it's important for it to have the right drama-comedy balance

ns6 in a nutshell
  • episode 55: what
  • episode 56: hEY its the episode that that one!! trailer preview thing from comic con was in!! or something!! yeah!!
  • episode 57: what
  • episode 58: what
  • episode 59: what
  • episode 60: lmao nICE nadakhan's really tearing jay down lmao this is Good Shit 10/10 more angst pls
  • episode 61: old lloyd?? old lloyd?? old lloyd?? old lloyd?? old lloyd?? old lloyd?? old llo
  • episode 62: the very best ninjago episode of all time. jay and nya are finally talking to each other and they're on the way to healing the deep scars in their relationship. they're making progress. echo zane is the only truly unproblematic fave on the show and it is truly impossible not to like him. the plot of the episode itself is interesting and engaging, and the lighthouse hearkens back nicely to the golden days of ninjago in s2. echo's general existence retroactively gives s2 even more depth and makes the charged emotions of the last voyage, 40 episodes earlier, even more impactful. jay and nya fight together as a team, rather than fighting against one another as they have for so long, practically since s3. clancee becomes even more of an adorable woobie and almost stands up to nadakhan. echo and smeeter's chess game is Very Important and the fact that it's implied smeeter cheated is hilarious. that part where jay tricked the pirate into pulling the lever and letting him escape was really clever, like good job jay. the episode excellently regulated the delicate balance between serious drama and hilarious comedy, with just the right amounts of both, while neither aspect seemed forced in any way. the secret basement is Really Cool and a neat way to add more "depth" to the scene without seeming too unrealistic. dogshank randomly landing on tiger widow island and scaring the spider was really funny without ruining the drama of the action scene. jay and nya getting cornered in the basement was really suspenseful. echo's war paint, no explanation necessary. nya's almost-kiss with jay before shoving him through the puddle of traveler's tea made even the anti-jaya people pretty much jump on board again. the part where nya got captured was simultaneously really sad and really scary, and made nadakhan look very legitimately threatening for the first time in the season. the episode ended on a highly suspenseful note and left the entire fandom grasping at straws and barely able to function for the next six days before episode 63. all in all this was the greatest ninjago episode of all time, an absolute masterpiece, and everyone was able to enjoy almost everything about it. it was the epitome of perfection and there is not a single thing anyone could even think of changing about it.
  • episode 63: what??? is this bullshit???
  • episode 64: RIP S6, 2016-2016. your grand total of twelve minutes of canon will not be missed. goodbye

akm221  asked:

So skleero, who do you ship more? Kimron or Starco?

So, at long last, the hardest question has arrived.
I’ll take this very seriously.

“Kim Possible” is the show that basically introduced me to the concept of shipping and its tropes, to the idea of “hey I like these two leads: they should end up together because of reasons!”. Kim and Ron were in fact the first ever fictional couple I ever shipped and probably the only one I actively supported when discussing on fan-made message boards etc.
Until StarCo of course.

While not exactly the most original thing even back then, it was the first time I saw the “childhood friends falling in love” narrative on screen, even though, in the show, it wasn’t really a big part of it; more like subtle, rare hints here and there. You could tell that Kim and Ron were really fond of each other and very good friends, but it wasn’t until like they very (original) end of the show, and I mean very end, that you could see actual feelings developing.

“Kim Possible” and “Star Vs. The Forces Of Evil” are anyway very different shows. I wouldn’t argue on which one is better, but one has to admit that KP’s writing has always been fairly superior to many other Disney shows (both from that era and recent ones, whether animated or -especially- live-action) in terms of pacing, jokes, bonus for adults and characters.
Sorry, I still think that’s a really fun animated series and that it still holds up after fourteen years, which is impressive.
Of course, this also means that KimRon was handled very differently from StarCo, but not necessarily better (of course, this is just my opinion).

Kim and Ron, following the tone of the show they’re into, had a “mature” chemistry. It wasn’t a “colorful” friendship like the happy-go-lucky one Star and Marco’s, but it did look and feel very realistic and well-written on its own right. It was nowhere as cartoony as other shows (including “SVTFOE” of course); they played each other off rather nicely, balancing each other’s personalities. Unlike StarCo, however, as I said, they were way more “chaste” and things like (frequent) hugging or heck, blatantly shipping fuel like “Blood Moon Ball” basically only happened in FanFictions. This was actually a good choice, as it rightfully kept the potentially tumoral romantic part of Kim and Ron’s friendship out of focus… until it backfired as they really rushed the pairing in the original series finale, “So The Drama”, and, as much as I shipped them, it kinda felt like it came out of nowhere-ish, at the very last-minute; to me, it was very disappointing and, worst of all, “triggered” by some of the laziest pseudo-romantic clichés around, tropes and clichés that the show always subtly made fun of, played with or subverted (this is why I actually enjoyed most of the infamous 4th Season, as I believe it handled the KimRon pairing very well, without changing what made the show great in the previous seasons (while also not falling again for those cliché-traps… until the very last episode, again!).

StarCo is the complete opposite of that. “SVTFOE” may have started as a goofy action/comedy series, but later in Season 1 it became clear was it actually all about: not (directly) the wand-lore, not the fight scenes, but Star and Marco’s relationship and how it evolves and changes over the series. Aside from the cartoon’s wackier, “childlike” tone, this is where the major difference between KimRon and StarCo lies: the latter is in fact the focus of its show and basically its most prominent (and arguably important) plot-point, not counting that it can give us a great romantic climax at the end, considering all of this build-up. It’s also very “aware” of its overall cuteness as the creators are mercilessly teasing about it on social medias. The overall development is fantastic and it’s surprisingly well-written in most cases.

You think I’m done? Nope.
From a less “meta” (aka: “trash”) point of view, I find StarCo way cuter than KimRon, for the reason however listed above: it’s cartoony, it’s colorful, they have a wonderful chemistry and the duo has this amazing energy that just blows you away. StarCo, putting all the good character writing aside, genuinely feels cute and refreshing and I just love looking at them interacting: maybe it’s me having nostalgic feelings for my teen years; maybe it’s the “roundy-bouncy” character design; maybe it’s the “royal princess falls in love with regular dorky boy” trope -which is my weakness; or maybe it’s just that they’re just two precious well-rounded characters that walk away with every scene they’re in.

Whether the case, the verdict (or the TL;DR) is that I ship StarCo way more than I shipped Kim and Ron fourteen years ago and trust me, I was obsessed by the KimRon ship, so just imagine the sheer power Star and Marco’s stupid dorky chemistry is having on my trashy heart.