it's jellal


Erza: “Jellal”

Jellal: “There’s no other way Chapter 534

Can’t get over my OTP finally having their moments!

Thanks to @loveandlucky for the clean cap!

P.S. I tried a couple different coloring techniques. I dunno if you can tell…

When fate and destiny really trying to get these two together.

And let not forget about this one fateful Christmas eve night!

Jellal is one gentlemen and Erza has patience before they get into a relationship.

P.S. congrats on family portrait. I knew you guys would adopt  Wendy someday. LOL

anonymous asked:

Hello @hokorinn! I just recently found yr blog and I absolutely fall in love with your doodles and artwork! I really wanted to ask yr opinion on Jellatsu! Do you prefer Uke Natsu or Uke Jellal. (Jellatsu is so CUTE) \ (^o^) /

When it comes down to it, Natsu is my ultimate FT uke (a fiery, rebellious uke ofc)! But sometimes I like equal ships, same for Jellatsu. I like Jellal as the uke as well >///<

How many people would lose their minds if Mashima did a Fairy Tail spin-off high school AU after the manga ended?