it's hideous

Ah yes so, SOMEWHERE In my asks one of u asked for i drew up some of my faves!

I dont remember all of my headcanons, its been awhile, but I remember a few!
Specifically about their hair. Which is not at all soft, it’s extremely coarse and wiry and does whatever the hell it wants. Having a trolls head nestled up on one’s chest would be a prickly experience.

Parietal eyes…weird claws, theyre sorta like little hooked beetle feet. 
They dont have a carapace! Because, oh man, that would be HEAVY. But on their shoulders n elbows aand heels maybe. they have like, Spurs.

Oh also they are Big. 

How the hell did we go from this: 

the Emma who knew how to dress and wore flattering clothes that represented who she is (a total badass with a sleek, fitting dress sense)

to this: 

Some horrible Victorianesque gown that screams of restriction and restraint and makes Emma look like she’s being enlisted into some sort of terrible cult?! 

I love love love this shot of my Hera taken at SWCO by @FuryZhil on twitter.

This was right as Celebration was shutting down on the last day and we were slowly inching our towards the exit

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The second one is totally creeping me out, because I CANNOT FIGURE OUT WHAT IT IS! What the hell kind of architectural feature has those curves?

It’s a really freaky footbridge :D It links up two downtown parks that are split by a very busy street. There’s an…easier-to-look-at view of it here:

Specifically, it links the Jay Pritzker Pavilion (the grass with the silver bars over it on the left side of that photo) to Maggie Daley Park, a newish children’s park to the east. If it didn’t exist, Maggie Daley Park would be a lot less accessible if you were coming from Michigan Avenue, which is where most public transit drops off. 

I think aesthetically it’s meant to fit in with Pritzker Pavilion itself, which is also horrifying:

If you have never seen the pavilion and you’re driving up Columbus or Lake Shore Drive, it looks like a UFO landed in the park and then blew up.