it's his finger ok

My gerbil bit me and now my finger is all tapped up as it was poring with blood all over the place and on the floor too…

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I was considering Wymack's go to threat for the foxes being 'signing them up for a marathon' what if after Baltimore and championships, Neil is just like "why not" so he decides to train for and run a marathon also because it serves as a big fuck you to anyone who has ever hurt him because here he is running for the sake of running. I would appreciate it if you could come up with a short story about this idea

“You know, studies show that long distance running is actually really bad for your health.”

Neil hadn’t noticed Andrew leaning against the dorm when he started stretching, but he doesn’t let his surprise show. He switches quads and flicks an unimpressed look towards Andrew.

“Andrew, I fully expected I’d be dead by now,” Neil says. “I don’t give a fuck if this messes with my knees when I’m 50 or whatever.”

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Bad Boy with a Soft Side | C. H. | Part Three

Trigger: Nothing I don’t think lol

[ Part One ] [ Part Two ] 

When the car pulls up to his apartment you were asleep sitting across his lap with your head buried into his neck. He rubs your back, “Y/N we are here,” he says into your ear but your groan snuggling into him more, “Carry me please,” he laughs and slides out of the car with you in his arms. 

He carries you into the house bridal style taking you to his bedroom placing you on your feet in the middle of the room. You rub your eyes waking up a bit, “Here let me get you some clothes,” he grabs a giant shirt out of his dresser and brings it to you, “Here baby you can change in the bathroom through that door over there,” he says but first you pull him into a kiss. You feel him flinch and you pull away, “Whats wrong?”

He shakes his head, “Nothing you did love. Its just my lip from where the guy hit me it stings. I think it popped back open,” you frown examining it, “Are you ok?” you ask, but he smiles, “I’ll be fine. Go get changed.”

You go into his restroom and change into his shirt putting your hair up into a messy bun. You look around quickly finding a first aid kit bringing it out with you. You come out to see Calum facing away from you pulling off his shirt. You bite your lip admiring his sculpted back. You walk over to him throwing the first aid kit on the bed. You wrap both of your arms around his waist feeling his stomach in the front and placing gentle kisses down his spine, “Welcome back,” he smirks and turns around, “God you look sexy in my shirt,” and he grips your waist, “Can I take care of your lip please?” you ask. 

He smiles, “Playing doctor?”

You roll your eyes, “Sit down on the bed,” he follows your instructions and pulls you onto his lap so your straddling him, “Comfortable?” you ask with a smirk on your face and he gently kisses the corner of your mouth, “Mhmm.”

You open up the first aid kit finding some hydrogen peroxide as Calum messes with the hem of his shirt that you are wearing. You get a little cloth and pour a tiny bit on it, “Ready this is probably going to sting quite a bit,” he rolls his eyes, “Y/N come on i’m not five get on with it,” you sigh and you gently dab his lip causing him to flinch, “Oww dammit,” he says quietly as you raise your eyebrow at him, “I mean…I felt nothing,” he says making you laugh, “Sure…whatever you say Calum.”

His eyes narrow, “Someone’s being sassy and I don’t know if I like it or not,” you put the cloth on the bedside table and wrap your arms around your neck, “Oh really?”

Calum runs his fingers up your sides, “You’re asking for it love,” he says as you run your fingers through his hair gently tugging on it, “Really?”

“Really,” he whispers. There is a silence in between you two you both staring into each others eyes, but shortly filled with your laughter as he tickles your sides, “Calum! Stop it i-i’m super ticklish,” he smiles as he moves you so you are underneath him laying on the bed as he straddles your body, “I’ve noticed, and I love it,” he continues to tickle your sides, “Calum! Please! I’ll do anything,” you say and he stops, “Really?”

“Y-Yeah,” you say and Calum gives you a devilish look, “Hmmm what could I possible want,” you pull him down on top of you, “I know what I want,” you connect your lips with his. He moans as you run your fingers nails gently across his back, “Y/N,” he sighs and stops kissing you, “Is there something wrong?”

He leans his forehead against yours, “No I just,” he sighs and you run your fingers through his hair, “Calum its ok you can tell me.”

He takes a deep breath, “I don’t want this to be like every time I come home from a bar,” he says and you nod, “I don’t want us to just fuck and never see each other again. I feel like i’ve really connected with you tonight and I don’t want to take advantage of that. I want us to last longer then a one night stand from the club. Is that stupid?”

You smile, “Of course thats not stupid, and I feel honored that i’m not one of those bar whores you bring home just to get laid,” you giggle and he rolls his eyes rolling off of you, “Ha…Ha,” he says sarcastically and stares at the ceiling.

You turn on your side looking up at Calum, “Cal. I’m just joking, but honestly I am happy that you don’t want to just fuck and leave,” you run your fingers down his chest, “Why don’t we just go to bed, because if this is going to be more then just fucking then you better be a good cuddlier,” you smirk and rolls next to you pulling you into his chest wrapping his arm around your waist placing his lips by your ear, “Are you kidding? I’m the best cuddlier out there,” he whispers as he bites your earlobe. You giggle and turn to kiss his gently on the lips, “Good because that would have been a deal breaker.”

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