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I’ve spent the past few months attempting to figure out a framework for Ghost Physics in the Danny Phantom universe? Enjoy my crazed scribblings.

Cliff notes version: The Ghost Zone is our dimension’s 4D “atmosphere,” absorbing harmful trans-dimensional radiation. Ghosts are made of the Ghost Zone’s version of matter, called ectoplasm, a substance capable of 4D motion (video explanation of that), “toggling” how physical forces (esp. electromagnetism and gravity) interact with it, and storing huge amounts of energy. A ghost’s unique nervous system and encoded body plan (the ecto-signature) remains in the upper energy levels of the Ghost Zone at all times, remotely controlling their body. Danny can chemically change his body between ectoplasm and regular matter, and has both a normal physical brain and an ecto-signature.

A Literal Essay:

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Someone throwing a candy bar at a sleeping Andrew to wake him up. Or cat photos Or people taking pictures of their cats

a picture of [one of] their cats! i really like silly social media aus

no one believes you, andrew


Glitch Effect Tutorial

ayyeee here’s a tutorial no one asked for made this for college assignment, but i hope someone will find this useful! >w< (original drawing)


i’m not crying, you’re crying

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Steve trips and falls on his face in front of the Avengers. Someone will help pick him up, though, right?

“He’s beauty, he’s grace, he’s fallen on his face.”  Tony smiled.

“I thought he was Mr. United States?”  Clint added.  

Steve could hear Sam and Natasha giggling somewhere behind him. He didn’t want to turn over and see them gloating.  He hadn’t hurt anything more than his pride.  In front of a large crowd.  And cameras there for a public appearance while all the Avengers were in their gear.

He’d tripped on the edge of Thor’s cape.  Or maybe it was the end of Clint’s bow.  Or the toe of Tony’s suit.  He didn’t know.  

Thor’s hand came into view and Steve grasped it.  Thor hauled him to his feet.  And then over his head.  

“To lift such a National Treasure, I must truly be worthy!”  He managed before cracking himself up laughing.  

“Oh my god, Thor’s been listening to me.”  Tony’s delight was at odds with the stoic face plate of his suit.  

“This is the best day ever.”  Sam was beaming.  Cameras were flashing.  It was only a moment or two more, and then Steve was laughing, too.  


So there’s this skele at our school and the students love to dress it up and pose…….and I’m just really mesmerized by their inventiveness. And by fact that the skele didn’t fall apart yet IT WAS FRICKEN EXPENSIVE HOW DARE U DO THIS WITH IT AND MAKE IT LOOK SO GREAT.

I’ll be home for Christmas

Clarke Griffin is the lead singer of the band Arkadia and Lexa Woods is a fashion model. Career commitments have made them miss the last two Christmases together. This year, no matter what, they will be home together for the holidays.