it's honestly such a joy to watch this

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the pigeon drama :( it was exactly like you said, dan immediately had that face like he was trying to be annoyed with phil and thinking "this guy" in his head, but he was just so fond?

when he was talking about how phil just looks out the window and watches birds and said like ‘honestly phil’s obsessed with birds’ i rly wanted to start crying bc it was genuinely so fond? and its so nice to think of him trying to be annoyed like ‘ugh this is what you dragged me upstairs for?’ but then still standing there with phil by the window to watch the birds with him and like laugh at how excited phil is and just bask in phil’s joy in that moment???? the fuck? the pigeon drama is def gonna go down as one of the most loving and affectionate stories dan’s shared.

it all reminds me so much of this iconic tweet from 2015:

and these are just two of so many examples of dan so eagerly deciding to talk about phil getting excited over random things and trying to play it off like it’s annoying but really just so transparently loving him for it. i love them :( they make me feel so soft :(

Two years ago, I started a project that changed my life for the better.

This should have happened around the anniversary on the 13th, but this month has been a trial, one that has brought several liveblog communities closer together and made us all stronger, I think.  Regardless, the fact that there’s even an extended community to strengthen owes itself to a long, long daisy-chain of events, one that I personally can trace back to that almost offhanded decision to mimic the Homestuck liveblogs of old and take a crack at this new cartoon my dashboard was raving about.

Two years.  Two years where, I’ll freely admit, I’ve gone more slowly than any of us would like, but two years of joy, laughter, and fun, two years of forging a name for myself and a community that I’m endlessly proud of.  Two years of Steven Universe, a show that has, quite honestly, changed my life.  It’s not the best show I’ve ever watched, it has its flaws both minor and severe, but I love it, and it’s mine in a way no other show has ever really been.  Two years, two point four million views, and here we are, almost caught up.  Not to the end–I’ll be continuing with Steven Universe as new episodes arrive–but after two years, I’ll finally be in the same boat as the rest of you.

I’ve made mistakes over the past couple years, had problems relating to this blog and my life and illnesses, but I wouldn’t give up the sheer joy of creation for all the world.  I owe Steven Universe so much that it’s hard to put into words.



I haven’t seen the episode yet, but I’ve heard what happens and I’m honestly so disappointed and upset. There are so few shows that show us happy and healthy relationships like Michael and Jane’s. So few shows that don’t feel the need to get darker each season. So few shows that don’t rely on shock value to get attention. I have no interest in the show now and that’s not because Michael was why I watched it. I’m not interested because this move has betrayed everything I loved about the show. Its optimism, joy and love. I just don’t want to watch another tragedy. Jane the Virgin was what I watched to smile and laugh and I just don’t see how they can do that now.

im watching the handmaids tale and honestly i know they want us to like. care about the backstories of serena joy and her husband but like jesus christ they were and are terrible people and its interesting but also i hate them so lmao

A Case for The Spongebob Musical

So this show starts performances on Broadway Nov. 6, 2017 and occasionally I’ll see posts about it with questions about its quality or this and that (and send asks to people put these things in their tags, so shout out to @ratherthepoint for being interested in what I had to say about this), so here’s contribution of my thoughts on the show as someone who can maybe kind of sort of answer these questions, so here are my opinions:

This show is pretty darn good. I think it’s gonna play especially well with 20-somethings who grew up with the show. Cause it’s not written like a show targeted at little kids. It’s mostly family friendly with a few things that are definitely going over kids’ heads, but it’s also kind of self-aware of how ridiculous it can be, acknowledging it, and then just playing in that space and having a great time anyway. It’s not a flawless, sophisticated, high-brow show. And it’s not trying to be that. However, the cast is amazing and the design aspects are stunning. You can tell this show was put together and is performed by people who really love and care about what they’re doing. That sincerity lets the show’s heart come through in both the cheesy and emotional points throughout, so more than anything, this show is a joy to watch, and I honestly enjoyed it every time I saw it.

(I worked at the theater where the show had its Chicago run last summer and through the job saw the show eight times. Never got sick of it, and still miss it every now and then.)

On a slightly more critical note, there are some parts I’m not crazy about. There are a couple of subplots that don’t really land for me, and a couple of songs that aren’t my favorite, but as a credit to the production, even those parts are interesting to watch at least once because of the staging/actors/choreography/etc. Plus, given the amount of time between the Chicago run and its Broadway opening, there could very well be some changes that make a difference in those bits.

Personal highlights:

Ethan Slater: That boy is crazy good. There are so many aspects of his physicality and mannerisms that go into his Spongebob, not to mention he is such a triple threat. Just. I want all good things for him. And I love how he performs Spongebob’s “I want” song very much. (I also just really like that song)

Gavin Lee: In general, Squidward is great in the show, but Gavin Lee has the timing and delivery down to a tee, and does great things in the background during the show. Plus his tap dance number (with four legs) is my favorite bit of the show.

The Ensemble: All so good! I love how the ensemble works in this show! Stephanie Hsu (Karen) and Jason Michael Snow (Patchy) are stand outs for me, both had some great improv moments throughout the run.

The friendship between Spongebob and Patrick: I just really liked how this is written. And both actors play off of each other really well.

Wrap up:

I really like this show! I think it’s quite good! On “the scale of Spider-Man Turn off the Dark to School of Rock in terms of “ridiculous musicals with powerhouse creators that could turn out really good”” (as someone who hasn’t seen School of Rock yet), I’d say it’s in a similar realm as Shrek the Musical, but I like it even better than I like Shrek. Is it worth seeing on Broadway? If you’ve got the money for it, go for it. I’d say listen to the album when it comes out (they’ve already recorded it, and are supposedly releasing it around the time they open on Broadway), and if that sounds pretty good, look in to getting tickets. I imagine they’re going to have some sort of rush/lotto situation and that’d definitely be worth it. I will say, this is a show where having really good visibility from your seat matters because a lot happens outside of the actually stage area if staging remains consistent, so keep that in mind when choosing seats.

I think that does it! Please feel free to message me if you’ve got any other questions and I can do my best to answer them!


hot takes:

-fuck!!!!! yeah!!!! its happening!!!!!

-not 3D animated?? at least not the characters. i thought i’d heard it was gonna be cgi early on but maybe that idea got scrapped

-new theme: 10/10 thanks lin 

-i saw a really funny post in the tag complaining about the new animation and they posted an old screencap and a new one side by side and oh man,,,, i dont know how to tell you this my guy but they are both bad. this has never been a well-animated show

-the character animation is certainly not,,, great. tho with the high-profile actors/musical artists they got im surprised they didnt spend more money on the animation 

-the head writer is Mark Banker, who’s worked on a bunch of animated shows including Adventure Time! this gives me some hope for sure

-the “animation technical director” is Jason Lin, who’s worked on Wild Kratts and My Little Pony so,,,,, idk folks

-none of the rest of the voice cast is on imdb!!!!! i need to know this shit!!!

-overall im fuckin pumped and honestly even if its bad im gonna watch every ep and post about it constantly so it’ll bring joy to my life one way or another

reply/message me about ur thoughts!!




literally the characters are my children

Rose: precious klutz and obsessed over anything that has to do w/ fairy tales but is still savage af without trying- plus she’s got cute shoes and face so I was sold first glance

Astoria: The over bearing mom figure of the five, the classy and over achiever but she’s still my favourite hot mess. Her hair does cool shit.

Joy: don’t underestimate this bean bc she might not be bright but she knows a thing or two about class and good taste in men (and frogs!) she’s also adorable js

Hawk: The try hard pretty boy who is constantly being bombarded by his grandma with various princesses and brides to be but we all know he wants Rose to be his choice but his grandma hates her so wow he’s just gonna play hero until then

Travis: basically Nathanael from Miraculous Ladybug, pure, shy, artsy, tries to be cool but isn’t, but his grampa wants him to be a fighter not a lover and it triggers him so much that he has FURY MAGIC

Vicky: can’t have a show w/o an antagonist and Vicky at least has brains and better comebacks than most. She’s also independent and DONT NEED NO PRINCE CHARMING #blessed

LingLing: still can’t get over her name oMG but she’s still precious and bADASS AF LIKE SHE IS SO BOLD AND CONFIDENT LIKE WHO DOESNT WANT TO BE LINGLING HONESTLY SHES A GODDESS


okay but seriously this is the show

watch it

It’s great

honestly, i can’t thank @therealjacksepticeye enough. not only his videos but he himself have helped me through so much.

i know i sound like a broken record and that hes probably heard this a million times but its true.

i was so incredibly sad in middle school. i was very, very sad all of the time.

but ive really gotten back into his videos these past 5- 6 months after not being able to watch them as often as i would have liked due to school. and since starting high school ive been able to watch more and be more involved in the community.

jack and this community have become my family. people i can always turn to and i am so incredibly thankful for it. jack and the community have put so much joy back into my life these past months.

ive honestly never been as happy in my life, and its mostly due to jack and the community.

so thank you jack. thank you for everything. and thanks to the community! you guys are all wonderful.

dead serious i will unfollow in sight if i see someone making fun of tjlc and its supporters i do not care at all that it was funny to make fun of teenagers for having interests in 2013 or whatever bs justification there is for it. this is a group of primarily lgbt young adults and teens with a passionate interest in something that resonates deeply within them specifically because it’s been offered as an exciting and rewarding piece of gay media. who are you to fault them for hoping and wanting more.

i honestly do not care how silly benedict cumberbatch’s name is or whatever you read on his yfip four years ago, if you’re gaining this much joy from watching a group of dedicated fans hoping their years of investment will pay off and moreover hoping that it doesn’t so the work actually turns out to be terrible and regressive, i want nothing to do with you


Discworld // Daredevil ― 2/?

Was he enjoying this? Not the pain. He’d pass on the pain. In fact he’d passed out on the pain. But there was that small part of him he’d heard sometimes during strenuous arrests after long chases, the part that wanted to punch and punch long after punching had already achieved its effect. There was a joy to it. He called it the beast. It stayed hidden until you needed it and then, when you needed it, out it came.

(Night Watch - Terry Pratchett)

“But you’ll be missing out on life’s greatest joy!”

You say that. But…

If children are life’s greatest joy - and bearing in mind this is a life rich with all the opportunities of the entire world around us… why are so many of you so deeply, desperately unhappy?

I’ve seen all the newspaper adverts of sunshine-filled family holidays, buckets and spades and matching hats. I’ve seen cereal adverts that tell me parenthood is a blissful fucking dream, so long as you buy them the right kind of Cocoa Crispy Crunch. 

But honestly? I’m just not buying it.

With good reason.

I do weekend work now. It’s in customer service, in a place that is very popular with families. I was there last weekend, people-watching to pass the time - like I do every weekend. This means that at least one day of every week, I’m watching people being parents - not at a time when they’re trying to convince me I should join the club, but when they’ve let their guard down.

And far from life’s ‘greatest joy’, everyday parenthood looks like its major ingredient is boredom - with good measures of resentment, misery and exhaustion.

I spend my weekend observing people who were once independent, happy adults like me, and are now basically slaves to the whims of kids. I see people silently handing over cash they can’t afford for things that the children don’t really want but scream that they really, really do. 

I see people trailing numbly after hyperactive infants, just watching them - no joy in their faces, no excitement, no love. They don’t interact with the kid. They don’t spend time with it. They just follow it, numb, unenthusiastically making sure it doesn’t kill itself. 

I see people bored out of their skulls and shattered from another 5am wake-up, leaning against a wall somewhere while their kids rampage nearby, just trying to spend a little time on their phone in peace.

‘Life’s greatest joy’?

I don’t want to be among those exhausted, overworked people who remember all of their freedom, all of their happiness, and hate that they traded it all for some sulky, ungrateful little person. I don’t want to be the person handing over money for tickets, bottled water, ice creams, gift shop crap, burning up with resentment that this isn’t what I was promised. “Life’s greatest joy”, they said - and now you’re stuck in some god awful expensive place, packed in with other people’s horrific kids, who are even worse than your own, and there’s no end in sight, and now they’re claiming they didn’t want strawberry, they wanted chocolate, and it’s boring here…

Seriously. Do a shift somwhere family-friendly on a Saturday. 

Don’t expect your hope in humanity to last the day. Happy parents with happy children are rare, and I know that’s depressing, but it’s right there for you to observe every single weekend

Far more common are parents who tell the childless that there’s no such thing as joy until you’re a mum, then tell their kids they can’t wait until they’re gone.

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Could you do a prompt where Johnny serenades Meena with a song to cheer her up

It’ll be shorter because I’m not really into writing Meena, but I’ll do what I can :)

Johnny’s song was inspired by Forgetful Lucy by Adam Sandler in 50 First Dates

Okay, maybe he wasn’t the song writer Ash was, but it wasn’t that bad was it? Meena was either laughing in joy or laughing at him. Honestly, as long as she wasn’t crying anymore, Johnny didn’t care.

“You started by helping Mr. Moon back stage,” he strummed idly on his guitar. “But got the courage to let your voice out of its cage. You impressed the entire town…when you took the whole theatre down.” Meena laughed again, her eyes sparkling with joy rather than tears, and so did Johnny.

“Pre-tty Meena,” he drew out. “Always wearing clean jeans-a!”

Meena giggled, her crying had long stopped. In her hands, she twisted the tissue she had been using, ripping it into pieces.

“We love hearing you sing, you can carry a tune to anything. Even while she’s laughing at me, she’s still as sweet as can be.” Oh God, he’ll stick to singing songs other people wrote. But Meena kept laughing, listening intently.

“Pre-tty Meena, her voice is so pure-ina! You’re the star of the show,” Johnny finished, hanging his head in near embarrassment.

Meena clapped her hands together and blew her trunk and that flattered Johnny more than any standing ovation he ever got.

“That was beautiful, Johnny!” He looked up to see her face split with a giant smile.

He rubbed the back of his neck bashfully. “Not as beautiful as your voice, Meena.”

She blushed. “Thank you, I just…even now, sometimes the fear of the crowd gets the better of me,” she hung her head.

Oh crud, he was about to undo all the cheering up his sappy song had done.

“I think if I can impress you with my terrible song writing, you can really blow people away.”

She looked up at him and with a small curve of her lips. “Thank you Johnny, really. I think…maybe I can.”

Well after watching the episode itself, I can confirm that the Uf version of Sock Opera is going to be like 139% darker. Because Special Edition Journal 3 crossed me and also because SU elements and also because PTSD and also because I’m a sadist. So we all have that to look forward to!

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Ask box is open? *dancing* Ahem, forget it. May I req MafiaLeader!Gom+ImayoshixShy!Fem!Reader?

I don’t know what happened, but this ended up a super long weird drabble…. It was meant to be a short drabble, but this happened… Hahaha but keep dancing on Anon-chan, it’s cute! Hope you enjoy this strange drabble…


Kise’s the type of leader to be wearing a bunch of jewelry. Diamond rings with a gold band, thin gold chains with diamonds encrusted into them. But not the long ones, just long enough to be around his neck He has big thick stud diamond earrings as well. He’s just all made up in gold and diamonds. Kise’s more into a clean look so he’s be wearing just a white long sleeve button up, a black sleek sleeveless vest, and some nice fitted slacks. Oh and some nice dress shoes. I don’t know, is that a little wrong? But c’mon who can’t see Kise doing that. And a skinny long tie, maybe a soft baby blue. He says it brings out his eyes. And as superficial and over the top he may seem, Kise’s all business. You’re joking when you say you don’t have the money right? Don’t worry, he’s got a bunch of guys to handle that for him. Kise’s more of the taunting kind of leader. He’ll laugh seem like he’s okay, maybe a little crazy. But he’s serious. That smile he has when he talks business is no joke. And of course, when he meets you, its the same as any other day. Just a stroll in the car to another business meet up, and he sees you walking with a smile with your friends. Of course you’re going to the same spot. Yes, even mafia leaders get coffee before a money call appointment with a hustler from another country. It’s just a regular Monday for Kise. So as he’s in line behind you for coffee, he’ll talk to you. He notices how shy you are, from the way you blush when he compliments you. When your friend’s tease you and you just want them to hush because it’s embarrassing. And Kise knew you were feelin some type of way for him (despite his apparel, which just screamed bad news to you) when you couldn’t say no to him paying for your coffee. You thanked him with a bigger smile when he even offered to pay for your friends’ coffee. Let’s be real, Kise is a gentleman. And so he asks the barista for a sharpie pen and offers it to you. “We can go on an actual date, I’ll buy you dinner. It’ll be fun, what do you say to giving me your number?” And after rejecting him a few times, saying it would be strange, your friends take the cup and write your number for you. As Kise leaves the coffee shop with a smile, you couldn’t help but think this was all fake. It was nice, but Kise seemed like the type to do this with all the pretty girls. And you weren’t entirely wrong. Kise did flirt, alot. But at the same time, he couldn’t be in something serious. How could he? He couldn’t get feelings involved into business. The mafia world was ruthless, there were no exceptions when it comes to people’s heart. All business, no time for play. And so Kise did just that, had a little fun here and there with girls and be done with them the next morning. After the business meeting three days after your guys’ encounter, he smirked to see you texted him. And so dinner was that night. Kise swept you off your feet, the usual thing he does. Opens the doors, flirt with you across the table with his charming eyes, asks about you. And what was weird, you opened up to him right away. Kise was used to the girls that just fought him, trying to play hard to get. It made the sex more amazing, but Kise realized as he sat here with you, he grew tired of games. At the end of the night, he takes you home and when your at the door step, you tell him it was a fun night. Your smile throws Kise off, because its genuine. Its soft. It somewhat hurts Kise, beause hes not used to this. He knows its the first date, and he should be barging into your room as he made out with you, but he just wanted it to be easy. He wanted this to stay as genuine as possible. And so he lifted your chin with his finger and kissed the top of your forehead. Your heart stopped when he leaned down and whispered into your ear, “Thank you for tonight”. And Kise left quickly. You watched confused as he drove off without looking back to you. And so you two had not texted. You assumed he didn’t want to. He didn’t text you because he cant get attached. But it was inevitable to see each other again at the coffee shop. Him before his business call, you before your class. And so to be kind, Kise offers to buy you coffee again, and you ask after you get your coffees for him to sit. Kise sees your genuine smile and his heart skips, him unable to say no. And it just keeps happening. The unintentional meet ups at the coffee shop every Monday before a business meeting for Kise and before your class. And with each day, Kise thinks to himself, can he really keep this up? Can he keep up not getting his feelings attached to you and the business he was in? Could he really be in love with you and keep you apart from his business?


Midorima looked more business than play than anyone. Black suit jacket, white long sleeve button up, a dark olive green skinny tie, black slacks, nice shoes. Cmon, Midorima has long hair thats in a pony tail. It goes all the way to his mid back, that thick hair can’t be left down. Eve more the reason why Midorima’s look told everyone to not mess with him. No one wanted to mess with Midorima, unless it was for business. Midorima got straight to the point, and if you mess up, it only takes that one time. You’re done, you’re out. Midorima has only one trusty person by his side to help him with business, Takao. Takao handles all the calls, people trying to contact Midorima, and the little things that Midorima didn’t need to bother to. Midorima was quiet when business needed to be done. It was just who he was. So he didn’t voice whenever he was stressed. The only time Takao knew Midorima was truly stressed when he took a casual walk to the park. Midorima just enjoyed seeing kids play and the world be at peace. But he would never say that out loud. He noticed that you would be there as well. It was strange because Midorima would come to the park whenever he was stressed. That was never planned so it threw him off that he would always see you. And you were always doing something so different. You would be jogging, playing with a dog, walking and talking with a friend, laid out on a blanket reading a book. You would always get Midorima’s attention. And one day, when he’s taking his usual walk in the park, a dog walks up to him, tongue out panting with eyes that smiled. Except it made Midorima uncomfortable. Midorima wasn’t really a dog person, or maybe not really an animal person. The dog barked at Midorima and as he tried to walk around it, the dog would turn to face him and bark again, taking a few steps more to be behind Midorima. As Midorima looks around for the dogs owner, he began to realize he recognize this dog. It was the dog that you always played with in the park. You were always in the park whenever Midorima was, so where were you? As Midorima looked around then back to the dog, he would sigh to himself and walk around trying to look for you. He knew it wouldnt fail that the dog would walk behind Midorima happily. Suddenly, Midorima overhears someone calling out “Yukiree” several times, then the dog barks and runs to the sound of your voice. Midorima follows Yukiree to the sound of your voice, watching as you could cry with joy about being reunited with your dog. Then your eyes meet. Midorima honestly frightens you. You admit that you’ve seen him several times at the park but up close his eyes are a bit frightening. Midorima couldn’t help but pout with learning how you interpret him. Its a little awkward because you can’t find anything to talk about. It was strage, you felt as though you two should be acquainted because the several times you two could meet, but just as the opportunity arises, you both are at a loss for words. Not being able to handle the awkwardness Midorima tries to wave you off, saying a good bye. Finally you were able to blurt that you wantto thank him. So you ask him if he’s coming back to the park tomorrow, and Midorima says yes. It surprises Midorima. He never comes to the park unless he felt too much in his life going on. Never had he planned to come to the park, so why had he said yes? But it didn’t stop him from agreeing to seeing you at the park at five tomorrow. As he watched you walk away, Midorima couldnt help but think about your smile the rest of the day. And apparently the next day. As Midorima was going through business call, paperwork, going from warehouse to warehouse throughout the whole day, Takao would comment how Midorima was looking at his watch more than often. Takao didn’t push it any further when Midorima said he was left his office at 4:45. All Takao asked was if he neededa guard to be careful and as Midorima left in a hurry without a word, Takao assumed it to be harmless. Which it was. So why was Midorima walking faster and faster, becoming nervous about seeing you. But there was no reason to hurry, because as Midorima walks to the park, he’s stunned. There you are, laid atop a blanket with a picnic basket, the sunlight gleaming on you. As you napped, your smile captured Midorima, all he wanted in that moment was to not wake you. Midorima walked up to the blanket, looking down at your sleeping face. You were so pleasant, so nice. A breather he needed, not realizing every time he saw you he was more at peace. And Midorima knew in that moment he had fallen for you without realizing it. He also realized how much he wanted you in his life.


Whatta grunt. Aomine’s a hard ass and doesn’t take shit. He wants to get to the point, he doesn’t like beating around the bush. Aomine doesnt need guardmen, even though he has a few. Imayoshi was his main guard, who continuously tried to convince Aomine not to be such an angry soul. But its Aomine, who is he going to listen to other than his best friend Momoi, who has accepted his business. She’s the childhood best friend who keeps minimal contact because Aomine truly does worry something would happen to her on his account. When something chaotic does happen, everyone in the gang trusts that Aomine will handle it himself. Not that they don’t want to help their leader, he just gets so angry when stuff isn’t done right or his way, he’ll beat the other business men to a good beating. His guards are just their to make sure Aomine doesn’t kill anyone 80% off the time, literally. It’s no shock to anyone that Aomine dresses without much care. He is here in the office to handle the money, polish the guns, send his henchmen off to do his errands. Aomine has one diamond earring in his left ear and then two in his right. He meant to get the second one on the left ear, but he got lazy. Soon enough, he just liked having three piercings in his ear. Aomine just wears a white button up, usually the top two buttons are unbuttoned because the tightness around his neck irritates him. He does like wearing his navy blue slacks with a black belt and his shirt tucked. He may be a grunt but he does like to be taken serious. Except his shoes usually throw people off. As he meets with business people, or thugs that need to give him the money or drugs, they look to his shoes curiously. Aomine usually comments that if his latest kicks bother them, he’ll beat them. Aomine wasn’t one for dress shoes. But he doesn’t wear the bulky sneakers either, he just likes his shoes to be able to help him run and be able to kick someone hard in the face. But every so often, he’ll wear nicer shoes that go with his slacks. Its because of Imayoshi always commenting how he looks mismatched and girls probably wouldnt like it. Aomine didn’t care for what girls thought, heck whenever Momoi lectured him on his fit, he shrugged it off. He did care though for if he were to possibly bump into one of his idols. Aomine can dream, it were possible. Where he hung around and had business wasn’t far off from where his big idols would be. But because he likes to be casual, when he didn’t have meetings or the time to beat someone with a bat, Aomine dressed in a plain shirt with a gold thin chain, dark navy fitted jeans, and his usual sneakers. Every once in awhile, Imayoshi likes for Aomine to do one errand himself, so Aomine could get time to himself. Imayoshi tells Aomine he has to do it or he’s going to burn his collections of magazines for the Japanese idols. Of course that’s going to work on Aomine. Aomine mumbles out curse words about Imayoshi as he’s out the door to do his errand. On the way, he gets frustrated because he forgets where the shop he has to go to is. And then you come in. Aomine catches you staring at him with a blank look, and quite frankly, it pisses Aomine off. So he yells to you, “What’s your problem? Do I look ugly or something?” And you shriek, frightened he was angry with you. Yes, you were staring because Aomine was angry, having his eyebrows furrowed with annoyance. But he was extremely attractive. Extremely attractive. So you bow, apologizing for staring. Aomine looks to you startled, thrown off by your apology. He’s so used to everyone getting angry with him that he assumed you would as well. And just as you raised your head to give him an apologetic smile, he realizes how cute you are. Aomine rubs the back of his neck and gives you an embarrassed look. You couldn’t help but give a small laugh. Aomine suddenly gives you a “Gek!” and freaks out over you laughing at him. Your laughs cute, that for sure. But he can’t handle you laughing at him, he felt uncool. You ask where he’s trying to go and give him directions. Inside, you’re hoping youre good of help to him, the poor soul looked so angry. You couldnt help but warn him that being so angry would make him age faster, teasing him you see the wrinkles on his face already growing. Too awkward to argue back, he just grunts. Aomine wishes he could talk to you easier, he couldn’t help but think he was ruining this. But this was just a bumping into each other, an awkward one at that. But at an awkward goodbye, Aomine thinks about you the rest of the day. He somewhat regrets not being able to make it more pleasant for you. What he doesnt know was you think of the mysterious handsome man the rest of the day as well. And days pass, next thing a week. Its time for Aomine to go on his self errand that Imayoshi sends him to do. As Aomine is walking passed the street you two had bumped into, you come into mind. And to his surprise, his sight. You were lightly walking with a smile as you sipped on an iced coffee drink, listening to what your friends were saying. Just as your eyes meet, Aomine notices the light pink blush across your cheeks as you say hi. He’s so taken back, he can’t even say hi. But you started the conversation with a small laugh and “Not looking angry today, are we?” Aomine blushes, pouting to your response. He couldnt hekp to blush more when you give him a laugh. Aomine can only respond with a slow smile, laughing along with you. Your friends look at you two with smirks you’ve seen before. Awkwardly, you introduce your friends. But just as you’re about to introduce Aomine to your friends, you and Aomine look to each other awkwardly, realizing you two had never shared names. Just as your friends are waiting, Aomine replies with his name looking to them. His eyes are brought to you with a pout. Curiously you stare at him, but then realize he’s just waiting for you to tell your name. And then you tell him with a smile that shoots through Aomine’s heart, like always. Aomine quickly looks to your cup and comments that the cafe must be your favorite, hoping he doens’t ruin this again. Whatever this was. Aomine just hopes he can talk more than last time. Your friends interrupt you and just say you come alot with a smile. Embarrassed your cheeks burn and look at Aomine as he says without realizing his smile that he’ll try it next time he’s out here. And you recommend your favorite drink as he’s walking to where he has to walk. Surprisingly, the next errand he goes on, he goes to the cafe. And notices you’re not here. But he remembers the drink you recommended and orders it. Its a little sweeter than he had hoped but it is nice. Suddenly as he turns around he notices you in the corner table with glasses on, writing onto paper. His heart stops, and he might have gone dead once your eyes met. His cheeks had gone from pink to red once you smiled. And so every week you two meet at the shop. Aomine learns about you, he learns you get sent by his “boss” on errands. And from then on, Aomine can’t help but to realize he’s fallen for you. And so has everyone else. Imayoshi comments how much less Aomine’s been of a mad boss. And Aomine doesn’t get mad he just tells everyone to shut up and get back to work. But soon worry takes over Aomine. He’s fallen for such a nice girl. For you. He hadn’ttold you what he really does. In fact he lied. So now, he was faced with a hard choice. To tell you or not. Aomine really has fallen for you and doesn’t want to lose you. So as he sat in his chair waiting for you, the sound of your voice broke him. He couldn’t lose you. What was he going to do?


Murasukibara’s more of a chill guy. Everyone knows that. He leads everyone but has a side kick that takes care of everything, Himuro. Murasukibara is more of “Only if you need to bother him” will anyone talk to him. Only Himuro really knows what he does when everyone doesn’t see him. Murasukibara eats. Whenever there’s business, Himuro handles it. Its not that Murasukbara is bad with business, he’s just done his fair share. He knows what to do, but now he has Himuro. Himuro can handle it all, and when Murasukibara needs to do somehting, he will. Like going to the meetings and deciding what to do when needed to do. But when things go wrong, Murasukibara does get mad. Or when an occassional worker does go off about how their leader does nothing, and someone tells Murasukibara or he overhears, best believe Murasukibara is in there to beat ass. He loves his gang, but he wont be disrespected. Murasukibara has his hair half up, half down. Some baby hairs are in his face, but then again it is put up lazily. Murasukibara has a off white long sleeve button up, matte black slacks that are a bit loose, and light brown leather dress shoes. Murasukibara does wear diamond earrings in both his ears and a platinum watch. He needs to tell the time, and sometimes when he’s too consumed by eating, its just easier to have the time there on his wrist. For a dinner meeting, there were to be plans to discuss with other leaders at a specific restaurant. Murasukibara was skeptical about going because he had never heard of the restaurant and was curious about their food selection. Leave it to Murasukibara to want to eat during a meeting. But no complains Himuro offered to go a couple weeks before to eat at the restaurant. And that’s where he meets you. You were the waitress taking orders for Murasukibara and obviously he doesn’t care much. Himuro’s making you blush because he’s so sweet, saying not to mind his grumpy friend. After Himuro and you talk a little, you notice Murasukibara struggling with findind something to pick. To his surprise, he hears you recommend one of your favorites. He looks to you with little surprise then looks away, giving you the menu. Himuro quietly comments “I guess that’s what our friend will be having tofay”. Its not everyday Murasukibara takes recommendations for food. But today was an exception. And once the food comes out, it looks to die for. Murasukibara looks at it with a smile excited smile. He’s thrown off guard when he hears you laugh and says “I hope you like it”. It honestly became love at first bite. You had stayed to see if Murasukibara would like it, but his reaction was amazing. He took a few seconds after the bite and coudlnt even comment. And it was amazing, Himuro and you laughed together at Murasukibara’s pleased face. He commented he had never seen Murasukibara like this. But as you watched Murasukibara eat, you noticed his features. The way his eyes shined, the way his hair would bounce to each nod, and the way his lips would curve whenever he chewed on the left side of his mouth. Whenever you would laugh, Murasukibara couldnt help but watch from the corner of his eye to see your smile be a little uneven, but it was cute. He liked how you covered your laugh every time you laughed. And the way you looked to him, like your eyes were a gateway to a beach at sunset. Murasukibara forced himself at one point to look away and remain eating his food. Since then, he had been to the restaurant or sent some of his men to get him the same plate. But one day, Murasukibara couldn’t help but be surprised when he found a note from you. “I’m glad you like the dish, I added in a potato salad, hope you like this just as much!” Murasukibara couldnt help blushing, admitting he had feelings for you. And it sucked. Because the dinner would be tonight, and you would have to find out the hardway what he does for a living.


Akashi’s the most handsome bad ass, let’s all just get real. He’s so well put together, Akashi might as well be the best dressed between all of the generation of miracles. A black long sleeve button up, a maroon colored sleeveless vest with a matte shine to it, black matte fitted slacks with a shinny black leather belt and shoes. Akashi only wants one ear pierced for the diamond earring and has a platinum watch that takes up a majority of his wrist. He has big money, Akashi was always made of money. Of course he wears that money good. Everyone adores him because of what a fearsome leader he is but he has such an elegant smile. Akashi doesn’t seem like a menacing leader, but behind closed doors, that’s when the truth surfaces. His serious stare as he looks down at you with such power, the way he has little to say but it can make a man shake in fear. Akashi plays no games when it comes to his money. Everything needs to be done in a timely fashion and on the low low. Its the only way Akashi knows how to work. He doesn’t really need anyone to be by his side, Akashi’s got everything under control. The only people he needs are ones to handle the beatings and the torturing when its needed. And yes, he is that type of leader to use torture methods from the medieval times to get what he wants out of someone. Akashi’s mischevious, some people even consider him evil. But only the people that have been with him in the business for so long. To people like you, he’s the gentleman that comes into the book store and enjoys reading a few books. He even sits a few tables away in the book stores cafe to read one or two books he purchased. Akashi pretends he doesn’t notice how you’ve been staring at him each and every time both you and him have been to this cafe. But every now and then he’ll look over to you and give you a smile, causing your heart to beat like a stampede of horses running through the meadows. Akashi just has that smile that will knock anyone off their feet, you’ve seen it happen. At least almost a million times when almost every woman looks at him in this cafe. But its only you he’s continued to look at and give a smile. Not that you’re complaining. It’s just… Almost misleading. Why look at you when there’s other regulars to look at in this cafe? Then one day, instead of sitting a few tables away, Akashi pulls up a seat to you. It throws you off when you off to hear someone’s angelic voice asks if you’re working on a paper for college or a novel. When you look up, it surprises you to see Akashi. He pulls the seat out and already places his book from a few days ago in front of him, giving you an interested smile. And it doesn’t surprise him you’re stuck staring. Not that he’s used to being treated as a god, it just… In his heart he feels like he’s known that you are shy since forever. And its just from looking at you from across the room. But he wants to enjoy your presence more. He doesn’t know what it is about you, but Akashi was just pulled into you. So today, he sees you writing instead of reading and its captured his interest. Just seeing a change in you made him want to be courageous ad talk to you. And so you two do. For hours until the shop closes, which is unusual. The two of you usually leave after a few hours of being at the cafe. But it was nice to finally talk. Every now andthen you would go back to writing and Akashi his reading. Akashi learns you were writing a rough draft of a short story for school, and he laughs at the twist of an answer. Akashi reads your drafts and gives you poiinters, amazing you as if he hasnt already. You learn he likes to come to the cafe to read a book once he buys it just because he can’t wait. And as he reads his book, you cant help but stare. The way he smiles as he reads, the way his eyelashes elongate his eyes as they trace the words on the paper, the way Akashi sits so properly, a straight back and all. So when the question arises of what his profession was, Akashi looks to you with a smile and tells you a business man. But why? Why does his answer seem so shifty? Was it in the way he let the silence linger before he answered? Or was it the aura he gave off different from the one you flt early? Bu either way, it was nice night to spend with Akashi. And so the next few days happen just as before. But still, the strange feeling in your gut only lingered longer about the truth behind Akashi’s existence. Just who was he? Was he going to let you in?

aw fuck just hearing ilyong’s voice in the recent episode of 1n2d brings me so much joy……… like the last few eps where its just silent n shinyoung holding cue cards man, that broke my heart. when he speaks I honestly feel @ ease like god is here with me watching 1n2d n he agrees that he made ilyong to bring people warmth n happiness. oh I love him.

Outlander season 3 episode 6

Like everyone else I was beyond excited to watch this latest episode and good god it didn’t disappoint. Honestly it is probably the most romantic episode ever in Outlander. Its almost bittersweet giving you a feeling of pure joy mixed with apprehension. Claire and Jamie see each other for the first time in two decades finding that they are two different people, grown and tattered in different ways from their time apart. I can feel the nervousness emanating from them on screen as if they’re thinking are we too different now? Can we make it work? There’s a definite shyness from their time apart but  discovering each other and finding out who each other are now in this time and still loving each other despite the time and all that has happened is beyond romantic. I can’t wait to see them get back into the fold secure in their knowledge that this time they will always be together

driftdream  asked:

[ pilot ] honestli .. her excitedly taking him to the park or s/t ??

 meme: [ pilot ] joi taking spot by the hand to lead him

✕✕ “ woah– w a i t, slow down!’’ the soft hands of the other, made his heart pick up the pace, how her grip was light and yet its intent was strong, it l e a d i n g him– feet quickly moved as the two of them made their way down the pavement,  a smile on his lips- her excitement made him happy, watching her trot in front of him- how she looked back at him, he swore he saw a twinkle as if a star was hiding behind her hues– knowing joi, there probably was. 

✕✕his own hand encased her much s m a l l e r one, the two sharing their own w a r m t h s- skin on skin, — the world seemed to be in slow motions in this moment, since their hands touched – maybe it was the amazement that she so willingly touched him, maybe it was just j o i- he couldn’t figure it out but this was blissful.

I’ve honestly been thinking on this often the reception of Yo-kai watch specifically in the west has been cringe worthy at best. The amount of fanboyism and pacifism between those who aren’t invested in either series towards fans who are rightfully upset has been outrageous to say the least. I’m not pointing fingers at anyone just expressing what I’ve witnessed over time, months even. I’ve stayed quiet for far too long.

Yes I love Yokai watch and Pokemon equally they both bring me joy in different ways just as other rpgs and monster catching games have over the years. Its ridiculous seeing the multitude of pettiness people have towards this “kids game”. These same people most likely play multiple games of the same genre because they ENJOY it yet you don’t see others antagonizing others over it.

Lets list some rpgs on Nintendo handhelds then since that’s what Yokai watch and Pokemon are. Fire emblem, monster hunter, Zelda, Ace attorney, Mario games, Shin megami tensei, Rune factory, Etrian Odyssey, Harvest Moon, Final fantasy, Kingdom hearts, Tales of the abyss and the list goes on!

You see all those games? They share a genre. You’ve probably played a few of them. They most likely share alot in common in gameplay too, some of these series are more popular then the others but people still enjoy these games nonetheless. No ones calling the recent games killer or replacement of that series before it. All these series coexist with each other because they are all unique and special to someone in some way.

So why is YW left out in this circle of harmony? As much as I hate to admit, I was apprehensive of the series while it was in japan aswell. It hit too close to home of the reasons why I loved Pokemon. The gameplay itself was so different especially watching in a language I’m still learning. But after awhile watching the anime and gameplay it grew on me, it was obviously different and the anime’s concept in general were appealing and funny. It was relatable even to a 20 year old like myself. Even the game had content that was relatable to parts of my life in general imagine a child seeing this and knowing that they aren’t the only ones feeling this way. Yeah saying its a Yokai’s fault in real life is silly but so is hoping for real life Pokemon. (best we’ll get is animatronics at best) but I feel thats where its popularity stems, any Yokai’s ability of possession is and can be relatable to anyone no matter how silly.

Pokemon is its own separate world to ours, magical and peaceful with mystical lore to look way too into! Its emphasis on nature and loving care of the beings around you. Not to mention alot of loveable characters anime and in game! The series is 20 years strong as of this year. Business and fan loving wise. Its not going anywhere anytime soon.

So you see those differences I listed for these games and anime right? See how different they are despite that ONE similarity. How many rpgs have you played that you love that have one similarity in gameplay? I bet you can name quite a few.

Now I know what your thinking “how many times will you repeat these are rpgs and have differences? What about the actual gameplay?”

This will be surprisingly short. Both games have “turns” just like any rpg but the yokai can attack on there own, you can even pin which Yokai to focus on not to mention soultimate aka special moves that you play mini games on the bottom screen to activate plus you can switch all 6 around. Not to mention abilities. There’s probably more I’m forgetting to list. Pokemon, tap attack, think about which attack does more damage or benefits you, watch animation. Rinse and repeat. Not to mention catching or befriending Yokai. Which yes can be annoying but so is catching legendary Pokemon or that one regular pokemon in red hp that has a status condition that just won’t stay in the pokeball….

See that? You probably think I’m bias don’t you? No your talking to the person who has over 200 hours on Soulsilver probably more on X because of breeding. (love me some wtw) but see how Yokai watch has its own spin on the so called “Pokemon formula” so you can’t say its a rip off now. You know why? Because all rpgs stem from that same formula so if you say one is a ripoff your saying every other rpg including your favorites are ripoffs too.

Everyone’s a hypocrite even me, moreso me in other instances but it can’t be helped sometimes. Its apart of our nature. There’s nothing wrong with being well wrong about something at first. I was wrong at first and now I enjoy it. Not saying you SHOULD enjoy it you have every right not too. But don’t go around spreading misinformation of said product to others. Your only making yourself look childish and it gets on people’s nerves which leads to post like this or worse. People get frustrated over time I’m sure you have over something you’ve ignored thats pestered you repeatedly so why do it to someone else am I right?

To end this absurdly long post I’ll leave it at this. Why go out of your way to make a genre stale because of nostalgia and fear of change. Change is good. Change is what made Pokemon prosper over the years and has brought in new fans. Another series that is similar will not kill it. Its simply another option for people who can’t get enough of catching monsters to play. Its something that is making someone happy. Helping someone become friends with other people who have similar interests just as pokemon has done for many aswell.

“The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance.” - Alan Watts