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Resist Me

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genre: smut

summary: the one where Eren acts like the cheeky lil’ shit he is.

note: lol here’s some eren smut bc I don’t think I’ve written any smut for him yettt + this is a modern au bc y n o t + imagine a slightly punk/fuckboii!eren 

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How are otherkin harming people?

Otherkin who are being such for a religious purpose are not. I’ve stated this many times before, but I really have no problem with people who use it as a religion. The otherkin, or tumblrkin, who think that being so makes them trans, use it as an identity, or who think that being otherkin makes them mentally “disabled” if you will, is just harmful and toxic. 

Lets start with “trans” otherkin.

I do understand that there are members of the otherkin community who are trans, and being so has nothing to do with the fact that they are otherkin, and vise versa. However, there are people in the community who believe that being otherkin qualifies them to win some sort of trans olympics. Being and identifying as transgendered is not a joke. It is a real and serious struggle for people, and when otherkin make the “correlation” between the two, and think that for some reason they coincide, they start to make an aura of prejudice around what being trans actually means. It’s hard enough for trans people to be taken seriously, but once you add otherkin into the mix, it makes them look more and more like fools.

For people who use otherkin as an identity,

This is one of my favorite topics when it comes to talking about tumblrkin. The ones who actually identify as their kintypes. this is a serious issue, that i believe a lot of people tend to look over. I understand that there are some people who use being otherkin and identify as their kintypes to cope with trauma. But, do you not think that it seems like a bit of an unhealthy way to cope? Completely detaching yourself from a reality that is your own, and taking over the life of an animal or an fictional character is really unhealthy. imagine this scenario:

A young girl, maybe 15 or 16, had a rough start in life. Her father was abusive, both mentally and physically, and her mother was just a bystander to the abuse. Now in order to cope, this girl decides that she identifies with dogs, because seeing them and being around them, and talking about them makes her happy, and she feels very strongly connected with them. So she vows to live her life as they do. after a while of dressing in tails and ears, and eating a predominantly diet of meat and things, the girl starts to feel unhappy, and classifies it as “disphoria” because she will never actually become a dog. kit is physically impossible for her to do so, and will spend a very large majority of her life being unhappy, because she cannot, physically or mentally, fully become a dog. 

It seems genuinely puzzling that people would choose to be something to cope, that would ultimately make them unhappy in the long run because they can never actually be that thing. instead, choose healthier alternatives like going outside, or exercising, or making crafts. do something that is going to make you feel accomplished and make you feel like you’ve completed some kind of goal. its an incredibly rewarding mindset to have.

and lastly, the ones who believe that being otherkin makes them mentally “disabled”.

I don’t particularly like using the term disabled, but that is the only term i feel that i can use to express the severity of this issue. as a person who has experienced incredible trauma, and has many diagnosed mental disorders, i feel that people who think that being otherkin makes them mentally disabled and self dxd themselves is really very harmful. it makes us tend to look like jokes. I have PTSD from sex related abuse, and i normally cannot say that openly because it has been turned into a joke. you will often see or here people saying “oh man this ___ gave me PTSD lol” or the more famous, “YOU’RE TRIGGERING ME KEKEKEKE” and normally i can play along because I don’t tend to take myself to seriously, but for people who can’t, its hurtful to hear these kinds of things. If a person was to self dxd themselves, then go to a Doctor and get a real diagnosis or confirm their suspicions, then that’s perfectly alright. But the people who don’t, specifically otherkin, really make a mockery of what it’s like for us.

sorry for the rant lmao, but I really wanted to talk about this in depth.

Key: Well, I was Stella’s boyfriend, but she kept flirting with my adult brother, so I came here to get revenge on her for trying to cheat on me.

Olivia: Good call. She cannot resist temptation. She deserves all the fury of the devil. 

Key: Lol you’re funny

Olivia: I’m not sure what’s funny about burning in hell.

Key: Ok Lol so is this a bit or are you actually a Christian who’s all “fear-god or you’ll burn in hell for eternity” and shit

Olivia: Oh, it’s real. I was sent to earth by God to purge the world of its sinners by punishing them for their sins and leading them towards the light. I have been chosen to live by God’s rules. By the way can you not speak filthy words, that’s the devil putting his sin into your mouth.

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What's your show theme this year!? Are you excited to preform it?

Its called “The Art of Imagination” and its themed around a painter who has hardcore artblock until they be really depressed and then angry from being super unproductive, leading them to eventually create a piece thats super beautiful and fixes their problem. thats my interpretation of it i guess lol

and hell yea! the music is super cool and te flags are super duper pretty and i cannot WAIT to post a vid here of it to show you guys. hoping theres a good recording bc HOLY shiT this show is good

Rereading Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire: Chapter Twenty-Seven - Padfoot Returns

One of the best things about the aftermath of the second task was that everybody was very keen to hear details of what had happened down in the lake, which meant that Ron was getting to share Harry’s limelight for once.

FINALLY. happy 4 u bb

- loling at ron changing the story tho; we shouldnt have expected anything else

People had been teasing her so much about being the thing that Viktor Krum would most miss that she was in a rather tetchy mood.


- HAHAHA omg rita skeeter just wrote an article basically saying hermione has an itch that harry can’t scratch alone - she needs viktor too and im just dyyyyying. im here for it only because its hilarious.

“I told you!” Ron hissed at Hermione as she stared down at the article. “I told you not to annoy Rita Skeeter! She’s made you out to be some sort of - of scarlet woman!”
Hermione stopped looking astonished and snorted with laughter. “Scarlet woman?” she repeated, shaking with suppressed giggles as she looked around at Ron.
“It’s what my mum calls them,” Ron muttered, his ears going red.

hahahahahah oh my fucking god this chapter is starting off RIGHT guys ive been deceased for the past 4 pages I cant.

- omg guys rons got the hots for hermione SO BAD and he doesnt even know it yet. hermione’s like ‘wtf how did rita know that viktor wants me to visit him and that he totally luvs me?’ and rons just like ‘BUT WHAT’D U SAY BACK THO?’ over and over again and i cant.

- ah yes, here comes that great part of the chapter when SNAPE IS THE BIGGEST DOUCHE EVER. hes now reading the article in front of the whole class like paaaainfully slow. whatta dick. but we already knew that. 

“All this press attention seems to have inflated your already over-large head, Potter,” said Snape quietly, once the rest of the class had settled down again.
Harry didn’t answer. He knew Snape was trying to provoke him; he had done this before. No doubt he was hoping for an excuse to take a round fifty points from Gryffindor before the end of class.

bro. you are a GROWN ASS ADULT. why are you trying to start fights with a 14 year old kid? like??????

- lol snape is threatening harry with veritaserum and the only thing harrys worried about is accidently telling snape he likes cho. 

- karkaroff has NO chill. he just busted into potions class and showed snape his dark mark like UM HELLO YOU CANT DO THAT DUDE there are children in the room

- how funny would it be if this dog the trio is chasing through hogsmeade wasn’t actually sirius lol

- WHATS UP BUCKBEAK missed u homie

Sirius shook his head and said, “She’s go the measure of Crouch better than you have, Ron. If you want to know what a man’s like, take a good look at how he treats his inferiors, not his equals.”

i seriously love this quote but its kinda fucked considering how sirius treats kreacher. BUT IM JUST SAYIN.

- sirius is laying it out for the trio about what it was like to live during voldemorts first reign and shits getting REAL yall

- also sirius fills us in on how FUCKING LOONEY crouch was during that time - just throwing people in jail and shit without a trail. 

- whoa guys im having a senior moment here and cannot for the life of me remember how barty crouch jr got out of azkaban…sirius says he died in there but I CANT REMEMBER ANYTHING omg this is actually kinda exciting lol its like reading this book again for the first time

- soo snuffles if officially a thing now

“Percy would never throw any of his family to the dementors,” said Hermione severely. 
“I don’t know,” said Ron. “If he thought we were standing in the way of his career…Percy’s really ambitious, you know…”


welp if you liked this, follow me for more chapters!

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i love your blog so much, it's my favorite <3 could you do a off cam spam sometime? they are just really cute ^ㅅ^

Lol I’m hoping your definition of ‘off cam’ is like fan taken ones because in my little mind I’m just like “but how can I make a spam off things off cam? I won’t find any pictures then ohmygawd! What do I do! Everything is on camera!” But I tried lol

This is technically off cam

I don’t even know why this is here ._.

Admin-nim is sowwy, she ish not very smart, she cannot tell de difference between pictures and off cam, so how she gots into academi is it unknown, they must’ve switched around her’s and a smart person’s scores. Now admin-nim feels bad for that one smart person. *le sigh*

But, whatever that weird para- oh wait…o mi god…I just included my social life in a post about Chanbaek! Don’t kill me! *ducks* quack
Ok this is turning weird lawl, but thank you so much for loving my blog, that makes me so very happy! *sends virtual hug*

Little story, as I was looking for a derpy pic to end this post I see this







Are y’all okay? 

I don’t even have the words right now, this is insane. I honestly cannot fathom 30 thousand people. You can fill a stadium (or at least half of it lol) with these many people. 

It’s surreal that so many people care about the shit I post here, my ramblings, my love of books. The follow button should have a disclaimer afterwards, asking you if you’re reaaaaally sure you want to do this haha :P

Long story short, thank you all for being here and being amazing and making my days better <3 You’re all beautiful people <3