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p lease,,,consider witg me pelaase for just a moment for a second here lance,,,,,,calls shiro Honey™ 99% of the time

He does it around his family and they start calling him ‘Lance’s honey’ and Shiro goes super-red the first time they do SO YOU BET THEY MAKE IT A THING FOREVER

Gone Home

Iddy had somehow managed to go his entire, cognitive life without boarding a plane. Why would he want to fly thousands of miles into the air in what was essentially a metal tube? But with everything that had been happening, his own thoughts conflicting each other and the feeling that he was slowly losing who he was, Iddy knew he had to do what he’d been putting off for years.

It was time for Iddy to go home.

So, he packed his bag, booked a ticket, and took a flight to New York.

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When a male character and a female character in a movie/TV show start giving each other the Meaningful Look™


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Have you ever heard of Final Fantasy XV? If so have you played it before? I'm just curious haha

Yes! ♥ My brother has been playing it recently and I’ve been watching as well ((i’m more of a backseat gamer)) and I think it’s really awesome – but the feELS!!!

I told him to hold off the final battle for a while because I need to recover all my emotions LOL ((we’ve been finishing sidequests and doing the level grinds but we didn’t know that Chapter 9 and beyond was like a one-way trip to pain wtf))

I’ve been doodling the squad sometimes too ((first time sketching them hhh pls forgive the mistakes–gotta practice moreee)) *__* I also have some comic ideas for them ((the game haS SO MUCH CRACK MATERIAL if u look closer))

+++ Ignis is best ♥♥♥