it's high fashion

kyungsoo may not have the best fashion sense but thats because he prefers comfort over looks and yet…..he looks good in everything he wears….ive never seen anyone look as hot as he does with a plain black tshirt and nike sweats and then we have when hes wearing a suit. …he has the entire world on their knees….thats a true king of fashion

♫ we’re gonna rock around the clock tonight! ♫

OFF TO THE SOCK HOP. raphael and nanase done up as 50s teeny boppers, thanks to a couple of meme suggestions that @kittyreblogs sent in a while back! i wound up combining them and going a LITTLE bit overboard ehehe… but i had a good time and AH LOVE THESE KIDS so any excuse to draw the otp is good enough for me. _(:3/ Z)_ thanks so much again for the suggestions, bb! ♥


chromesthesia edits [1/?] // three cheers for sweet revenge