it's hideous


“Bill. We love you, truly. So much. But nobody, and I say this with all the compassion and truth in my heart — nobody will ever publish this.
Professor Marston & the Wonder Women, dir. Angela Robinson (2017)

Ah yes so, SOMEWHERE In my asks one of u asked for i drew up some of my faves!

I dont remember all of my headcanons, its been awhile, but I remember a few!
Specifically about their hair. Which is not at all soft, it’s extremely coarse and wiry and does whatever the hell it wants. Having a trolls head nestled up on one’s chest would be a prickly experience.

Parietal eyes…weird claws, theyre sorta like little hooked beetle feet. 
They dont have a carapace! Because, oh man, that would be HEAVY. But on their shoulders n elbows aand heels maybe. they have like, Spurs.

Oh also they are Big. 


b.a.p x palette


gfriend’s love whisper comeback stage on water. dancing 2x speed and blindfolded wasn’t enough for them. stan talent, stan gfriend.

How the hell did we go from this: 

the Emma who knew how to dress and wore flattering clothes that represented who she is (a total badass with a sleek, fitting dress sense)

to this: 

Some horrible Victorianesque gown that screams of restriction and restraint and makes Emma look like she’s being enlisted into some sort of terrible cult?! 

  • Harry: Take off your shirt.
  • Draco: I... no. I don't want to.
  • Harry: Why- Oh. Is it... do you still have scars? Draco, I've never forgiven myself for that.
  • Draco: Scars! Yes, I have terrible scars. I simply can't stand for you to see.
  • Harry: I'm so sorry, Draco. But now that we're together, you'll have to show me sometime.
  • Draco: N-No! You can't see! It's really hideous, awful-
  • Harry: Oh God, I thought it wouldn't scar! You have to show me so I can atone for what I've done. I'll never forgive myself if you have to hide for the rest of your life.
  • Draco: I- oh... alright then. *slowly unbuttons and takes off his shirt, looking away from Harry*
  • Harry: *staring* Draco, this is...
  • Draco: Yes, the scarring was truly terrible.
  • Harry: This is... a tattoo of our names together over your heart.
  • Draco: Hideous scarring. I'll never forgive you.