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it’s so cute when people remember you in the littlest things they do like my friend went to a festival over the weekend and because i wasnt entirely invited, he gave me a box of delicious delicacy from that place for free !! and my other friend also went to a book signing event of an indie author and he purchased this poetry book for me !! i didnt even have to ask for it. and idk about you but literally those are the cutest and most genuine little things and my heart is filled with so much happiness and im so glad to have beautiful people like them in my life i hope you meet people like them too :-)


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(I probably shouldn't have sent that. It was kinda stupid in hindsight.) But, everyone else was getting a happy ending. So... Why is it wrong to want a bit of closure for those who won't get one themselves? With so many stories that are still going, let's give the ones that ended early new ones. (...or something like that. I'm tired and can't word properly)

Omg stop no it’s okay, I really enjoy this conversation! And don’t get me wrong, I love my happy endings, but I do believe that happy endings are quite out of place in this series; if it had already established itself as a bittersweet game, I don’t imagine that going the opposite direction in terms of writing would work well. But anywho, I wouldn’t mind having more closure for the first kids because, ALTHOUGH their story is over, we didn’t learn much about them for there to even… be a story, if you get what I mean. ~ Mod Eri

“Ok Honey, drop ‘em! I gotta check your temperature~! Oh don’t worry, you’ll get to do the same to me as well… oh but we can’t use the same thermometer, so you’ll have to think of… something else~!”

Rec by Lacey of the one outfit I wish I got. My mind went so far south, I ended up back in Canada.


It’s you.