it's insane how much i love you

I miss you. That doesn’t change. It’ll never change. No matter how much I seem to ‘move on’, I will never stop missing you.
—  another-broken-hello


How about we talk about the way you’re misinterpreting the last quote of TFP

For someone who loves to read so much into everything and analyze this show to death,the meaning of the last quote sure went over your heads or you’re choosing to ignore what it really says because you want it to feed into your collective hysteria. So let’s have the quote, right?

 “I know you two. And if I’m gone, I know what you could become, because I know who you really are. A junkie who solves crimes to get high and a doctor who never came home from the war. Will you listen to me? Who you really are doesn’t matter. It’s all about the legend, the stories, the adventures. There is a last refuge for the desperate, the unloved, the persecuted. There is a final court of appeal for everyone. When life gets too strange, too impossible, too frightening, there is always one last hope. When all else fails, there are two men, sitting and arguing in a scruffy flat, like they’ve always been there, and they always will. The best and wisest men I have ever known, my Baker Street Boys, Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson.”

What Mary’s saying, simply put, is exactly what we know about the characters. At their core Sherlock is a junkie who solves cases to get high, and John is a doctor who never left the battle field, each one an addict in their own right, which isn’t exactly a stellar review or personality trait. 

What Mary is saying is that it doesn’t matter that they’re a couple of adrenaline junkies, because their adventures, their stories, the persons they’ve helped, the lives they’ve saved and will save, is their legacy, and are the the basis of their legend, and that’s what they’ll be remembered by, not their demons.

They are the last refuge for the desperate, unloved and persecuted. The last hope for everyone when life gets too strange, impossible and frightening.

Who you really are doesn’t matter” is not an insult, it’s absolution. It’s releasing them from their status of flawed and imperfect and damaged, allowing them to fulfill their potential.

And I guess the truth of it is that he was right. He said that him leaving would be the best thing that ever happened to me, and it was.
—  A little sad, a little nostalgic, a little relieved. // lily rose.

I absolutely love when people draw. Even if they pursue skills in other things or simply don’t have much experience with art I LOVE IT. I find it so endearing.

Every time I help a friend with an essay, he draws me something. It takes him like 30 mins to 2 hours for a finished, colored piece. And like he asks me for help so I’ll do something minimum like pointing where the eyes would go

But every time he figures something out he freaks out with enthusiasm, for example when he found out how to make fur with a certain tool on this app on his ipad. Haha.
But its insanely difficult to convince someone to do something that you have a skill for and they don’t, yet artists absolutely love any art for them more than anyone

She asked me what my favorite thing was but how do I explain the way she looks at me how do I explain the color of her eyes with just only a few words I could write novels about her, I could write novels about all the little things that she does that are my favorite how do I explain that when she laughs so much she snorts and she hiccups how do I explain when shes happy because when shes happy oh man is she happy but when she is sad its like storms in your heart, I love seeing her smile but when you ask me what my favorite thing is how do I explain two eyes and a heartbeat that drives me insane.
—  Her

anonymous asked:

i constantly read about how writers need approval and validation for their writings otherwise its often discouraging so i just want to tell you that you are one insanely talented writer i dont usually cry reading shit but HALF the things u write makes me ugly sob keep writing love you

💖💖💖 you are an angel. Thank you so much babes xx :)

Garmadon’s Regrets


💘 Top 10 Outlaw Queen Scenes (as voted by my followers) 💘
↳ 4. Scene at Zelena’s Farmhouse (3.15)



OH MAN, I really wanted to draw one of my favorite scenes in the fic ‘Never Looked Better’ by Por_queeee (seriously, if you like rhack, go read it –> The effort I put into this thing is insane, alright, that’s how much I love that fic. 


I love the art style so much its simply breathtaking, its insane how detailed the animation is. it’s brilliant, even though its only around 46 minutes long the storyline is detailed and well executed. i definitely recommend this movie if you like  Makoto Shinkai other works and if you haven’t…. then watch it anyway its only 46 minutes long. i would also say like wolf children the story really comes together towards the end finishing in a really beautiful way.


Just realised that my follow list part 2 didn’t hyperlink any of the blogs. Anyway it was way too long so I will split it into more manageable parts.

Taylor… I don’t know what the chances are that you will see this… but I remember how excited I was when you followed me, and it meant so much and made me so happy. These Swifties are people who love you so much and WOULDN’T WE BOTH HAVE SO MUCH FUN WATCHING THEM GO COMPLETELY INSANE AFTER YOU FOLLOW THEM?!















Hey everyone!! So i just hit 1,000 followers today which is INSANE. Thank you all so much for following me and giving me a chance to share my love for Dan and Phil with you. I’ve made a lot of great friends and mutuals so far (in the relatively short time that I’ve been here), and i’m so thankful for that! i love you all!!♡

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Sorry if I left anyone out (this is my first follow forever so there’s bound to be flaws ah). But thanks guys for filling my dash with edits, gifs, art, phan, and memes. ILY!

Dear fan fiction readers,

I just want to say thank you, on behalf of all writers, to everyone who reads fan fiction. It’s insane to know that people actually take time out of their day to read the things we writers write. It means the world to us, and when you send us messages talking about what we’ve written and how it has affected you, it makes all the difference. 

So, thank you so much for supporting us and inspiring us. 


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M*A*S*H is great for so many reasons, but one of those reasons is the subtlety in the dialogue. This line “You broke my legs” stuck with me for literally ten years without watching the show. It’s poignant and beautiful and has such powerful imagery without having to explain anything to you. M*A*S*H lays a metaphor out there, but not one that’s so insane that you can’t understand it, and just lets you bask in its glory. I’m not sure that I can describe how much I love this line.

Bonkai shippers

I don’t ship any couples on tvd. But bonkai still found its way to grow on me. And I observed how hard it is for bonkai fans (both here and on twitter). All the negativity and ship fights are tiring. Hope you all won’t let any comments bring you down and enjoy your ship despite everything! Bonnie and Kai have insane chemistry and nothing can change that

18,000. 18,000. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaat

Just, wow? It’s absolutely insane, honestly. When I started this blog, I never expected anything more than 18 followers never mind 18,000 so it’s so overwhelming. We could be out own country or army or something!

Thank you. 

It’s mental how many of you there are and how much you love both me and the blog. People don’t understand how difficult it is to keep up with everything and a lot of the time, I feel like just stopping completely but then I get a message along the lines of ‘Thank you for doing what you do, it’s amazing.’ or ‘I love you’ and it makes my day so much better.

I made this blog with the intention that it would maybe make you smile, would make your day a bit better and I hope that I’ve done that. I hope that with everything in my body, the things I produce make you happy. I hope I make you happy whether it be with an imagine, a piece of writing, advice or just by talking to me.

As much as I do for you all, I hope you know how much you do for me. When I’m having a bad day whether it be with finding out who my real friends are or just being sad, you all group together and send me a bunch of messages that make me smile. When my aunt died, I got hundreds of messages for me and for her and that is something I will never forget and I can never thank any of you enough for your kindness and generosity.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that if I hadn’t started this blog, my anxiety and my depression would have come back worse than ever and although they are still pretty bad, this blog - you - have made me see that there is hope, there will be happiness so thank you.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful day and is taking care of themselves. Please take care of yourself, I don’t want anything bad to happen to any of you. If you’re having a bad day, curl up with a blanket, drink some tea and watch your favourite show. If you’re sad, go for a walk, look at the sky or the stars, think about everything you love and everyone who loves you (including me). If you need someone to talk to, I’m always here. If you’re excited about something, tell me, I want to know!

I am eternally grateful for all of you and I love each of you. You’re not alone. You never were and you never will be. I’m always here for you all, whether you like it or not. Thanks to the old and new followers, thanks to the ones who’re here for all fandoms and to the ones who are here for 1 fandom. Thanks to those who stuck around. I love you all :) xxxx

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I’ve eternally so so grateful to have people who support my art and all these lovely photos of people getting my art all around the globe are so heartwarming and you people are so good at photography too its insane how crisp those shots are- thank you so so much!!
( ˘ ³˘)♡

New designs will be coming out soon, but I’ll open up a preorder form for the bottled ones as well just so I know if I should reprint them!

its been super nice to see people really happy about what I like making and ive never been so pleased <33 I have never been more passionate in making anything other than when I am surrounded by this community to help encourage me make more ^^

thank you! (˶◕‿◕˶✿)