it's hot and i'm lazy

Idk about you guys but you know how hating s*pern*tural/sh*rlock/d*ctor w*o is expected on here? Is anyone just tired of that and just gone to ‘i don’t care anymore. if you like it cool if you don’t cool’

even though it’s been years since my last summer vacation, there’s still a siren’s song pull to a night that’s cooling slightly after a hazy hot day that makes it so hard to sleep. for so many years summer nights were the only time i was free. free from studying, free from my parents, free to selfishly indulge in reading and writing and creating until my eyes couldn’t stay open any longer. and there’s still the part of me that recognizes sitting in bed with the window fan running, my room lit by only the blue glow of my laptop, and sings because it’s a time for possibilities, for dreaming. even though i’ve carved that time into my new adult life, that restless yearning part of me is still there on nights like this and i wonder if i’ll ever outgrow it or if years from now, when I’m settled somewhere into a more permanent life, nights like this will still feel a little magic around the edges. i hope it’s the latter.


Gif Request Meme ➸ Most Attractive - The 100 (requested by evilpandaislana​)

When u get a good grade in a test u didn’t study for and ur friend don't 


Favorite Character Meme - [5/7] Scenes

↳ Rin struggles with the heat

“Man it’s hot… Wow, I better eat this thing fast before it melts.”