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Remember when I said that Paper Crane wasn’t a character that you should trust ? And that this tol bean is kinda dangerous ? You might have seen a drawing or two of this design on my tumblr… So uhm… here it is. Blaster!Crane form.

In that form Crane act rather feral and berserk which is actually a self-defense mechanism. As he doesn’t have any form of magic attack that he can use to defend himself, paper crane use the magic he stoked in his spark of determination to regurgitate it in form of pure light beam just like a gaster blaster.

So uhm… yeah… leaving this here, might turn this into a proper drawing because I love that quick sketch.

Art & Paper Crane© @little-noko


THE ENDING, i love this routine, it’s energetic and seems to suit all the girls well. Diamonds seem to be Italy’s best friend…..


Soooooooo.. story time(ish?)
I was helping some family friends babysit. We were watching four Sweet little kids. (They where very nice and fun to play with!^-^) Our family friend took us all to what I think is the best store ever. You go in and it’s this small shop COVERED in lego boxes and bead examples. You could choose a bead-art example to do or choose any lego box and they will give you the pieces so you could build/make it, and when you where done with the legos you give back the set and you could choose another box. I don’t know about anyone but I love me some legos(when they don’t get under your feet>~<) Anyway! I was given the choice of building legos or making a beed-art thing while I helped watch the kids. Me wanting to keep what I make, asked for beads and grabbed a gingerbread example. I even remember telling myself as I grabbed the stencil “this is a nice break. Relax a bit. Take a break form your comic and your crazy fandom stuff” … I have a Bendy keychain now. I have been infected with Bendy… It was actually pretty fun to make x3.

“I want a mainstream comedy show that doesn’t resort to homophobia/transphobia/racism/sexism/ableism for its jokes and is actually funny”

“I want a show where a gay, black person is in a position of power and is good at what they do” 

“I want a show that addresses racism, homophobia, and sexism in a respectful manner while also being funny and lighthearted overall”

“I want a show with a diverse cast and characters that aren’t cheap stereotypes” 

“I want a show that addresses the issues with our justice system, including high incarceration rates, police brutality, and racism.” 

“I want a comedy show with actual plot and characters that I’ll get attached to.”

For those of you who are just getting out of a class or work and feel tired and are considering not voting because of the long lines, please go vote. Hillary Clinton only has a four point lead in poll forecasts and that falls within the margin of error. If you think your vote doesn’t count, remember that in 2008 Obama won North Carolina by two votes per precinct. Your vote matters. Bring a snack, charge your phone, and go wait in that line to cast your vote!!


on hello counselor, the concern of the wife was that her husband restricts her from going out and bosses her around in the house, even the simplest task such as squeezing out toothpaste. the wife also noticed her two sons becoming similar to her husband (asking her to get water for them, etc.)

Hey, reblog/like if anyone out there has watched a boot but is still dying to see the show live, it just doesn’t work out financially, geographically, or timewise (it’s already off Broadway/tour). I’m trying to make a fucking point.