it's horrible i apologize

“Don’t move! Yes, yes. That’s perfect, Nico. Hold that pose.”

Older Nico di Angelo commission for KelseyAh! I’m so happy I got to draw my boy, The Underworld Prince. Look at him, so clueless lol. Redbubble


Governor? What governor?

if you’re thinking about screenshotting a gifset originally on tumblr to post to twitter please just do one of two things: give credit or reconsider. even in the most simplest of sets, gifmakers put in time and effort in order to create content that they think their followers would enjoy. time and effort that could very well be directed elsewhere. the least that most gifmakers ask is recognition for that time and effort, and having their content be circulating around other websites with zero credit whatsoever is heartbreaking.

This is my OTP don’t laugh

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What are some of your favorite Bones recs? I recently got into Star Trek and I've fallen for the doctor :P

Oh lordy, I always hate giving out recs because I always feel like I’m forgetting one, or leaving someone out! And because I am the worst at deciding just singular fics, I will recommend a few of my favorite authors! Please forgive me and do not feel bad if I have left you out. It’s not that I don’t enjoy your stories, its because I have a horrible memory and I apologize, but please feel free to add some of your favorite stories!

@imoutofmyvulcanmind - Masterlist - For the fluff, the angst(so much angst) and the smuts

@bkwrm523Masterlist  - For the gloriously, beautifully written smuts

@mccoymostly  - Masterlist - For the headcannons AND THE ANGST(god the angst) and if you like Mckirk feels.

@outside-the-government - Masterlist - I mean what doesn’t this lovely lady write? Theres tons here! One of the first that inspired me to write again.

@atari-writes - Masterlist - Just a general love for these fics :D great fluff, great smut!

@star-trekkin-across-theuniverse - Masterlist - Also tons of great fics and ficlets, imagines, ect! The other person to inspire me to start writing again as well!

I hope this helps you! :D



its horrible dead meme but please share and enjoy my sins. I apologize for the audio; the damn video wouldn’t export for 5 hours.

if you’re having a problem with a friend, maybe they said something that upset you, please talk it out with them because if they’re a true friend they never would’ve hurt you intentionally

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This one's a bit horrible, apologies. It's for a horror story. So: if I were to take a human being --possibly a child or infant-- and break bones and allow them to reset badly, disjoint and twist joints, little by little, letting things heal wrongly, perhaps even cutting tendons, over time, just how much could I twist a person up and they'll still live and be able to move around some (pain is expected)? Could I get their head facing backwards? Horrible, I know. It's not a happy thought.

Your character probably couldn’t get the victim’s head on backwards. Playing with extending flexibility like that is grotesque but all well and good, except that by rotating the head that much you’d damage the spinal cord beyond repair. 

I wish I had  more details to give you on this one, but I just don’t have any hard evidence on how far this can go before it simply kills the victim or makes them completely immobile. Sorry! 

xoxo, Aunt Scripty


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If prompts are still open, then Bill using really cheesy geometry pick up lines on Dip dop

I have had horrific writer’s block lately, and while this prompt is a bit old, but I always keep the prompts I get, in case I have a moment of inspiration.

I had a moment. It’s a bit ridiculous, but hey, cheesy pick up lines are always fun! My apologies.


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Imagine being cornered by a random man who’s trying to hit on you before badboy!Woozi stepping in and coming to your rescue by pushing the man away and telling them; “I’m sorry but they’re mine. Go find someone who isn’t taken”

So I’m working on my next part to Posionous Soul and I’m realizing that this part is going to be obnoxiously long in order for the format to work so I’m just apologizing in advance for its horrible length.

So I’m working on something Ichiruki right now but decided to do a Rukia tutorial instead of Ichiruki lol You’ll see the full one up today or tomorrow.

1. Find pictures of Rukia to use her eye/face shape/hair as reference. I don’t always do this but it helps keep to the original. Draw her eye as close as possible.

2. Copy, paste, and flip the other eye and move it around till it fits. Remember this doesn’t always work because if her head is turning side ect. You’ll have to draw out her other eye. In this case I need her frontal view yay lucky me!. Add a nose to help you determine how far apart the other eye should be.

3. Add her hair and a mouth. Make sure you do her hair on a separate layer from the eyes, mouth, and nose because you’ll have to erase/move the hair around.

4. Next do a rough sketch of her face and hair. Make sure the hair and face are on different layers. I made it different colors to help me differentiate the layers. Play around with her hair and face shape until it comes out to your liking. 

5. After you get it to your liking merge both her hair and face layer, changed that opacity to 50% or lower. It does not have to be 50% or lower. it can be 90% 80% 70% ect. Personally for me, I like it low though that way I can trace over it easier. After you are done with merging and lowering the opacity, make a new layer, then on that new layer start tracing over the blue and green.

6. After that you are done and you can draw a body! ;D this tutorial totally did not help but at least you have an idea of how I art Ichiruki.