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In the MBMBAM Seeso Q&A tonight, the brothers talked about how the structure of the show ended up being what it is partially because all the things that they “couldn’t do” because of social anxiety. Like, they couldn’t do man-on-the-street stuff, they couldn’t talk to a ton of strangers, they couldn’t play pranks on people, etc. And the structure of the show ends up feeling very genuine and fun because of those limits? They’re not forcing themselves to do (neurotypical) things they’re not as good at, and in the meantime, working around that stuff begets new ways of doing things. So, like, neurodiverse representation is obviously important because it’s important to be able to see that aspect of yourself in the media you love, but it’s also important because it gives us new structures and kinds of media, and that’s just so exciting to me

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Women, as a class, don’t need to be “soft, nice and sweet”. I’m not saying that we should act like total assholes, but we really don’t need to be told to be sweet. Women are already way too nice. Is society sweet with us? Are men “soft” with us? No.

Women need to learn to say “NO”. To say “ fuck off”. To say “leave me alone”, to say “stop, you’re annoying”. This is coming from a woman who struggles to say “no”, to say “ stop ”, because this is how i was educated. I was always told to smile, to be nice, to never be openly angry. And i’ve let others shit on me, i’ve let others treat me so badly, because “you should always be nice!”. I was told that my anger, my discomfort, was unappropriate. Being always nice sucks, i’m telling you. This is not how you gain respect, from anyone. Women, girls, be you, be strong. Be nice, but be strong, and don’t smile if you don’t want to. You are not a fucking Barbie doll, smiling to everyone isn’t required, at all. Men aren’t out there smiling to everyone. Don’t be nice with those who treat you badly.

Like they say : “ Do no harm, but take no shit ”

Because I love those hours before the sun comes up, when you wake up for a moment and you realize you can stay in bed just a little while longer. And you’re safe. And there’s no rush. And it’s quiet. For all my hub loves. xo Pre-pancakes, so it’s v smutty. Don’t get me wrong, it’s highly emotional and descriptive, but it’s still porn. To experience the full mood of this thing, I’d recommend listening to Max Richter’s “Three Worlds” as you read.  @captainwiley @dassala @the-reason-to-sail-home @thejollypirate @businesscasualprincess @shoedonym @katie-dub @abbadons-little-witch @swanandapirate @mahstatins

+ It’s dark when she opens her eyes. Not the dark of late evening, when the stars have begun to twinkle in the sky—when the only sound to be heard is the choral chirping of insects, the darkening of doorways. No, it’s a darkness that knows it will have to fade eventually, a grey dawn that casts their bedroom in a hazy, dreamlike glow.

A nippy, quiet breeze smelling suspiciously of rain tiptoes through the open window and she catches the scent of him on the air. It’s a spicy mixture of cologne and sweat, a warm, enticing blend that clashes wonderfully with the fresh, tingling wetness of an impending storm. She can feel his rough, weathered fingers against the bare flesh of her waist. The tap, tap, tapping of his thumb against her belly. The smooth, hard metal of his ring against her stomach not unlike the steady ringing of a church bell, a far off song, a call to his side.

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As always, I’m stating my own opinion formed from my lived experience. But I’ve been thinking about rainbows and safe spaces A LOT both in the context of being an out lesbian and having been an ally long before I was ever out (or aware of my own self).

As an out lesbian, when I wear my rainbow flag or rainbow bandana I’m always nervous. I’m excited too. But the fear of actually being targeted is a real one. When I see a rainbow in a public space, I feel safe. I feel like that person or that space has my back in some way.

One of the first tags I ever used on my blog was Every Rainbow Matters. And it’s always been about rainbows in 1D spaces. And I think that’s absolutely true. Seeing a rainbow is a big deal. Existing in a space where that’s celebrated is more meaningful than I’ll ever be able to put in to words. Here’s what I’ve realized:

A rainbow is a responsibility.

So, if you’re an ally with a rainbow, take that responsibility seriously. What you’re saying to every LGBTQ+ person who sees it is that you are a safe space. So that means you have to actually BE a safe space. It’s not something to wear to look cool. Or so Harry will pay attention to you on stage.

The single biggest way to be an actual ally online is to take feedback from LGBTQ+ fans gracefully and not speak over their lived experience. This is particularly relevant when we’re talking about things like signaling. Signaling isn’t meant to be understood by straight people as a means of survival, so it’s ok to acknowledge that lack of inherent understanding. In the same vein, it’s ok to defer to people who have a certain lived experience. It’s ok to say, I don’t know or don’t feel comfortable commenting.  In many many ways that’s preferable.

The rainbows in Philly last night were amazing. And I’m moved every time I think about it. Creating that kind of space both for Harry and every LGBTQ+ fan is a big deal. My hope is that all the allies waving flags take that responsibility seriously.

Yo but seriously this is like mega important because first of all, Daenerys Targaryen, you know, the QUEEN, the unburnt, the mother of dragons, breaker of chains, the one who can glare you down like the queen she freakin’ is, DAENERYS TARGARYEN, STORMBORN, THE MOTHER FLIPPIN’ QUEEN, was sitting there. By herself. Next to Jon Snow’s bed, with no one around like - JUST HER. Waiting. Sitting. Watching out for Jon.

Like, does everyone else know that she’s there? Tyrion, Missandei, Jorah, Ser Davos? Yeah, let’s just let the queen watch out for the sick and injured King in the North. It’s not like she’s a queen and has better things to do like plan their next move or whatever.

But nope. Dany chose to stay there, to grieve there next to Jon for the child that she just lost, knowing that at the very least, she gained him, alive, breathing, ready to wake up at any moment so she can tell him that she will fight with him. Together. To avenge Viserion, and to destroy the evil that is the Night King and his army.

Daenerys Targaryen is the queen they don’t deserve.