it's just a bad joke

“Look at the bright side man, you tried your best. Don’t get so tORN up about it!”

Another villain Sai pic~ >:D
I draw Genos messed up two times and my nephew thinks I’m obsessed with mecha-gore. Is that a thing? :Y

Will ink later on ;y

Saitama and Genos © ONE & Yusuke Murata

Drawing © Anjelzjelly129

  • Dirk: Now that I have the Mexican Funeral T-shirt. Could I go third base with you?
  • Todd: *Chokes on his drink* Third base?!
  • Dirk: Yeah, I want to play your drums.
  • Todd: My drums, Dirk?
  • Dirk: don't have three drums?
  • Todd: Are you talking about the actual drums, do you mean the third bass drum, or something else?
  • Dirk: I'm... not sure. You know how many times I'm not sure, Todd. About myself, about the universe, about my own social existence, or lack of, in a society based on...
  • Todd: Are you flirting with me?
  • Dirk: Let's just put it like this. If the universe wanted me to be in your bed it wouldn't be a disagreeable experience.
  • Todd: ....

Imagine Woozi getting all shy when the boys jokingly bring up your name during their conversations, just to tease him.

I know basically no-one here on tumblr will care, only a few of my followers do, but today is the Day of Unity of Ukraine. This day is symbolic, as the country is now divided due to the invasion and part of it is under occupation.

Today also marks the date of the first deaths among the protestors at Independence Square (or Maidan Nezalezhnosti) in Kyiv, exactly three years ago. Their names were Mikhail Zhyznevskiy and Serhiy Nigoyan. More than 100 more protestors would be killed not long afterwards. Thousands more have died (and still keep dying) in the war that broke out afterwards. Because SOMEONE didn’t like us going away from under their influence.

And all we got is those two magic words - ‘deep concern’. Cool.

  • Bickslow: I will shit on everything you love.
  • Lisanna: You'll be shitting on yourself.
  • Bickslow: ...That is the sweetest thing anyone has ever said to me...

Every time I find a response in my activity list like this, I actually have to stop and try to remember WHICH thing I did to cause this reaction (and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t pull stuff like this at least 5 times a day)

@rainbowchibbit your responses to awful jokes give me life, and I apologize, LOL

tbh it always confuses me when people try to write Damas as Serious and Stoic, because like… this is a man who 100% canonically:

  • wears a skirt with slits up to the hips, exposing his bare, perfectly smooth thighs
  • probably implanted(?) a crown into his skull, purely for the ~aesthetic~ (or alternatively: glues them on every day?)
  • takes pecker as his ‘advisor’, despite clearly being a competent leader on his own, and no one questions it (implying that the people of Spargus are used to him doing weird shit like this)
  • is literally the dad equivalent of tsundere in his interactions with Jak. THE BIGGEST TSUNDADRE.
    • Pecker: 'oh, are you beginning to care?’
      Damas: 'my concern was for the artifacts!’
    • and my favourite: 'you make me proud! …that…. our training system is so good…’
  • drives his car through a wall with perfect dramatic timing, casually mowing down several enemies that were about to kill Jak before referring to himself as an entire army
    • …which comes after he specifically advised Jak against being rash; when Jak calls him on the fact that he ignored his own advice about not taking enemies head-on, Damas responds with 'it depends on how hard your skull is’
  • actually emotes a lot? like just look at his shit-eating grin as he drops stupid one-liners, or the 'oh shit I fucked up D8’ face when Jak says he never knew his dad; this man is not stoic at all.

conclusion: Damas is the biggest fucking nerd.

Honestly not to ruin the meme but if you’re a minor don’t follow proja/redn/sfw like … if youre gonna go through his blog go for it but he’s said multiple times that he’s uncomfortable w minors following him like . I know it’s a funny joke but I’m being serious I don’t want him to be uncomfortable w his own blog