it's hideous

Obamacare was founded on compassion and love. It was founded on a desire to further a “culture of life in America”. It was meant to give medical aid and support, to ease anxiety and allow people to engage in pursuits besides struggling to pay their medical bills. 

Your administration’s first objective was to repeal it.

Your party has spent the last six years trying to dismantle it, rather than improve it and streamline it.

Don’t talk to me about “compassion” and “love”, and don’t you dare pretend that this adheres to God’s teachings. 

A glimpse into my thought process this evening:

Wow. I’ve been reading a lot of MCU. Tony is so the best. Dang, the glitter on my nails super distracting. I should paint my nails. Hey didn’t I get a hot rod red color? Yes. Hell yes. Tony Stark nails. Wait no. The gold is a no. Not working well together. So that’s out. But it isn’t totally dry and so I don’t want to take it off yet. I’ll just test another color and the gold looks better with the blue than the red and that’s nice but maybe it’s better with white? Wait. What about that green one? Oh no. What about that one with white? What if I did white with the blue? Those are pretty colors. But I’m not ambidextrous. Dang. Oh. I forgot about this copper color. Well that didn’t go well. Ok. Fine. I’ll do French tips….. maybe with some blue. Or the gold.


I doodled all of this in class today and spent the entire afternoon digitalizing it i can’t see anymore

but yeah… my hand slipped.
multiple times.



when u gotta smile despite the Ls