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  • [A/B/O verse, cause, why not?]
  • Steve: I'm gonna call Peter right now and tell him that I need to talk to him as soon as possible!
  • Tony: About the pregnancy test?
  • Steve: He lied to me. He told me to my face that he wasn't having sex with Wade. He lied to my face.
  • Tony: It's my pregnancy test.
  • Steve: ... Oh, thank God.
  • Simon: BAZ!
  • Baz: What?
  • Simon: Where's the Sword of Mages?
  • Baz: What?!
  • Simon: Where. Is. The. Sword. Of. Mages??
  • Baz: I, uh, put it away.
  • Simon: Where?
  • Baz: WHY do you need to know??
  • Simon: I need it!
  • Baz: Uh-uh! Don't you think about running off doing no daring-do! We've been planning this dinner for two months!
  • Simon: The World of Mages is in danger!
  • Baz: My evening is in danger!
  • Simon: You tell me where my sword is, Baz! We are talking about the greater good!
  • Baz: "Greater good?" I am your husband! I am the greatest good you are ever gonna get!
There’s something I should say. I’ve meant to say always and never have. Since it’s unlikely we’ll ever meet again, I might as well say it now. —L is actually a girls’ name.
—  L to Light

Neru [9:29 AM]:  Motherfucking Jesse Eisenberg Jesus Christ fuck dude motherfuckin Facebook movie bullshit Jesus can you fucking believe this shit

Haku [9:31 AM]:  I have no idea what we’re talking about right now.

Neru [10:12 AM]:  God damn created Facebook then fucking lawyers and shit right fucking Winklevoss twins god damn rowing the boat fuck yo shit I can’t even fucking believe this shit have you seen this shit fuck I just watched this shit fuck Jesse Eisenberg man

Haku [10:13 AM]:  Neru, you’re scaring me.

Neru [11:18 AM]: Motherfucking Spider-man Spiderman you put in the time fuck put in the time motherfucking built shit with this bare hands fucking best friend shit Jesse Eisenberg

Neru [11:19 AM]:  I’m very tired

Haku [11:20 AM]:  No problem, man. I’ll…I’ll do most of the singing at the recording session today.

Neru [11:20 AM]:  No man I’ll just sing about the Facebook movie all day shit man you have to be so interested in the shit I have to say about the Facebook movie fuck dude I just watched it a year and a half ago fuck Jesse Eisenberg man he fucked over Spider-man crazy Winklevoss twins rowing Trent Resin or did the soundtrack fuck this guy who invented Facebook I don’t like dying I can’t think of who the fuck invented Facebook All I can think is who played the guy who invented Facebook who the fuck invented Facebook


Dean: This is crazy, but I’m having feelings again. Like some kind of 14-year-old kid or something. You remember feelings, right?
Sam: Yeah. I have feelings everyday of my life.
Dean: Do you?
Sam: Are you saying you don’t have feelings?