it's its not it's

“Why?” Eddie asked softly, furrowing his eyebrows. “What’re you afraid of, Rich?”

Richie’s heart started racing. He wasn’t sure how to tell his friends, Hey! My biggest fear is all of you dropping my ass and forgetting me! or Howdy, guys, my biggest fear? Haha, abandonment! He was fourteen. He was supposed to have a stupid fear. He looked around for an idea and when his eyes settled on the clown on stage, he knew it was logical. He turned back to them, adjusted his glasses and said, “Clowns.”

Things i love about (book) Stanley Uris

  • He’s fastidious
  • “A creature of habit and convention”
  • “A patient boy”
  • Thinks that birds talk to each other (they totally do stan)
  • Thinks about phrases like ‘weirdsville’ and ‘Creep City’ because Richie says them
  • When the dead boys come for him in the standpipe he defends himself using his bird-book and shouting out the names of birds (it works)
  • Has an adorably dry sense of humour
  • Makes the suggestion to clean up the blood from Beverly’s bathroom (and then pays for the rags to get cleaned and jokes that it was a laundry date)
  • Was offended when he saw the dead boys (which is way worse than being frightened in his eyes)
  • “could stand to be scared, but he hated being dirty”
  • Was the most successful young accountant in Atlanta
  • Played baseball and “had the reflexes of an angel” according to Eddie (and I honestly don’t disbelieve, cause my boy Stan is an angel)
  • Cant think of anyone else to tell about IT because he only trusts the losers
  • Poor kid had his face washed with snow until it bled, by henry bowers
  • Traded funnybooks for firecrackers (him and Richie are meant to be i stg)
  • He can sing (or sayng according too Richie)
  • “Kookie kookie lend me your bones”
  • Sharp minded
  • When Richie tells him 'i heard somewhere that you killed Christ’ Stan replies totally deadpan with 'i think that was my father?’ COMEBACK KING!!
  • Carries his bird book with him (almost) everywhere
  • Jokes about breaking Eddie’s other arm
  • Saves Eddie and Mike in the sewer using his bird book and telling the giant bird he doesn’t believe in it
  • (He does however believe in phoenix’s)
  • He is the one who cuts the rest of the losers palms because he knows that it wasn’t really gone

twenty two

when richie tozier was nine, his father hit him for the first time. it was out of rage, as richie had thrown a stuffed toy back at him a little too hard.

when richie tozier was ten, his mother told him he was stupid. that she was trying to understand him, but he was too stupid for her to succeed.

when richie tozier was eleven, he had a stupid fifth-grade “relationship” with a boy in his class and they held hands a lot.

when richie tozier was twelve, his parents tried to send him to a gay conversion summer camp. he stayed in his best friend’s basement all summer instead.

when richie tozier was thirteen, he fell in love with his best friend.

when richie tozier was fourteen, he started showing up to school in baggier clothes, but they were the same clothes he wore the previous year.

when richie tozier was fifteen, he got suspended for three days and came back with a broken arm because his father was pissed that he’d have to deal with richie’s teachers.

when richie tozier was sixteen, he bought his truck. when he was sixteen and a half, he moved out of his house and lived in that truck.

when richie tozier was seventeen, he had to move in with his best friends. he’d almost died during a storm, and none of them knew what was going on. he’d switch between their houses weekly.

when richie tozier was eighteen, he started gaining his weight again. he started eating better. he stopped smoking as much.

when richie tozier was nineteen, him and his friends moved out to a bigger city and lived together.

when richie tozier was twenty, he cried in his best friend’s arms because it had been seven years since he fell in love and nothing helped ease it.

when richie tozier was twenty one, he stood at the altar, looking into the eyes of the boy he’d once pined for.

when richie tozier was twenty two, he was okay.