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A sea of green, and a beacon of blue

Recipe For Life – A No Reservations RebelCaptain AU

“I wish there was a cookbook for life, you know? Recipes telling us exactly what to do.”

“You know better than anyone, it’s the recipes you create yourself that are the best.”

Jyn Erso has dedicated her entire life to her position as head chef at Alliance Restaurant, an upscale Manhattan restaurant. Her entire world is flipped upside down when her only sister is killed in a tragic car accident, leaving her ten-year-old niece, Rey, in her custody. While Jyn struggles to learn how to parent a grieving child, restaurant owner Davits Draven brings in a Mexican-trained chef, Cassian Andor, to run the kitchen in her absence. 

But Cassian, whose eccentric styles and fun loving attitudes, completely changes the tone of Jyn’s tightly controlled kitchen, leaving Jyn to suspect he wants nothing more than to take over the job she has spent her life working to secure. It isn’t until Cassian is able to bond with Rey in a way she had been unable to that she begins to welcome him both into her kitchen and into her life.

Reasons why the “Who Shot Robert?” storyline was gold:

  • Robert running down the stairs into the kitchen to yell “i’m not gay!” at vic and andy (followed by the first g8 sexuality convo rob has ever had, thank you victoria)
  • Robert listing out to the police all the people he’s slept with and the fucked up things he’s done before telling them he didn’t kill katie
  • the “mm whatcha say” moment when chas tells robert to just go and then he gets shot
  • coma rob sleeping for weeks
  • bernice bringing robert grapes in the hospital and him thanking her then not eating them
  • paranoid rob refusing to believe aaron shot him, the human embodiment of “that sounds fake but okay”
  • recovering rob stumbling around the town clutching his tummy in his pjs
  • rob and victoria living together!!!! victoria supporting him when everyone else despises his guts and for good reason!
  • “how could somebody who loved me do something like that” buddy we’re all wondering (also the first time he acknowledged to vic that he/aaron weren’t just fuck buddies!)
  • the ultimate parallel scene where andy and rob recreate max king’s death, good ol’ family angst and drama
  • when robert tells andy he’s over it and then goes over to fake hold ross up at gun point (human embodiment of “AND OTHER THING…”)
  • rob saying “chop chop, or should i say bang bang” while waving a gun like?
  • ross being lowkey in love obsessed with rob and agonizing over almost killing him (seeing rob every time he closes his eyes, getting drunk every night to forget….)

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Yo! Happy st. pattys day! I know this sounds weird, but can you reenact a scene from Beauty and the beast? This movie was released today and I'm in the spirit for some beast and belle action!

Happy St.Patrick’s Day, baby!! 

Just a little sneak peek at a fic im writing

It’s always been the two of them against the world. 

Being seven making paper eye patches to wear during their sword fights, sharing chicken pox miserably at nine but it was okay because wearing mittens as lobster claws was cool, the race at eleven for whose voice would crack and who’d get their first armpit hair, turning fifteen and competing for the higher amount of goals in football for a dumb trophy or being seventeen doing Russ together while throwing what they thought were groundbreaking parties. The time at nineteen fates finally deemed goodbye for a while was necessary. 

“Promise me that no matter how far we’re separated this isn’t a permanent goodbye.” Chris muttered quickly because feelings sucked. Change was scary. He was smart enough to know that this would happen one day. He just never wanted it too. “You’re my best friend.”

Always the dramatics. He was going to miss it. 

William expected this to go much easier. Everyone found it so easy to leave him so why was it so hard to just pick himself for once. Chris had never left him. It was that simple. Instead, William felt terrible like he was losing a limb from his body, but he’d never dare show it. “When Noora and I have kids, I need proof that I was cooler.”

“Fuck you, Magnusson.”  Chris cursed sticking both middle fingers in his face. 

“You wish.”

One pill after another to swallow. 

“I think I’m in love with Eva.” That statement didn’t throw William. It’s been four years  leading up to this moment. Two spent where Chris only had eyes for Eva. Anyone involved with either of them could see it. For Christ sake, they’ve been attached at the hip. He’s more surprised that its taken him this long to admit he has feelings.

This is what he’d do with a fidget spinner-


💜- A memory about one of their loved ones, happy or sad
💙- A sad memory that makes them cry

Dawn and her late husband Devon, the night after landing on Balmorra. They retired to their tent, but Dawn couldn’t sleep so they started browsing through some pictures of houses for sale on various green planets, away from Republic space. 
Dawn wanted a sunny bedroom for their child - she knew too well how grim and dull a bedroom could get when it’s only lit up by the streetlights outside, like her own bedroom was when she grew up on Coruscant.

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What are some of your favorite Bones recs? I recently got into Star Trek and I've fallen for the doctor :P

Oh lordy, I always hate giving out recs because I always feel like I’m forgetting one, or leaving someone out! And because I am the worst at deciding just singular fics, I will recommend a few of my favorite authors! Please forgive me and do not feel bad if I have left you out. It’s not that I don’t enjoy your stories, its because I have a horrible memory and I apologize, but please feel free to add some of your favorite stories!

@imoutofmyvulcanmind - Masterlist - For the fluff, the angst(so much angst) and the smuts

@bkwrm523Masterlist  - For the gloriously, beautifully written smuts

@mccoymostly  - Masterlist - For the headcannons AND THE ANGST(god the angst) and if you like Mckirk feels.

@outside-the-government - Masterlist - I mean what doesn’t this lovely lady write? Theres tons here! One of the first that inspired me to write again.

@atari-writes - Masterlist - Just a general love for these fics :D great fluff, great smut!

@star-trekkin-across-theuniverse - Masterlist - Also tons of great fics and ficlets, imagines, ect! The other person to inspire me to start writing again as well!

I hope this helps you! :D