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So many tomatoes in this strip

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Ok tbh when im dissociating I fucking hate those “you’re here you’re real” posts like bitch,, I do not want to be real,. I do not want to be here,, i am damn fine living in fuzz and static thank you very much, now go away and let me stare at this wall for 5 hours bye

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May I can request a headcanon about the lord's reaction when one of the maids interrupts the war concil because the MC has overwork herself and collapsed? Please for Nobunaga, Yukimura, Kojuro, Hideyoshi, Shingen and Mitsunari. Thanks for that (^-^)

Hey. Can I request something? Sometimes I wonder if the MC does not overwork herself. So may I can request a headcanon how he lords would react when one of the maids run to them and told them that the Mc has collapsed because she has overwork herself. My favourite lords would be Nobunaga, Inuchiyo, Kojuro, Ieyasu and Mitsunari.

Ohh, since I’ve got a similar ask I had them both under the same post~ I hope you don’t mind nonnie >:O

Nobunaga would leave the war council and entrust Mitsuhide to take care of it. He would rush to MC’s side as soon as the words reach his ears, “That foolish girl never knows when to rest.” He’d mumble about how she doesn’t care about herself when it comes to work and how she doesn’t listen when he tells her to rest. In contrast, when he sees her laid down in the bedding with a tired look on her face, he take cares of her and makes sure that she doesn’t leave the bed till she recovers completely.

Yukimura would be out the door before the maid gets to finish her sentence. He’d rush to MC’s room and have everything she might need ready near him. He would make sure that she’s resting after that and wouldn’t allow her to leave the bed. While she’s resting he’d brush her hair to the back and whisper soft words to her as he presses a kiss to her temple. “MC… please get well soon.”

Kojuro eyes travel to Masamune immediately. Masamune nods to him as he understands what he’s asking for, and Kojuro excuses himself before rushing out the room. His hair and clothes would be disheveled from the force he used to get to her. As soon as his eyes saw her tired body, he feels a sense of relief because she doesn’t seem to be in pain or anything of that sort. On the other hand, he feels guilty for not noticing how tired she is. He’d ask one of the maids about what happened to her and would eventually ask the doctor as well. “My precious girl…” He’d whisper to her as she slept her tiredness away. “I know work is important to you, but so are you to me.”

Hideyoshi eyes would widen as he didn’t expect the news. She was just having a light conversation with him a few seconds ago, did he fail to notice how tired she was? He smiles gently to Inuchiyo before he leaves the war council as to not worry him. As soon as he steps out the door the smile leaves his face and worry overtakes his features. He walks up to MC’s door and stops there for a few seconds before entering her room, his eyes slowly fall to her tired body. He doesn’t make much noise when she’s sleeping, taking a wet cloth and placing it over her temple, neck, and her cheeks to help her relieve the tiredness. “I’m sorry for not noticing this earlier… but I promise to take better care of you next time.” He whispers to her with a broken smile.

Inuchiyo gets up as soon as he hears the news, “What do you mean she fainted?!” He’d leave the room and rush to her side. He constantly reminded her about not overworking herself but here she was now, laying on bed with a high fever and a tired body. He wipes the sweat from her forehead and constantly checks her temperature, while fixing her blanket to make sure that she isn’t feeling cold. He would stay by her side all night long and she’ll wake up to see him laying down beside her while his hand is wrapped warmly around hers.

The war council was about to end when the maid came in to deliver the news to Ieyasu. He was about to scold her for interrupting the meeting but his words faded as the news reached his ears. “That kitchen wench…” He sighs as a frown forms above his eyes and leaves the council to move to MC’s side. He doesn’t waste any seconds and tends to her himself. He gathers his medical supplies and makes a medicine that would help her get better. “She sure knows when to get sick.” He mumbles out as he gazes at her gently, his eyes expressing the worry he has for her.

Mitsunari has just gotten to the war council when the maid rushed after him to deliver the news. His straight face didn’t change as he turned to Hideyoshi after dismissing the maid. Mitsunari was worried and Hideyoshi was able to see that, his eyes, his body, they all show the worry he feels towards MC. Hideyoshi orders Mitsunari to go and check up on MC. He grumbles as he walks to her room, mumbling an insult after the other. “That miserable dullard making me come all this way to check on her.” However, his expression softens when he sees her laying down on the bedding, her eyes shut and her expression softs. He sits next to her and checks on her every couple minutes as he reads through one of his books.

Shingen would find it hard to leave the war council as he wants to make sure that things would go as planned while listening to the others as well. When the maid enters with the news his eyes change, they turn to ones full of unease and worry. He wouldn’t want to leave but his woman needs him now, so he leaves the council as he has already said, shared, and listened to the others opinions and plans. He rushed to MC’s side and kneeled next to her weak body as it laid on the bedding, her face was pale. It was apparent that she had overworked herself to this state. He stayed with her all night and stroked her hair and back, while keeping in mind that she needs to rest every once in a while.

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Your kitsune!Genos reminds me a lot of the Egyptian deity Anubis. It's so beautiful! The black and gold combination is just fabulous, especially in your colouring style. Keep up the awesome work! :)

Ah yes it wasnt my intention at first but gold/black looks so good especially on genos/// <3

thankyouuu i’m so glad you like him!! hHHHH

~~ahhhh I’m so sry for the lack of updates but I feel a lot better now and I wanna get back to posting more often instead of spam in one day then dissappear ^^
I’ll finish up inktober and hopefully get to drawing some other things~~


30 Days OTP Challenge!!

Day 6:Wearing each others’ clothes:

At first I was only gonna draw the first doodle but then I thought it would be nice if I showed them fully ;;w;; TBH I’ve wanted to draw this thing since I entered the fandom haha but I was saving it for this challenge ewe 

Since Killua is taller than Gon I thought it would be cute seeing him struggling cause Gon’s shorts are too short on him OwO and of course Killu’s clothes are even more baggy on Gonchan >w< and he looks like he likes it haha


Trafalgar Law for @smileorillfeedyoubread/@minouze

HAPPY BIRTHDAY COCO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  8D


Doodles from the stream last night. :)  Thanks for coming out and talking to me while I drew, y'all, that was a lot of fun.

i don’t have a lot of time on my hands for better art nowadays but here have a picture of these two losersss

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