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Have you read "Humans don't make good pets" on reddit? It's an INCREDIBLY AWESOME collection of posts (that reads like a book) on the 'humans are space orcs' topic. I FUCKING LOVE IT OK ITS SOOO GOOD

Thanks, I’ll check it out!

An Artist’s Muse

Summary: Phil is a (sleep deprived) artist, and Dan is his muse, though he doesn’t know it (yet).

Word Count: 2.7k

hey this fic is for @vivunt-amant because it’s her BIRTHDAY!! (move aside dan, i’ve got FRIENDS to attend to!!) honestly she’s such an amazing person, a great friend, a fantastic artist, and an always unfailing beta. i’m super grateful to have been able to become her friend, and anyone who enjoys this fic in the slightest should go follow her bc it’s thanks to melea that it’s even here (also it’s her birthday and she’s wonderful so what are you waiting for???)

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I just watched Megamind.

Considering that the villain was a Nice Guy*TM, the girl wasn’t dating the “official” Hero in the first place and when she did get involved it was with the guy she was having adventures with as equals, not a dashing rescuer…

I’m REALLY confused as to how fucking Frozen is the animated film that got declared “feminist.”


Darth Revan and Darth Bane speak with The Son of Mortis - Deleted scene from Star Wars: The Clone Wars Season 3 Episode 17 Ghosts of Mortis 


((Stranger Things spoilers))






Eleven didn’t die.

She shifted - she slipped through the dark - and suddenly the sun hurt her eyes.

Where was she? Somewhere she’d never seen before, somewhere that wasn’t home and wasn’t the Upside Down.

A place where the radio talked about her in a kind voice.
A place where girls like Megan and Janice and Tamika became her friends.
A place where she could reach for a dark planet, lit by no sun, because she wanted to.
A place where a scientist told her he was sorry.

Eleven didn’t die.
She went to Night Vale, and Night Vale said, “Welcome.”

We all change.
When you think about it, we’re all different people all through our lives, and that’s okay, that’s good, you’ve got to keep moving, so long as you remember all the people you used to be.
I will not forget one line of this.
Not one day.
I swear.
—  We won’t either, Matt.
Thank you. For everything. 

Me right now.


Fame of the Loser by Georges de La Tour (1633/1639)

It’s an allegory of the part of fame we don’t get to hear a lot about. It’s a well known fact that Jiyong and Georges de La Tour spent many hours debating about fame itself and it’s probably when the idea for this painting came to Georges de La Tour’s mind. If you look closely you can see that in this painting Jiyong is being given a coin by an old, ugly lady. She represents the Jiyong’s perception of fame. He sees her as ugly and old — meaning the fame itself is nothing new to him. It’s something he is used to and something he knows everything about. She’s ugly cause he has seen its dark side, he is not being deluded by it — he sees it as it is, nothing to hide form him. The coin represents his gain — sometimes disproportionately low to the dedication and devotion. The other ladies symbolize things fame takes from him. The price he pays. He gains the coin but what he is losing due to fame are really important and valuable things (thus he becomes a Loser).
But when you look at his expression you can see that he knows about it. He is not being tricked, he accepts this and this does not excite him. There’s a dirt behind his fingernails cause he worked really hard to be where he is and he knew that this is how fame looks like.

*tips fedora and sips the wine*

I waited forever to share with you this breathtaking masterpiece. Georges de La Tour was an outstanding painter, there’s so much symbolism in every painting of his and just look at the lightning!


He wanted me to do this? Why didn’t he just tell me? Because he wanted you to choose it for yourself. The same way he did. 

                                                  That’s what makes a hero, Kara.

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Is it right to attribute your patience to those things entirely? I think you're a genuinely kind, insightful and incredible person! It's awesome that you acknowledge your privilege, but please don't let it define you and the work that you do. Maybe you're not letting it define you and this ask was a waste of time! But I literally couldn't go to sleep without telling you that. I really needed to tell you you're a great, caring man not for who you are but for what you do.

Privilege is a weird idea and it can really set people off. It especially sets people off who have had hard lives but are also white and male. But I want to make the point that I’m not just white and male.

I am white, straight, cis, male, over-educated, good looking, average weight, above-average height, financially stable, and from a stable, happy, supportive, upper-middle class family. I never even had student loans. I have a LOT going for me.

So of /course/ my privilege defines me. I can walk around thinking that I deserve everything I have and that I’m only successful because of my self-discipline and intelligence but that would mean understanding and interpreting the world and other people incorrectly.

I’d basically be saying “people who are not as successful as me must not be self-disciplined or intelligent” which is just completely false. I know lots of rich, successful people who think they’re rich and successful purely because of who they are and not because of their situation and privelege, and most of them are insufferable douchebags.