’d once heralded Sora a hero, cooked him meals, played checkers with him– they’re too afraid to come close
          • Sora gets it. He really does. Nothing is known about the disease. How infectious is it? Is it transmittable in the air? Will they get the Scourge too if Sora sneezes too close to them?
            • Sora doesn’t know. But he wears gloves when he’s around Ignis, Gladio, Prompto, and the handful of others who refuse to let his condition stop them from being at his side
  • It takes a while before the disease begins to affect his mind
    • Lapses in his memory. He’d come back to his senses and have no idea how he got to wherever he is
    • He gets irritable. Very.
      • He lashes out at the slightest provocation. With Gladio especially
    • He gets downright scary in battle at times.
      • He keeps hacking away at a Salpinx’s body even though it’s already dead. He’ll never forget the look on Prompto’s face when he finally regains himself
        • He has a violent coughing fit one night. He pulls his hand away, and there’s black ooze in his palm
        • It’s cold
        • “P-Prompto…?”
  • He still accepts hunts and stands watch and takes care of daemons that get too close to the city
    • He takes on the biggest fucking Snaga he’s ever seen in his life and is overwhelmed
      • It kicks his ass 
      • He would have for sure died if not for Ardyn
      • His brain screams at him to stay awake, to get up, to finally get back at this piece of shit for everything he’s done to Noctis, to Prompto, to all of his friends– but he’s in too much pain and he’s short of breath and his heart is fluttering and stuttering and everything hurts. He passes out.
    • He wakes up at camp with Ardyn. Ardyn’s cooking something for them to eat.
      • Ardyn tells him about his past life– how he’d not only been a Lucian king, but also a healer. He can’t cure the Starscourge. Those powers were lost to him long ago. But he can treat it.
        • Sora has no way of knowing if this is true or not.
          • But based on what Ardyn said, it sounds like Ardyn treated the Scourge by drawing it out of the host– and absorbing it himself
            • Does that mean healing Sora will make Ardyn stronger?
              • No way he can risk that. This freak is powerful enough already. He’d rather die than make it harder for his friends to save the world.
                • Ardyn doesn’t give him a choice
  • After Ardyn draws out most of the Scourge, he’s gone
    • Sora finds a map that helps him get back to Lestallum. It’s not far.
    • He does feel a lot better. He didn’t realize what an effort breathing had been for him lately until now– it’s so much easier. The air tastes so much cleaner.
  • He doesn’t know how much time he has left, now that Ardyn’s interfered with the hands of the clock. He just has to hope that Noctis gets back soon. Because he wants to be there when they finally take Ardyn down.

bex taylor-klaus: “I think that the Keith-Pidge relationship is the most underrated friendship on the show […] they work well together, they secretly absolutely adore each other. It’d be cool to have their relationship develop into something a bit more emotional, an emotional friendship.

jeremy shada: “i mean they’re pretty open on our show…because of the network […]. but i think they’re playing pretty slow burn with most of the relationship stuff, and so, as far as where we’re at, there’s not even been–i mean, they always put like little things that will probably pay off later, odds are, but nothing like, for sure at the moment.”

little things that… will pay off.


Name: Give her back
Pairing: Loki x reader
Summary: when the Avengers inform Loki that they caught you (they hoped to make him talk), he goes absolutely furious.

“Oh, also,” Natasha waves her hand, as if it’s nothing important. “I thought you would be interested in us capturing one of your followers.”

“I do not care for those people.”

“Yeah, I figured. Well, this Y/N tends to look very scared in our prison,” on the screen (so generously granted by Fury) you can see how Loki’s face looses its sly smile, as he makes a slow step towards the glass wall, not taking his eyes off Natasha.

“What did you just say?”

“Y/N. She tried to put up a fight,” you can’t help a quick smile - you bit them, not put up a fight, even though you tried. “But we still got her locked up - safe and sound.”

“If you hurt her,” Loki’s voice is quiet and calm, but you can almost feel him seethe with rage. “If you touch her, I will make sure you never know peace, agent Natalia Romanoff. No matter where you run and how well you hide, you will never, never, know peace.”

“As if we would hurt an innocent…”

“I know what you would do!” his fist almost crushes the glass next to Natasha’s face, his loud voice piercing through the air, hurting no worse than an actual punch. “And that is why I am telling you - do not touch her. Because when I come for her. And I will come for her. If she is hurt in any way, I will destroy everything you have ever cared about. I will make sure you never want to breathe again, not after all the things I make you do, not after I destroy everything that makes you,” you can see Natasha’s fear - no matter how good she is at acting like she is rough and touch, seeing a furious god is always scary. “You may call me a monster, but you do not know what kind of a monster I am.”

“What about we find a compromise?” Natasha suddenly offers, her hand automatically reaching up to touch her ear, so everyone knows that just now Fury said something. “You stop making a mess, give back the…”

“You won’t give her back to me,” Loki waves his hand. “Do not be stupid, you will use her to make me act the way you want. I want her back. Now. And then, maybe, just maybe, you will survive.”

“Or she will just tell us all she knows to save her life,” Natasha offers another option.

“She will never,” Loki is calm, even smiling now, then frowns. “She would not betray me, and she doesn’t know anything. Would I really tell her so much about my plans? Am I that cruel? Cruel enough to make her live through all this pain and knowing that her consciousness suffers because of me? What kind of a man do you think I am?” his face twists, and you are grateful as never for never being told anything, no matter how much you begged. You are with an evil mastermind, after all. Natasha stops and looks him in the eye, then slowly nods, accepting that Loki actually cares for someone. “So keep your bloody hands off her. And do not try your mind games.”

“That happened two hours ago,” a random agent pauses the recording a minute later, obviously too worried to do the job properly, as he was probably told to leave the last part out. “Now, we are convinced that he actually told you something but is exceptionally good at acting… What did he tell you?”

“Why did you show me the recording?”

“To show you that he would do anything to protect that secret he told you… He does not love you. He can’t,” an agent frowns. “You must understand it, the monster like him is not capable of loving.”

“Do you even know him?” you suddenly smile. “Agent… You know nothing of the man you just took me from. You know nothing of me. But you must believe me when I say that he will come to get me.”

“He can’t find you, child, not here,” a moment later, the door into your cage is opened.

“He has found her,” you hear a calm voice - threateningly calm, and you can’t help a smile. “Now, please, step away from her,” the agent obediently makes a few steps back, and Loki smiles - you can hear it in his voice. “Well done. We wouldn’t want your blood all over her, would we? Are you alright, Y/N?”

“Yeah… Yes, I am fine,” one of Loki’s followers quickly takes your handcuffs off, and you stand up, then turn to Loki and smile weakly. “You found me.”

“Of course I would,” he quickly pulls you close, and you can smell the metal of his armor pressed against your cheek and feel his growing hair tickle your forehead. Loki holds your shoulder with all the strength possible, then presses his lips against your forehead. “Did they hurt you?”

“No, no, I am fine,” he doesn’t let go of you, just holds you tighter, as you walk out of the prison and hurry to the helicopter, neatly surrounded with dead bodies. Before you ask him what has caused such fury, Loki whispers quietly.

“They didn’t want to tell me where you are. So now,” he makes you sit down in the helicopter and takes your face in his hands. “I am taking you to a safe place. A very safe place where no one will find you.”

“Another prison?” you joke, and Loki rolls his eyes.

“The place between the worlds. No one can see there,” he sighs and strokes your head. “I cannot risk loosing you again to those idiots, can I?”

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“do it. i dare you.” Jumin ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Anonymous: How about an MC/Jumin/V fic where Jumin gets jealous because V is showing signs that he likes MC as well? c:


Fandom: Mystic Messenger
Characters: Jumin Han, Jihyun Kim (V) and Reader/MC/You
a|n i merged two requests at once! i hope you guys enjoy this mini-fic i made with V in it for the second time around chus!!

The lights were dimmed and the center-stage was filled with nothing but spotlights. The dancing luminescence highlighted the prepossessing orchestrated patterns spread out and beautifully put together to showcase the ones who would stand upon the silver platform. A rostrum, layers of the alluring flora lined up to form a garden of blossoms to match the crème de la crème audience. A neatly arranged drapery of a midnight blue color hugged the sides of the stage, demonstrating how it was exquisitely done just for this event.

The nude and intricate detailing of the walls matched how heavily victorian-inspired the entire setting have become. It became royally drafted that only the finest of suits and dresses would deem allowed to roam the great halls. It was a good thing that you took the heed of wearing the item Jumin asked you to wear. The least you can do is to let yourself freely roam around the glamorous milieu without succumbing your presence from the others.

You felt proud of yourself. Above all, it was you who worked hard to put everything together. For someone who was only forced and pushed to arrange this fundraiser as a starter, you had done well.

“It’s beautiful.” A voice behind you whispered, the small resounding click of something hitting the marbled floor with ease accompanied his foot steps. You turned yourself to see a certain turquoise-haired man with a look that was ever so peaceful and welcoming. “And of course, breathtaking.”

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Baking Soda is the best thing for your face.

If you arent already putting baking soda on your face as a scrub & mask you need to start. You know why bath bombs make you so soft? baking soda. do it right now– put like a table spoon of baking soda in your hand, add a TINY bit of water to make it a paste then scrub it as you usually would scrub. arm & hammer is already super course so adding it to a  washcloth or “face scrubber idk” isnt needed & itll just irritate your face. so leave the mask on till its dry, rinse it off & telll me your face/probem areas isnt soft af. use your fave toner & moisturize 

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60. “If I didn’t know any better, I’d say you were trying to seduce me" with harry please❤️❤️

here it is, sorry it took me so long i hope you like it 💕

Originally posted by worldstyles

I was having a small get together at my place to celebrate Harry’s single coming out and his appearance on SNL, all of us still buzzing with the excitement from seeing the show in person. Everyone was drinking and talking about their favorite parts of the night, and praising Harry on his accomplishments so far. He had been grinning all night, and I was sure his cheeks probably hurt from it. Even so, his smile never faltered, not even for a second.

Seeing him perform on his own for the first time was honestly amazing. He looked right at home on that stage with his band. Throughout his performances he would look over at me and I’d smile, and he’d smile back, and it seemed to calm his nerves a bit every time. He had been extremely nervous all week, being that he had to perform two new songs and be in skits. 

It was after rehearsal one day, which I had been the only one of Harry’s friends to be invited to attend, that I had saw him kind of staring off. He had something big on his mind. I walked up to him, breaking him out of his trance.

“Oh, hey,” He smiled slightly, still a bit out of it.

I chuckled. “You alright?”

“Yeah,” He waved me off, putting his guitar down on its stand and turning back to me. “Just thinking about stuff, is all.”

We sat on the edge of the stage, our feet on the stairs as it got quiet. After a while, Harry spoke up.

“I’m so damn nervous, (y/n).” He sighed, looking around the place. It was so empty when the band and other crew had left, Harry and I the only ones out where the main stages are.

I put my hand on his shoulder. “Don’t be, Harry. You’re going to be amazing Saturday. You and the band are ready for this.”

“I know they’re ready,” He said as he messed with his hair. “I just don’t want to let them down. What if I fuck up or something? It’s live all across the country.”

“You’re not going to fuck up,” I told him.

He looked at me. “How do you know?”

“Because I believe in you. And I know how talented you are. This is a huge moment for you, and I know you’ll be amazing. You always are,” I assured him.

He searched my face, then looked away, playing with his rings absentmindedly. “Thanks, (y/n). I really appreciate you being here and supporting me all this time.”

“It’s no problem,” I wrapped my arm around his and lay my head on his shoulder. “That’s what best friends are for, right?”

He sighed, then said, “Yeah, I guess so,”

“My favorite part of it, hands down, was Harry as Mick.” Niall said, everyone agreeing.

“He absolutely crushed it,” Liam added.

“I loved the soldier skit,” My friend, Remy, spoke up. “It was so hilarious.”

I looked around at everyone, then realized that the topic of the conversation was no where to be found. I got up, leaving the now intoxicated group and looked around, not seeing any trace of him until I noticed the back door wasn’t closed all the way. I walked out, then saw Harry sitting criss-cross by the pool, two empty beer bottles next to him.

“You weren’t thinking of jumping in, were you?” I called out, startling him a bit.

“Oh, uh.. no.” He chuckled nervously.

“Good,” I said as I made my way over to him, sitting beside him on the concrete. “Because you’ve been drinking, and your outfit cost over six thousand dollars and is dry clean only, so I don’t think it’ll do well in chlorine.”

He laughed slightly, then said, “I was just thinking, is all.”

“About your performance? Because it was incredible, you did so well. Just like I knew you would.” I complimented.

“Yeah, I probably wouldn’t have gotten through this week if it wasn’t for you,” He confessed. “It was kind of odd being alone, but it felt right at the same time. And it’s crazy how much people like the music I’ve put out already… It makes me more confident knowing that they actually think it’s good and it’s not just me thinking it’s alright, you know?”

“Oh absolutely,” I nodded. “I knew how much everyone was going to like it when you played the album for me the first time.”

He chuckled again, pointing at me. “You did go on about that,”

It got quiet, the sounds of crickets and the pool filling the air. Then, Harry spoke up again.

“But I was also thinking about… um… there’s this girl, and… I really like her. Well, I’ve liked her for a long time, and I’m too afraid to say anything to her about it. I just don’t want to ruin things, you know? Like, what if she doesn’t feel the same and things get awkward between us?”

My heart sank a bit, hearing that Harry liked someone. Mainly because I was sure it wasn’t me. We were best friends, he probably thought of me as a sister to something. Which would make things extremely weird, considering I loved him more than a best friend would. I wanted to be more than best friends, but he wanted that with someone else. I pushed my feelings aside, then gave him advice.

“Honestly harry, I have no idea what girl in her right mind wouldn’t be interested in you. I mean, you’re handsome, smart, funny, charming, caring, extremely talented… Not to mention, I’m pretty sure you’re the sweetest guy to ever live, so.”

A big smile grew on his face, like the one that usually appears when he’s about to make a joke or pick on me. “If I didn’t know any better, I’d say you were trying to seduce me.”

I gave him a confused look, both of us laughing. “I think you’re mistaking me complimenting you so you gain enough confidence to ask this girl out already, for me seducing you? They’re two separate things, just saying.”

He scoffed, acting like I hurt him. “So you didn’t mean any of it, you were just trying to inflate my ego?”

“Of course I meant it,” I rolled my eyes at him. “But if it happened to make you gain a bit of confidence too, then I did my job.”

He smiled at me, then looked at the pool again. “You really think I should go for it?”

“Absolutely,” I confirmed. “And if she turns you down, then I’ll have some choice words for her.”

He gave me a look. “Hm, I didn’t peg you as the type to curse yourself out like a mad person.”

I giggled at him, then realized what he just said. I was the girl he was asking me for advice about. I was the one he’s liked for a long time. He actually liked me back.

“Holy shit,” I gasped. “You did not just pull the ‘talk to a girl about how you like someone but it’s really her’ move.”

“Yeah, I did,” He laughed. “I know, it’s lame and cliché, but did it work?”

I looked into his eyes, thinking about pulling a joke on him, but his cute and contagious smile caused me to smile too, so I decided not to. “Luckily for you, I’ve liked you for a long time too. So yeah, it did.”

He brushed my hair behind my ear, then leaned in and kissed me.

The door opened, Harry and I turning to see Niall standing there, a smirk on his face. He looked back into the house and said, “See everyone, I told you they’d be out here making out, you all owe me a beer.”

if you have any ideas for any imagines feel free to request them, requests are always open x

send me prompts from this list and a boy from 5sos or one direction

I Told You So

“Are you almost ready? I’ve been waiting for a good half hour!” Jimin yelled out. He was downstairs waiting for his roomate, they were supposed to be at the gym by 8:00 PM and its already 8:30. They had this pact that they go to the gym with each other, and they watch out for each other making sure that they keep themselves healthy. They usually go to the gym at the same time everyday which is 8:00, but the younger was taking longer than usual.

“JEONGGUK CAN YOU HURRY UP!” Jimin honestly didn’t know what was taking the younger so long, and now it’s starting to frustrate him. He waited a bit, resting on the couch scrolling through Instagram. After another minute, he yelled out again.

“I’m leaving! Bye Jungkook!”

“J-jimin, wait! I’m coming hold on! I’ll be out in a few, j-just wait a bit!“ Jimin rolled his eyes and took a deep breath wondering, What the hell is this kid doing? The elder’s curiosity got the best of him and he started to walk towards Jungkook’s room. He walked down the hall with his gym bag in hand, he was curious as to why the younger was taking so long to just get ready for the gym.  He was beginning to think the younger was taking a dump or something. He stopped in front of the Jungkook’s door and put his gym bag on the floor. Wait. What if he’s getting dressed? He decided to just open the door a little bit.

Jimin grabbed the doorknob lightly and twisted it, adding pressure to the door and opening it slightly. He takes a peak from the side of the door and sees Jungkook lying down in bed with his eyes squeezed shut. Jimin scrunches his nose and eyebrows and asks to himself, What is he doing? He puts his ear closer to the open side of the door and tries to listen to what Jungkook was saying. He thought the younger was getting ready for the gym, so why is he laying down in bed? Is he not feeling well?

"Mmm J-jimin-ah” The younger moaned. Okay, now Jimin is completely lost and has no clue whats going on. W-what? Did he just moan m-my name? He removes his ear from the door and replaces it with one of his eyes. He looks at Jungkook and it’s more clear what the younger is doing. Jimin can see his eyes shut and his head is against the bed’s headboard. He’s panting and he’s restlessly throwing his hips against his hand.

“F-fuck, faster!” Jungkook squeezes his eyes shut as he speedens his hands pace against his painfully hard dick. He pumps, adding more pressure and quickens the pace. He can’t take it anymore. He needs to cum right now. He throws his head back again and throws his hips against his hand one last time, before letting out a lewd moan. He’s panting and he feels sticky from the cum that fell on his stomach. He bites his lip and looks at the mess he made, cursing himself for being so goddamn horny. Always at the worst times too. He forgot Jimin was waiting for him and lost track of time. It isn’t his fault, he was getting ready for the gym, and he was honestly ready a half hour ago. Its just that he was putting on his clothing and Jimin walked in with his fucking skin tight leggings, thighs and butt showing in all its glory. He just wanted to grab that ass..




W-what did I just watch? Fuck. It was really hot though… Oh god he was moaning my name. Was I the one he was imagining doing those sinful things too him? I wish it it was actually me-


I was so deep in thought and I completely forgot he was still in his room, shirtless, and I was right outside his door. I threw my body to the side of the door hoping he wouldn’t see me. I need to get out of here. I get up quietly and start tip toeing down the hallway.

“Hyung?” I hear Jungkooks voice behind me and I completely freeze in a tip toe position.

“Hyung what are you doing?”



“Lets just get going to the gym okay?” I smiled weakly. I couldn’t look at the younger, not after what just happened. He looked so hot and I just realized that my tight pants are a little tighter than they were before.

“Hyung, why is your bag here?” Jungkook says looking at the gym bag laying next to the entrance of his door. Oh crap.


“U-um I d-dont know” Jungkook was starting to grow suspicious of his very suspicious looking hyung. D-did he see… Was he watching me? The younger’s cheeks suddenly got red at the thought of Jimin watching him masturbate. No, it couldn’t be…


“Hyung, why are you acting so weird? What happened?” I turned around to face Jungkook with heated cheeks. Jungkook suddenly approached me, walking at a fast pace. He reached for the collar of my shirt before I could run away and pushed me against the wall. He let go of the collar and put his hands on both sides of my head. There was a sudden gleam in the his eyes, and he looked dangerous. He smirked and tilted his head, getting dangerously close to my face.

My breath hitched

“What happened hyung? Why are you blushing?” He said in a deep husky voice. He smirked as I tried not to shiver under his intense gaze and low voice. He got closer to my face and lowered his gaze to my lips. Suddenly I was breathing heavily and I couldn’t dare look at Jungkook, knowing that I would melt under his heated gaze. Jungkook suddenly pulled away and walked back towards his room. He grabbed my bag and came towards me handing me my bag.

“Lets go, sorry for the long wait” Jungkook grabbed his car keys and walked out the door, leaving me against the wall, HIGHLY disturbed, and confused as fuck.


Jimin wished he could’ve been brave enough to connect his lips to Jungkook’s while he had the chance. They looked so perfect. He wished he could’ve looked into the younger’s eyes. He wanted to see the lust in them, the lust that he knew was there. He wished that instead of freezing up under the younger, he could’ve let loose, connect their lips and let his hands roam Jungkook’s body.

He bit his lip at the thoughts and took a deep breath. He’s gonna have to wear his extra large hoodie today, he can’t have anyone noticing his problem. He quickly ran to his room and put on one of his oversized hoodies, closed his door and locked it as he walked out. He walked out of the apartment complex and went to the parking lot where the younger was waiting for him inside the car. He opened the door to the passenger seat and sat down, putting on his seatbelt. There was an awkward silence, which was quite unusual because they felt the most comfortable around each other. Jungkook put the car on drive, and pulled out of his parking spot. They started driving on the road and Jimin started to shift his body uncomfortably. He felt awkward so he decided to put on the radio, hoping the music would take away from the awkwardness. He tuned in to their favorite music station and started listening to the song “Talking Body” by Tov Lo came on.

Bed stay in bed, the feeling of your skin locked in my head

The car stopped at a red light and Jimin started to shift uncomfortably again, knowing what this song is about. He looks at the front view mirror where his eyes meet with Jungkook’s. Jungkook bit his lip and looked away quickly, eyes focusing on the cars outside the window.

I don’t care I’m down for what you want

Jimin tried to not look at Jungkook, and decided to whip out his phone which is what he usually does when he’s feeling awkward. It works as a distraction for him. He opened his twitter app and started scrolling through it. The light turned green and Jungkook started driving again. He started to sing along to the song that is playing, and he knows for a fact that Jimin has a thing for his voice. Jimin decided to put his phone away, not wanting to waste the battery for the gym. The elder gulped as his Kookie began to sing with his beautiful voice.

“Summer lovin and fights… how it is for us…. and its all because… Now if we’re talking body~ You got a perfect one so put it on me~ Swear it wont take you long, if you love me right… we fucked for life, on and on and on…”

Jungkook knows Jimin loves his voice, and he’s using it against him. Not just that, but even though the radio blurred out the part where it says “We fucked for life” he still sang it. Jimin started imagining the younger’s perfect body hovering over him, shirtless and abs glistening with slight sweat. He wants so badly to kiss him, to touch him, but he can’t. He doesn’t know how the younger would react, and he doesn’t want to ruin anything. He feels his dick starting to harden up again. He cursed himself for being such a horny fuck. He bites his lip and looks out the window, trying to think of un-sexual things. He thinks of his ugly cousin, nasty food, and bugs. Nothing is working. All he’s imagining is Jungkook’s lips on his, biting and sucking away. He imagines the younger’s lips move down his jawline, giving kisses as he makes his way to Jimins neck. He bites and sucks, giving the elder a hickey. Jimin has his eyes shut, imagining the dirty things he wants Jungkook to so badly do to him. He bites his lip trying to suppress a moan that is waiting to come out. The song really isn’t helping anything. Its just giving him more scenarios to think about. Even though Jungkook is singing, he turns off the radio and quickly looks out the window, resting his chin on his hand.

“Jimin?” Jungkook takes this opportunity to put his hand on the elders glorious thigh. He squeezed softly, keeping his eyes on the road.

“Jiminie are you okay?” Jimin tried his best to ignore Jungkook’s hand on his thigh, which was dangerously close to his hard dick. He bit his lip again and focused his eyes out the window.

“Y-yea I’m fine.” No, he was not fine at all. Why did he have to be so curious in the first place? This would’ve never happened if he had just waited for Jungkook instead of secretly looking into his room. 

“Are you sure your okay?” Jungkook squeezed the elders thigh with a little bit more pressure. Jimin felt the hand that was on his thigh let go, and instead he reached for Jimin’s hand. He held on to Jimin’s hand, intertwining their fingers. Jimin suddenly blushed at the younger’s actions, making his heart race at the cuteness. The awkward silence quickly became the usual comfortable silence that they are used to.

For the rest of the car ride they held hands, and they finally made it to the gym, after what seemed like hours.

Jungkook parked the car, and reluctantly let go of Jimin’s hand. He loved the way his hand felt against his own, so soft and small. He loved how Jimin always looked so delicate, well at least most of the time. Sometimes he would be so seducing and sexual, the change in personality would always shock the younger and make him giggle on the outside, but in the inside he wanted to wreck Jimin.

They both opened the car door, took their belongings, and started heading to the entrance of the gym. They walked into the gym and started heading to the locker rooms, where they put their belongings. Jimin looked in his bag, when he realized that he left his lock for the locker. He didn’t like to leave his locker un- locked, anyone could steal his stuff at any time.

“Kookie, can we share a locker? I left my lock at home”

“Sure, just put your stuff on top of mine, I think there is enough room”

“Thanks” Jimin reached for his bag and put it into the youngers locker, leaving everything except his phone and headphones.

They exit the locker room and start heading towards the gym area.

“What do you want to do today Jiminie?”

“Want to play wall tennis? I don’t feel like working out today…”

“Sure, lets go pick up the rackets at the front desk” Jungkook wrapped his arm around the elder, making his heart beat quickly at the interaction.

“Are you sure your okay? You don’t seem well” Jungkook whispered into Jimin’s ear.

“Y-yes I’m fine” Jimin loved the way Kookie looked so concerned. He felt bad lying, but he really was not okay. The boner started to go down, and he was glad because he didn’t know how he was gonna work out with it. He’s glad the younger agreed to tennis, it made him feel at ease.

They picked up the tennis rackets and tennis ball, and started heading to the sports room. It was just a room with a nice big wall for people to play wall tennis. They put down their stuff and started to play.


Some time later

Jungkook looked at Jimin and saw that he was sweating, he working very hard to not lose. He does this every time they play a game. Jimin doesn’t like to lose because he knows that Jungkook would tease him about it later on. Jungkook hit the neon green ball, and it bounced against the wall going past Jimin. It was too far for Jimin to reach with his short arms, and instead of running towards the ball he just gave up, sighing in defeat.

“Ha! You lost Hyung!” The younger says sticking out his tongue.

“You know what! This isn’t my fault. I was just distracted because of what you did earlier!”

“And what did I do earlier?” Jungkook says with a low tone and a smirk across his lips. Jimin gulped as he saw the younger start to approach him, the whole mood switching completely.


“What? Did you see anything Hyung?“ Jungkook says, pinning Jimin against the wall.

“I-I was talking about what you did earlier, y-you did the exact same thing as you are doing now! You pinned me against the wall and-and”

“So you want a re-match?”

“Yes, and I will win this time” The whole time they talked, Jungkook was hovering over him they didn’t break eye contact. Jimin was nervous, but he wanted to see the younger’s piercing gaze. He would’ve regretted it if he hadn’t looked into his eyes, cause damn did Jungkook look hot hovering over him.

Jungkook walked towards his tennis racket and gave Jimin his, and once again they started to play. Jimin kept his mind on winning, he needed to prove his point and he completely blocked everything else from his brain. Especially Jungkook. The score is 4-2, and Jimin was taking the lead. They are playing to whoever gets to 7 first.

“Wait Jiminie, hold on” Jungkook says as he puts the tennis racket on the floor.

“What happened? Water break?”

“No” Jungkook started to slowly take off his shirt, revealing his toned abs. He was wearing joggers that hung just below his v line, exposing his Calvin Klein underwear. He was sweating, making his hair look messy and his body glisten. So basically Jimin was eye ogling the guy, with his cheeks blushing like crazy. Jungkook looked so perfect, his tall, lean figure. Jimin bit his lip and quickly looked away when Jungkook noticed that he was eye fucking him. The younger smirked and picked up the tennis racket.

“W-what are you doing?”

“It just got hot, I didn’t feel like wearing a shirt anymore”

“B-but its not that hot”

“Why are you getting so flustered? Am I turning you on?” Jungkook said in a seductive voice with that evil smirk across his lips.

“N-no! You know what, lets just continue the game” Jimin wasn’t that stupid. He knew what the younger was doing, and he was NOT gonna let it work. Jimin picked up the ball and hit it with the racket, passing it to Jungkook. The elder couldn’t help but keep looking at the younger, he bit his lip as he felt his pants get tighter. Shit, Shit, Shit! Not now! Go away! He was sure as hell glad that he had his hoodie on, this boner just wouldn’t go away no matter what he did, and it is painful. He tried to block out Jungkook, but every time he looked towards him, he saw his muscles flex as he hits the ball, and the way his hair is wild, and his sweaty body-

“Jimin, why are you so red? Are you feeling hot too? Maybe you should take of your sweater” the younger says, eyes focusing on the ball.

“N-no I’m okay” Jungkook grabs the ball instead of hitting it with the racket, pausing the game. He walked towards the elder, the scene being way too familiar to Jimin today. The younger rested his hand on the elders forehead, trying to estimate his temperature.

“Maybe you should take off your sweater…” the younger reaches for the hem of Jimin’s shirt and tries to pull it up. Jimin quickly swatted away Jungkook’s hand, and he pulled down his sweater and backed away, shocked from the younger’s direct actions.

“No! I said I’m fine!” Jungkook took a step closer to the older, wrapping his arms around his waist, connecting there foreheads and lower bodies.

“Why are you so defensive right now? Its not like your hiding anything” Jimin felt the younger’s breathe dangerously close to his own, he wanted to connect their lips so badly. Jungkook was looking at Jimin’s lips when he leaned in slowly. Jimin suddenly froze, but he quickly came up with an idea and dodged the kiss by giving Jungkook’s shirtless body a hug. The elder snuck his face into the younger’s neck.

“Lets finish the game, I’m going to win anyways” Jimin says playfully trying to change the mood. He pulled away from the hug and saw disappointment in the youngers eyes. He silently walked back to his spot and picked up the racket. They started playing again, Jimin couldn’t think properly because of what just happened. H-he wants to kiss me?

The elder hit the ball a little while later and it landed on the other side of the court and landed on the floor, indicating that he won.

“HA! I TOLD YOU SO!” Jimin was going to take a victory jump when he suddenly tripped on his own foot, falling on the floor and landing on his ass. They both started laughing and Jungkook smiled at the elders cuteness. He approached Jimin and sat on floor, making sure he was okay.

“Are you okay hyung?”

“Yea I’m fine” Jimin was laughing, but it was hard to hide the embarrassment. Jungkook looked at the way Jimin smiled, his smile so bright and big, letting his eyes disappear. He couldn’t take it anymore, he needed to kiss those pretty plump lips. He suddenly pinned the elder to the floor, Jimin’s giggle quickly stopped by shock.

“J-jungkook?” There was no response. Jimin could see hunger in the younger’s eyes as he stared at Jimin. They stared at each other, for what felt like forever. Jungkook leaned in slowly, eyes targeting Jimin’s lips. The younger licked his lips as he got closer and closer. He stopped where their breathes met. His lips are a few centimeters away from his Hyung’s. Jimin turned his head to the side, he felt shy and embarrassed. The younger grabbed his chin, and pulled him in for a kiss. The kiss was slow, Jimin loved the way Jungkooks lips felt on his own. And Jungkook loved how plump the elders lips where, they felt so soft against his own. The younger has been waiting for this moment to happen, and he wanted more. He softly bit on the elders bottom lip, getting a slight moan from Jimin. Jungkook pulled away from the kiss, looking at Jimin and how incredibly seductive he looked right now, lips a little puffy, he was sweating and panting a little bit. The younger looked equally as hot, he looked like a hot mess and it was turning Jimin even more on. But he didn’t want the younger to know that he had a boner, all because of him and his freaking shirtless body, literally sex on legs. His cheeks became even more red, and he suddenly felt embarrassed again under the younger’s lustful gaze. He got up, and ran towards the locker room. He ran past the treadmills and other machines, and made his way to the locker rooms as fast as he could. He didn’t care if people were looking at him weirdly, he needed to get away from the younger before anything went any further.

“S-shit” Jimin said once he reached the locker room. Thankfully, there was no one inside. He slid down against the wall, sitting on the floor. His heart was racing, and he felt a smile creep up on his lips. He wanted to keep kissing the younger, his soft lips were so addicting. But, they were still at the gym and theres people everywhere. He was ecstatic to know that the younger wanted to kiss him, but he didn’t want to be kicked out of the gym or die of embarrassment if someone were to walk in on them. He just realized how painfully hard his dick is, so  he decided to reach down and palm it, biting his lip in pleasure, throwing his back against the wall. The friction felt amazing, he was so sensitive after all the that happened today, he’s been longing some friction. He decided to go to the showers when he heard footsteps coming from the entrance, heading towards him.  He suspects the footsteps belong to the younger, therefore he ran to the showers and hid in one of the showers.

Once inside the shower, he stripped his clothing. He took off his underwear letting his boner be free at last, he hissed at the cool breeze from the room meeting his dick. He the water, and let it cleanse off his body. He let the water be nice and hot, letting all of his tense muscles relax. He threw his head back at the good feeling of the warm water on his skin.

“H-hyung? Are you in here?” Jungkook said in a shy voice. He knew that Jimin wasn’t mad at him, but he was afraid that Jimin didn’t like the kiss. Maybe he doesn’t like him back? Maybe Jimin isn’t interested at all.

“Yea… I-im taking a shower” Jimin said in a hesitant voice. He heard the younger sigh, and the shower next to him turn on. Jimin let his thoughts wander for a little bit. He imagined Jungkook in the shower, the water from the shower head dripping down Jungkooks skin. He imagined the younger throwing his head back, revealing his defined jawline and neck, letting out a soft satisfied moan from the relaxation of the warm water against his skin. He suddenly got a memory of earlier in the day when the younger was masturbating, throwing his head back against the headboard bucking his hips forward, moaning Jimin’s name.

“F-fuck” Jimin let out in a whisper. His cock was throbbing, and he couldn’t ignore it anymore. But he didn’t want to start masturbating in the gym showers! He tends to be very… loud. He couldn’t risk someone hearing him. Jimin bit his lip and slid his hand down to his hard on, palming it and moaning silently.  He heard the shower Jungkook was in, turn off.

Jungkook walked outside with the towel wrapped around his waist, getting his clothes from his gym bag. ShitI forgot all about my towel, and my clothes!



“Can you do me a favor and hand me my towel and clothes?”

“Sure thing”

He heard Jungkook walk to the locker and open it, getting his hyung’s clothes and towel out for him. He locked it again and walked towards Jimin’s shower. Once Jimin heard the footsteps get near, he stuck his hand out the curtain so Jungkook can give him the towel, cause thats what he expected him to do. What he didn’t expect, was for a hand to grab his wrist, and pin him against the wall. Everything happened so quickly. He felt the younger’s body against his own, his hands firmly holding both his wrists above his head. Jungkook attacked the elders lips, loving the taste of them, the sweetness. It wasn’t that late when Jimin started to kiss back, melting under Jungkook’s rough touch. He felt the younger grind against his hard dick, making Jimin throw his head back, gasping at the friction he had been longing for.  This gave the younger an opportunity to suck on the elders neck. He bit and kissed, leaving a hickey, claiming the elder as his own. Jimin couldn’t help but bite his lip and throw his head to the side, giving Jungkook more access. The elder wanted more friction, he wanted to feel Jungkook’s hard dick rubbing against his own. He thrusts his hips forward, making them both moan at the action. He wanted badly to grab the younger’s hair, but he was limited with his hands. Jungkook was still holding on to his wrists with a tight grip. He started to struggle, and he try to wriggle his wrists out of the younger’s tight grasp, but then he held on to Jimin even tighter.

“K-kookie, let me go”  The younger then bit down onto the elders shoulder, making him jolt in slight pain and a lot pleasure. Jimin moaned, he has to admit, he always did like it a bit rough.

“I better not regret it” Jungkook says with a seductive tone.

“Don’t worry, I’ll make sure you wont” the elder said with a smirk across his lips. As soon as Jungkook let his grip loosen around the elders wrist, Jimin’s hands immediately go to the younger’s hard dick, palming it against the towel. Jungkook bit his lip and threw his hips against the elders hand, getting a satisfied grin from Jimin.

“F-fuck” the younger moans. He throws his hips against Jimin’s again, the movement satisfying him a little bit. Jimin grabbed the sides of the younger’s waist and pushed him against the wall.

“H-hyung~” Jimin’s eyes opened at the words. He likes the sound of Jungkook moaning hyung, it made him feel weak. The younger smirked, knowing that calling Jimin his Hyung would be a weakness. While Jimin was still in shock, Jungkook took this opportunity to flip them over so now he was hovering over Jimin.

“Hyung, make me feel good~” the younger said biting his lip and rolling his hips against the elders.

“F-fuck!” The elder was finding it hard to breathe, he felt as if his heart was in his throat. He was heavily breathing, the motion of Jungkook’s skilled hips being too much. He tried to get himself together but the way Jungkook was rolling his hips against his hard dick was too pleasurable.

“D-daddy!” Jungkook’s eyes opened wide


“Daddy fuck me, mmm I’m so hard for you, daddy it hurts”

“Yea, I’m daddy, and daddy is going to top”


“Didn’t think this through, huh?“

“I thought I did, but you are Jungkook so-”

“Im Daddy not jungkook” he says with a smirk.

"Oh god what have I started” Jimin bit his lip and the younger attacked his neck again, biting and on the exposed skin. The younger let his hands trail down the elders body, feeling all of his curves. He loved how smooth his hyungs skin was, he loved how he was able to make the other moan in pleasure.  All he ever wanted to do was pleasure Jimin and hear him moan his name. He was discovering a new part of Jimin and it was exciting him. He found his hands at the elders lower back, and he was hesitant to go any further when he saw that Jimin shivered a bit knowing what was coming next.

“Are you sure about this?” The younger asked concerned. Jimin wanted it, he wanted Jungkook all over him, he wanted to be engulfed in his scent.

“Fuck me” Jimin said in a low growl. Jungkook was quick to respond and he crept a finger into the elders entrance. He entered one finger and Jimin reached for the younger’s hair, tugging it and groaning in pain. Jimin tried to hide his pained moans by biting his lip.

“You okay baby? Are you sure about this”

“Yea Im fine” Jungkook decided to kiss the elder and try to distract him from the pain. Their tongues intertwined and Jungkook scissored the elder stretching him out. The elder hissed in pain, but it soon turned into pleasure. He moaned as Jungkook entered another finger, pumping it in and out of him.

“M-more!” Jimin moaned, fingers weren’t enough, he needed more.

“Fuck me!” He yelled out. The younger was quick to respond once more, he groaned and lifted Jimin off of the floor and put him against the wall. Jimin wrapped his legs around Jungkook’s waist and threw his head back, letting the younger have more access to his neck. The younger sucked and made hickeys all over him, claiming Jimin as his. He moved back up and kissed Jimin passionately. He licked his hyungs lips, asking for permission to enter. Jimin opened his mouth willingly and bit the younger’s bottom lip, making the younger moan. Jungkook lined himself up with Jimin’s entrance, and he slowly entered him.

“Does it hurt?”Jungkook asked.

“Of course it hurts! Your humongous dick is stretching me out!” Jungkook giggled and went deeper. He stays there until Jimin gives him the signal that he can go. He pulls out and thrusts in, both moaning in unison. Jimin wraps his arms over the younger’s broad shoulders to hold himself up. He sucks on Jungkook’s neck while the younger thursts into him again. He rolls his hips and Jimin swears he can see heaven. He moans as he feels Jungkook’s dick rub against his prostate. He scratches the younger’s back accidentally from the pleasure.

“Im sorry!” Jimin says, however, the younger just moans from the accidental action. Jimin cocked one of his eyebrows up.

“Is this a kink I’ve discovered? Do you like it rough?” Jimin says the last part with a smirk. The younger moans at his words.

“I do… but I don’t want to hurt you”

“Do whatever you want to me Daddy” Jimin says seductively. Jungkook bit his lip and rolled his hips harder and deeper into Jimin. He went to kiss his hyung again, except this time he bit Jimins bottom lip and pulled on it. The elder moaned from the sensation, he opened his mouth and kissed Jungkook. The younger’s become more violent and messy, each time hitting Jimin’s prostate.

“F-fuck! I’m going to cum!” Jungkook hummed,  he also felt the familiar feeling in his stomach. Jungkook thrusts harder, and bites Jimin’s shoulder, making the elder let out a lewd moan and come. Jimin pulled on the younger’s raven hair, and grinded his hips harshly against Jungkook’s, making Jungkook come also.

Jungkook rested Jimin down on the shower floor onto of his towel that had fallen off earlier.

“My ass hurts” Jimin stated out loud.

“Thats such a casual thing to say”

“It really is” Jungkook smiled and reached for Jimins chin. He looked into his eyes and leaned forward, he kissed Jimin sweetly, full of care and love. He loved the way Jimin looked right now, the after glow was amazing.

“Hyung, I’ve liked you for a long time. Im happy” Jungkook couldn’t stop smiling, he felt as if he was currently the happiest person on earth. Jimin smiled at his cuteness and kissed him again.

“Ive liked you too, I just didn’t know how you would react if i told you. I care about you too much, I wouldn’t want to lose you” The younger stood up, and reached his hand out to help Jimin stand up.

“Lets go home” Jungkook says, intertwining his and Jimin’s fingers.



Ahhh another one finished, I hope you enjoyed it! I will be posting more in the future, and I promise for there to be more ships. Cant wait >.< And also, THEY GOT THE AWARD!!!! Im so proud of BTS and ARMY, it warms my heart to see how far they have come.

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BTS reaction- going shopping with s/o

Anon asked : “Bts react to shopping with their s/o and she tries on different clothes. What would their reaction be you think?”

Anon asked: Bts reaction to going grocery shopping with s/o to different places. Thank you in advance”

A/N: I ended up combining both of these since they are very similar. Hope you guys dont mind :) Happy Reading!!

Hyung line: Grocery shopping with s/o

Maknae line: s/o trying on different clothes.




Jin would be so happy that you would want him to accompany you for grocery shopping. He would probably help you pick out ingredients, and suggest dishes you guys could cook up together

“Lets make beef” he said holding up a beef package in front of you. “We could put in vegetables, oh! and I could make the broth for it too!” he said in excitement. “You are cute” you said. “No I am just happy to be cooking together with the love of my life” he replied. His cheeks flushed a bit after he said that, but pretending that it was very normal of him to do so he said “okay lets go to the ingredients section and pick out the seasonings”. He interlocked his hand with yours and led you down the alleys of the shopping mart.


If you could get him to go with you for something as ordinarily boring as grocery shopping he would probably just be very annoying and ask at minute intervals if you were done

“Do you really need me to buy vegetables? Its a one person job” he said as he closed his eyes. “Please Yoongi? Please please please?” you genuinely requested. “Okay fine I promise I wont disturb you while you sleep tomorrow, not even to wake you up for practice” you said. “Fine..” he muttered “I’ll stay in the car” he said. When you explained to him that its still the same as not going he agreed. Everytime you put something in the cart he said “ Look we’re done! lets go now” 


Hoseok would probably happily walk around, unable to shake off the domestic vibes he felt while grocery shopping with you. Would likely make up future after marriage scenarios 

“Don’t you get the domestic vibes from all this?” he asked. You were  kind of lost. “Babe just imagine us, married and shopping together like this, buying stuff for our house” he emphasized the word ‘our’. “Hoseok…” you said feeling a bit emotional. He smiled at you warmly. You could tell he was really happy just being with you and it made you happy in turn.“I am serious. Even something as mundane as grocery shopping is fun when I am with you” 


He would probably be the guy reading labels on everything trying to decipher how healthy the food is. 

You sighed as you saw your boyfriend reading labels on everything you picked out. “This is necessary. I need to make sure everything that you ingest is healthy. I dont want you getting sick even in the slightest” he said, with his eyes trained on the box of energy bars. “I appreciate that but..” “But nothing” he cut you off finally putting the box down, smiling with satisfaction. 


This boy would most likely just stare at you with a smile on his face each time you came out of the changing room wondering how did he get so lucky 

He was all smiles as you tried on different clothes. “Babe that looks really good on you” he said as he twirled you around. He was so lost staring at you that he didnt even notice when you asked him whether the dress you wore looked good on you. “Hmm?” he said as he blinked a few times. “Lets just buy the whole store because you make everything look so good on you, its hard to choose a single thing” he complimented making you blush. 


He would probably spoil you rotten, giving so many compliments and taking so many pictures of you.

“The trial room is over on the left” he threw the pile in your hands and pushed you in the direction of the room. You tried on every piece of clothing he had given you and he took pictures of you each time. “How did I ever get someone as perfectly beautiful as you?” he said with a loving smile on his face as you came out in the white dress he had selected for you. His hands snaked around your waist, he pulled you in and his lips drew you into another world. “Keep slaying my princess” he winked as pulled away first.


Jungkook would be so picky about everything you wore because secretly he wouldnt want any other guy to see you so prettied up 

“Next” he said as you came out wearing shorts. “I like it though!” you said in outrage. “I dont” he said casually. He walked towards you spun you around by your shoulder and pushed you in the fitting room. “Why are you being like this?” you asked in annoyance. “I dont want any other guy eye raping the shit out of you.” he paused. “ Unless you want me to get into a bloodied fight then go ahead” he smirked knowing that he got to you. You sighed in response and exited the store hand in hand with clothes of his choice. 

I hope both of you liked it!!

I just came up with this idea - what if during their travels after S2 has ended, at some point they find this little Galra girl in among a group of refugees.

Little girl, all purple and fluffy still because she’s just a kid, doesn’t do or say much other than stare at the Paladins, and clutch at her dolly, which… looks suspiciously like it’s supposed to be one of them, but there are a number of things wrong with it.

For one thing, its skin, mainly the face, is purple. Like a Galra. 

For another thing, it looks incredibly beaten up, and ripped in places.

After a while, the cute factor wears off a bit and the incessant staring without anything being said just gets ‘kind of creepy’, as one of them puts it. As well as ‘how do we know she’s not been doing that to that doll on purpose? She’d come from whatever classified as a ‘normal’ Galran household, not involved in the war at all, so she’d probably been fed what everyone else had who didn’t know the truth - that Voltron were the bad guys in this.

Except… at some point they find out that what really happened was that her parents had been one of those kind of people who looked at things, and realised that none of this makes sense, who saw through the obfuscations. They were probably even accountants. Or involved in the bureaucracy and red tape in general.

But the long and short of it is that this little girl hadn’t been staring because she blames these people for everything that’s gone wrong, but because her parents had kept telling her ever since the rumours had first surfaced, that Voltron would make everything right again. Voltron would save them.

And when they were found out - caught for saying treasonous things - they told her where to run, and that Voltron would save her.

The little dolly isn’t torn because she hates Voltron, but because it’s been through so much with her. And it’s purple because how was she to know what race the Paladins were? Her parents were her heroes, so she made it (or had it made for her) based on what she thought a ‘hero’ should be.

(Extra fun points for the dolly having red highlights because the Red Paladin was the one to sucker punch Zarkon in his base, and when they see it, they - especially Lance - they’re like, ‘Is that meant to be you? Did word get around this fast?’ and Keith’s just. ‘But I’m not even purple.’ 

Afterwards, though, he’s just touched and honoured.)