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James Potter Imagine 4

Just a lil something i came up with i hope y'all like it :)

also, ships are getting a little crazy ill try and keep up but please be patient!! :)

Your head immediately turned in the direction you heard the noise coming from. You spent a lot of time in the forbidden forest and it was dawn on a Saturday. You decided to just explore around, see what you could find, so you were obviously intrigued by the crunching leaves coming from your far left.

A stag gracefully walked out from the trees and made its way toward you. You held your breath in awe. You crouched down a bit and slowly walked towards it with your hand out. The stag looked as though it rolled its eyes and came bounding dowering you, bumping you with its head. You laughed to yourself and began petting it. 

“You should’ve seen it!” You were excitedly telling your best friends James, Sirius, Remus, and Peter.

Sirius smirked at James but you didn’t notice, too busy retelling your experience this morning to your friends. 

“I mean, It was unbelievable! I’ve never seen anything so beautiful! The most gorgeous stag came out and it didn’t even look scared! It was magnificent!! I hope I get to see it again, it was astounding!”

Remus burst into laughter and you looked at him confused.


“N-nothing, nothing,” Remus calmed down.

“Well I think,” James said, sending an odd smile his friends way before turning to you, “it sounds amazing. I have no doubt that it is the most beautiful specimen ever.”

There was a moment of giggling and you remained totally and utterly confused. 

“What is so funny?!” you asked accusingly.

“Nothing!” Peter attempted to assure you. 

Sirius looked over to see an older Ravenclaw girl exiting the Great Hall. 

He winked to you and got up, “I’m gonna get going.”

You and Remus both rolled your eyes and James gave him a thumbs up.

“Alright, bye!” Peter shouted to him as he rushed off.

“Have you seen our deer friend James?” Sirius was asking you with a smirk.

“Why do you keep doing that?”


“You, James, Remus, even Peter! You keep asking me about James with that.. weird, creepy, look on your faces. And you won’t shut up about the deer I saw but you won’t tell me why you’re so intrigued!”

“I,” Sirius grinned, “have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about.”

You stared at him blankly, waiting for him to continue.

“But,” Sirius licked his bottom lip, “you can go ask James what’s up.”

You groaned and began stopping towards the Gryffindor common room.

James was sitting in the boy’s dormitories by himself attempting get antlers to appear on his head without becoming a full stag. He was supposed to be writing his potions essay, but Evans would be sure to help him out later.

He had just gotten it when his door was swung open in an alarmingly violent manner. 

“Okay,” you began, clearly not noticing the large antlers on top of his head, “I don’t know what the hell is going on but I want it to stop! I told you like last week about that stag I saw and yeah, It was pretty groovy or whatever but I don’t see why you and your stupid friends are taking it this far!” 

You were pacing back and forth now, your arms swinging wildly as you complained to your crush, “I mean, honestly! If you had me in on the joke it would be fine, but you’re all just making fun of me!”

James remained silent, eyes wide, staring at you and praying you’d leave without noticing anything was amiss. 

“Well?” You shot at him angrily and turned to get an explanation for his silence.

James opened his mouth to explain but you held your hand up.

“Do… do you have…. antlers?”


“James, you have antlers.”

“Okay but its-”

“Merlin’s beard!” You cut him off, just putting two and two together, “You! It was you! Thats why everyone was so bloody weird!”

James smiled innocently, “Yep….” 

Your face fell, “So when I was talking about the stag…”

“You were talking about me…” James was attempting to be casual but you could see the smirk he was trying to hide.

“Oh my god!” You blushed and put your hands on your face. 

“Hey,” James said getting up and laughing, “it’s fine, it’s not like-”

“Ow!” Jame’s antlers got stuck between the posters of his bed and the wall, making you laugh.

He squatted down and turned his head to get himself unstuck, untangling the curtain from his antlers as he walked closer to you.

“I mean, if I’m that gorgeous as a stag, how beautiful do you think I am as a human?” He grinned cheekily.

You blushed and rolled your eyes, “Oh shut up.”

“If I do remember correctly, you said something along the lines of, “I’ve never seen anything so beautiful,” is that right?” he said with a smirk. 

“James Potter, you are by far, the most conceited person I have ever met,” you said half serious-half joking.

“And you, y/n y/l/n, are by far the most beautiful person I have ever met.”

You grabbed his antlers and pulled him into a kiss, which ended in you both laughing as you looked into each others eyes.

“Besides me, of course,” James added. 

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The newest mp100 chapter featuring a collapsing Mob and a sentient broccoli has messed me up, y’all. Also I’ve been wanting to try getting into some of the mp100 character’s heads, so here’s a short attempt.

Mob would not wake up.

It had been a week since the Divine Tree incident, as the citizens of Spice City had begun to call it. A week since Mob had confronted Dimple at the giant broccoli, a week since Mob had talked Dimple out of his ambitions of godhood, only to have the sentient form of the plant rear its head to battle for its hold on the city. A week since Mob had fallen into a deep sleep and the being that inhabited Mob’s unconscious body had awakened, blasting the enormous plant into oozing chunks as large as buildings, then floating them out into the ocean. A week since Dimple had last been seen, escorting the floating pieces out to sea and remaining nearby to ensure they would stay, dormant, in the ocean where they had been dropped. 

It had been a week since Mob’s body had collapsed, still, silent, to the ground, alone but for the crowd slowly arousing from their brainwashing. The panic-stricken citizens had rioted in the streets, left floundering after the tree’s extraction from the city and their minds. It had been hours before the small, motionless form of Kageyama Shigeo had been found mere meters from the breaking waves. He had not stirred since. 

Kageyama Ritsu sat in the corner of the hospital room, head bowed, arms crossed, glowering at anyone who approached him. He did not want their comfort. He could not stop thinking about how easily he’d been brainwashed by the cult, had so easily abandoned his brother. Only when the nurses were absent for long stretches of time in the night did he creep up to the unmoving form of his brother, whispering apologies, stifling sobs. 

Hanazawa Teruki kept constantly on the move. He flitted about the city, helping to remove rubble from the streets and pull people out of collapsed buildings in the aftermath of the broccoli’s extraction until he could collapse straight into an exhausted sleep each night. He did not think about the role he had played in the affair, how he had been coerced into attacking the one person who had set him on his new, more fulfilling way of living. He did not think about how he’d wrapped his arm around Mob’s neck in a macabre echo of the first time they had met, or that Mob’s last memory of him might be being forced to blast Teru out of the tree for his own safety. 

Reigen Arataka paced the floors of the hospital, making incessant demands of the staff. He dragged to Mob’s room any new doctor he had confused, manipulated, or even begged into looking at his student; none of them could tell him anything new about Mob’s condition. He did not think about the last words he’d said to Mob: that he would not go with him, that Mob would have to go confront the power behind the Divine Tree alone. He did not think about how those might be the last words he would ever say to him.

Because Mob still would not wake up.

Part Two: Truths


(Greek: καλλικάντζαρος, pl. καλλικάντζαροι kallikantzaroi;) is a malevolent goblin in Southeastern European and Anatolian folklore. Stories about the kallikantzaros or its equivalents can be found in Greece, Bulgaria, Serbia, Bosnia.. Kallikantzaroi are believed to dwell underground but come to the surface during the twelve days of Christmas, from 25 December to 6 January (from the winter solstice for a fortnight during which time the sun ceases its seasonal movement). The term kallikantzaros is speculated to be derived from the Greek kalos-kentauros (“beautiful centaur”), although this theory has met with considerable opposition.

It is believed that kallikantzaroi stay underground, sawing the world tree so that it will collapse, along with the Earth. However, according to folklore, when they are about to saw the final part, Christmas dawns and they are able to come to the surface. They forget the tree and come to bring trouble to mortals. Finally, on the Epiphany (6 January), the sun starts moving again, and they must return underground to continue their sawing. They see that during their absence the world tree has healed itself, so they must start working all over again. This is believed to occur annually. Kallikantzaroi are believed to be creatures of the night. Read More || Edit


based off of Real by Years & Years

Damian Wayne 

yall should seriously go watch dope,,, it’s on netflix and its a roller coaster ride its so good 








You ran around the trees laughing, your hair whipping behind you. Damian was shortly behind you, he wasn’t laughing. You had known Damian for years and the relationship was coming to an end. This was one of those “I want to be with you but I know this won’t fix anything” type of dates. 

Every time Damian caressed your skin, his hand would burn. Every time he talked you wanted to scream. You two couldn’t stand being near each other, but you craved one another. When you would lay down at night you would itch for him to hold you like he used to. His eyes would burn with desire every time you walked into a room, but he knew you would only piss him off the moment you opened your mouth. 

You two would scream at each other until your throats were raw with hate. His hands would grip the counter top so tightly the tiles would crack under his touch. The windows would shake at your shrill voice. 

“Am I not good enough for you?” He woould yell and you would scoff. 

“Who ever said you were?” Your words sliced his skin, your emotionless eyes licked his wounds with fire. 

When he would press his lips to yours in a timely manor, you felt alive in the worst way ever. He would rip your clothes off of you and pay no attention to your needs. He used to make love to you, used to make you feel like the most important person in the world. Now his teeth nipped at your skin and his eyes held no love. It was nothing but fucking, nothing but loveless fucking. Your nails scratched down his back and his groans would power over yours. When he was done he would push you off of him and you would scrub your skin raw. 

When he first met you, he was head over heels. Your strong tone made his knees weak, your laugh made him see stars. When you first met him all you wanted was for him to talk to you, you had never seen someone so beautiful. The relationship sparked fast and soon you two were inseparable. The love lasted for three years, the fourth year you two drifted apart, and now in the fifth you two couldn’t stand the sight of each other. The reason you stayed together was unknown. 

So now you two had ditched the “I really want to be with you and I sorta love you” date, to the “I want to be with you but I know this won’t fix anything” date. Just you running around the trees was enough to make him want to explode, your delicious laughter only made it worse. Yes he was into you, and you were him, but the relationship was heading nowhere fast and neither of you could stand it anymore. If you stayed together it would only hurt the both of you more, but for some reason, it seemed like that was both of you wanted.

I have watched XY68 at least ten times and every single time I get to that last scene, I still think, “This is definitely the start of a por//no.”


“Oh, professor!”

“The fragrant flavour of oil is nice no matter how often I smell it~”

“Oh, is your electricity malfunctioning again? Should I come over in the afternoon to repair it?”

“No. Today I came about something else…”

Like that is? Basically word-for-word for that whole cliche of the Sexy Repairman? And the flirty singsong voice I just -

And this fuckin’ expression I just -

And sniffing the fucking towel I just -

Sabbaths 1985, V - Wendell Berry

How long does it take to make the woods?
As long as it takes to make the world.
The woods is present as the world is, the presence
of all its past and of all its time to come.
It is always finished, it is always being made, the act
of its making forever greater than the act of its destruction.
It is a part of eternity for its end and beginning
belong to the end and beginning of all things,
the beginning lost in the end, the end in the beginning.

What is the way to the woods, how do you go there?
By climbing up through the six days’ field,
kept in all the body’s years, the body’s
sorrow, weariness, and joy. By passing through
the narrow gate on the far side of that field
where the pasture grass of the body’s life gives way
to the high, original standing of the trees.
By coming into the shadow, the shadow
of the grace of the strait way’s ending,
the shadow of the mercy of light.

Why must the gate be narrow?
Because you cannot pass beyond it burdened.
To come into the woods you must leave behind
the six days’ world, all of it, all of its plans and hopes.
You must come without weapon or tool, alone,
expecting nothing, remembering nothing,
into the ease of sight, the brotherhood of eye and leaf.



Just posted my first ever youtube video! its a quick edit I made when its started snowing earler this past December. This is more of a prologue to my channel as i’ll be posting more content in the coming months. Let me know what you guys think and what you guys would like to see. Still got a whole lot to learn and i’m stoked to see where this whole youtube thing takes me but for now i’ll still be focusing primarily in Photography.

Song by: Bonjr -It’s Ok, You’re Ok

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I just scrolled through Frank's insta and goddamn that man! And it's pretty much all your fault! His jaw makes me want to cry.

Wait…do I apologize? Because I kinda feel like you should be thanking me? Honestly, I don’t see what the problem is.

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man i tell you hwat hank bout that dangol’ meaning of life man it’s like this man you like butterfly flappin its wings deep down in that forest man it gonna cause a tree fall over like five thousand miles away man and nobody see it nobody donduneven happen you know babys born into this world yknow aint got no friends they aint got no nothin but they go come into the find out everybody evil man see like…you dont even know man when you gonna man its like youre born into this world man you got its like this man dust in the wind man or like a dangol’ candle in the wind you gonna take it dont matter man is all ol’ oldies all the time man you know what i think man like danget man i think therefore you are man

summary: you’re a medic in Neverland and Pan comes to you feeling sick
requested: yes (so cute)
warning: none
Your eyes stared at the dewy chamomile, waiting until the sun light hit it just right before plucking it from the earth. The birds hummed in the trees as the sun pushed back the black sky to reveal a blue one. Golden hues crawled against the soft soil before clawing its way towards the plant. It almost seemed to sparkle under the soft light. It’s medicinal properties were at its peak during the sunrise, making it perfect for the boys when they got sick, which was more frequent then you would have thought.

Your hands reached into the soil, pulling it up from the root and shaking off all the extra dirt. The plant was then placed in the woven basket bundled up with other varying flora species like passion flower, aloe vera, and lavender. After dusting off your hands, you walked back towards the camp where the boys were already up and about. A fire was roaring in the middle of the camp, boys already eating breakfast and laughing together. It was pleasant to see them act as people and not wild animals.

You went into your tent that was filled with dried flowers and varying plants alike. Everyone had their responsibilities here, despite the fact that Neverland was the place without rules. Boys hunted, patrolled, cooked, and built during their time here. All of those were appealing to you when you first arrived, but you found that many of the boys would become ill and have to suffer through the sickness for weeks before they could get better. Pan didn’t see any reason to heal them, but you did.

The basket was placed on the table, quickly tying your hair up into a pony tail as you began to go to work. Sunburns in Neverland were more common than you thought and boys always seemed to be eating some sort of toxic berry, despite all their years of living in Neverland. You tied up the chamomile, hanging it on your rack with other dried flowers. The aloe vera was next. You began to slowly strip it open, having the oils and gel goop onto a wooden bowl. The tent opened, stomping footsteps approaching you which you ignored until you were finished extracting the healing properties of the cactus. Once you were finished, you turned around to face a fuming Pan.

“What is it?” You asked, wiping your hands with a rag and eyeing him suspiciously.

“I think I’m sick,” he said, crossing his arms over his chest and gnawing on his lip. This feeling he had was…strange to say the least. He surely hadn’t felt it before and it ached his entire body.

“Well, how are you feeling?” You asked, cocking your head to the side and placing a hand on your hip. “You don’t appear to be sick to me,”

“Well that’s because it’s on the inside! It changes so drastically. One minute I’ll be filled with happiness, my heart is racing and I feel like I’m being lit on fire. The next minute, I’m overwhelmed with anxiety. I can’t eat or sleep,” He asked, running his hands through his hair. “Am I dying?” He asked, a sense of concern hidden behind his words. His symptoms sounded close to drug addiction, but there wasn’t any of that in Neverland.

“Can you see a pattern as to where you are when you get your feelings of happiness?” You asked, holding your chin between your hands.

“The bonfire, out in the jungle or the beach, even here I feel it now!” He exclaimed. Pan had a habit of being such a drama queen, which is something the other boys didn’t get to see very often. Although, it wasn’t exactly a luxury to you either.

“Well let me check your temperature if you feel it now,” you offered, stepping towards Pan and sitting him down on the makeshift cot. You tilted his head up, pressing the back of your hand to his forehead, staring down at him intently. You could see his cheeks and ears slowly become red as his forehead became hotter, making you furrow your brows. “Did you just get hotter?” You asked. He grinned up at you.

“I can assure you, Love. I’ve always been this attractive,” He snuck in a quip, making you roll your eyes. That was the Pan you are so familiar with. The annoying pan, but the one you felt comfortable around.

“Can you just focus, Pan?” You asked, sitting down on your stool. He groaned, nodding his head and slouching slightly. “Alright, now when do you feel anxious?” You questioned.

“When I’m alone, mostly. I also felt it this morning when the boys were out having breakfast, like I was disappointed. I don’t know what I was hoping for but whatever it was, it wasn’t there this morning,” He sighed, as if reliving the feeling. Your face became suddenly red at the realization. It took you so long. How can you say that to Pan? He would go ballistic. Being in love is an adult thing, not fit for the boys of Neverland.

“Pan, I think I understand what’s going on,” you said slowly, thinking out every word before you spoke. You didn’t know what frightened you more, if Pan was in love with you or if he wasn’t. It was understandable if it was Felix. An island full of boys for all eternity? It seemed likely. Of course, you had to make sure. Although, perhaps you just needed an excuse to do this.

“Well what's—” you quickly interrupted him, getting off your stool and placing yourself onto his lap. His ears became red but his face hadn’t wavered. “Oh, I see,” He grinned at you, holding your waist, “You want to do this now, Love? Maybe I’m not the one who’s sick,” You shut him up, putting your lips against his in a kiss which he was eager to reciprocate. It only felt like a short time before you pulled away, staring intently at you.

“Do you feel better or worse?” You asked, tilting your head to the side.

“Maybe you should kiss me again, Love, and find out,” He smirked, leaning in again, making you press a finger to his lips. A frown settled on his face. You swiftly got off of him and sat back down in your stool. That was answer enough.

“Pan, you’re in love,” you stated simply, although your stomach was doing flips at the thought it was with you.

“Love…” He trailed off, looking down at the realization. “Well, what do I do?” He asked, gripping the side of the cot.

“Well it’s up to you now. Just know that whatever you decide, love is not a childish thing. It has to be taken seriously and—” you trailed off, as Pan stood up and stepped closer to you. You stood up as well, taking a step back and running into your desk. “And it takes effort. It’s something to be cherished and…and…” You stammered, which was out of nature for you. Pan stood close to you, looking down at you with an almost devilish smile. Has he always been this tall? You felt like an imp compared to him now. “Pan…” You breathed, looking up at him.

“Love, you worry too much,” He grinned, leaning down and pressing his lips against yours.

“Blessed is the man who trusts in the Lord,
And whose hope is the Lord.
For he shall be like a tree planted by the waters,
Which spreads out its roots by the river,
And will not fear when heat comes;
But its leaf will be green,
And will not be anxious in the year of drought,
Nor will cease from yielding fruit.”

Jeremiah 17:7-8

Billdip At Its Fullest




“Bill I said no.”


Dipper turns around to see Bill holding a box of gummies. The plan was to get Mabel some sugar and some flour, not to buy gummies.

“Dipper please.” Bill begged.

Dipper really wanted to buy him the gummy box but he didn’t bring enough cash with him. The guilt killed him a little. Bill never begged and rarely called him by his name.

“Tell you what, we’ll come back tomorrow and I’ll get you 2 boxes.”

Bill smiled and leaned down, due to the height difference, and gave Dipper a kiss.


Help.. My friend found this baby bird on the concrete floor outside his house. Anyone can help on what foods it eats or how to care for it till they find its mother? Or what species it is?

As soon as it stops raining they will try to get it back to a tree where it was found to hopefully find its mother. The tree is too huge and high so they will try to put it as high as possible in a box so the mom may come for it later

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Imagine spending Valentine's Day with Bones.

Imagine coming home from a super stressful day in the Starfleet Medical, completely forgetting that its even Valentine’s day. Bones offers to pick you up from work that day. He takes a wrong turn and heads down another unfamiliar road, you ask where he’s going, but he just answers you with a smile. He pulls up in the middle of no where and leads you out to a large tree. Its complete with an already set up picnic blanket and basket full of food he spent all day preparing. You tear up and give him a kiss as you both sit to enjoy your meal. By the time you’re both finishing up, the sun is starting to set. Bones gets up and holds out his hand to you, you take it as you stand up. He walks over and pushes play on his PADD and slow music begins to waft through the air. He wraps his arms tight around your waist shuffling and swaying in small circles to the music as he begins to sing softly in your ear:

And we just flow together when the lights are low
Shadows dancin’ all across the wall
Musics playin so soft and low
Rest if the world so far away and small

When were slow dancin, swayin to the music
Slow dancin, just me and my girl
Slow dancin, swayin to the music
No one else in the whole wide world

As we dance together in the dark
So much love in this heart of mine
You whisper to me, hold you tight
You’re the one I thought I’d never find

You’re full on crying at this point. “You remembered” you whisper.
“Of course I did darlin’” as you both leaned in and kissed each other tenderly underneath the moon and stars.