it's horribly ugly

It was probably Elise who made Leo wear the flowers - Takumi is very much amused


I know there is no evidence of tauren or goblin hybrids, but this is a weird what-if, ok?

So, well, this is a gobren: Akitanka. Fortunately it’s sterile. 

The father would be Nukkle. Quite obvious with those eyes & stare and the hair. 

Mommy is Manishe aka “Cinnamon” in the brothel. 


The second one was inspired by this here:

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I really damn wish people will realise that you can write dark stories without going into details of some of the darkest subjects of humanity. Like csa and sa can be in a story and you don't have write a long scene of it happening. Like shit Graceling tackles the subject of csa and the main villain is a monster of that sort and there isn't one scene of it in the book. Just alot of evidence leading to what the main villain does.

CSA is not a taboo subject to write. While something I don’t like and would never read, I don’t disapprove of Lolita.

The glorification of CSA, however, is intolerable. Removing CSA from the horror, the outright condemnation of it, and putting it in a less dark light; THAT is not ok. Writing straight up porn? Whoever does that can die tbfh.

I don’t mind if people write about it with a /purpose/ to show its ugliness, how horrible it is. If its written for any other reason though its unforgivable.

Did you ever consider that Ravi, a grown man who’s helped come up with the Conception concepts, wanted to cut his hair the way he has it? That saying ugly things about it because you don’t like it adversely affects him? It’s Error all over again, and I for one am proud of him for still cutting his hair this way despite all the hate he got for his hair back then. I loved his buzzed hair then, I love it now, and I love Ravi no matter how he decides to cut, shave or style his hair.

I for one also cannot wait for all of VIXX to be petting Ravi’s freshly buzzed hair again! They did it nonstop during Error and it was so cute.

you see i didnt need you, i wasnt jealous of you if anything i felt bad for you. i love being free and being myself and feeling like my own person. i can love who i want to love, be with who i want to be and still make good decisions. you made me feel like i was dumb and useless that i needed you but without you im better. i kissed another boy yesterday and i didnt think of you, you werent on my mind thats when i realized i was over you for a while. i told you it wasnt love it was lust, at least for still want a friendship with me because i boost your ego, i showered you with love and compliments sometimes when i didnt even believe it i just said it. i could have been your world but i realized you cant be someones world if they dont want you to be. you finally met someone who makes you question wether your parents really know what their talking about. they dont, im not a slut you know it stop lying so much. tell them you fucked me tell them how much i made you weak come on man you couldnt even see straight after id bring you to heaven. you loved calling me baby, you wanted me to be yours but when i left you, i was okay and you were not. maybe this is a sign that all along you were toxic to me but i was beauty for you. you are not a bad person because i saw the side of you no one saw but the side you share with everyone is ugly its horrible, maybe thats why i liked having you to myself sometimes because the you with everyone else is a you i never want to be apart of. jealousy isnt me, its ugly, its sad, its not love. just know if you live with jealousy for the rest of your life you’ll hate yourself even more than you do. you didnt stay to show me self love you read one of my writings and wanted to spit in my face what i already said about you. you needed me you even said it you hate it but you need me, you really fucking do. call me when you’re sad ill still be here but not in the same way because you need to love yourself before others espicially when the others is you, because you never showed me love not fucking once.

Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future. Without change, something sleeps inside us, and seldom awakens. The sleeper must a w a k e n.