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as a sterek shipper i do understand the problematicness of the relationship with the ages and i know its a fight thats been fought before but now i feel like crap because i didnt know even if you ship them with stiles at 18/19 and derek at 22-24 it still makes their relationship wrong and with a power imbalance and now i feel bad

oh matey, to be honest, the age thing… never been a big deal to me because i’ve grown up with sex being much more a part of teenage life, from sixteen, and much less of a taboo here. so, even when stiles is sixteen… doesn’t bother me. 

doesn’t bother the show, either, seeing as all the teenagers have been having sex since they were sixteen. 

that aside, if you dig stiles and derek at 18 and 22, like, there is no problem. if there’s consent and a healthy, happy vibe, i don’t understand why there would be anything wrong with that. i can honestly say there has been no adult age where i have felt “ready” or more like i hold the cards in a relationship, you live and learn. maybe they’d be together forever, or maybe stiles’d need college, hell, canon derek doesn’t have his shit together any more than stiles, and he’s older. 

i know the age thing is being thrown around a lot at the moment, because of lydia and parrish (who cares, about that ship, seriously he’s boring and clone white boy 3000, and she deserves more than having to be involved with a boy at all times to stay relevant, i digress, my bitterness for lydia lives on along with my bitterness about so much tw shit) and ultimately, it’s not an argument. it just… does not matter. scott was old enough to be in love with allison. jackson was old enough to be willing to die to protect lydia. allison was old enough to stand up to her whole family for her friends. they’re old enough to make their own decisions in life? they’re old enough to make their own decisions where dating is concerned. 

ship stiles with derek and don’t feel bad about it. honestly, i was 17 when i had my first serious boyfriend, and he was 22, and he read the harry potter books and used honeybunch as an endearment. he was older, but he was still on a level. and, people change at all ages, stiles being 18 isn’t a big deal i honestly do not get the age thing, jeepers. don’t feel like crap for shipping anything, it’s your choice at the end of the day <3

Bite me

For laschatzi, the rum allergy to my goat’s milk.

44.          “I’m helping my niece’s girl scout troop sell cookies and hell no, fuck off soccer coach, we were here first” AU

Bite me.

Emma surveyed the table one more time, her niece Paige standing right next to her in her girl scout uniform, smiling eagerly.

“We are going to sell all the cookies!” Paige exclaimed effusively and Emma smiled fondly at her. Coming to the side entrance of the park had been a great idea. They’d get the moms coming out from baseball games and their children would dive into the cookies. They will be sold in no time.

Except is was then that she noticed the tall, tantalizing, dark haired stranger in jeans and a soccer shirt setting up a table with a bunch of kids.

Hell no. Emma thought. This is bad.

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I’ll defs be posting more pictures from the con later but if you guys didn’t know I also did an apron Clear

it was really a blast to do all my outfits and I had such a good time!


my art stamina has been severely low but I managed to scribble some self indulgent nonsense to try to get the gears oiled;;;and let me tell you it’s not working,,;;;


I have a headcanon that either Kuroo has really good beginners luck or happens to be pretty good at videogames. He just doesnt play them because, volleyball, man.

(Kenma is the champion of course, but sometimes he overthinks things and  misses obvious clues and the like)

10 are a precious existence to me. 

Happy Birthday, Haru! (ノ*´▽)ノ*゚✧*゚✧*゚(˶ㅎ。 ㅎ˶)*

(insp + poem)

rather than throwing these rejected doodles that were gonna be for a merch design im working on i guess i’ll post ‘em as a ‘work-in-progress’.
i kinda like the style i did but eh all i can see is disappointing flaws when i look at it so…i’ll try again! :)

my redbubble can be found here btw

Even after the fire is smothered,
the ashes won’t come out of the
carpet. I’m coal-coloured in all
the places you’ve touched me.
Maybe you’re off and on, but I’m
just on - buzzing like a worn
motor that won’t quit to take a
breath. I always want you.
—  Rebeka Anne, turned on

Luke Imagine: Frat AU

Author: Rhine


“What’s wrong, princess? Not having fun?”

His breath is tainted with alcohol, a half-empty red cup in his hands and a haze already glossing over his eyes.

He leans in close, close enough for you to see all the shades of the sky in his eyes, close enough for the small bristles of his chin to brush yours.

He never really did have a good understanding of personal space before, but intoxicated – you’d have better luck teaching an elephant how to do a backflip.

“Watching people get smashingly wasted? Oh, I’m having the time of my life.”

The words are dripping sarcasm from your lips as you move your head back to avoid his rancid breath.

Somewhere in the next room you can hear the familiar chorus of drink drink drink followed by the loud pounding of tables with background clink of something shattering to the ground – probably a vase, perhaps a drunken partygoer going down with it – and the chanting breaks into a roar of people cheering, wild hollering and crazed whoops accented by throaty laughter.

You’re surprised Luke isn’t there with them – he’s the first to get up on the table with his slogged dance moves, spilling alcohol everywhere and pulling up three girls with him on a too-cramped makeshift dancefloor.

He’s not one to miss up on a spotlight of attention, and you don’t know why he’s chosen to give that up in an attempt to win just yours tonight.

Probably the alcohol. Spiked, you’d bet. Possibly even by himself.

You wouldn’t put it past him, in all honesty.

“Not enjoying your throne, princess?” He slurs, stumbling to you and nearly falling in the process, saving himself with a last-minute awkward twirl. “You can always sit on me, if you’d like.”

His lips split into a wide grin, much too proud of himself.

“You’re disgusting, Luke. Go try that on some other girl who’s drunk enough to find that charming.”

“I happen to be – “ he looks at you with the steady gaze of a drunk man, hands flying up to his head in a painfully awkward pose “ – extremely charming.”

“More like extremely drunk.”

“That too. But also charming.”

You roll your eyes and he shakes a pointed finger at you, comically exaggerated in his movements as he shakes his head – something that seemed to make him dizzy, judging by the way he slanted to one side when he tried to walk towards you.

“You know, I asked you to come. You should be thanking me.”

Michael asked me to come and I only came to this stupid party because that was the only way I was getting his calc notes.”

“Well, I asked Michael to ask you to come, so technically I asked you to come.”

“That doesn’t even make sense.”

“I said to Mikey boy to ask that pretty girl in his calc class – haha, that’s you – to come because number one, you need to get your head out of that disgusting textbook, and two, I wanted you to.”

“So what, you asked Michael to invite me to your frat party so you could fuck the one girl you haven’t laid your greasy hands on?”

“Number one, you’re the one who mentioned fucking so just remember that later tonight, and number two, I moisturize every night so I can guarantee you my hands are not greasy.”

“You’re a pig, Luke Hemmings.”

“Pigs can’t have blue eyes therefore your argument is invalid.”

You throw your hands up in frustration, trying to storm past him – but even inebriated his reflexes are fast and he blocks you with his broad shoulders, a sloppy grin on his lips.

“Don’t be mad, princess.”

“Don’t be a dick, Hemmings. Let me leave.”

“But the party’s just started.” He whines a little, pouting his lips.

“This party is going to be ending real soon for you if you don’t move.”

“Was that in invitation to get out of here?”

“That was a fucking demand for you to leave me alone.”

“What have I done to make you hate me so much?”

The playful demeanor is gone now, replaced by dark storm clouds in his eyes that make you take a step back in the sudden surprise.


“You’re always so nice to my brothers – Ash and Mikey and even Cal – he gets it on with like two girls every day and still you’d share your food with him – “

“Luke, I swear to god if this is over a cookie from that one time – “

“It’s not fucking one time – you make a pointed effort to ignore me and you always make up some bullshit excuse to leave when I come up to talk to you when you’re with Mikey and last year you literally dropped your favourite course because you saw me in the same class – “

“I didn’t have space for the class – “

“There we go again! Bullshit excuses, all of it. You get along fine with everyone on the campus – fucking sweetheart, that’s what you are – but you treat me like shit for absolutely no reason at all.”

You’re finding this drunk version of Luke a little harder to manage than the one from a few moments ago.

“And I fuck up. I fuck up a lot. I know. But I haven’t slept with your sister or ran over your cat or whizzed on your car or any of the other stupid shit I usually do to make people hate me. It’s like you literally hate me for being me.”

“Luke, I – “

“Too high up on your throne to notice scum like me, princess?”

The words are bitter, hurt flashing in his eyes.

And you knew you weren’t exactly the kindest to Luke – it’s been years and you can’t even remember why you started treating him the way you did and you never gave it a second thought – you always thought he’d ignore your words just as you did to his, but you supposed not.

“I’m sorry, Luke.”

“You wouldn’t be if I didn’t tell you.”

You’re silent and he’s waiting and you don’t know what to say.

He moves from the doorway, clearing the path for you.

“Just fucking leave. I’ll tell Mikey to give you the notes tomorrow.”

You’re still, the freedom of the door no longer as uplifting as it was before, not when there’s still an elephant in the room blocking your way.

“Come with me?”

You test the words out hesitantly, gauging his reaction.


His eyebrows are pinched together and you’re not sure if his drunken mind understands your request, or if he’s too confused over the meaning of the words.

“It’s an invitation to get out of here with me.” You smile a little, parroting his words from earlier. “I want… I want to restart some things.”

“You mean your crappy-ass behaviour to me?” He blurts out, blunt words that he can’t help.

“Don’t push it, Hemmings.” You warn, though the small grin doesn’t leave your lips. “But yes.”

Luke looks out to the main room – where Ashton was currently dancing on top of the pool table, lassoing his shirt above his head – before turning back to you with a crooked smile.

“Let’s get out of here. I wasn’t really feeling this anyways.”

You raise a questioning eyebrow at him – not quick to forget his hollering whoops with beer spilling from his cup when you first walked in – but you don’t say a word about it, leaving it to the grin playing on your lips.

“I know just the place.”

“It better not be your bedroom, Hemmings.”

“First you mention the fucking and now this? I’m sensing you like me more than you let on, princess.”

You smack his head but it’s playful, and he rubs his now-messy hair with a boyish smile on his face.

“C’mon. Trust me?”

His eyes are still a little fogged with alcohol and a drunk Luke Hemmings is the absolutely last person you should trust, judging by the wildfire stories that were so popular around the campus – but you take his hand shyly and he wraps his long fingers around them, tugging you out the room.

You don’t know where he’ll take you, but you think this story is one just for the two of you.


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