it's jumpy




I know … last night was unexpected. If you regret it –

i have a lot of mixed feelings after episode 13. after this whole season so far, basically.

everything is messy. like, ridiculously. there’s a lot of good ideas, dont get me wrong, but its jumpy and all over the place. lena luthor should have been in the show more consistently, the same way lucy lane was in season 1. lillian luthor should be a more consistent villain like maxwell lord. what about Alex’s dad? the show doesnt even have anything to ground itself to? like season 1 it would always come back to kara needing to be at catco for ms grant and the whole double life thing, this time its like???? whats going on? i want to see kara being a journalist, but its like occasionally mentioned here or there. it wasn’t even looked at in this episode!!!

im angry bc there are so many characters that have great potential and are being sidelined for idk iffy romance? maggie sawyer, i wanna know more about her. lena luthor, james, winn, alex, heck even mon-el couldve been interesting if there’d been more of a focus on world building with daxam. not to mention that kara doesnt even have a story or direction? its legit just kind of random mish mash here and there, she saves the world, im confused.

lol then the queerbaiting. its queerbaiting. its a new type of queerbaiting bc the network is probably aware that they should try and keep their audience by having sanvers as a happy, canon couple but the amount of people who’ve said to me they thought supercorp was canon until they thought otherwise is almost ridiculous at this point. people. who dont watch the show. sayign they legit thought lena and kara were in a relationship. ?????? and i just look the relationship between mon-el and kara has been written so shittily and horribly. they argued in today’s episode and kara made some damn good points and yet she still decided that he was worth a shot? like whaaaaaaat? no girl stay far far away until he’s been written as a better person thx.

the reason i say mixed feelings is bc there is no doubt in my mind that the network, the CW, are forcing the writers’ hand. im a film student, i get how it all works, networks like the CW (which is owned by one of the big hollywood players/companies, Warner Bros.) aren’t about to take ‘risks’ (ie interracial relationships, more up front and centre lgbt relationships, theres other things but i cant think of them rn). its a product. they need to sell it. sadly, the kara mon-el relationship is one. they use sanvers to target the lgbt demographic. it kills me, bc these networks and hollywood majors completely kill decent tv and film for the sake of ratings and money, etc etc. 

supergirl season 1 was completely phenomenal, and i am so disappointed in season 2.