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funnystarfish  asked:

Yo! Happy st. pattys day! I know this sounds weird, but can you reenact a scene from Beauty and the beast? This movie was released today and I'm in the spirit for some beast and belle action!

Happy St.Patrick’s Day, baby!! 

Malec Drabble #2

Drabble (about 900 words) 

Pairing: Magnus Bane/Alec Lightwood 

Malec Rating: PG/fluff and slight angst (very slight)

A/N: It’s been awhile since I’ve last written anything, so I’m sorry if it’s not well-written!

mini sum: Alec sees Magnus’ real eyes for the first time.

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justalothcat  asked:

Hey, I've been on the hunt for Obimaul fanfic (having found your gorgeous work on ao3), do you have any recs? Thanks! LothCat

Ah hello! thank you so much I’m so glad you’re enjoying it!!!

Its horrible but I don’t actually read that much fanfiction (I wish I had more time to!). Consensus seems to be the Choices by Siubhan is pretty stellar (and on my to-read list when I find the time haha).

I’m gonna tag some people who probably will have more suggestions (and anyone else who sees this and wants to jump in!) @sunsetofdoom @the-last-hair-bender @capiapoa @shadowmaat  @smarsupial more good Obimaul recs? Your own stuff? 

Also I answer Obimaul prompts on here (as does @pomodoriyum!) if you’re looking for some more short form content that’s not on AO3.

Good luck and thanks again!!!   

interlude: what are you wearing?

jikook / 1,178 words / rated T for suggestive themes and drinking / AO3
i actually decided to write this

“What are you doing?”

Jimin furrows his eye brows and pulls his phone away from his face just to check–yep, Jungkook is calling him at four in the morning, asking him what he’s doing. “I’m sleeping. What do you think I’m doing? What are you doing?”

“I,” Jungkook pauses, “I’m calling you.”

“Yeah, I know,” Jimin says. “At four a.m.? Are you still in the studio with Yoongi-hyung? Are you guys okay?” He’s tired and kind of annoyed, but if Jungkook is calling him and being weird this late, Jimin doesn’t want to hang up on him in case something’s wrong.

“Yes! I’m great!” Jungkook says. “Super. What are you doing, Jiminnie?”

“You already asked me that,” Jimin grumbles, looking suspiciously at his phone. “Kookie, are you drunk?”

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The Chronicles of Narnia Meme

6 Characters: [3/6] Polly Plummer
“"It’s a good thing one of us has some sense.”

The fact that Agent Carter is currently outperforming Supernatural in the ratings and yet everyone is still bitching about how it’s slipping, and we’re all terrified that it won’t go any further than the end of this series, just says everything about what we’ve come to expect from the media.

A male-led show can be awful or simply mediocre and accepted but Agent Carter has to be the most impressive thing ever otherwise it won’t be taken seriously.

Admittedly, I won’t deny that the poor performance of Agents of Shield had already set this situation up to some extent, but it’s as much to do with sexism as it is to do with Marvel flops.


“The days turn into months the months turn into years.

 So just for a moment, let’s be still.”

Everything about Abbott’s downfall is just so perfect
  • Rupert Murdoch’s public support of Abbott and calls for Abbott to lead the Libs to an early election actually helped drive the party to Turnbull’s side because everyone in a marginal seat was like “shit guys, you know Abbott is in Rupert’s pocket, we’re gonna be fucked if he calls an early election”
  • Instead of bothering to ask Julie Bishop if he still had her support (which he did, at least nominally), he implicitly sacked her and started looking around for a replacement – at which point Bishop, pragmatist that she is, switched her support to Turnbull, and in so doing sealed Abbott’s demise
  • And then he couldn’t even find a fucking running mate because Joe Hockey was seen as toxic and Scott Morrison (also pragmatically) was like “no dude I am not going to screw over Julie and Joe, even for me that would be a dick move”
  • So he was forced to settle for Kevin Andrews, who upon realising he’d backed the losing horse immediately broke down and started begging to be allowed to keep his ministerial portfolio, then called a press conference to have a public tantrum after he was dumped
  • Meanwhile Abbott spends the next twelve hours sulking before resigning via fax (FAX!!! such a perfect metaphor for his whole PMship), then makes a petulant speech about how he’s going to make this as easy as possible and not turn it into a slinging match about VENOMOUS TRAITORS LEAKING TO THE MEDIA AND WHITE-ANTING AND BACKGROUNDING AND DESTROYING HIS GOVERNMENT FROM THE INSIDE nope he’s not going to say anything about that or about how the media was COMPLICIT IN ENABLING OPPORTUNISTIC SELF-SERVING BACKSTABBING but yeah: easy as possible, that is his promise
  • And even as he’s saying this Abbott’s staff are making shit is hard as possible for Malcolm Turnbull to operate and taking days to vacate the PM’s office and not letting the new PM’s staff have access to the PM’s diary
  • And Abbott missed out on his $500k-a-year pension by only four days
IKON B.I scenario

Hiii!! Can I request surprise Hanbin with your daughter at ikon fansign ? Thank you !

ok so here it is i hope you like it ended up being a bit shorter than i planned. its totally horrible but i still hope you enjoy it :)))))

Pairing: hanbin/reader
Genre: fluff

“You ready sweetie?” You asked your 4 years old daughter in front of the theater hall that your husband from the famous group IKON was presently having a fansign at.

You decided to surprise him with your daughter at his fansign. You knew how hard he worked and you barely saw him in the past couple days with his promos and your daughter was missing his daddy. And so you texted bobby and got him to help you with the surprise. You explained to your daughter the whole plan carefully and the reason why she needs to put on a facemask while you waited for bobby’s text.

Bobby: ok get in by the back door the manager is waiting for you.

After receiving that text you put on my facemask and your snapback and took you daughter’s hand and went to the back door. The manager saw you and you went in. he guided you guys around the hallways and you were presently behind the boys of IKON still hidden. You told your daughter to go into the line and pretend to be a fan. She agreed quickly with a big smile excited to see her dad. She went in the line and some fans around her recognized her but she cutely told them to keep it a secret and they complied finding her adorable. The line moved on quickly and soon she was in front of donghyuk. Hanbin was placed at the end with bobby as the last member on purpose for the surprise. Donghyuk recognized her but played along when she shushed him with a big smile. She moved down the line and was getting more and more excited. She was now at jinhwan who was just next to hanbin and you sneaked up behind him ready to surprise. Jinhwan noticed her and decided to play a little.

“Well hello you are probably the cutest members. So who is your favourite member?” He asked her playfully.

“Bobby oppa.” She responded with a cute laugh.

“WAAAAE? Its not me?” He asked in a mock-offended voice.

She just laughed and moved down the line to hanbin. He didn’t look up to her right away and just signed her poster first.

“You told jinhwan that your favourite is bobby?” He asked her light-heartedly.

“Yes.” She replied cutely.

That is when you went directly behind him and put your hands on his shoulders.

“Its not appa?” You asked her in his ears.

He looked up with shocked eyes and your daughter took off her facemask and so did you. His face brightens up with the happiest expression and he turned to you. You smiled lovingly at him and whispered ‘surprise’. He got up and hugged you tight and kissed you passionately.

“Me too! Me too!” Your daughter exclaimed jumping up and down.

He reached over the table and lifted her up in his arms and hugged her tight and gave her a big kiss on her cheeks. The other boys came to hug her and greet you.

“Did you like the surprise appa?” Your daughter asked him cutely with big anticipating eyes.

“I love it princess. Thank you.” He replied with a big smile.