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@seungchuchuweek Day 2: Clothing and Fashion

Outfit swap? Outfit swap!!

I was trying to make Seung-gil look like he’s a little embarrassed, but still having a good time but instead it just looks like he’s giving Phichit bedroom eyes lmao oh well


This is the house I’m looking at Friday. I’m not going to get my hopes up and I’m going to look at many more houses but I really really really really really want this house

Everyone always says, “Find something you love to do, and get paid for it.” Here’s the thing: I love MANY THINGS.  But one of my absolute favorite ways to pass the time is to write.  Write short horror, write poetry, write songs, write fanfic, etc.  

So, instead, here’s what I say.  Find something you love to do, and do it.  Fuck getting paid for it, because most likely it’ll end up feeling like a job after a while. Just do it because you love it.  Maybe money will follow, and maybe it won’t. At the end of the day, it’s your happiness that matters most. 

Sneaky Ninja But It Actually Worked Out So I Owe Him Thanks Photo Credit:  Mr. PiecesOfScully


[Amaya, thinking]: What have we gotten ourselves into?



So we’re doing some construction on my house, which was made at some point during the Victorian Era, when we found a christmas card from 1883 trapped inside the outer layer of my bedroom wall, behind the skirting!!


In 1883 Canada had literally been a country for less than two decades, and this card is ridiculously well-preserved! You have no idea how much i’m freaking out over this

The message says “With much love and best wishes from the Bickell/Biekell/Beckell family (writing unclear), xmas, 1883.”

its been a while since I’ve cleaned or updated the desk in my bedroom, now its all fresh and functional! just a single port gets me hdmi/power/a USB hub and i can easily just unplug and go whenever i need to

To be bound || A Juniper's Knot fanfiction

From a fiend’s perspective

Many years passed since the day that I was finally free of my punishment. It was a miracle that a demon like me had been freed in a way that didn’t require sacrificing a humans life. Instead, the person that had freed me had worked his pretty little butt to get a tree to plant in my circle. The relief that had rushed through my body when I had realized that I wasn’t burning and that I was finally free was refreshing and simply ineffable. And it was all thanks to him.

The person that had saved me from eternal boredom was considered as a savior to me but–if I hadn’t been damned already–I’d be damned if I admitted that aloud. Not only did he save me from that wretched place, he had also rekindled a hope that I haven’t felt in centuries. It was an unpleasant feeling at first and had thus caused me to have a strong hatred with him but when I realized that he was a reliable fellow, all that could be felt other than hope was concern.

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  • *In the lab*
  • Molly: *fanning herself* Is it me or is it hot in here?
  • Sherlock: ...
  • Sherlock:'s you.
  • Molly: ...
  • Molly: *blushes*
  • Molly: ...later, darling, later.
  • Sherlock: *smirking* Riding crop?
  • Molly: And hat. Don't be late *winks*
  • Sherlock: ...yes, Doctor Hooper.

My bedroom is in its final stages now, all thats left is wall art and minor details. I would like to do more with my bookcase now that I have more storage, like buying omnibuses of some of my longer manga series and rearranging them to be less uniform. Still working out what to put on the headboard too since I just got it up last night. The corner with the chair will be where I film now. I kind of have too many things I want to hang on my walls, and more will be arriving since CPanicLove is creating something for me and my dad wants me to have the original painting of my shoes that my grandmother made. I feel a lot happier in here now. I painted the walls last year and got dark curtains and had black furniture so it was really depressing to be in here. Now its bright and relaxing and I actually enjoy spending time in here. 

Oh and I’m so glad theres small discrete shelves on the side for my boyfriends Monster Hunter figures. He bought a million at Momocon and now theres more room in my display case again lol

I’m sure you all remember the pic @feredir drew for my Kylux Top Chef!AU “La guerre des Etoilés” ? I love it so so so much I got it printed and framed!!! It’s GORGEOUS!!! I’m the happiest person in the world!!!

(And thanks again to @coffee-without-a-pause who asked for the commission)


Shirtless Appreciation Icons … Well almost.

But seriously, Meguru has no shirtless CG’s, what blasphemy! 

Happy birthday o-taku-tome, hope you have better luck taking off Meggy’s shirt then I do.