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First Impressions - Patrick

This was inspired by my recent time away but was written on a grey, cold day back home.

If you missed Shelagh’s First Impressions, here’s the link -

I hope you like it.

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oh my god. oh my god one of the art classes made collages about themselves and they hung them up in the hall and one of them has a huge printout of the voltron logo right there on it and its directly across from where i sit in ceramics oh my god. oh my god

anonymous asked:

Mega Mama: love all of your Bawson fics. Would love a Hallmark style prompt of Ginny moving to a quaint small town and renovating a charming little house. Her cantankerous contractor is none other than Mike Lawson who once hosted a renovation show with now ex wife Rachel. Money pit style calamities and hilarious mishaps and of course the budding romance. Has been on my mind for a while, I'm just not a writer. Please and greatly appreciated:

oh man, i love me some hgtv, so why the heck not? (also, thanks for trusting me with this! i hope you like it!)

i’m ignoring the near-impossibility of a single, recently graduated person actually buying their own home let alone having the money available to renovate it. Millennials aren’t killing the housing market in this fic 😉

handyman special | ao3

Ginny Baker did not run from her problems. 

(Did she give up when the Varsity baseball coach didn’t want her on the team or did she show up every day of try outs and prove she was just as good as the boys? Not that showing up every day actually got her on the team, but still. The point stood, okay?)

If it seemed like that was exactly what she was doing by breaking up with her boyfriend of three years the evening he proposed and moving all the way across the country, well, that was just a matter of perspective, wasn’t it?

Her mother called it a disaster waiting to happen.

Personally, Ginny preferred to think of it as moving on. Making a fresh start. Realizing her very own Manifest Destiny. 

Just with way less dysentery and genocide.  

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agoraphobia wip is 15k. 

is it done? nope. did i make a playlist for it anyway? i sure did.