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got any headcanons about the batboys and their sleeping habits? :)

Dick Grayson is the sprawliest, floppiest sleeper in the world. He sleeps on silk sheets and rolls around the whole night and he hugs his pillow and probably tries to hug his mattress, and, when he’s sleeping alone, it is about 50/50 whether or not he will wake up with his head at the correct end.

I think he has a habit of overworking himself, especially when it comes to proving something to Bruce, but he’s getting better at actually listening to his body when it needs sleep. (Barring a crisis, of course.) These days he’s at a point where he’ll sometimes sleep a couple hours before patrol if he needs it. He is a big believer in naps.

I think he sleeps late, but is actually a morning person too, so he goes directly from “no don’t wake me I’m asleep” to “what’s for breakfast how’d you sleep do you wanna go outside do you think I should get a haircut??” 

Dick’s also the second heaviest sleeper out of all the Bat dudes.


Jason Todd is probably the most responsible Bat in terms of getting the right amount of sleep. When he’s doing well, I think he probably gets 6+ hours a night. 

How he sleeps really depends on how he’s going, in terms of stress and nightmares and how much contact he has had with Bruce, Batman, or the Joker recently. During his bad times, depending on his nightmares, I think he’d go long stretches without sleeping out of fear and sheer stubbornness. But that happens pretty rarely, and I think these days Jason tries hard to take care of himself.

Once he’s asleep, Jason’ll pretty much stay put for the whole night. He doesn’t roll around too much, but he does avoid sleeping on his back. His pillow almost always ends up on the floor.

As a kid Jason was probably a really light sleeper, but I think these days he sleeps a little more heavily. For a Bat, that is.


Tim is really bad at sleeping when and where he’s supposed to. He probably gets, like, 0.5 hours a night and tries to tell himself that it’s enough. And while he can fall asleep pretty much anywhere, that skill is not as helpful as you’d think. (I bet Tim would get really tired of waking up cold and bewildered with full-body muscle-cramps.)

When he’s in a bed, he’d be a pretty restless sleeper, but probably starts off on either his stomach or curled on his side. But he’s definitely one of those people that flips their pillow all night to get the cool side.

He’s definitely, definitely not a morning person. Can’t form words, probably has a couple different burns from sleep-making himself a coffee. I think he’s a heavy sleeper in the mornings, but in the night he’d always wake up at any sound.

If there was an award for best/worst bedhead, Tim would win.


Damian’s a tough one. I think he was probably a very light, very, ah, efficient sleeper in the League. But now that he’s comfortable in the Manor and feels relatively safe there, I think how he looks at sleeping would change. I love the idea of him sleeping like a regular kid, face smushed into the bed, arms flung out on either side, maybe mumbling into the sheets. Probably kicking out every now and again.

He probably used to get up a few times a night to check on Bruce, and also the perimeter, but that would be happening less and less. Especially because Alfred probably makes sure to let Damian see him set the alarm at night. Plus, y’know, Titus. 

And it’s pretty clear that Damian is not a morning, day, or evening person. Waking him up will get you the same scowl that any other interaction will get you, just with the added bonus of pillow-creases and embarrassingly flat hair. 

I do think he’s still a very light sleeper, but that will probably change the longer he lives at the Manor.


Bruce is a giant baby who is in constant need of a nap. Legit though, he probably wouldn’t be grumpy any more if he just got a solid night’s sleep. He takes up literally his whole king bed when he sleeps and he resents anyone touching his blankets for any reason, yes, Alfred, including waking him up.

He sleeps very late into the day and his sheets probably have to smell like lavender or else he pouts.

He is (somewhat ironically) the heaviest sleeper of the bunch.

For all your bisexual Lance needs

so here’s a shitty edit I made a little while back for a Voltron crack video I never posted feel free to use if you want idk good night my good fellows

here it is!!! i worked months on this thing so i Hope you enjoy! its a long comic so u can see the rest under the cut. (also im sorry if the audio doesnt work,,)

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#agnes knows

 Levi screaming/saying Eren’s name in relief when he rescues him from the female titan really gets to me.

This is the expression he’s wearing when he asks if Eren’s dead.

Like, just a few minutes before that, he had flown through the forest, had found out that every member of his squad was killed, and he obviously thought Eren was dead too since he saw Eren’s titan’s neck torn to shreds. Mikasa confirmed that she saw the FT biting Eren out of his titan. Levi’s already so used to lose people by now, but he decides to trust Mikasa on this one anyway and hopes Eren’s still alive, even though he doesn’t look too sure of it. Like I said, losing people is almost second nature to him. He’s used to it, but he certainly does not like it.

He then proceeds to literally destroy Annie, like it’s his personal vengeance. I don’t think he really expected Eren to be in her mouth, I don’t think he expected him to be alive either. But. He is there. So Levi shouts Eren’s name (in the light novel. He murmurs it in the manga. And he’s completely cut off from the anime, iirc, jeez…).

The look on his face, my god. So much relief floods him as he looks upon Eren’s emerging form, and he seems to almost whisper in shock, “Eren…”. And all he wanna do now is go back to safety. And so he does. They could have, I don’t know, put Eren on a tree and killed Annie but no, he just wanted to go away from there and put distance from danger and Eren/himself/Mikasa. Mainly Eren, I think. He has orders he has to follow, and those orders are “protect Eren with all you’ve got.“ 

He thought he had failed at protecting him but Eren’s alive. It’s a miracle. It’s hope. Eren is the exception to everyone else, because he lives.

Levi looked so stunned that Eren was actually alive, like…I bet he was already thinking that he could have done something different, could’ve done something more to save his squad and Eren, who was put in his care just a month before. He was already punishing himself with thoughts of failure and loss and defeat. He is relieved, yes, but I feel like he also can’t quite believe it. 

Either way, I think that, for someone who tries so hard to live with no regrets, Levi lives with a lot of them on his shoulders, constantly plaguing his thoughts. Proof: after so many years, he was still trying to figure out the reason why Kenny abandoned him back in the underground. 

Levi remembers all his dead comrades. And while he really doesn’t know what the best course of action is, he’s still so sensitive about deaths and emotional losses, and friends and comrades, because he’s just like that. He cares too much for his own good. He can’t not care. It’s not in his nature. And I love him for it.

Emergency Dance Party

         Nursey walks into the Haus to a familiar, but still strange, occurrence. Loud music is being blasted from somewhere within the Haus, and typically, during kegsters or when Bitty is baking, this would make sense. But it’s six in the afternoon on a Tuesday and Bitty is visiting Jack in an impromptu I-need-cuddles-from-my-boyfriend trip. So there is, logically, no reason for incredibly loud music to be playing right now.

         Nursey follows the sound of Adam Levine’s voice singing about sugar up the first flight of stairs to the attic. He knocks several times, but the music is too loud, so he assumes that nothing obscene is happening behind the door. He really doesn’t think that Ransom would allow Holster to put on Maroon 5 when they fuck, so he hopes it’s safe (of course, that’s also assuming that they’re fucking, but like half of Nursey’s life is based on assumptions so).

         When he pushes open the door he finds a sight he never could have dreamed of. All the dirty laundry, discarded papers, and stray objects in the attic have been pushed to the outskirts of the room to create, what seems to be, a dance floor. And utilizing that floor is none other than Ransom and… Dex.

         A dance party has broken out in the Haus attic, including Ransom, the typical stressed out ecosystem who definitely has a test tomorrow, and Dex, resident poindexter. Like, literally. And not only that, but the playlist seems to consists of mostly fast-beat pop songs and angry teen music. He’s pretty sure he heard some Black Parade on when he first walked into the Haus. Now he’s drifting into thoughts of Dex wearing eyeliner and ripped black jeans and… what was happening?

         Oh yeah, freak event dance party.

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there is no dream, so wake up
and if the holidays don’t hollow out your eyes
then press yourself against whatever 
you find to be beautiful and trembling with life

@giornoweek2k17 day 4: dreams/resolve/loss

(this is intentionally vague; it’s in reference to the abuse giorno survived through from his mother and stepfather)

Dunno if I’ll get hate for this.

It’s pretty much a non-canon thing in my AU but I thought: What if mermaids can change their sex like how certain species of fish can? Besides, I really want to draw a baby merm X’D (They basically look the same but they can change their internal anatomy)

So have a clingy baby that can barely swim on its own and 90% of the time spends its first few years holding on to its parents.

They said all teenagers scare the living shit out of me
They could care less as long as someone’ll bleed
So darken your clothes or strike a violent pose
Maybe they’ll leave you alone, but not me |x|

I know it’s the most un-canon thing ever but I really like the idea of these two running around town and wrecking everything when they’re gross dumb teens


So this came at me out of no where, born out of thoughts of the New Year’s episode and the BTS photos that Candice/Grant had posted. I know they happen in two totally different times but my brain wanted to mash the two together and this happened. Enjoy!

“We’re gonna find her, Barry.”

They were currently holed up in Barry’s lab, shrouded not only by the darkness of the night but also by the lack of florescent lightning; the two of them had more pressing things on their mind to remember something as mundane as flipping on a switch. The only source of illumination came through the windows, and the moonlight splashed across Iris’ face as she squatted down in front of her best friend, who was hunched over in his chair, elbows digging into his knees and face buried in his hands.

“This is all my fault,” Barry muttered, his voice muffled by his hands. “I was right; everyone around me either gets hurt or dies—”

Hey,” the journalist said sternly, tugging his arms towards her so that he would be forced to look at her. “Patty’s not dead and she’s not going to be until she’s old and grey, got it?” She didn’t say anything about the former, because there was a pretty decent chance she probably was, and Iris didn’t want blatantly to lie to him. “You know she’s a tough woman and she knows she’s got you in her corner. You two will be making bad puns together before you know it.”

She believed the choked sob that escaped the forensic scientist was supposed to be some sort of laugh and her heart broke at the desperate, pleading look he gave her. Iris swallowed thickly, knowing he was teetering on the edge—she missed it a few months ago, lost in her own grief, but remembered all the signs from when his mother died like it was yesterday, and she’d be damned if she lost him again as he closed himself off to everyone around him. “And me, and our dads, and our friends, none of us are going anywhere, you got that?”

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