it's in italian. i know. it's weird

How I imagine Romance languages happened
  • <p> <b>Italian:</b> We're just gonna go ahead and put i's and g's everywhere, mmkay?<p/><b>Spanish:</b> Okay, fuck g's. Garden? Giardino? It's jardin, motherfuckers. You know what? fuck h's as well. And q's.<p/><b>French:</b> I also like i's a lot, but it is jardin. I think I'm gonna replace a lot of a's with e's though.<p/><b>Romanian:</b> I don'ţ know ăbouț you guyş buţ I reălly love weird ăccențș in ţhe generăl vicinițy of my leţțerş<p/><b>Spanish:</b> True<p/><b>Portugese:</b> ããáááàààââââââwwwww yééééêêêêêããááààââhhh<p/></p>
  • Joseph: what is it with you Italians and pasta?
  • Caesar: we make more than just-- scusa, what did you just say? *imitating his English accent* Pahst-a?
  • Joseph: yeah, pasta. Like the noodles.
  • Caesar: Jojo, it's pa-sta
  • Joseph: we're speaking the same language Caesar damn

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How started this obsession with platypus? (also in Italian it's "ornitorinco" and that's A WEIRD WORD LMAO)

That’s a really really good question. I don’t know, they are just horribly painfully cute. Here look at this cute-ass motherfucker

On tumblr it started because I stumbled on a gifset of a swimming platypus so I got a little crazy and followers were screaming and everything was chaos and platypuses. Rough days, rough period.
(In french it’s called “ornithorynque”, don’t even try to fight me on this. ITS EVEN WEIRDER OKAY, EVEN FRENCH PEOPLE CAN’T WRITE IT WITHOUT DOUBLE CHECKING THE SPELLING. No kidding.) 



What do you mean, you have a sex tape of me?

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guido mista's name (((guido))) is actually a slur used on italians, usually not taken heavily, but that's what that is, if you wanted to know anything about part 5 name opinions coming from people who are italian/know some things italian. it's actually pretty weird seeing that considering in my house if you call someone a guido it's meant to be offensive but its also pretty funny.

oh man I don’t even know what to say, how did anyone even take him seriously I wonder